15 Best Things to Do in New Buffalo, Michigan

New Buffalo, Michigan
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New Buffalo is a picturesque beach getaway 70 miles from Chicago downtown area.

Here you will find some of the largest beaches. Make your recreational beach excursions exciting and adventurous.

The large and broad beaches are fully open to the public and a main attraction for tourists and visitors.

You will return home with happy memories after a visit to this scenic place.

The city has lots of beautiful parks, restaurants and waterfront hotels.

Go kayaking and paddle boarding. There are lots of things to do in New Buffalo, Michigan.

New Buffalo Beach

New Buffalo Beach
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This is the place to visit if you enjoy beach excursions.

The area is fully developed to welcome visitors. Proper pathways built here allow the beachgoers to move around freely and access the beach facilities easily.

This location is close to downtown New Buffalo and Galien River outlet.

The beach is so large you will enjoy just its vastness and open spaces.

However, you are never away from the nearby town and local amenities.

Different types of water activities, such as boating, fishing and swimming are possible here.

Go atop the dunes to see the vast area of this place from the top.

The Lions Pavilion Park nearby always has some entertainment shows for the visitors.

The beach is maintained in a very clean condition. You will enjoy relaxing here.

There is no need to pay for the parking facility.

Railroad Museum

Visit this museum in New Buffalo to see the history of the railroad.

Founded in 1989, this place has lots of items to showcase the railroad industry and infrastructure that developed over time in and around this city.

Photographs and documents related to the railroad developments are displayed here.

A miniature railroad model shows most parts of a railroad setup.

This museum is the perfect place to be for people who love trains. Kids with you will learn a lot about railroad history and industry.

This museum also has collections and exhibits that showcase the heritage of New Buffalo.

The collections displayed here have historic value and you will enjoy being here.

Fishing Charters

A fishing charter is an excellent option if you would like to get involved in the activities rather than go on sightseeing.

These charters can also be arranged for sightseeing and sunset views.

This option gives you a wonderful opportunity to go on a sportfishing adventure.

You will come across various fish species like freshwater drum, coho salmon, jumbo perch and steelhead in the Southern Lake basin.

Combine your fishing adventure with some fun activities in the water.

The fishing activities are suitable for both new and experienced anglers.

The guide will provide you information about the local fish species.

Arrange your fishing charter for recreational fishing.


If you do not want to limit your water excursion with simple fishing, sailing is the best thing you can do here.

Several companies provide this service.

It is an entertaining option to experience the roughness of the sea without getting in harm’s way.

The activities are organized in safe boats and you will always be under the watchful eyes of the guide and operators.

They will make your sailing experience fun and entertaining.

A personalized sailboat can be arranged if you prefer a personal ride.

The captain can sail the boat or you can take control of it if you have experience of sailing.

It is a great way to relax while the wind blows through your hair.

Come aboard the boat to go on the sunset cruise.

You will enjoy the fall panoramic sunset view.

Other types of sightseeing boat charters can be arranged on demand.

Galien River County Park

Galien River County Park
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Established in 2001 across 86 acres, this property has a mix of wetland and upland habitats along the riverfront.

The wetland area is a part of the marshland that forms along the river mouth.

Special fishing and river viewing platforms have been built.

These features can be accessed by hard-surfaced trails.

Spend your day on some casual hiking and enjoy nature at its best.

Visit this place in the early evening or morning to see the local wildlife.

The park is open daily from morning to evening but it is closed during the winter months due to snow and ice safety issues.

You do not have to pay any entry fee.

This place is perfect for casual hiking, wildlife viewing and for other nature trips.

You will find both paved and rugged hiking trails here.

Walkways are ADA compliant and fishing is allowed here.

Turtle Pond Trail

This can be another adventure if you love hiking.

The half-mile-long trail moves along the rail tracks.

This trail gives you the best opportunity to view the local flora and fauna.

There are several places where you will enjoy your picnic.

Many plants seen here are native to this area.

You will come across seasonal wetlands and a beach-maple forest.

The Turtle Creek Stream runs at the northern side of the property.

It joins Lighthouse Creek which is a Lake Michigan tributary.

Enjoy the natural sights and sounds. Get immersed in its vastness.

Several spots along this trail have been developed for the visitors to sit, relax and enjoy nature.

You will come across different types of birds, turtles, frogs, and other wildlife creatures.

This natural preserve has 70 acres of area accessible to the public.

You will enjoy the natural settings and scenery.

Township Memorial Park

This is the best place to visit if you have come along with your kids.

Here you will find lots of entertainment options for young children.

They will love the playground while you watch and supervise them from the side.

The park has a lot more things and is not limited to the playground only.

Take a look at the splash pad. Visit the exercise area if you would like to exercise.

Other features include the basketball court, hiking trail and bocce ball court.

Visit the pavilion which is equipped with picnic tables.

Go to the small amphitheater for some entertainment.

The best part is you do not have to pay any charge to access these amenities.

This is the place for nature preservation and outdoor recreation.

The public space is open to the public and maintained by the city parks department.

Golf Clubs

A golf club is an excellent place to hone your golfing skills.

You can go to the Dunes Club and Whittaker Woods golf clubs.

The first one is a 9-hole club that opened in 1991.

Different sets of tees are available for golfers with different skill levels.

The Whittaker golf club in Southwest Michigan is just 90 minutes away from downtown Chicago and close to Indiana state line.

This place offers a challenging environment even for the best golf players.

The diverse landscape consists of wetlands, ponds and woodlands.

This public golf course has 18 holes. Reservations can be made through the online system.

Develop your golf skills or just play a game of golf with your friends.

You do not have to miss your golf sessions when visiting New Buffalo, Michigan.

Winery Tour

Would you like to enjoy some alcohol in a beautiful scenic location?

The winery tour can be arranged so you can visit the farms where the wine-making process takes place.

You get to see a few wineries depending on the arrangement made with the winery tour organizer.

You will get to taste some delicate wines during this tour.

The tour package covers the lunch as well. You will enjoy this exciting trip.

The few hours of this trip is worth a lot.

You get to view some beautiful scenery throughout the tour.

The wines are produced at the estates and bottling is done in small batches.

The climate here is similar to some European wine-producing regions.

The wines found here are easy to drink and can be paired with regular foods.

Fun Park

Captain Mike’s Fun Park is a great place to have some fun with your family members.

Your kids will love this place. It is equipped with a wide variety of features including fun water rides, go-karts, bumper cars, arcade games, jumpshot, mini golf, batting cages and others.

Pick up the activity you like most or want to try. You will have hours of enjoyment with your family members.

This is a great place to relax and unwind. Become a kid again.

Come to this place well-prepared if you plan to enter the water for the rides or other activities.


People in Canoe watching sunset
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You can rent paddleboard and kayak if you would like to go paddleboarding or kayaking.

This location is perfect for these activities because of the water bodies in this area.

Go up and down the river and get to see nature closely.

You will come across both forest and water wildlife creatures during this trip.

The nature in this area has lots to offer and you will never be disappointed.

Explore all these locations while enjoying a fun activity.

Follow all safety instructions carefully when going on a river trip.

The ocean here is perfect for paddleboarding. Rent the right gear based on your planned water activity.

Boat Tours

Boats in New Buffalo
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This is another exciting adventure for the whole family.

Hop onto the cruise ship to enjoy your water adventure.

Rent the boat if you would like to explore the lake yourself.

Guided boat tours can also be arranged if you do not feel comfortable going on your own.

There is no issue if you would like to spend the whole day near the shore.

Luxury motor coaches can be rented on per hour or day basis.

There is something for everyone and no one feels disappointed.

This arranged tour lets you see the water from the sailor’s point of view.

Guided tours have been provided to the city residents and tourists for several years.

It is a well-developed setup and you will feel safe on the boat.

Hesston Steam Museum

Visit this wonderful place to look at the steam locomotive.

You will have a wonderful time visiting this museum.

There are so many things to see here. Different types of demonstrations are held.

Young children get to see the old locomotive system from close range.

The setup is operated by volunteers who impress the visitors with their expertise.

It must be a part of your tour if you are looking for some family fun.

It is perfect for a family outing. You will love this place even if you are not with your kids.

Schedule this visit early because it is a seasonal affair.

Do not lose this opportunity to enjoy your steam train ride.

Silver Creek Event Center

This is the best place for live entertainment. Events are organized here regularly.

Dancing, stand-up comedy, entertainment and other types of events are held.

The venue is equipped with the latest acoustic equipment.

You might come across entertainers who are some of the best names in the show business.

Experience the music ranging from rock to country.

Get entertained by some top entertainers. A part of the Four Winds enterprise, it is spread over 17,000 square feet area.

The place can accommodate a large number of people.

You can even organize your own small event for a small group.

Check the calendar of events. You can book your seat online.

Evolve Spa

It is time to pamper yourself after all these trips.

Here you will receive different types of beauty and skincare services, such as manicure, pedicure, facial, anti-aging treatments, bronzing, polishing, nail polish, skin exfoliation, hydrotherapy and others.

Get rid of your everyday stress by relaxing in a noise and pollution-free environment.

Rejuvenate your body with some excellent physical treatments.

The spa offers a relaxing and peaceful environment where you will experience the modern spa facilities.

It is a clean place with a calming atmosphere.

The trained staff will provide you professional care and treatment services.