15 Best Things to Do in Penn Yan, NY

Penn Yan, NY downtown
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In the United States, New York is home to the village of Penn Yan, an incorporated community.

Since many of the early immigrants were from Pennsylvania and New England, the locals claim the name "Penn Yan" to be a combination of the initial syllables of the words "Pennsylvania" and "Yankee."

With mills for timber, buckwheat, and other commodities in the area, it became a commerce hub for the agricultural county.

There are two separate parts of Penn Yan in New York.

There is a portion of Penn Yan in Milo, but most of the village is in Benton.

The Town of Jerusalem has a lesser portion.

One of the best places to spend a day is in the historic downtown village area, with many locally-owned restaurants, stores, and other attractions.

Additionally, there's the broader territory of Penn Yan, which extends almost to the stunning Seneca Lake.

If you're looking for a terrific winery to visit in the Finger Lakes area of New York, Penn Yan is the place for you.

Read on to find out what activities you can enjoy in Penn Yan, New York.

Rent a Boat to Explore Keuka Lake

View of Keuka Lake
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Morgan Marine, located in Penn Yan, New York, is an authorized dealer for Boston Whaler, Hobie Mirage Kayaks, Premier Pontoons, Eclipse Paddleboards, and O'Brien Stand Up Paddleboards.

Additionally, Morgan Marine offers a vast range of pre-owned boats in addition to its expansive new model inventory.

View of Keuka Lake
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In addition to sales and servicing, Morgan Marine also provides comprehensive parts and service department.

Customers of Morgan Marine may use boat services like dockage and storage, which gives them immediate access to Keuka Lake.

Visitors to the marina can rent various ski and pontoon boats from the marina's rental fleet.

View of Keuka Lake
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Explore the Region's Past at Yates County History Center

New York's Yates County's Yates County History Center is consists of three buildings with both permanent and changeable exhibits that tell the story of the region's past from the twentieth century through the Victorian, pioneering, and Native American eras of its history.

Visitors may explore the Oliver family at the Oliver House Museum, which is also on the property.

The Oliver Doctors, Jemima Wilkinson, and the Yates County's Groffdale Mennonites are just a few of the Yates County History Center displays.

Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the public is welcome to visit the History Center, located on the second floor.

Visit Keuka Spring Vineyards

View of Keuka Spring Vineyards
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Nearby historic Penn Yan and Keuka Lake, the Keuka Spring Vineyards are about two miles from the town's downtown area.

Visitors may sample a variety of delectable wines while taking in the picturesque lake views from the vineyard.

As early as the 1980s, Len and Judy Wiltberger bought the property and began operating a tasting room for visitors.

View of Keuka Spring Vineyards
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At the Keuka Spring Vineyards, the Tasting Room is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Vignoles, Seyval Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Gewurztraminer, and Lemberger are the grape varieties grown at the vineyard.

View of Keuka Spring Vineyards
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Join Classes at the Arts Center of Yates County

Workshops and lessons for children and adults are available at the Arts Center of Yates County's Rosenfield Studio.

The gallery features a wide variety of creative materials.

Artist retreats, residencies, a pottery studio, and art workshops are available at Sunny Point, the Arts Center's summer home in Keuka Lake.

Every day of the week, the Yates County Arts Center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Pick Your Fruits at Apple Barrel Orchards

The Apple Barrel Orchards is a family-owned and run farm located in the gorgeous Penn Yan region of New York.

It has been in operation since the middle of the 1960s.

On Sand Hill Road, Roxanne and Bernie Wagner's family farm has been passed down for three generations since they purchased the orchard in 1994.

Today, Apple Barrel Orchards is the name given to this property, where visitors may choose their fruit, including apples, grapes, and cherries.

Hike at Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

View of Keuka Lake Outlet Trail
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Penn Yan's Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is a great place to go for a walk in the woods.

Nature lovers will enjoy the trail's scenic vistas and its abundance of birds, flowers, and other plants.

Hikers and bicyclists alike are welcome on the path.

There is a 270-foot plunge over 8 miles in the Keuka Outlet Creek gorge, formerly the towpath of a historic canal built to connect the lakes between 1833 and 1877.

View of Keuka Lake Outlet Trail
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The trail follows the old railroad called Fall Brook (1884-1974) trackbed.

The trail lowers into the canal's original bed and goes through Lock No. 17; then, it merges with the course following the old canal's towpath.

There are presently 7.0 miles of Outlet Trail to explore.

The route descends gradually to get to Seneca Lake so that you may cover it in either direction without difficulty.

Support Local Businesses at the Windmill Farm & Craft Market

This farmer's market has been operating in Upstate New York's rolling hills for 30 years.

The picturesque surroundings are almost inconceivable in the southern part of Penn Yan.

Shops abound in the Windmill's 175 spaces indoors and outdoors, showcasing a wide variety of handcrafted goods.

You'll be able to get your hands on the best local wines, fresh fruit, flowers, bespoke cabinetry, furniture, fashion, handmade gifts, microbrews, and more.

There are various food options available at The Windmill, ranging from full-service restaurants to endless snack alternatives.

The Windmill is a one-stop shop for wine, beer, and spirits tastings, with a brewery, a distillery, and six wineries.

It operates from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day, and admission is free.

Play With Your Kids at Macs Dairy Bar & Mini Golf

Mac's Dairy Bar, which debuted in 1974 in Keuka Lake, Penn Yan, and Yates County, is a local institution.

Despite a few additions, the original "A-Frame" construction is still intact.

In 2012, the Multer family bought Macs.

As part of their ongoing effort to serve their clients better and create an exciting environment, Mac's has undergone extensive modifications since 2012.

In addition to serving ice cream, Macs Dairy Bar & Mini Golf features an 18-hole miniature golf course with several hazards.

Their ice cream varieties range from Hershey's Ice Cream to Upstate Farms soft serve.

Their weekly specials include sorbet varieties, gluten-free alternatives, and yogurt deals.

Mini-golf tournaments and ice cream parties are also part of their events.

Check Out Birkett Mills

View of Birkett Mills
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Birkett Mills in Penn Yan, New York, was founded in 1797 and is a family-owned small business that is building a name for itself in the milling sector.

Learn about the milling process and how they prepare their goods on the grill by seeing them in action.

Try their delicious buckwheat pancakes.

They're so good that you could find yourself wanting to come here for breakfast every morning.

Learn Sustainable Hop Farming Practices at Climbing Bines Hop Farm

In 2007, Chris Hansen, the co-owner, and his pals decided to cultivate hops to improve their homebrewing.

It was the beginning of their business.

They founded Climbing Bines Hop Farm after extending and boosting their productivity and love for homebrewing and hop-growing.

The 1.5-acre hop yard includes seven varieties and almost 1,500 hills. Environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture and are now deeply ingrained in their methods of operation.

When current co-owner Matt Klehammer joined the party in 2012, Climbing Bines Craft Ale Company began.

Chris, Matt, and a few of their pals started to work on Chris' grandfather's old farm shed, which had deteriorated for decades.

Climbing Bines, which launched in 2017, brews beers that taste freshly plucked from the vines.

Their finest whole leaf hops, both wet and dry, contribute to creating distinctive regional flavors.

Unwind at Weaver View Farms

The Weavers are a horse-and-buggy Mennonite household.

In 2012, they purchased this property and worked every day to transform this farm and house into a nostalgic oasis of rest for world-weary visitors and others who wish for a more simple existence.

To welcome guests, the Weaver family has created and marketed handcrafted quits for the last 18 years, traveling the world.

The family also operates a small quilting studio on the site, which showcases their lovely handmade Amish quilts, homemade jams and jellies, and fresh veggies when they're in season.

Visit Garrett Memorial Chapel

Outside View of Garrett Memorial Chapel
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This chapel stands on the land formerly owned by Garrett & Company, the area's most outstanding wine producer from 1902 to 1940.

The chapel, completed in 1929, was a tribute to Charles Garrett, son of owners Paul and Evelyn Garrett, who died of TB in the same year.

Garrett Memorial Chapel is currently a functioning Christian chapel that offers services on Sundays between July 2nd and September 2nd.

It is also possible to get married at the chapel.

Despite the fact that the chapel receives over 200 requests every year, only 15 marriages can be conducted there per season, with a maximum guest count of 75 people.

If you want this to be your wedding venue, make sure to book six to eighteen months in advance.

Live music events and fundraising activities are held at Garrett Memorial Chapel throughout the summer months to generate cash for the church's repair and restoration effort.

There is more information available on the website regarding its upcoming events.

Try Abandon Brewing Co.'s Beers

Abandon Brewing Company, brewing out of an 18-century barn, aims to produce the most exquisite handcrafted beers in New York.

When it comes to making their beers, they are aware and appreciative of all the hard work to cultivate the fruit that goes into them.

The brewery makes all its beers with locally sourced ingredients, such as hops, barley, fruits, herbs, or honey.

Each time they make a batch, their brewers will experiment with different yeast strains to create unique brews that they hope you'll enjoy.

They believe you'll be able to taste the difference.

Try Different Ice Creams Flavors of Spotted Duck Creamery

On a hot, sunny day, indulge in ice cream right at Spotted Duck Creamery.

Become acquainted with their herd of Ancona ducks and the peacocks, chickens, and guinea hens that supply them with the eggs that distinguish their frozen custard from the rest, providing them with the eggs that distinguish their frozen custard from the rest.

With products sourced from the larger FLX region and their backyard, they are helping small businesses and environmentally friendly methods thrive in their backyard as well.

Over 95% of their ingredients are certified organic or cultivated to the same standards as those used in our products.

Every day, they collect eggs from their ducks that are particularly rich in nutrients, and they also have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, apples, mint, pears, and cherries, all grown on-site or nearby.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Have a Picnic at Keuka Lake State Park

View of Keuka Lake State Park
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Wine country's Keuka Lake State Park is quaint and serene, with picturesque vistas of vineyard-covered slopes, glistening water, and a bright blue sky above you.

All 150 camping sites of this national park have electricity, 53 of them with electric hookups. Visitors may enjoy a picnic shelter, a boat launch pad, docking space, and hiking paths.

There are two pavilions at Keuka Lake with a $75 rental fee each.

Each can accommodate up to 75 persons per day.

You can bring two pets into campgrounds and day-use areas unless a sign or direction forbids them explicitly.

Pets must be kept in a kennel or on a leash not longer than six feet in length at all times.

Final Thoughts

Penn Yan has a plethora of unique and enjoyable activities, but where do you begin?

Hiking or riding on the trails?

Are you up for trying some of the area's brews, wines, and spirits?

Or perhaps you'd prefer to spend some time with the animals?

Regardless of what you decide to do, Yates County is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.