15 Best Things to Do in Benton Harbor, MI

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Nearly three miles away from the town of St. Joseph and located within Berrien County is Benton Harbor.

Twelve square kilometers in size and bearing a population of 152,623 as of 2021, the city may not be the biggest, but it does hold a fair amount of agricultural attractions.

A few of these attractions include wineries with unique wines.

Other than diving into the local agriculture, the city provides a share of activities to try, such as shooting and go-karting.

Get your share of fun by trying these 15 best things to do in Benton Harbor.

Spend Some Time Relaxing at Jean Klock Park

Jean Klock Park
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Enjoy some relaxation after your exploration and spend some time strolling through Jean Klock Park.

Known as one of the oldest parks in Michigan, Jean Klock Park offers plenty of facilities to enjoy and beautiful lake scenery to admire.

Some of the facilities you can check out in this park include a bathhouse and boardwalk you can unwind with, along with a volleyball court for some fun.

Jean Klock Park
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Make a Glass Piece with Water Street Glassworks

Have you ever wanted to make something out of glass?

Water Street Glassworks is the place to go to try this.

Water Street Glassworks is a school, gallery, and studio packed into one, featuring different programs and pieces you can check out.

With their classes and programs, you can create art pieces or accessories with various colorful and stylistic types of glass.

For those more experienced with the craft, the studio also offers rentals for different rooms to create personal pieces.

If you are more interested in the glass-making process and what the studio creates, you can book for either their tours or demonstrations.

Water Street Glassworks also hosts different parties and events where you and your group can receive a selection of glass pieces.

You can sign up for any of these service options by checking out their website.

Taste Unique Wine Mixes at the 12 Corners Vineyards

One of the top things you need to do when visiting Benton Harbor is to stop at the different wineries in the area.

The best place to visit to try a unique set of wines is the 12 Corners Vineyards.

Featuring a hundred and fifteen-acre vineyard with a selection of grape types, this winery provides a range of options.

The main highlight of this winery is the variety of wines and drinks you can purchase and taste.

You'll find a lot of fruit undertones with their wines, but any wine enthusiast will find plenty of options to enjoy.

The winery also offers a non-alcoholic item if you are interested.

Wine tastings are available for reservation for any day, and you can check out the winery's website for booking details and product information.

Ride the Mini Train at Eden Springs Park

Different parks are available for exploration in Benton Harbor, but it's only at Eden Springs Park where you can go around by riding a mini train.

The Eden Springs Park offers different miniature trains you can ride during the weekends.

More than the train attraction you can try, the park also offers different camping grounds for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to do some classic camping with tents or relax in a cabin, Eden Springs Park provides plenty of accommodation to meet any choice.

If you'd like to explore the park and what it offers, there are different areas where you can enjoy some hiking or biking as well.

To make reservations for any camping plans on the park, you can contact them on their website.

Go Paddling with Third Coast Paddling

Do you like paddling?

If so, then you'll want to head for Third Coast Paddling to rent a kayak with them.

Don't worry, because even if you're new to the paddling scene, there is a team of staff to guide you along.

By booking a paddling session with Third Coast Paddling, you can cruise along the beautiful river scenery.

The best way to book a paddling session with Third Coast Paddling and get a convenient time for you is to make a reservation on their website.

You can also do a drop-in, but a reservation lessens any waiting time on the location.

Whether you're new to kayaking or not, you're sure to enjoy a leisurely river trip with Third Coast Paddling.

Enjoy a Performance at The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College

The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College is the best place to visit for anyone who loves arts.

The performing arts center hosts various performances and events throughout the year, and no two shows are the same.

From artistic dances to educational talks, there is a range of genres and events you can book to watch.

Tickets are available for purchase on the center's website, along with details on all of their performances and events.

The center is also an open venue for different events, including meetings and trade shows.

Suffice to say, the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College offers plenty of services and shows for all kinds of guests.

Pick Fresh Peaches at Higbee's Farm

The Higbee's Farm is the best place to go for some fresh peaches.

You can also visit this farm to enjoy the scenery and a picnic.

As a business running for over a hundred years now, Higbee's Farm offers a wide span of trees and greenery for you to explore with their wagon rides.

In addition to peaches, the farm also provides a selection of vegetables you can purchase.

The best time to visit this farm and pick your share of fresh peaches is from Mid-July to Mid-September.

If you'd like to check out any updates or events going on with the farm, you can visit their social media website for more information.

Visit the Wildlife at Sarett Nature Center

Sarett Nature Center
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There are different options to check out when visiting Benton Harbor, and for nature fans, the Sarett Nature Center is the first place to go.

Sarett Nature Center is a community nature that provides different facilities and programs for you to explore.

The best way to find some of the best scenery that the center has is by strolling or hiking through the trails.

If you're hoping to spot some of the wildlife available in this area, check out the center's website for facility details and information on what you can spot in the area.

You can also check out their different programs, events, and benefits for extra perks.

Aside from this, you can also peruse their online store and rental services.

Get Fresh Produce and Baked Goods at Piggott's Farm Market & Bakery

Benton Harbor has its share of farms, but it's only at Piggott's Farm Market & Bakery where you can get a combination of fresh produce and baked goods.

Depending on the time of year, there are various fruits and vegetables you can purchase on the farm.

Plus, you can enjoy different baked goods that highlight them.

In addition to freshly baked goods, the farm also offers a selection of jams, cheese, and other hand-crafted products.

The farm opens from the first of May until the end of October.

During this time, you can visit any day of the week starting at 9 a.m.

If you're looking to purchase certain types of produce and farm products, you can check out the farm's website for harvest details.

Gather Fruits and Cider at Heritage Orchards

If you want to enjoy even more treats from fresh fruits, head over to the Heritage Orchards and have a taste of their ciders.

The Heritage Orchards offers a wide range of fresh apples and peaches along with a selection of other delicious produce.

The best time to visit this orchard would be the fall for some freshly pressed cider, but they do have a fruit farm you can visit during the weekdays.

You can check out the orchard's website for any updates for harvests or contact their phone number.

Get a Taste of the Local Drinks at North Pier Brewing Company

If you're more of a beer fan, you need to visit the North Pier Brewing Company.

There is a selection of beers you can try at this brewery, and each one is a handcrafted piece that offers different undertones that beer fans can enjoy.

In addition to their beers, North Pier Brewing Company offers a range of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for guests to try.

The best way to enjoy a good beer is with some delicious food.

Additionally, the brewery offers a range of options for you to indulge in, such as pretzels and tacos.

Aside from Mondays and Tuesdays, you can visit the brewery on any weekday or weekend.

You can also check out their membership options on their website for additional perks.

Take a chance to learn art by checking out the classes available at the ARS Gallery & Culture Center.

The center offers a variety of painting and drawing classes you can take throughout the year and releases all details and registration information on their website.

If you are more interested in checking out the gallery section of ARS, you can also find exhibit details on the site.

Some of the feature pieces you can find include paintings that highlight nature and some minimalistic works.

There are also workshops available that feature wine, as well as camps that the kids can enjoy.

ARS Gallery & Culture Center generally operates from Thursdays to the weekends, and you'll want to do registrations for any classes, camps, or workshops via email.

Learn How to Shoot with Point Blank Sports Club

Try your hand at being a gunslinger by heading to the Point Blank Sports Club and experiencing their shooting range.

The Point Blank Sports Club is a center where you can check out all things related to gun and archery shooting, plus the accessories involved.

More than their shooting range, the sports club also offers other facilities for you to try including a fitness center and arcade.

There are also safety classes available for those new to the shooting scene.

Not only that, but the sports club also has a shop featuring different types of guns, ammunition, and accessories.

To learn about this sports club's services, check out their website or find any updates on their social media website.

Have Fun with Go Karts at Hidden Pointe

Treat yourself to a day of sweets and games by heading to Hidden Pointe.

At Hidden Pointe, you'll find a range of facilities to enjoy.

These facilities include a variety of batting cages, a basketball area that features a trampoline, and an arcade.

The top attractions you can enjoy at this theme park are the mini-golf course and go-kart track.

After you've had your share of fun, you can take a break over at the ice cream shop.

Quench your thirst with their range of fruit smoothies and sodas.

Or you can indulge your sweet tooth with their selection of sweet treats, such as ice cream.

The theme park is open to guests on Fridays and weekends, and you can find more park details on the Hidden Pointe website.

Try Local Wine or Slushees at Vineyard 2121

To try even more wine varieties in Benton Harbor, head for Vineyard 2121.

More than being a vineyard, Vineyard 2121 provides a restaurant that offers a selection of delicious meals, such as sandwiches and pizzas.

When it comes to their alcoholic beverages, Vineyard 2121 offers not only different red and white wines but also other types of alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

Aside from the usual alcoholic beverages, ciders and slushies are also available on the menu.

You can visit on any day but Monday and, you will only need to make a reservation if your group is more than ten people.

An online store is available on their website, and a wine club offers discount perks.

Vineyard 2121 also hosts different concerts and events you can learn about on either their website or social media page.

Final Thoughts

Benton Harbor is a city that may not seem that big, but it certainly got a chock-full of sights and attractions you can find.

You'll be sure to get a large fill of nature, agriculture, and alcohol, no matter what you decide to do in the city.

What's more, there are plenty of outdoor and artistic activities you can try as well.

From picking fresh fruit to making a glass art piece, there's a lot you can explore in Benton Harbor.

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