15 Best Things to Do in New Paltz

15 Best Things to Do in New Paltz

Located in the aristocratic Hudson Valley of New York, New Paltz is just a mesmerizing piece of art. Set in the backdrop of the Shawangunk Mountains, New Paltz is just filled with plenty of varied entertainment options. B

eing a hub fir Gen Z populations owing to its college campuses, the town has some of the best shopping spaces and trendy restaurants. An added perk is New Paltz's proximity to some of the best green spaces around New York.

It can also be considered a paradise for adventure lovers. So without much ado, let us take a look at the top 15 things to do in New Paltz -

Spend a day at Minnewaska State Park

Falls in Minnewaska State Park
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New Paltz brings with it some of the best tourist destinations that you can drive to. One such fine example to check out happens to be the Minnewaska State Park which is quite near New York City. The state park is one of the best green spaces in the States, filled with tons of scenic beauty. You can find admirable forests and waterfalls inside this park. Come on, let’s take a closer look.

Located just an hour away from our vacation spot, the Minnewaska State Park has some of the prettiest places tucked away just for the tourists around New York City. If you are a hiker, then the park has nothing but good news for you.

Such a pretty location should not be rushed. Take your time, enjoy the beauty, walk around, or hit the water at some of the crystal-clean lakes. There are even campgrounds inside that will accommodate you for the night.

Go trekking along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail
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Do you love the outdoors way more than you like the indoors? We know your answer is yes, and here we are with a pretty solution too. The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail is ideal for outdoorsy people who just cannot stay at home. Extending for almost 22 miles, the trail is just the place for someone who is looking for a challenge. The trail also covers some of the most scenic towns lying along the way.

And if you are looking for some extra good photos, do check out the Rosendale Trestle. The spot is known for its exceptional beauty. The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail will even take you to Rosendale if you want.

Live the country life at Dressel Farms

Have you always wanted to live on a farm growing your own food? Always wondered how traditional farm life is supposed to be like? Here in New Paltz, you have the perfect opportunity to go and experience what the original farm is supposed to be. In such a place like New Paltz- there are plenty of greeneries even inside the city. Life is so peaceful here that New York City people use New Paltz as their weekend getaway.

There are 300 acres filled with trees and plantations here on this farm. Apples, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and other kinds of fruits are grown in plenty. If you go on a tour- they will allow you to pick fruits and taste them.

Test out your adventure skills at Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve
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There is no shortage of pretty, aesthetic locations from New Paltz. If you think that we are finished with the natural treats for you- don’t worry- we are nowhere near the end. Mohonk Preserve is another blissfully quiet places; with streams, a lush landscape, it's everything that you want from a getaway.

This place receives one of the highest footfalls in America and almost 165,000 hikers visit Mohonk Preserve annually. During the winter, this also becomes a popular destination for cross-country skiing. There are a lot of famous routes in the preserve that go through some unique, beautiful surroundings.

Walk along the Main Street

Main Street in New Paltz
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The true beating heart of New Paltz, Main Street should definitely be on the top of your must-visit spots! Starting from some of the best cafes to some gorgeous galleries, you will come across a wide array of entertainment lined along this lively street.

Are you looking to grab a quick bite? This area has some of the best restaurants too. This is the place where a lot of of different cultures blend in and the eclectic menu options in the vicinity reflect the same diversity.

Take a history lesson at Huguenot Street

Buildings in Huguenot Street
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New York is known for the its eventful history. Even today, you can find yourself among the French and the English essence alongside many others. The historical character of New Paltz is even stronger and that's largely owing to the lack of too many distractions.

Huguenot Street, for one, is the best when it comes to talking about the historical significant locations. Many objects from the 17th century still adorn this place. A National Historic Landmark District,, Huguenot Street is lined with charming old-world buildings. They are centuries old and are built in the different designs that have reigned through the different decades.

Do not miss out on the exquisite galleries

New Paltz is a town of art. You cannot deny the gorgeous art galleries that are scattered throughout the city. It has earned quite a reputation among the different New York villages that deal with some of the best local artists.

And, you can get to indulge with some of these talents in the art galleries around town. The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, the Unison Arts Center, the DM Weil Gallery, the Mark Gruber Gallery are some of the most notable galleries here in town. Some of them solely represent the local art and talents, while others showcase artists from all over the United States as well as international art. Do not miss out on these glorious galleries while you are out to explore the town.

Make a trip to Robibero Family Vineyards

Robibero Family Vineyard is another one of the must-visits in New Paltz. Located a little outside the city, the vineyard not only draws in wine connoisseurs from far. Stretched across 40 acres of land, the vineyard is exceptionally alluring.

The family has run the vineyard for decades. The venue has added some interesting tours to its itinerary over the years. The deck where they serve wine overlooks the vineyard, and you can enjoy the best sunset with a glass of wine in your hand. A lot of antique shops also decorate this place.

Look out for the lovely orchards

We have already taken a look at the lovely Dressel Farm. But as mentioned up top, there is no shortage of domestic green spaces when you are in New Paltz. The city has a lot of quaint orchards here and if you are visiting during the Fall, you are in for a treat.

You can get your hands on a lot of apple and berry orchards. Often, these venues allow fruit picking, which is just icing on top of the cake. You get to spend time around the lush grounds an get to pick your berries right from the tree!

If you visit the local market, you can taste all of these products picked right from the plants and sold here. You must also try out the different pies from these fruits and baked goods!

Check out the State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz campus

State University of New York
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The college complexes and campuses around New Paltz lend a unique energy and lively vibe to the whole town. The SUNY Campus is one of the popular campuses. Built back in 1828, it draws huge crowds to Samuel Dorsky Museum, John R. Kirk Planetarium, Smolen Observatory and a few annual festivals.

When you are in the museum, do not miss out on the cultural insights it provides. Whereas if you are interested in astrology- the observatory will be an ideal destination. It allows public viewing through the telescope. On good nights, you can explore a lot of things.

Spend time in harmony with nature at Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary

New Paltz boasts of the lovely Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary. And, indeed, it deserves all the praises. Rare birds and animals roam around the preserve and you have the perfect chance to see some of the best wildlife of New York City right here. A lot of rare plants make for the big showcase.

Winters are the best time to pay a visit to this exotic location. You will get to see all migratory animals that call the preserve their home during the winters—Majestic Great Horned owls are one of the finest examples.

Take home some exclusive chocolates from Lagusta’s Luscious chocolate shop

Lagusta’s Luscious might feel like a piece of paradise on the street of New Paltz. Were you expecting a chocolate shop on the list? Well, we thought it would be a sweet surprise!

Now, you might be wondering what is so delightful about a chocolate shop? Well, the second you open your eyes inside the shop- you will be greeted with some of the best sweet delights! Caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, truffles, strawberry, vanilla- there is almost every type and flavor of treats and toffees and the shop is a blessing if you have got a sweet tooth.

Plan a fancy date at A Tavola Trattoria

If you are here on a weekend getaway, you and your partner deserve some of the best dining experiences. Even if you have a long vacation planned ahead of you, New Paltz has some of the best comfort food to offer.

The Tavola Trattoria is one of the finest restaurants in all of New Paltz. The moment you set foot inside, you will be welcomed by the harmonies of the soft jazz music. The menu, for one, is one of the most elaborate that you'll come across and provisions you with the best Italian cuisine!

Spend an eerie time at Mohonk Testimonial Gateway

The Mohonk Testimonial Gateway can be a pretty unusual experience. If you are familiar with the horror genre, then you might have caught a glimpse of this iconic gate before. It featured in the cult classic The Stuff and fans are among the most frequent visitors.

Initially, the gate guards the Lake Mohonk Mountain House, the venues where affluent residents spent a lot of their vacation getaways back in the 19th century. However, the resort was closed almost a century later, but the gate continues to survive in a near-original shape.

Fall in love with new concepts at Denizen Theatre

Denizen Theater is a recent addition to the list of the glorious New Paltz tourist sites. It has quickly won the local’s and tourists’ hearts within a mere couple of years its opening! Initially a theater performance space, the Denizen Theater is one of the best in the lot when the issue comes to building designs.

Did you know the theater has no permanent stage? Well, it can even hold a different amount of audience depending on the various plays it hosts. The concept might sound alien, but that's precisely what makes it a one-of-a-kind experience!.

Unfortunately, this is where we have to say goodbye to this trip. We hope you enjoyed it! Have a nice vacation traveler!

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