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15 Best Things to Do in North Beach, MD

  • Published 2022/07/19

North Beach is in Calvert County, Maryland, one of the different oceanside areas in the state.

It is also a town that dates back to 1900 and spans approximately 217 acres.

Aside from this, the town provides access to several parks, such as Sunrise Garden.

While visiting the town of North Beach, check out plenty of sights!

Whether strolling the boardwalk or trying a cold treat, there’s plenty you can do in North Beach.

With that said, here are the best things to do in North Beach, MD:

Stroll around the Beach and Boardwalk

Scenic view of North Beach Boardwalk

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Why bother visiting an oceanside town if you don’t check out the beach?

You can find the beach by heading to Bay Avenue near 5th Street.

Unfortunately, the beach is not open to non-residents, and you need to get a ticket to access it.

People enjoying the sun at North Beach

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While access is limited, there is plenty for you to see when visiting the beach and boardwalk.

Some things to find in this area include different shops and a fishing pier you can use so long as you have a fishing license.

If you’re open to getting access tickets, you can enjoy different views and activities by visiting the North Beach boardwalk and beach.

Benches along North Beach Boardwalk

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Learn Local History at the Bayside History Museum

As a town over a hundred years old, North Beach has a fair share of history for you to explore.

If you’re interested in learning about this history, you should head to the Bayside History Museum on 4th Street.

The Bayside History Museum, which opened in 2004, is the information hub for local history and culture and features a collection of different artifacts.

These artifacts include old clothing, beach finds, and many other memorabilia.

Aside from different exhibitions, the museum features several tours and programs for all ages.

Anyone that loves history will find plenty to enjoy at the Bayside History Museum.

See Local Birds at Wetlands Overlook Park

The Wetlands Overlook Park is where to go if you want to check out some local wildlife.

You can find the park by going to 11th Street and looking out for the pier.

The park features a wetland habitat where you can view migratory birds from the comfort of one of two gazebos.

Once you’ve had your fill of photographing the birds, you can relax at the visitor center.

The park is open anytime and makes for an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts.

Find Comfort and Fun at the Inn at Herrington Harbor

The Inn at Herrington Harbor is one of the different places you can stay in North Beach.

The inn is one of the older venues in town with a history dating back to 1978.

It has several options for guests to relax and have fun.

If you’re looking for a comfortable stay during your visit to North Beach, the inn has different rooms and suites with various amenities.

In addition to several room and suite types, the inn offers various services and facilities for multiple activities.

These facilities include access to a private beach where you can paddleboard and kayak, check out a movie, or sit by the bonfire.

If you love water activities, the inn offers services for boating and fishing.

Aside from this, you can explore the inn’s eco-trails and gardens.

If that isn’t enough, there are many drinks and dining options to enjoy.

Whether it’s relaxation or fun, you’ll find plenty of both at the Inn at Herrington Harbor.

Dine and Listen to Jazz at the Westlawn Inn

Discover a combination of comfort and music by booking a stay at Westlawn Inn.

Located on Chesapeake Avenue near Dayton Avenue, the inn opened in 2004, but the building’s history dates earlier than that.

When booking a stay at this inn, there are two definite things to enjoy, a hearty meal and live music.

The inn mainly serves a dinner menu with meals ranging from salads to grilled meat dishes.

In addition to a dinner menu, the inn offers an after-dinner menu where you can indulge your sweet tooth with their desserts or sample spiked coffee, such as Irish coffee.

Speaking of spiked drinks, the inn also has a bar menu with a list of wines and cocktails.

Aside from an evening meal and drinks, the inn hosts plenty of events and live entertainment.

You can find plenty of options to enjoy an evening by staying at the Westlawn Inn.

Go Wine Tasting at the Bay Wine & Spirits

There are plenty of places to enjoy a drink in North Beach, and a top spot to get some wine is Bay Wine & Spirits on Bay Avenue.

Bay Wine & Spirits offers plenty of wine options from different areas for you to sample.

You can also enjoy various events.

Aside from tasting events, the shop assists in finding a bottle to bring home and offers private happy hours you can book.

If you want to check out other events at the shop, you can also look out for live entertainment and trivia nights for fun.

Bay Wine & Spirits is an ideal spot to visit if you want to have some fun with wine.

Drink Beer and Spirits at the Wheel House Beer Garden

If you’re looking for someplace to grab a beer, head to the Wheel House Beer Garden.

The beer garden features a selection of craft beer and other alcoholic blends you can enjoy outdoors.

In addition to different craft beers, wines, and cocktails, the beer garden hosts live entertainment and trivia nights.

The Wheel House Beer Garden is a great spot to visit if you want to check out the local drinking scene and nightlife.

Sample the Cheese at Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar

The Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar is the place to visit if you want to enjoy fresh cheese and cheese-laden dishes.

The restaurant and cheese counter sits near Bay Avenue and features a selection of options for you to try.

Some meals you can enjoy at this venue include sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and other shareable dishes.

In addition to these dishes, you can choose from a list of wines and other alcoholic blends for a pair with your selected cheese.

Aside from this, the restaurant and cheese counter has a shop where you can purchase cheeses and cheese-related products.

When it comes to cheese, the Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar is a top place to visit.

Enjoy Shellfish and Drinks at the Hook & Vine – Kitchen and Bar

The Hook & Vine – Kitchen and Bar is one of the many places you can dine in North Beach.

You can find it next to the Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar.

The kitchen and bar feature southern coastal cuisine and plenty of drinks to pair with your meal.

In addition to these, you can enjoy a set of boozy concoctions and get your dietary needs accommodated.

The eatery mainly features a lunch, dinner, and brunch menu, plus a drinks list.

You’re sure to get your fill of food and cocktails when visiting the Hook & Vine – Kitchen and Bar.

Indulge in Coffee and Sweets at the Bakist

Take a coffee break by visiting the Bakist on Bay Avenue.

The Bakist is a cafe with plenty of coffee blends and baked goods.

While the cafe specializes in different cakes, you can enjoy a selection of pastries and savory snacks.

Aside from coffee blends and sweet and savory treats, the cafe offers juices and other drinks.

If you’re looking to enjoy a baked treat with some coffee, the Bakist is where to go.

Dig into a Sandwich at the Chesapeake Market & Deli

Enjoy a meal by visiting the Chesapeake Market & Deli on Lake Shore Drive.

Compared to other eateries in the area, Chesapeake Market & Deli is a simple venue that offers a selection of sandwiches, pasta, and other classic dishes.

Unlike other eateries, however, the Chesapeake Market & Deli also doubles as a shop where you can purchase snacks, drinks, and miscellaneous items.

If you’re looking for a pit stop to enjoy a snack and drink while sitting outside, visit the Chesapeake Market & Deli.

Try Lactose-Free and Vegan Sweets at Jango’s Frozen Treats

Are you looking for something cold and sweet but you can’t have dairy?

You need to check out Jango’s Frozen Treats.

Jango’s Frozen Treats is an ice cream shop that provides vegan treats for a hot day.

If you’re looking for kosher, lactose-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and cholesterol-free ice cream, you’ll find them at Jango’s Frozen Treats.

A few flavors you can enjoy at this shop include classic ones, fruits, and candy.

If you’re looking to enjoy a healthy treat on a hot day, head to Jango’s Frozen Treats at Bay Avenue.

Get an Icecream Treat at the Cold Penguin

The Cold Penguin is where to stop if you’re craving some ice cream.

You can locate the ice cream shop by heading to Bay Avenue and strolling along the North Beach boardwalk.

There are over 70 flavors available in this shop and a range of ice cream-related snacks you can try.

Some items available in the shop include a range of smoothies and sundaes.

Aside from this, the shop offers a selection of coffee and other drinks if you want something different.

Whether you want a scoop of ice cream or a cooling drink, you’ll find plenty of treats at The Cold Penguin.

Take Art Classes at the Bay Arts Center

The Bay Arts Center is the ideal spot to visit for anyone interested in the arts.

Located on Bay Avenue, south of the Hook & Vine – Kitchen and Bar, the Bay Arts Center offers a range of classes for different classes.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, the center has plenty of options, from painting to writing.

In addition to classes, the center hosts different sessions where participants can gather and enjoy a craft together.

When visiting the Bay Arts Center, you’ll find plenty of fun with different crafts.

Browse Crafts at the Bay Shoppe

The Bay Shoppe is one of the many shops you can visit in North Beach and offers a range of items.

To locate the shop, you need to head to Bay Avenue and look for it across from the Bakist.

The shop has no shortage of item categories you can discover; some include handcrafted pieces.

Whether you want to get a gift for someone or find a fun souvenir to remember your trip by, there are plenty of options in this shop.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Splash at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park

A swimming pool in Chesapeake Beach Water Park

Ben Schumin from Montgomery Village, Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition to the many places you can find in North Beach, there are nearby attractions in the Maryland area you can discover.

One attraction you can find close by is the Chesapeake Beach Water Park in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

Traveling to this park takes less than five minutes, and you can find plenty of facilities to enjoy.

These facilities include a range of slides and different options for dining and relaxing nearby.

When it comes to having fun in the water, the Chesapeake Beach Water Park is an ideal spot to visit.

Final Thoughts

As its name suggests, North Beach is a great place to visit!

While you can enjoy a stroll on the beach and shop on the boardwalk, there are plenty of spots to discover inland.

Whether you want to explore local history or enjoy a range of drinks and meals, there are several options you can enjoy in this Maryland town.

If you want to explore Maryland for history, nature, and fun, consider North Beach your next stop.

Book your trip today!

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