15 Best Things to Do in Port Hueneme, CA

Port Hueneme, CA
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There's nothing like a Cali beach trip to get the relaxation juices flowing.

Among the many beachfront gems found in California, Port Hueneme is the sweet spot that sits right in the middle of them all.

Located in Ventura County, this small beach city offers visitors a laid-back and sunny experience with many attractions to make the most of your trip.

In addition to its pristine and welcoming beachfront, Port Hueneme has a lot of personality, making it more than just a tourist destination for beachgoers.

There are many things to do in this city—some of which don't involve the beach at all.

If you're curious as to what this lovely city has to offer, here are the best things to do in Port Hueneme, California:

Admire the Point Hueneme Lighthouse

Exterior of Point Hueneme Lighthouse
Thomas from USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Witness a beautiful architectural wonder that is also a piece of history in Port Hueneme.

The Point Hueneme Lighthouse is a government-owned structure built in 1941.

Despite its age, the lighthouse is still in excellent condition and an absolutely stunning sight.

Thanks to numerous renovations, the lighthouse looks almost the same as when it was first built.

Front view of Point Hueneme Lighthouse
Arthur Eugene Preston / Shutterstock.com

Located at the southeast entrance to the Santa Barbara Channel in Point Hueneme, the lighthouse provides a great photo opportunity and is worth admiring from afar.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even go on a guided tour of the Point Hueneme Lighthouse to learn more about its history and function.

In addition, the local coast guard hosts a free open house once every month, so be sure to check that out if you're interested.

Soak up the Beach Vibes at Port Hueneme Beach Park

Port Hueneme Beach Park is the city's pride and joy on its coastline.

This 50-acre park offers numerous beach amenities, a clear and beautiful view of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands, and a long list of activities to keep you busy throughout the day.

The best part about this particular beach is that it's never too crowded, regardless of the season.

It's big enough to accommodate many people but not so compact that you'll have to elbow your way through a sea of bodies to get some sand on your toes.

The beach also has lifeguards patrolling the area, so you can rest assured that your safety is always a priority.

Plenty of other activities are available if you're not the type to lounge on the beach all day.

You can play sand volleyball, sunbathe, stroll on the numerous walking paths, grill meats at the barbecue pits, or go fishing—there's something for everyone at Port Hueneme Beach Park.

Visit the US Navy Seabee Museum

Located on North Ventura Road, the US Navy Seabee Museum is one of the most unique museums you'll ever have a chance to visit.

It is dedicated to the US Navy Seabees, a construction force responsible for building things like airstrips, roads, and bridges in combat and disaster areas.

The people behind the museum understood that no one was aware of the Seabees and their contributions, so they decided to put this attraction together to educate the public.

The fascinating museum offers visitors a trove of information and artifacts to explore.

You'll get to see equipment, vehicles, tools, and documents that are all related to the Seabees' work.

Visiting the US Navy Seabee Museum is an excellent activity if you want to learn and experience something unique.

Check Out the Alaska Flight 261 Memorial

The Alaska Flight 261 Memorial is a beautiful sundial and monument located on Ocean View Drive.

This memorial honors the victims of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2000.

All 88 passengers and crew members lost their lives in the accident.

The sundial is made of black granite and inscribed with the victims' names.

It's a beautiful, moving tribute that honors the lives lost in this tragic event.

While most memorial shrines are dull, the Alaska Flight 261 Memorial serves as a reminder of a tragic event and a beautiful work of art.

The sundial is an absolute must-see as it also serves as a clock that shows the time of day.

If you look closely, you can see an inscription of all the victims' names around the sundial's outer edge.

Stroll around Hueneme Wharf Plaza

Hueneme Wharf Plaza is a trailhead on East Surfside Drive.

The trail offers stunning views of the Santa Barbara Channel, leading you to the Point Hueneme lighthouse.

The journey will feature notable attractions such as the Port Hueneme Naval Base, Silverstrand around the jetty, and the Hueneme pier and Boney mountain.

Hueneme Wharf Plaza isn't a challenging hike and provides a great way to get fresh air and see amazing views.

Get a Good Glimpse of the Inner City at Richard Bard Bubbling Springs Park

Life in Port Hueneme isn't just about its beautiful beaches.

If you want to get a good look at the inner workings of the city, then you need to check out Richard Bard Bubbling Springs Park.

This park is located just a mile north of downtown Point Hueneme and is a great place to stroll or relax in the sun.

Ironically, you won't find any bubbling springs in this park.

However, this is the place to go if you're looking for a stroll and a glimpse of Port Hueneme's community.

The park is home to several walking trails, a wide area for picnics and exercising, a playground for the kids, and a nearby baseball field.

There's also a 1,500-step route that runs along the perimeter of the park if you're feeling particularly active.

Richard Bard Bubbling Springs Park is a great place to visit if you want to get to know the locals and see a different side of Port Hueneme.

Visit the Bard Mansion

Daytime view of the Bard Mansion
Fettlemap, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated inside Berylwood, Bard Mansion is a historic home dating back to the early 1900s.

It's worth a visit if you're interested in learning about Port Hueneme's history or if you're a fan of architecture.

Architect Myron Hunt designed the mansion, which served as the primary residence for then State Senator Thomas Bard and his family.

Exterior of the Bard Mansion
Pierce Groves, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bard Mansion is a beautiful example of early 20th-century architecture, and it's one of the most popular tourist attractions in Port Hueneme.

Today, it's a well-known venue for corporate events, weddings, and other private functions.

Check Out the Back to the Future III Guard Rail Crossing

If you're a fan of the Back to the Future movies, then you need to check out this unique piece of movie memorabilia.

Port Hueneme was a filming location for the third movie in the franchise, and the guard rail crossing is one of the few remaining structures from that time.

The Back to the Future III Guard Rail Crossing is located near the Channel Islands Harbor on the Ventura County Railroad.

This spot was where the iconic scene where Marty McFly crossed the railroad tracks was filmed.

Although the Back to the Future III Guard Rail Crossing isn't much to look at, it's still a popular spot for movie fans and locals alike.

Work on Your Golf Game at Seabee Golf Club

Golfers will feel right at home in Port Hueneme.

Seabee Golf Club is a nine and 18-hole course located on the Naval Construction Battalion Center grounds.

You will need a Golf Pass to enter the course, but it's worth it if you're looking to get a glimpse of the golf scene in Port Hueneme.

Not only is Seabee Golf Club one of the best courses in the area, but it's also quite a stunning course that will motivate you to play a round or two and work on your game.

The golf course offers a lighted driving range, practice putting green, and chipping green if you want extra practice.

Seabee Golf Club also offers foot golf, a new sport that's a cross between soccer and golf.

Take Your Pet for a Walk at Port Hueneme Naval Base Dog Park

Located on Bard Lane, Port Hueneme Naval Base Dog Park is the perfect place to take your furry friend for a walk or a game of fetch.

This off-leash dog park is just a few minutes from downtown Port Hueneme and offers plenty of open space for your dog to run around.

It features amenities like parking spaces, several walking trails, a drinking fountain, and a picnic pavilion.

Don't forget to bring water and a dog bowl for your pet.

Port Hueneme Naval Base Dog Park is a great place to take your pet for some exercise and meet other dogs in the area.

Drop by Point Mugu Missile Park

Located on Naval Air Road, Point Mugu Missile Park is an outdoor museum where you can see a wide variety of airplanes and missiles that the military has used since World War II.

It's a great place to learn about the history of the military in Port Hueneme.

The aircraft on display include the black McDonnell-Douglas F-4S Phantom II, which is also painted as a QF-4S VX-30 Bloodhound.

Some notable missiles on display include the Regulus II Supersonic Cruise Missile, the Polaris Submarine-launched ballistic missile, and the Regulus submarine-launched cruise missile.

If you're into airplanes and military history, Point Mugu Missile Park is a place you should check out.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit Nearby Oxnard State Beach Park

Port Hueneme isn't the only beach town in the area.

Oxnard is just 4.4 miles west of the city, home to Oxnard State Beach Park.

This family-friendly beach features an extensive stretch of gorgeous beachfront, perfect for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and more.

Oxnard State Beach Park also has a few amenities, such as volleyball courts, barbecue areas, skating, and jogging paths, a kids' play area, and a picnic area.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby if you need a break from the sun.

Experience Parasailing with Channel Island Parasail

If you want to take your beach experience up a notch, you should try parasailing.

This recreational activity features breathtaking coastline views as you soar hundreds of feet.

Channel Island Parasail is a local company in Oxnard that offers parasailing experiences for individuals and groups.

Their parasail services will have you soaring over the Channel Island Harbor and enjoying the fantastic views of the California coastline.

They also have a flyboard, a jetpack-like device that propels you out of the water and into the air.

This is an excellent activity for adrenaline junkies who want to experience something unique.

If you're looking for an adventure, check out Channel Island Parasail, 10 minutes from Port Hueneme.

Rent a Jet Ski from Southern California Jet Skis

Renting a jet ski from Southern California Jet Skis is another great way to enjoy the coastline.

Located 10 minutes from Port Hueneme, this water sports equipment rental service offers jet ski rentals for half-day and full-day use.

They also provide wetsuits, life jackets, and a safety briefing to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience.

Cruise through the Channel Island Harbor and take in the beautiful scenery as you zip across the water on a jet ski.

This is an excellent activity for both couples and groups of friends.

Southern California Jet Skis also offers electric boat rentals if you want a more laid-back experience on the water.

Visit the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

Learn about the area's maritime history at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum in Oxnard, five miles from downtown Port Hueneme.

This museum features an extensive collection of maritime artifacts, art, and photography.

It's the perfect place to learn about the maritime heritage of the Channel Islands.

Some of the museum's highlights include a full-scale replica of a Chinese junk boat, paintings of famous maritime moments, and a collection of ship models.

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about the area's rich history and see some truly unique and interesting artifacts.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for the ultimate beach adventure that's not just about sun and sand, Port Hueneme is the perfect place.

This small beach town in Ventura County offers various activities and attractions for couples, families, and friends.

With its beautiful beaches, diverse activities, and rich history, there's always something for everyone.

So if you're planning your trip right now, don't forget to add the best things to do in Port Hueneme, California, to your list!

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