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15 Best Things to Do in Weaverville, CA

  • Published 2022/08/19

With roots dating back to the 1850s, Weaverville is a historic town of the California Gold Rush.

Located at the foot of the Trinity Alps, the village was once home to around 2,000 Chinese working as miners during the Gold Rush.

You still get a taste of the old west when you visit Weaverville, displaying its heritage in the various museums.

It’s a small town with lots to offer its visitors: history, culture, and lush wildlife.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Here are the best things to do in Weaverville, California:

Visit the Oldest Taoist Temple at Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park

Wooden arched bridge leading to Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park

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In the 1800s, a large number of Chinese immigrants arrived in Weaverville.

They established their customs and culture as they lived their new life in America.

The Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park preserves the culture of the first Chinese immigrants that populated the town.

The park contains the oldest Taoist temple in the city, which is still active today.

Temple at Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park

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The park preserved its designs and architecture, maintaining its 1874 appearance.

It remains one of the oldest remaining Taoist temples, even compared to ones in China.

Located in downtown Weaverville, the Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park hosts cultural events such as the Lion Dance every Chinese New Year.

It’s an excellent place for people to experience Chinese culture and the history of the immigrants who helped build the village.

Shrine at Weaverville Joss House Historic State Park

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Learn Trinity County History at Jake Jackson Museum

The Trinity County Historical Society operates the Jake Jackson Museum, which aims to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge and facts about the county’s history.

Located along Main Street, the museum contains different artifacts and documents that tell the story of Weaverville and the rest of Trinity County.

The museum showcases different exhibits housed in the old West-style wooden cabins.

Some sights include the Ditch Tender Cabin, home to the namesakes of the La Grange Mine.

The Carriage Barn and the Davis Blacksmith Shop also showcase storage areas and workspaces the laborers used years ago.

In addition, there is a replica of the Paymaster Stamp Mill, housing the only functioning steam-powered stamp mill in the state.

The Jake Jackson Museum is a great place to visit for those who want to know more about Weaverville’s past.

Admire the Works at the Highland Art Center

The Highland Art Center is a great place to visit for art lovers and enthusiasts alike.

Locals Lucille and Gilman Snyder established the center, rooted in their passion for making art and cultivating the community’s creative spirit.

Housed in a beautiful 1893 Victorian house, the center serves as a hub for local artists to showcase their work and aspiring artists to hone their craft.

See the rotating exhibits featuring different Trinity County artists.

The center also serves as an art institute, hosting classes on different types and forms of art.

They also host an Art Walk every first Saturday of the month, where they host a reception for visitors.

Guests can meet and greet the featured artists for the month.

Feel the community vibe and the love for the arts at the Highland Art Center.

Climb Monument Peak

Monument Peak is in the Trinity Alps on the outskirts of Weaverville.

The area provides a beautiful landscape of the mountain range and natural scenery.

The Trinity Alps is definitely worth the hike up.

Start your journey to Monument Peak at the trailhead near the summit of Weaver Bally.

The hike is quite a challenge even for seasoned hikers.

Prepare to go through rocky terrain and climb a few boulders to get to the top.

You can start your day early and do a day climb and head back down before the sun sets.

Otherwise, bring your supplies up and set up camp in the beautiful wilderness.

Monument Peak is a must-visit destination when visiting Weaverville.

Gaze at the Glass Works at Hopko Art Glass

Hopko Art Glass brings beautiful, sophisticated glass art and sculptures to the people of Weaverville.

The shop stemmed from owner Michael Hopko’s passion for the craft.

He began as an art student at Shasta College and eventually worked as an apprentice for several glass-blowing artists in California.

Hopko’s features the signature octopus sculpture, with intricate details and a mix of dainty, complementing colors.

Visit the shop and see the piece de resistance and the other sculptures they have on display.

Check out the yellow and blue fin tunas, saltwater fish, and great white sharks.

Bring home a great piece of local Weaverville craftsmanship when you visit Hopko Art Glass.

Enjoy Craft Beer at Trinity County Brewing Company

Trinity County Brewing Company brings locals high-quality food and drink with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

The brewery is one of the new players in the town’s brewing landscape.

Try their in-house blends, starting with ten ales, ranging from West Coast IPAs to Deep Porters.

Pair these brews with some of their simple but delicious bar meals.

Get a flight of their most popular blends and pair them with fried pickles, chicken wings, or their old-fashioned burger.

Trinity Brewing Company aims to provide a place for the community to get together, hang out and grab a nice, cold drink.

Drop by and try it out for yourself!

See a Show at Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center

The Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center is inside Shasta College, a theater hub in town.

The beginnings of the center started with one woman, Barbara Polka.

She and three other performers formed the group “Trinity Players,” putting on shows to entertain the people of Weaverville.

Eventually, their community slowly increased over time, and more people got engaged in the acting craft.

Today, the center is the home of most performance art pieces done in town.

It is an over 11,000 square feet facility that can hold an audience of 250 people.

Catch shows from local theater groups or performing arts students from Shasta College at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center.

Enjoy a Homey Meal at Mama Llama Eatery and Café

Located along Main Street, Mama Llama is a local favorite hangout spot.

The café offers its customers a wide range of tea and coffee varieties, including some of the best fair trade and organic ones.

They also serve simple but delicious American favorites and numerous drink options.

They have a broad menu ranging from breakfast items like bagels with cream cheese and breakfast burritos.

They also have an ample selection of vegetarian options, paired alongside their hefty meat options for the more carnivorous customer.

From the San Fernando Valley to the peaceful streets of Weaverville, the Mama Llama Eatery & Cafe offers a no-frills, delicious meal tucked in a cozy atmosphere.

There’s a reason this place is a certified local favorite.

You must come and try it out for yourself!

Stay in a Classic Victorian Home at the Weaverville Whitmore Inn

Travel back in time as you book a stay at the Weaverville Whitmore Inn.

The inn is inside a beautiful classic Victorian home dating back to the late 1800s.

Stay in one of their five rooms, each decked out in classic Victorian interiors.

You also have access to the front lawn, the covered veranda, and the indoor parlor.

Plop in one of the deck chairs and take in the afternoon sun, or relax while listening to music or reading a book.

The inn’s location also makes it convenient to walk downtown to explore the sights and do a little shopping.

Complete your stay in Weaverville by booking a room at the Whitmore Inn.

Shop Fresh Produce at the Weaverville Tailgate Market

Since 2009, the weekly Weaverville Tailgate Market has offered the best and freshest local produce and products.

This market opens every Wednesday afternoon at the Community Center.

Bring your baskets and fill your shopping bags with fresh fruit, meats, cheeses, and locally made items like homeware and accessories.

If you have a business, you can sign up as a vendor and share your wares with locals visiting the market.

Sample the best of Weaverville at the Tailgate Market.

Explore the Outdoors at East Weaver Group Campground

The East Weaver Group Campground is just a short drive away from downtown, offering locals and visitors a tranquil place to enjoy Weaverville’s beautiful nature.

There are a variety of activities to do while spending time here, including hiking and biking around the trails.

More adventurous visitors can also go white water rafting and climbing on the campground’s steeper boulders.

You can also discover different terrains around the site, including a hot spring and waterfalls.

Enjoy the beautiful Weaverville nature and explore the great outdoors at the East Weaver Group Campground.

Spend the Day at Lowden Park

Lowden Park is a favorite place for Weaverville locals to relax and spend the day.

With its ideal location in the city, the park has multiple amenities available for every type of visitor.

The park has ample space for walks and areas where visitors can set up a nice picnic.

Bikers can go to Trinity Bike Park, with tracks of varying humps and bumps that are great for practice runs.

The Lowden Park Pool is also within the vicinity.

It’s perfect for a quick splash, especially during the hot summers.

You can also take a walk a few yards away to the Weaverville Community Garden, showcasing the growing plant projects of Weaverville locals.

Set up Camp at Rush Creek Campground

The Rush Creek Campground is in the northern mountains of Weaverville, offering beautiful scenic views and a fun adventure for visitors.

Despite the easy access to the campground right off Highway 3, the area feels secluded and tranquil.

The grounds accommodate different campsite setups, from simple tents to vans for bigger groups.

There are also pocket spots for picnics and barbeques.

Explore the grounds and feel the calm waters rushing through the nearby Rush Creek.

Take the drive up and set up your campsite at Rush Creek Campground on your visit to Weaverville.

Grab a Rustic Meal at the Nugget Restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown, the Nugget Restaurant serves simple, rustic dishes.

The restaurant’s building dates back to the 1800s.

Stagecoaches stopped there during their journeys between Redding and Eureka.

In the 1940s, they turned the rest stop into a restaurant.

Proudly family-owned, the Nugget Restaurant has an extensive menu of breakfast favorites to hearty lunch and dinner options.

Their breakfast specials include corned beef hash served with eggs, toast, and jelly.

You can also order Texas French toast stacks, buttermilk pancakes, steak, and eggs.

There are also hot sandwiches and burgers available like roast beef, hot turkey, French dip, cheeseburgers, and steak sandwiches.

For the dinner menu, try their unique specials like New York steak, sirloin, fried chicken, and pork loin chop.

End your meal on a sweet note and order from their old-fashion menu, consisting of malt shakes to a classic banana split.

Play a Round of Disc Golf at Lee Fong Park

Just off Main Street is Lee Fong Park, a nice place to hang out and do fun activities in Weaverville.

It is home to an 18-hole disc golf course, ample walking spaces, and picnic spots, both covered and not.

There is also an amphitheater in the park’s heart, perfect for small outdoor events and community functions.

Apart from the park amenities, the park is also near other spots in town, such as the Jake Jackson Museum and Sydney Gulch.

The park also features beautiful heirloom apple and pear trees and a gorgeous view of the Trinity Alps.

Stop by and have a great time at Lee Fong Park!

Final Thoughts

Weaverville is a small northern California town offering a tranquil experience and beautiful nature views in Trinity County.

Visitors can visit historic sites, unspoiled nature grounds, and old-fashioned small-town hospitality.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Weaverville, California!

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