15 Best Things to Do in Osage Beach, MO

15 Best Things to Do in Osage Beach, MO

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A small city with less than 5000 residents, Osage beach is located near Camden and Miller county in Missouri. The place has a few tourist attractions which are famous around the world.

The city is also surrounded by some famous vacation sports like the lake of Ozarks and such places which offer multiple refreshing and adventurous activities to the visitors. Consider this article as your personal guide on how to enjoy your trip to this beautiful and scenic city in Missouri.

Harmy’s Cheese Store

Harmy’s cheese store is one of the most fun and entertaining shops in the city which is related to food. However, the place is also famous for items other than cheese like peanuts, wines, jellies, and moonshine. The place is famous for selling more than 150 varieties of cheese which are made in local areas of Missouri.

The shop also offers facility of tasting cheese as well as local wine samples on a daily basis. Apart from edibles, the shop also sells other gift items in form of gift baskets and gift boxes that are filled with souvenirs and unique gifts. These gift items are selected dynamically on different occasions.

The shop has also arranged seating tables where you can sit and enjoy their tasty snacks along with some delicious crossed beers and wines. The place is quite cute and has an online store as well.

Osage National Golf Club

Osage national golf club was designed by Arnold Palmer. The golf course is spread in 7150 yards of area and has 27 holes which are surrounded by green grass and magnificent hilly views. The golf course offers various shots which can be taken by any visitor, be it a beginner or an expert.

A great restaurant and a pro shop is also situated near the golf course where the visitors can enjoy delicious meals after your round. The staff of the golf course is very friendly and keep the place in a good shape. The place also offers accommodation on site. With its beautiful views and magnificent greenery, this golf course is definitely a must visit place in Osage.

Lazer Force Lazer Tag Zone

Lazer force lazer tag zone is one of the most fun and kid friendly area in the city of Osage. The place has its own lazer force equipment which could be used by individuals as well as groups that visit the place and enjoy their time in the arcade. Along with the entertainment facility, the lazer zone also offers soft drinks and snacks for visitors. The place is heavily crowded during rainy season as it is a perfect indoor area for spending some time. If you are in the city, you should definitely give this place a try.

Bear Creek Valley Golf Club

Bear Creek Valley golf club is a famous 18-hole golf course which is situated in the beautiful forest and hills of Ozark. This golf course is very beautiful as it is lined with oak trees at the entry. After crossing the entry area, you would reach open grounds which are covered with bent grass and is perfect for playing golf. With its different locations, the place is suitable for all type of players. You can also enjoy the delicious food that is offered at the cosy restaurant of bear creek Valley golf club. Opening right from the morning, the breakfast of this restaurant is quite famous. However, the restaurant also serves the lunch with its different selection of dishes where you can just eat and relax. You can also grab your favourite beverages in this restaurant which is family as well as kid friendly.

Miner Mike’s

Miner Mike’s is a famous business that was opened in 1994 and has been a major attraction in the city since its opening. The place is famous as a kid heaven. It offers number of specialised things to enjoy like amusement park, arcades, recreation centres, toy store, playgrounds, restaurants, Planning events and parties, etc. This place is also famous as a tourist information centre and provides a lot of information about major things to explore in the city. The place is a perfect indoor play space which can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. The place also offers go kart tracks which can be enjoyed by the visitors. The prices are very reasonable and the place is quite well maintained.

Stark Caverns

It is believed that caves were the major place for providing shelter to animals as well as humans during the developmental time. Even in the 18th century, the caves were used for sheltering animals, storing food, producing moonshine, and even for carrying civil war guerrilla activities. Stark caverns is a cave that was established in 1950 and depicts history of development of humankind in caves during late woodland period in a very colourful and enjoyable manner. You can easily take a guided tour of the cave and enjoy some unique and amazing rock formations, artefacts, and ancient bear beds. Different types of tours depending upon the preferences of the visitors are available. The cave also has a gift shop from where cute souvenirs as well as gift items could be bought. The guides are quite informative and helpful and ensure that you enjoy every minute of the time that you spend here.

Osage Beach Outlet Marketplace

Osage Beach outlet marketplace is a famous outlet mall which fulfils everyone’s needs. This outdoor marketplace has many retailers, and other famous shops which offer items from all categories as well as some really great discounted deals. In simple words, the Osage Beach outlet marketplace is the major shopping destination in the city and attracts a lot of visitors as well as locals on a daily basis. From great food serving outlets to shoe stores, from brand outlet stores like Nike and Adidas to shops selling locally produced goods, this place will fulfil all your needs in just one visit.

Celebration Cruises

Celebration cruises start at Bagnell dam and enable the visitors to enjoy beautiful and unique views of the lake of Ozarks as well as the Osage Beach. The Cruises are organised with the help of a very professional and trained staff in a Coast Guard certified interior cabin which will give you the most comfortable cruising experience. The facility remains intact daily and the weather does not matter. The place is quite beautiful and offers some really great rides to enjoy the city and the surrounding places. You can also enjoy some great food while on the cruise. The cruise facility can also be used for conducting private social events and corporate events. Celebration cruises is something that you will remember forever due to its unique environment and friendly crew.

Captain Bob’s Boat Rentals

Captain Bob’s Boat rentals is a facility which was created to satisfy the boating requirements of the visitors of the city. The business was started after considering the fact that those who visit Osage beach require equipment to enjoy their stay at the beach. The rental company has a well-managed and looked after fleet. They also have different boats and equipments to suit everyone’s requirements. What makes captain Bob’s better is that you can book your boat even on a call. The store is located at a very well thought place and the staff is very friendly. Overall, this place is worth checking out if you are thinking about activities like boating, kayaking or Canoeing in Osage beach.

Gran Rally Karts

Gran Rally Karts are known to be the best Kart track facility in the area. What makes this facility different from the others in the town is that they have very less speed limits making it actually fun and enjoyable karting experience in the city. The place offers different type of karts. The facility also offers discounts to the visitors who visit in groups. The place can also be reserved entirely for various corporate functions or charitable events. The staff is quite helpful and the place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Osage Beach.

Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

Pirates Cove adventure golf is a golf facility which is a themed around pirates and life in the ocean. With its unique theme, the business has storyboards about pirates near its holes. In addition to the golf holes, the place also has two Caribbean ponds, overwater bridges, three famous caves like pirate presence as well as the best customer service in the area. The business was opened in 1992 and it has increased its number of holes from 2 to 18 in a really short span of time. The landscape is extremely beautiful and well maintained which is designed by award-winning horticulturists. Even if you are not very much into golf, this place still offers something for all the visitors either in its course, or in its beautiful interiors.

Tan-Tar-A Estates

Tan-Tar-A Estate is a famous resort in Osage Beach which welcomes a lot of visitors as well as locals of the city. This place can also be known as a refuge for having endless fun. The place is inspired by life of a singer, Jimmy buffet. It is the best place where you can enjoy your life upon the lake. You can enjoy various activities like golfing, Lake cruise, power boating, paddle boarding, and whatnot. Along with the adventurous activities, you can also enjoy local flavours and drinks which are curated specifically for the outstation visitors. The resort has a total number of eight restaurants and bars. In addition, the resort also provides spa and Salon facilities. With its beautiful scenic areas, the place is a paradise for all the visitors.

Pirates Point

Pirates point is another boat rental service in Osage Beach is owned and managed by the Morris family. This service was opened in the year 1999 and has a great staff which takes care of the needs of all the visitors. Along with the rental facilities, the place also sells snacks, beats, boating accessories, beverages, etc. This place is a one-stop Destination for planning your day at the lake and renting all the required equipments. Apart from the boards you can also rent kayaks, tubes, paddle boards, PWC, and other towables.

Lake Escape

Lack Escape is a perfect combination of fun, adventure, and problem-solving activities for engaging kids and their creative mind. The place has different puzzling activities which allow the kids to explore the place as well as use their intelligence. The place was established in 2017 and is one of the best live-action destination in the city. Lake escape is also ideal for Corporate meetings, family events, as well as school events. With its great and friendly staff, the place hits the sweet spot. You will definitely have a great time here with your group.

Blair & Co. Confectionary

Blair & co. Confectionary is one of the best speciality and gift shops in Osage Beach Area. This gift shop, however is different from the normal gift shops with a different touch of funk and class in a balanced manner. The place sells everything which a person can imagine. From edibles to gift items, the place is just perfect. You can buy items like apparel, décor, and other cute antique items at Blair & co. Its interiors are quite pretty and you can also spend some time in the tearooms. The place attracts most of the visitors in the city and has a very comfortable vibe around it. If you are visiting the place, you should definitely try their fudges, taffy, and definitely dark chocolate sea salt caramel. You can also get some pictures of the items that they sell and keep it as a memory forever with yourself.

Osage beach is a small but a very fun and lively area to visit. It is surrounded by other explore-able places and has some famous attractions in the city as well. A major beach city, Osage beach is definitely a worth visiting summer vacation destination.