20 Best Things to Do in Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek, AZ
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Queen Creek, Arizona, is a beautiful town brimming with surprises and hidden gems.

The charming town resides in Maricopa County and stretches across Pinal County.

Queen Creek used to be known as "Rittenhouse" in the past due to its proximity to a railroad spur located on Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads.

As you will find in most modern cities, there are just as many nationally-owned businesses in Queen Creek as there are locally owned ones.

The town offers something for all types of individuals, from genuine cowboys-in-the-making to the upwardly mobile business executive looking for a nip from the past.

Whether you're in town for a specific event or just passing through, there are many reasons to visit this wonderful place and explore the communities it has to offer.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Queen Creek, AZ:

Play Pig Races at Founders' Park Baseball Field

The Founders' Park Baseball Field on Ellsworth Road is a little-known gem that folks in the area frequent regularly.

It's a great place to chill with the kids and watch them play ball.

The baseball field offers an exciting opportunity to catch a close-up glimpse of the players cheering each other on during the match, while the soccer field is a prime spot for watching a casual game of footie among friends and family.

Both fields are open for children's sports events and tournaments, pig races, and betting games.

Vendors can also be found nearby, ready to entertain spectators of both events and spectators.

Meet and Greet the Animals of Creature Kingdom

The Creature Kingdom is a full-service mobile petting zoo featuring many exotic and domestic animals.

You and your kids can have an incredibly engaging experience with this petting zoo, as they have so much to offer for all sorts of ages.

Kids will adore interacting with the different animals like the docile reptiles and the hands-on experience that comes along with handling these unique creatures.

You will want to spend hours with them seeing all of the wonderful animals they'll bring, such as domestic chickens and bunnies.

But everything really gets taken to a whole other level when you get to be nose-to-nose with one of their sugar gliders.

The animals are not only super friendly, but they make great photography subjects.

The owners are super friendly, and you will be happy to know that they spend a lot of time taking care of all their lovely pets.

Try Your Hands at Clay Hand Building with Painting Wonderland

Painting Wonderland is a paint-it-yourself art studio that offers tons of opportunities for anyone who wants to enjoy arts and craft projects.

Utilizing various mediums like pottery, painting canvases, creating clay sculptures, and more, this spacious studio offers an atmosphere where participants can find themselves immersed in art.

Most of the time, these activities can be done right away as walk-ins.

On some days, however, when there are too many people, they ask that one make reservations or book an appointment because occasionally their studio space fills up fast.

You can choose from over 1,300 pieces of different personalized ceramic options for the paint-it-yourself pottery or even choose any painting available during their canvas painting sessions.

If you want to check out Painting Wonderland LLC., they're right outside Founders Park on old Ellsworth road next to the old volunteer fire department.

See Elegant Edible Plants at Queen Creek Botanical Gardens

At Queen Creek Botanical Gardens, you'll be inspired by how edibles can be beautiful, like an ever-changing garden that you can be a part of for years to come.

Their 10-acre site features shops, American Southwest's only fully-operational industrial-age water mill, and themed demonstration gardens.

Queen Creek Botanical Gardens is its own unique place, as it provides a beautiful setting for families and friends alike to escape from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

What's even better is that there are so many different types of fruits, vegetables, and other edibles grown in the gardens under the most natural conditions possible.

You'll find some on display at an on-site gift shop so that one can enjoy some freshly harvested produce right off the vine!

Enjoy Some Beer and Burgers at Old Ellsworth Brewing Company

The Old Ellsworth Brewing Company has a warm and cozy atmosphere from the minute one walks in.

The restaurant is full of classic pub space for families to socialize or for friends to grab a drink after work on the patio.

They offer their own brews as well as local Arizona products, but they have something unique in their mix of food too.

If they’re good at brewing beer, then you might assume they know how to make a mean burger - which, in fact, they do!

But here is some helpful information that will leave you gobsmacked: In addition to nachos, this establishment offers slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, served over herbed ricotta cheese, topped with fresh Basil and Parmesan.

Read Some Books at Queen Creek Library

Sitting in the northwest part of Ellsworth and Ocotillo Roads, Queen Creek Library is a great place to get your hot little hands on some new fiction.

The library opened in November 2008 and offered a wide array of technology for your enjoyment.

It has quiet reading areas and study rooms for those who want to concentrate on getting work done.

For kids, there's a wonderful Children's Center that provides resources from homework help to comfortable reading spots.

The Teen Oasis gives young adults a nice place to socialize with like-minded teens who value academic achievement.

You'll also like their weekly activity sets for the whole family that comes out each Monday morning.

The staff, while amicable and always willing to lend a hand, are warm and inviting towards those who come into the library looking for information or company.

Enjoy Skateboarding at Queen Creek Skate Park

Whether you’re an expert skater or just want a fun place to hang out with friends, there are plenty of reasons why you should spend time at Queen Creek Skate Park.

Queen Creek Skate Park is next to an outstanding water park and is a nice skate park that the Queen Creek park ranger regularly checks.

The skate park has some nice grass, with shade trees that skaters can use as land for them to the layout.

Also, there are excellent public bathrooms that are kept in good condition as well.

Not only does this place have great bathrooms, but it also has some pretty amazing picnic tables that you or your friends could enjoy eating at if they want to take a break from skating or whatever activity you'd be doing at the park.

Bring your own helmets and pads.

Chill at San Tan Flat's and Try Their The Duke

San Tan Flat, an American eatery in Hunt Highway, Queen Creek, is famous for hosting cookouts in its outdoor seating area.

The food and ambiance are great, and the venue is a very laid-back atmosphere that's fun for the whole family.

This restaurant specializes in live performances of all types, along with good food and drinks.

The atmosphere at San Tan Flat is great for families or groups of friends looking to get out and have a fun time.

Fitting its venue, expect long waits but lots of seating; if you get pinned by a wait on one side, just work your way around until you find an opening.

You need to taste their awesome burger called "The Duke," made with sautéed mushrooms, onions, cheddar, and swiss cheese.

Challenge Yourself by Trekking the Goldmine Trailhead

If you're looking for an adventure, you'll absolutely love the Goldmine Trail.

Starting at the San Tan Trailhead near the visitor center, this is one of the most ambitious trails in the park.

It will take you to a view of the entire city right on top of its highest point at 2,300 feet.

While getting up there can be quite difficult (and rather steep), getting back down that way is almost as challenging as it's a steep drop from this vantage point.

This makes it more fun, though, if you're looking for excitement and physical exertion during your hike.

However, if sheer strenuousness is what you crave for the day, trekking north along one side or another of the trail will be much less demanding but will leave you with a sense of accomplishment for making it all the way to Goldmine no matter which direction uphill took you.

Play Magic at Baxter's Games

Baxter's Games is a well-known game shop located in Queen Creek, AZ.

They have a wide variety of board games and roleplaying games that are available to customers in different parts of the world.

Baxter's didn't only earn the WPN Premium store 2020 title, but they played an important role in bringing numerous MTG events to their doorsteps for both Magic players and D&D enthusiasts alike.

Baxter's Games has an enormous in-store selection of Games Workshop products, including Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, Aeronautica Imperialis, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Warhammer Underworlds, WarCry, Warhammer Quest, and more.

Not only do they offer many gaming books and accessories, but they also host roleplaying games for free within their shops, in addition to offering gaming areas for free.

Watch Theater Shows at Queen Creek Performing Arts Center

Performing arts enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on taking a trip to Queen Creek Performing Arts Center.

Located at 22149 E Ocotillo Road, Queen Creek Performing Arts Center brings in various national acts and gives local talents a chance to perform for visitors of all ages.

The theater offers a variety of performances and entertainment options for locals and tourists alike.

Their brilliant past shows include 101 Dalmatians, Mama Mia, and The Beauty and the Beast.

The facilities are first-rate, but what makes it so special is the caliber of acts on display here.

Located on school grounds, they only sell water and chips, but that shouldn’t devalue you from going to see a show here.

Hang Out with Your Kids at Desert Mountain Park

Desert Mountain Park is a 29-acre award-winning park at Hawes Road, Queen Creek.

The facility has several great facilities for families to enjoy together.

It features two lighted multi-purpose fields, four lighted Little League sports fields, and an interpretive playground.

There is one playground designed for children aged 2-5 and another larger one designed for ages 5-12.

Not to mention the two sand volleyball courts, which are large enough to accommodate a good game while keeping the game fun and competitive.

And you'll also find two lighted basketball courts and eight picnic ramadas — one of which is built specifically to seat a large number of people at once.

Treat Your Kids to Founder's Park Splash Pad

Founder's Park Splash Pad is a nice full-on aquatic amusement park in Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, Arizona.

Splash Pad features over 4,000 square feet of space, with exciting and unique Rain Deck stainless steel water jets.

You'll enjoy exploring the different Rain Deck stainless steel water cannons as they spray water up high into the air, which then cascades down onto other jets below.

There is also a dumping feature made entirely out of stainless steel that can dump gallons of water on the top deck.

Founders Park Splash Pad also includes 3 Rain Deck Stainless Steel Mini Mushrooms that let children frolic in a shower of spray coming from the roof directly above.

The Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Loop Set – 3 lets children feel like they are connecting the garden hose directly to a cloud, and so it rains wherever they are standing.

The Rain Deck Stainless Steel Rain Curtain and the 8-Nozzle Ring of Water give kids access to rain from any direction at any time.

Founders Park Splash Pad also offers shaded seating so that you don’t have to sit in the sun.

Play Indoor Sports at Barney Family Sports Complex

If you can still think back to your youth and remember the joy of kicking or throwing a ball, then you’re probably still able to enjoy yourself.

The best place for people who share an affinity for sports is the Barney Family Sports Complex.

This local indoor facility offers leagues ranging from kid-level to pro-level in multiple sports, from soccer to baseball, and everything in between.

Barney Family Sports Complex is a local favorite for families and anyone looking for a fun, active way to spend an afternoon.

There are many different ways to challenge yourself when it comes down to fitness, and the BFSC does just that by providing different sports-related activities that test your limits and keep you on your toes.

The influence of its founders, Newell and Kathrine Barney, has long been recognized in the area; some people even know them personally!

This makes the Barney Family Sports Complex a staple in the Queen Creek community for several years.

Ride a Horse at MD Ranch LLC

​​Founded in 2010, MD Ranch LLC is a modest family-owned company providing rides from dawn to dusk, accessible seven days a week.

They only had six horses when they first started the company, but over the years quickly expanded.

After around ten years of giving rides to tourists and trying their best to serve the public, they now have more horses than when they first opened.

MD Ranch LLC offers a range of rides, including private dates with special people and family outings.

Don't miss out and schedule a ride featuring beautiful views of the Sonoran Desert and the Superstition Mountains.

Pick Up Fresh Produce at Schnepf Farms

A carousel at Schnepf Farms
Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Stop by and visit Schnepf Farm, a fourth-generation farmland that offers festivals, fruit picking, a UPICK garden, a farm store, and various other activities.

Anyone is welcome to take a trip to the UPICK Garden, where there is constantly something to pick from in different seasons.

Gardeners regularly plant, till, furrow, or do anything else to keep the plants flourishing in the hands-on space.

The Schnepf Farm sells fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in the garden.

Come on down to conduct your farm-to-table selection from Thursday through Sunday, or join up for any of their special events!

Whether it's a work or school outing, weddings, or family bonding, Schnepf Farm has the venues, food, and people to make it unforgettable.

Aim Your Shot at Ted's Shooting Range

Ted's Shooting Range facility includes 20 lanes, each measuring 75 feet, separated into three bays with air conditioning and a clean air system.

Unlike many other shooting ranges, they permit clients to take their children with them.

Ted's Shooting Range has extremely strong procedures to guarantee everyone's comfort and safety.

The NRA instructors at the shooting range enjoy helping people develop their firearms abilities and offer beginner- through advanced-level classes.

Browse the range of rentals, new and used weapons, ammunition, gear, and more.

Learn More about Olive Oils at Queen Creek Olive Mill

Signage of Queen Creek Olive Mill
John Clay / Shutterstock.com

Queen Creek Olive Mill is dedicated to providing a distinctive experience that delivers unmatched customer service, the best products, and sustainable agricultural practices while giving back to the neighborhood.

It is an agri-tourism location where visitors may enjoy Arizonan cuisine and discover how extra virgin olive oil is made at the mill.

Rural serenity and rustic elegance make it a special location to hold a memorable event.

Picnic grounds of Queen Creek Olive Mill
John Clay / Shutterstock.com

There are several locations on the 50-acre site to accommodate parties or any kind of special celebration.

The unique experiences they provide include grove excursions, private tastings, and olive oil courses.

Main building of Queen Creek Olive Mill
John Clay / Shutterstock.com

Shop, Dine, and Explore Queen Creek Marketplace

Make a stop at Queen Creek Marketplace for chic stores and entertainment options.

Lead a more convenient lifestyle at Queen Creek Marketplace, your go-to spot for everyday needs, snacks, and happy hour beverages.

It has gathered a fantastic assortment of big-name national retailers, distinctive cafes, and classic restaurants.

The market has all you need for a quick snack, a special event, or a shopping day.

Queen Creek Marketplace is ideal for spending a relaxing afternoon with friends and family or enjoying some alone time after a full day of recreational activities.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever visited Queen Creek, Arizona, you know that there are many things to discover.

This town is the perfect vacation getaway, with spectacular scenery and an array of activities that will keep you busy no matter how much time you decide to set aside.

Bask in the warmth of the sun while you plan your next great adventure.

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