15 Best Things to Do in Paso Robles

15 Best Things to Do in Paso Robles

Paso Robles is a Californian city, well renowned for its delicious wines and fresh olives. It is located about thirty minutes from Californian Central Coast halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Home to an adorable, charming, and peaceful downtown area, Paso Robles has way more activities to do rather than just adoring the surrounding beauty of the place. Wine tours, Waterpark, Hot springs, Breweries, and many more which we will talk about in while.  So during a year when you think a mandatory road trip is your escape, Paso Robles would welcome you with all its amazing sceneries and wine tasting opportunities that will make your evenings. Now when you reach here, we would like you to look for some prime time activities that will make your trip worth it.

Paso Robles is a piece of paradise for all wine lovers

Ripe Grapes for harvest in Paso Robles
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Wine contributes a lot to the economy of Paso Robles. Wine Grapes have been the major attraction of Paso Robles’ soil since 1800. The climate is ideal for winemaking. Such climate results in the availability of more than 60 grape varietals. And the amazing manpower produces more than 250 wineries.
You have to choose at least a full day tour to visit all the vineyards here.

The local people would not only let you taste their wine but also let you experience their culture.  You will enjoy some top-notch vintages and views from vineyards like the DAOU vineyard. Do try to pack a picnic basket while visiting the vineyards.
While talking about Paso Robles, you will get to see that a lot of sight-seeing or things to do are related to vineyards, wine-tasting, or wine tours. Let’s see what else it has in store for us.

Sculpterra Winery is a blend of art along with wine

Sculpterra Winery
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If you think winery is an art, this place welcomes you. But, if you want to balance them as distinguished units, this place welcomes you the most. Here in this winery, wine And art are brought together for its visitors. The Sculpterra Winery offers its visitors to enjoy a fantastic sculpture garden as well as take a tour of its vineyards. These gardens contain sculptures made by both permanent and visiting artisans. The winery has a tasting room where arts and sculptures are also displayed. Some are even for sale. The Winery arranges many events like music concerts, summer concerts, and wine club events.

Among all the sculptures, the major attraction to the visitors is the magnificent granite cat.  This sculpture is 14 feet high and weighing 7 tons. This sculpture is entitled “Golden Morning“ as it is in a position to greet the arriving guests. Moreover, there are a variety of blends that you can taste. Sculpterra offers blends with titles dedicated to some wine regions around the world. For example, “Heroe” is a tribute to all the unsung heroes of the wine industry.

Enjoy some Ravine time

Paso Robles is not only a place where you go taste some wines, visit some beautiful scenery all solo and come back. This place also offers you to enjoy with your family to the fullest.  How? It is too simple, grab your kids, enter the Ravine Waterpark, and dive into the pool with a splash. Enjoy a fun-filled day with your near and dear ones.

Spend your day sliding down the giant slides and flumes of anaconda and viper. It’s completely fine if the water isn’t your thing, you can simply chill on the sundecks. There are various amazing but breathtaking water rides like the kamikaze drop slide, vertigo body bowl, and many more.

Go for Olive oil hunting

Olive Harvest in Paso Robles
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Not satisfied with just the grapes? Want something more in Paso Robles? If you want to explore more, Paso Robles produces one of the finest grown olive oils. Visitors don’t just get to taste olive oil but they have also explained the process of the production steps.

Olive farms like Olive farm is a family-owned farm that produces award-winning, small-batch olive oil. More farms like Pasolivo gives you the opportunity to the experience of tasting olive oils with orchard bound in an oak-studded setting. If you want something entirely unique, do visit Dobust Ranch. You can taste Tempranillo and Syrah together with shots of golden-hued EVOO.

Refresh yourself with healthy Hotsprings

Okay, we have visited enough places, let’s take a break and refresh ourselves. It’s Paso Robles and you cannot think of anything that it doesn’t offer you. Come on and let’s dive into the positive charged, ionized mineral waters which come out of the Earth at a temperature of 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit.  We are now at the refreshing and natural hot springs of Paso Robles.

Visitors can refresh themselves at three different locations, Franklin Hot Springs, River Oak Hot Springs, and Paso Robles Inn. The guests can refresh themselves while enjoying the Springs under the eye-glazing stars of the night sky, beautiful vineyards, mountains, and reflecting lakes. You can also enjoy Spa treatments and relax to restore the balance between mind and body.

The Royalty of Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle
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Are you ready to feel a bit royal? Fine, let’s go and experience the royalty of the Hearst Castle. Okay the wonder we are talking about is not exactly in Paso Robles but the wonderful drive through Highway 46 West with the cool breezes touching your heart gives you the perfect Central Coast experience.

Don’t worry we are not asking you to leave the place already; it’s just a simple side seeing activity. William Randolph Hearst, the very famous politician built this house to be his home. The tour is always led by tour guides who would share their knowledge of the local history and heritage of the place.

Ease the evening at Barrelhouse Brewery and Beer Garden

If you think Paso Robles is all about wine, olives, and sceneries, you might have to think it over.  Here at Barrelhouse brewery’s beer garden, you get to enjoy one of the finest beers in the world. Live music concerts and jamming would surely accompany you with the evening. Had a whole day of a long journey and want a smooth evening? Hit the place and then we will tell you all about the next destination.

Learn the History at Pioneer Museum

Okay enough of visiting places and now you just want to grab a bite of the local history of Paso Robles. The place offers you the best location to do so. The Pioneer Museum.  The museum portrays details about the founders of Paso Robles, the history of town halls, jails, memorabilia of the historic schools, and definitely, they are all wrapped with the old mining culture of Paso Robles and the cowboy culture of the West.  You can also learn how the place was stamped from one state to another in its early days and how it gained independent status under the United States.  The place has well preserved the culture and its heritage. History and art fans! This is the perfect place for you in Paso Robles.

Sensorial- The field of Light

The place where you may find a glimpse of heaven! This place offers you an enormous multi-acre walkthrough which would make you feel like walking on Nova’s. After Sunset an array of more than 58,800 stemmed spheres are lit by fiber optics, illuminating the landscape that portrays the color palette of a painter or the gigantic colors of Nova.  “The walkthrough heaven” would be the perfect phrase to describe the place.  No, Do not worry! If you think harnessing and illuminating such huge land affects the environment, no it doesn’t. The entire power is harnessed as solar energy which is transferred through the spheres slowly and smoothly periodically giving you the best piece of the best glimpse of nature.

Have a taste of the street-food in Paso Robles

Come on, you are here for a vacation! You don’t want to cook your food or at least here. Never mind, Paso Robles, along with all the above-discussed beauties offers extensive restaurants. The restaurants here prepare your meal with most of the local production and best quality meats. Restaurants with crafty themes and rated qualities would make you fall in love with the place.  Paso Robles is being recognized as a foodie destination more rapidly. Bricked buildings, art galleries, and the fantastic downtown creates a perfect ambiance for street-side dining.

Tour to Firestone Walker Brewing Company

One of the world’s finest Brewing companies had its start here at Paso Robles. If you are a beer lover you would love to take a tour of all the brewing farms and taste different beer samples.

There are a lot of tour options- You can choose from The Barrelroom Tour, Brewhouse tour, or Evening tour. Each of them has a different price tag.
The Brewhouse Tour takes its visitors to all the brewhouses, fermentation cellars, and bottling lines, you’ll be offered to taste four different beer samples with a sniffer glass and a bottle opener all in just 10 USD. The Barrel room tour allows you to visit a lot of private places. Here you can task five different samples of beer in just 30 USD.

Spend a day in Paso Robles Inn

Paso Robles Inn
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Paso Robles Inn is a fine boutique hotel in the gorgeous Paso Robles. Spending a night here is the ideal relaxation technique you could come up with. It has a lot of suites inside where you can enjoy views of the vineyards that surround the hotel. Also, you can enjoy the wine from those vineyards. How good does that sound? There are also spas inside along with pools and ponds. The restaurant is quite good with some great steaks included on its menu.

Enjoy the Pacific views at Adelaida Cellars

How about roaming around in a vast vineyard in a white flowy dress? Situated in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles, the family who owns Adelaida Cellars has five vast lands across which the cellars extend.

The vineyard not only produces some of the best grape variants, but it also houses some terrific views of the Pacific Ocean. You could say that the vineyard overlooks the ocean! The estate comprises 150 acres of land, and you can take a tour there. Sometimes, the company itself organizes such tours where the common people can come and visit them. they also let you experience the various processes of making infamous varietals like Pinot Noir.

Taste the Italian at Cortile Ristorante

We were not kidding when we said Paso Robles is the epitome of luxury. Fine wines, luxurious dinners are something that comes along with a trip to Paso Robles. The place might not have a lot of action to its name, but it will compensate you with its delicious foods.

Splurge on some Italian dining in the middle of Paso Robles. The only thing better than its food is the interior of Cortile Ristorante. The inside feels very cozy and has a nice touch to it. The menu is quite authentic serving some of the best Italian dishes. Also, the ingredients used are fresh and are procured locally.

Learn Cooking- The Paso Robles way

Are you delighted with the food here? Do you want to cook the same every weekend for your family? Paso Robles has an entire arrangement for that too! It’s simple; all you got to do is come to Refugio Cooking School and learn it. Paso Robles is famous for its wine, olives, and in house food productions. Refugio uses only these three key elements to make to learn the delicious foods of Paso Robles. You can also prepare the meal over here and enjoy the scenic beauty of the vineyards and olive farms.

This brings us to the end of our delightful Paso Robles tour. As you can see, the place has some of the best wine and dining options with a vast range of vineyards and orchards. Visit Paso Robles after a hard month at work, sip on a glass of wine, and relax like never before.