15 Best Things to Do in Perris, CA

Perris, CA
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Perris is a city in Riverside County, California, best known for Lake Perris, an artificial lake created in 1973.

Established in 1895, the city of Perris was named after Fred T. Perris, the chief engineer of the California Southern Railroad at the time.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the total area of Perris is 31.5 square miles or only 0.1 square miles of water.

Perris is a great place to visit due to its warm climate and the various recreational activities that you can enjoy.

Perris is the summer vacation hotspot for thrillseekers who enjoy activities like skydiving, waterparks, and airsoft.

History buffs can drop by the several museums in the area to learn more about the heritage of Perris.

Here are the best things to do in Perris, California:

Lose your Train of Thought at the Southern California Railway Museum

Old railway diner at Southern California Railway Museum
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The Southern California Railway Museum showcases the history of trains and railroads in the context of the American transportation system.

The Southern California Railway Museum is the perfect place for those interested in train sets and American History.

You can find the museum along S. “A” street.

It first opened in 1958, then named the Orange Empire Trolley Museum.

The museum changed its name to its current one in 2019.

Santa Fe locomotive at Southern California Railway Museum
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The Southern California Railway Museum is famous for housing the largest Pacific Electric Railway rolling stock collection.

For recreational activities, you can take a trip back in time and hop on their heritage railroad to experience how trains ran back then.

Take in the sights while riding on their steam-powered train preserved in pristine condition.

Visit this place if you would like to see their collection of train sets and if you want the heritage railroad experience.

Locomotive at Southern California Railway Museum
Pretzelpaws at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Soak up the Sun at Paragon Park

Paragon Park is one of the bigger parks in Perris.

It is an excellent option to consider for a space to exercise or play some sports.

You can find Paragon Park on Spectacular Bid Street.

The main attraction of Paragon Park is its extensive skate park, which attracts skateboarding enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Aside from the skate park, Paragon Park has basketball, soccer, and fitness equipment facilities.

Enjoy the sunny weather at Perris while getting some exercise at Paragon Park.

Take the Plunge at DropZone Waterpark

DropZone Waterpark is the waterpark of choice in Perris.

Since Perris is known for its sunny climate, tourists and locals flock to DropZone Waterpark to cool off.

You can visit DropZone Waterpark at Trumble Road.

The water park is famous for its numerous attractions and water slides.

Surf some waves at the Hydroplane FlowRider, or laze around at Jet Stream River.

Children can enjoy the Lil’ Jumper’s Landing water playground.

Their Terminal Velocity Slides, on the other hand, are perfect for those looking for excitement.

Grab your swimming attire and take a plunge at DropZone Waterpark if the Perris heat gets too much for you.

Spend the Day at Perris Reservoir

Flowers near Perris Reservoir
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Perris is famous for the Perris Reservoir, an artificial lake created in 1973.

The best place to visit the reservoir is the Lake Perris Recreation Area.

The Lake Perris Recreation Area has many recreational activities you can choose from.

Various water-related activities are allowed in the lake, such as boating, fishing, and in certain areas, swimming.

The waters of Perris Reservoir
A. La Canfora / Shutterstock.com

On land, there are hiking trails that you can explore.

For the more adventurous, you can try rock climbing and horseback riding.

Reserve a spot on your itinerary for the Perris Reservoir for a jam-packed day of activities both on the lake and inland.

Practice Your Aim at Code Red Airsoft Park

Code Red Airsoft Park is the destination of choice for airsoft enthusiasts in Perris.

You can find it along E Ellis Avenue.

It is the biggest airsoft park in Southern California, so there should be no problem with booking this place with a large group of friends.

This outdoor airsoft park often gets rented out for birthdays or private parties, but guests are welcome to drop by and enjoy some airsoft.

The park ensures your safety during your stay, as their staff strictly follows a list of safety rules and protocols.

They also offer tactical training classes if you wish to learn more about self-defense.

Book a day at Code Red Airsoft Park ahead of time if you plan to go to Perris!

Admire Vintage Cars at Motte Historical Car Museum

Motte Historical Car Museum is a vintage car museum that houses an extensive collection of rare vehicles for guests to admire.

Go to Highway 74 to visit the museum.

In 2007, the Motte family established the Motte Historical Car Museum.

The Mottes are one of the oldest pioneering families in Perris.

They have over 25 vintage cars on display in their barn, the most notable being their overhauled Chevrolet Touring.

The barn also doubles as a venue space for people looking to add an exciting flair to their event.

Regarding events, Motte Historical Car Museum hosts car shows and open house parties.

They also hold movie showings in their in-house theater.

They have an in-house dinner where guests can get their fill when they get hungry.

Stop by their gift shop to get some car-themed merchandise if you’re hunting for souvenirs to bring back home.

If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, visit the Motte Historical Car Museum.

Take a Leap of Faith at Skydive Perris

A skydiver over Perris
Tomas J Mata / Shutterstock.com

Skydive Perris is the place to get your dose of adrenaline and excitement.

Known as the ultimate skydiving destination in the city, Skydive Perris will make the vacation one you will never forget.

Skydive Perris is at Goetz Road.

Beginners have skydiving professionals who will guide you every step.

If the real thing seems too intimidating, Skydive Perris has indoor skydiving facilities that simulate and prepare you for the real deal.

Experienced skydivers guarantee excellent customer service and facilities you can trust.

Skydive Perris is a recommended destination for not just skydiving veterans but newbie thrill seekers.

Cool Off at Mercado Park

Mercado Park is an outdoor recreational area in the heart of Perris.

You can visit Mercado Park at S D Street.

The park has a seasonal water feature where children can play and cool off from the hot Perris sun.

The park guests can enjoy several other amenities, including a playground and picnic tables where you can eat snacks.

Benches are provided for leisure and plenty of shade from the trees in the park.

You can also find a basketball court in the park.

Make a trip to Mercado park if you want to cool off from the Perris sun and enjoy a lovely afternoon picnic with your family.

Play Ball at Big League Dreams Perris

Big League Dreams Perris is the best place for baseball fans.

It is a collection of outdoor baseball fields, models of famous stadiums all over America, like Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium.

Make a trip to Big League Dreams Perris at Trumble Road.

Since opening in 2021, Big League Dreams Perris has hosted numerous tournaments, such as the Police Softball World Series, USSSA Baseball World Series, and the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic, to name a few.

You can use the varied amenities of the park when you visit.

Don’t worry about bringing your food, as the park has its own Stadium Club restaurants that provide different kinds of food and drinks for guests.

The Stadium Club has a nice view of the baseball fields, so you won’t miss any of the action while you grab a meal.

To pass the time, they have sets of TVs where you can watch sports events and an arcade for the kids.

Head over to Big League Dreams Perris to play ball with their top-of-the-line equipment and facilities!

Celebrate American History at Perris Valley Historical Museum

Exterior of the Perris Valley Historical Museum
Ymblanter, 11 March 2012, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Perris Valley Historical Museum preserves and showcases the rich history of Perris Valley.

It is located within the town’s old historic train station, converted into a museum to highlight the importance of Perris heritage.

Visit Perris Valley Historical Museum at 4th Street.

The museum exhibits the early history of Perris and its founding.

There are exhibits on the Native Americans who lived in Perris and the artifacts they used in mining the valley.

You can also learn more about the Good Hope mine, a source of gold that gave riches to the early pioneers of Perris.

The museum also focuses on the history of farming in Perris.

The museum was established in the town’s old train station, which served a pivotal role in transporting grain crops and potatoes that Perris farmers harvested.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Perris and its founders, add this place to your itinerary when visiting Perris.

Learn about Black History at the Dora Nelson African American Art and History Museum

The Dora Nelson African American Art and History Museum, or the DNAAAHM for short, is a museum that shares the life and history of the first African American family that resided in Perris.

The Dora Nelson African American Art and History Museum is on 7th Street.

In 1997, Charles and Alberta Kearney opened the museum after demolishing the First Baptist Church in Perris.

They aimed to collect, document, and share the history of the African American families following Dora Nelson.

Nelson was a member of the first Black family in Perris who founded the First Baptist Church in Perris.

To learn more about the history of African Americans in Perris and to pay tribute to the life of Dora Nelson, check out the Dora Nelson African American Art and History Museum.

Learn about Native American History at Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum

Continuing the theme of appreciating the people of Perris, the Ya’i Heki Regional Indian Museum aims to educate people about the Native Americans that called Perris their home.

The museum is on Lake Perris Drive.

Ya’i Heki’ is Cahuilla for “Home of the Wind”.

The Cahuilla are one of the Native American groups that lived in the land now known as Perris.

The museum outlines its history and many other Native American groups in Southern California.

The museum staff has guided tours on the history of Lake Perris, where the water was sourced, and how it was created.

There are exhibits on how the Native Americans lived off the land and drawings of flora and fauna endemic to Perris.

Take a trip to Ya’i Heki Regional Indian Museum to learn more about Native American history in Southern California.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Let Your Imagination Fly at March Field Air Museum

Exterior of March Field Air Museum
RozenskiP / Shutterstock.com

To continue reliving American history through transportation, drop by the March Field Air Museum.

You can find it at Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside, California, ten minutes from Perris.

Aircrafts at March Field Air Museum
The Image Party / Shutterstock.com

The March Field Air Museum first opened in 1979, originally named the March Air Force Base Museum.

Here you can find over 80 models of planes for your viewing pleasure.

In terms of exhibits, they have replica planes on display indoors and actual planes docked outside.

Cockpit of a military plane in March Field Air Museum
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There is an option to take a quick guided tram tour of the grounds where you can ask the staff questions about the aircraft on display.

If you’re interested in aviation, don’t miss out on the March Field Air Museum.

Operating console of a plane in March Field Air Museum
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Play Sports at Eller Park

Eller Park is a five-acre recreational space that you can visit to get some sun and exercise.

It is located at Antelope Road, Menifee, California, eight minutes from Perris.

Eller Park serves the community with its wide selection of recreational facilities.

There is an outdoor baseball field as well as an outdoor basketball court.

Tennis players can also use the tennis court at the park.

There are jogging and running trails that circle the perimeter of the park.

For those with children, you can take them to either one of the play areas.

After a day of physical activity, you can use the BBQ grills in the park to cook some dishes for you and your family.

Tennis players might want to consider visiting Eller Park.

Bring Your Best Friend to Aldergate Dog Park

Dog owners can take a trip to Aldergate Dog Park to walk their pets.

Even if you don’t own a dog, you can visit the park to watch adorable dogs run around and play.

Aldergate Dog Park is at Aldergate Drive, Menifee, 14 minutes from Perris.

The dog park houses pet-friendly amenities such as play areas, separated into two sections for small and big dogs.

There are basketball and pickleball courts for people interested in playing sports with fellow pet owners.

Other sports amenities include a baseball field and a tennis court.

The park has a free water supply for your dogs and containers for them to drink from.

Visit Aldergate Dog Park if you plan on visiting with your dog or if you’d like to socialize with other dog owners.

Final Thoughts

Perris is an excellent choice for a vacation if you’re looking for recreational activities while also learning more about American heritage.

If you are looking for a place with a bright, sunny climate with plenty of things to do, Perris might be the place for you.

Keep this list of the best things to do in Perris saved when you plan to visit California!

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