22 Best Things to Do in Show Low, AZ

Show Low, AZ
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Show Low is a picturesque city in Arizona and the largest in the White Mountains, with an interesting story behind every nook and corner, including the name itself.

The unusual name is the result of a marathon poker game with inconclusive winners between Corydon E.Cooley and Marion Clark.

These individuals decided the city was too small for the two of them and engaged in a show of power.

With no winner in sight, Cooley challenged Clark to show low, which is the deuce of clubs, the lowest possible card.

Clark subsequently succeeded by pure luck and famously (in a small-town way) stated, “show low it is,” and never looked back.

Presently, the city of Show Low has a lot to offer.

Here, you'll see camping sites, a quaint community with big-city facilities, and all four seasons.

It is also a perfect, comfortable spot for retirement, residence, and vacation.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 22 best things to do in Show Low, Arizona:

Go Hiking at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Observation deck at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area
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When Thomas Jefferson Adair decided to farm in this area in 1885, the locals called him a fool for thinking it was viable land.

Keeping the Show Low naming traditions spirit alive, the name inevitably stuck.

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area later took over the tiny town of Adair and became the happening picnic spot it is today.

Picnic table at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area
Norm Lane / Shutterstock.com

It is now a popular place for year-round picnics, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and Instagram storying.

Bicycles are available to rent for a scenic ride around the lake, among other events regularly updated every month.

Play a Round at Bison Golf Club

A scenic view of the majestic White Mountains surrounds you while you take your time through the Bison Golf Club's 18-hole course.

Bison Golf Club's setting meanders through tall pine trees and grand, lush green meadows.

The luxurious space comes with tutoring sessions and a bar and grill to replenish for a second round.

Since 1961, the club, previously known as the Show Low Country Club, has been offering its beautiful space for friendly tournaments and engaging spots to hang out.

Pay a Visit to Silver Creek Hatchery

Around 820 acres of vast land along the Silver Creek flowing northwest to the White Mountain reservoir is the Silver Creek Hatchery, home to varieties of flora and fauna.

The scenery provides aquatic shelter specifically for trout, allowing for convenient angling opportunities for enthusiasts.

Full-time employees maintain the hatchery that has a vital role in sustaining trout in the region.

Catch and release fishing is practiced by and large, and in true Show Low style, planned events are also available on the good days.

A pleasant walk and a therapeutic breath of fresh air is guaranteed.

Have Fun at Show Low City Park

Like most parts of the remaining city, Show Low City Park is well-maintained, clean, and perfect for a number of activities.

Here, you may have a family barbecue, picnic dates, a friendly round of baseball, or even a playground set to keep your little ones engaged.

There are also open meadows, two baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and a dog-friendly zone.

Trek the Show Low Bluff Trail

Yet another storybook setting with sparkling creeks and scenic walking trails.

The rustic charm and calm that's a prerequisite to the city are offered in bundles at the Bluff Trail.

Dirt trails and paved walkways lead you to a bridge with an excellent view of the Show Low Creek and breathtaking surroundings.

Wander around Show Low Museum

Seventeen rooms in Show Low Museum feature their own unique themes that appeal irrespective of your age.

Spend at least 2 to 3 hours in the 150-year-old history behind this city enveloped in nature.

The train room is a particular highlight; admission here is free.

A well-maintained space with constant updates of the exhibits and displays.

Functional facilities and well-written pieces ensure a full understanding of the surrounding land.

Suited to the needs of a large, fun group and the personal want for some alone time, the museum is a landmark you cannot miss.

Relax at Juniper Ridge RV Resort

Juniper Ridge RV Resort has well-maintained and fully functional amenities, complete with a swimming pool to cool down at.

Friendly Homeowners Association and fellow visitors make the stay truly memorable and make you feel like a part of an exclusive little community.

Go Swimming at Pintail Lake

Pintail Lake is not the largest or most popular lake in the city, but it ensures a lot quieter and fewer people for a true getaway.

It is the perfect serene spot for real-time to yourself with only your thoughts.

Leave your worries behind and take in mother nature in all its glory at this spot.

Buy Some Used Books at Books ‘N’ Treasures

Forgot to carry a book to the abundantly present reading spots across the quiet city?

Books ‘N’ Treasures will have you covered.

As tourists, visitors and residents, it's important to show our support locally.

Head to this cute little store that often has “Grab a Bag” opportunities and other events for a fun read.

Dine at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Lounge

Interior of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Lounge
steve lyon from yosemite, ca, usa, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Deuce of Clubs street in honor of the story behind the name Show Low itself, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Lounge offers some of the best food in these parts.

Prompt and friendly service, famous prime ribs, and vegan options make sure there is something for everyone.

It is a favorite pit stop for a hot meal for those passing by the quiet city of Show Low.

The restaurant is kid-friendly and offers a lovely selection of wine rendering it a great spot for family, friends, and intimate gatherings.

Options to book in advance for large groups are also possible.

Shop at Lazy Bear Decor

The newest addition to the shopping experience in Show Low once again pays homage to the bear.

Lazy Bear Decor offers home decor with a rustic twist.

A small store with big dreams and perfect additions to spruce up any lodge or cabin.

The mascot, Bernie the bear, stands almost as tall as the store at the entrance.

Be sure to take a quick look around for some relaxed cabin holiday addition to your home.

Sip a Cup of Coffee at PersNIKKIty’s Cafe and Bakery

Don't miss out on the delicious BBQ chipotle chicken and pineapple sandwiches PersNIKKIty’s Cafe and Bakery has to offer.

A relaxed atmosphere with regular community-driven events brings the homely society together on a regular basis.

The staff and customers are friendly and will take you in as their own irrespective of your visiting frequency.

Poetry readings, live music, and excellent coffee complement the easy-going old-town theme of Show Low.

Gourmet salads and delicate pastries are some edible delights you will find at this café.

Relax at Pure Relaxation Day Spa

The great outdoors that Show Low offers is filled to the brim with relaxation and peace.

But indoor facilities can offer the same.

Pure Relaxation Day Spa offers professional and experienced services and a wide range to choose from that can be customized to your needs.

Book an appointment to pamper yourself in the little spa.

A good masseuse can do wonders to relieve tension and rejuvenate your body.

Visit The Second Knoll Target Range

If you think the quiet of a golf course is too tame for your taste, try The Second Knoll Target Range.

It is a well-maintained, clean, and, most importantly, safe target range settled in the White Mountains.

All shootings are supervised, and stringent safety measures come into play for an accident-free environment.

The view and friendly staff come together to create a memorable experience.

Rent a Club and Enjoy a Game of Golf at Torreon Golf Club

Torreon, a luxury club community set in the White Mountains, combines the opulent lifestyle of a private club with the picturesque appeal of a mountain retreat.

The Torreon's two signature courses never feel the same, regardless of how many times you play them.

Each hole pays homage to the natural beauty present all around you.

The friendly environment and personnel, whether you're a golf pro or a beginner, add to the outstanding natural ambiance.

They can meet your instruction demands, regardless of age or skill level.

The Torreon Golf Club provides first-rate Callaway club rentals if you don't have clubs or want to sample the newest equipment.

Delight in Delicious Burgers and Mexican Cuisine at The House

Are you in the mood for some delicious burgers, beer, or wine in a casual setting?

Head to The House in Show Low, Arizona, near the intersection of the White Mountains.

The House has something on its menu for everyone, including prize-winning burgers!

They are consistently coming up with innovative dishes using top-quality resources.

The House provides ample shaded outside dining in the summertime and fire pits and warmers in the winter.

The House offers a different experience week after week. You may participate in a corn-hole competition, listen to live music performed by local artists, relax by a warm fireplace, or perhaps enjoy a film on their lawn.

Rejuvenate at White Mountain Laser Spa

Modern technology provided by White Mountain Laser Spa enables your body to cure itself from the inside out.

Your body is exposed to a low-intensity laser, which causes cellular-level discomfort to be treated.

The body's cells are woken and given the energy required by red and infrared light, assisting your body in recovering from discomfort.

Laser treatment typically lasts 30 minutes for each session.

At White Mountain Laser Spa, you may prepay for several sessions to receive great discounts.

They advise a minimum of three sessions.

Read a Book at Show Low Public Library

In the White Mountain region of eastern Arizona, the Show Low Public Library is a critical municipal attraction that serves Show Low and the nearby settlements.

The Show Low Public Library opened its doors in 1932.

It accommodates a population of around 11,000 people yearly, although because of seasonal inhabitants and tourists drawn to the area's cold mountain air, the number almost triples in the summers.

The Show Low Public Library is committed to providing top-notch customer service and various educational opportunities in a welcoming setting for everyone.

Visit the Show Low Public Library, accessible Monday through Saturday.

Feel the Ambiance Exuding at Liciano’s

Visit Liciano’s for a delicious meal and a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere.

It is well-known and frequently referred to as serving the best steaks and fresh traditional Mexican dishes.

Do you prefer your steak well-done or medium-rare?

At Licano's, each steak is made to order according to a long-standing tradition.

The marinade used by Licano is anything from conventional or unique.

In addition, Licano's is renowned for serving the freshest authentic Mexican food and seafood you've ever experienced.

Come for the fantastic ambiance, extensive food options, wide variety of your favorite beverages, and knowledgeable staff members.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Shop at Burly Bear Gift Store

Burly Bear Gift Store offers a retail experience like no other.

Here, you can see Woodland and bear-themed souvenirs, home decor items, and much more.

Indeed, it is a one-stop shop for good quality, handmade products.

The famous chainsaw bear carving is a crowd favorite and the unofficial mascot of the little city nestled in the White Mountains.

Don't forget to take home a native gift, a perfect reminder of your time here.

Ride a Horse at Porter Mountain Stables

If you're in Lakeside, Porter Mountain Stables offers the unique experience of exploring horseback.

Don't worry if you're not familiar with the working of this particular form of travel.

A trained expert will guide you through the lessons before you embark on a trail.

Explore the Sunrise Ski Resort

Aerial view of Sunrise Ski Resort
Mtntas12, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sunrise Ski Resort ensures a fun ski season every season.

The resort has brought the big guns out, 10 of them to be precise, to combat the irregularities of mother nature.

Well-maintained equipment and trained professionals guide you through the motions in the scenic location between Sunrise peak, Apache peak, and Cyclone Circle.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt of the many unique options available in the little Arizonan city of Show Low.

Engage in any activity you can imagine, whether a private tour, an intimate indoor gathering, or an adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity.

Admire the fantastic natural places to explore in Show Low, along with a magnificent overlook of the mountains.

Make the most of your stay in Show Low, Arizona, and you'll undoubtedly return to Show Low, Arizona, for more.

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