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16 Best Things to Do in Nederland, TX

  • Published 2022/08/13

The magnificent hills of Southeast Texas are home to a destination that caters to the tastes and interests of every adventure seeker.

Nederland has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the 1890s when Dutch settlers established a new settlement.

The settlers established the new city along the present-day Boston Avenue in late 1890 and incorporated it in 1940.

Today, this city belongs to the geographical region referred to as “the Golden Triangle,” which consists of the cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange.

It is a perfect place to live and work, offering residents and business owners many opportunities to see the sights and enjoy a high level of safety.

Here are the best things to do in Nederland, Texas:

Shop around Boston Avenue

Boston Avenue in Nederland is home to various unique shops and events, the perfect place to start your Texas adventure!

This incredible spot still carries the original Dutch name on street signs, “Heeren Straats.”

It’s home to some of the best shopping experiences in the city.

You will find establishments like beauty services, boutiques, restaurants, financial services, and record shops.

Get one-of-a-kind experiences in the downtown area and enter local restaurants offering something for everyone.

Boston Avenue is also home to several different festivals and other events throughout the year.

These events include the annual Heritage Festival, Christmas Parade, and Third Thursday shopping events.

There are plenty of dining selections in the downtown alley, so you won’t leave hungry.

Don’t forget to take a perfect picture in front of the entrance arch!

Take a Photo of the Famous Dutch Windmill Museum

It’s not the Netherlands; it’s Nederland!

Visitors to the Dutch Windmill Museum in Nederland, Texas, can learn about the city’s extensive history while feeling like they’ve flown to Europe.

The city established the museum in 1969 as a memorial to the Dutch colonists responsible for the founding of Nederland.

It is a repository for artifacts associated with the early settlers’ history.

The museum features a genuine windmill reproduction from the Netherlands.

The first level has Western-style decor, giving you an idea of how old folks created and designed their structures.

The artifacts spread across two building floors.

After your tour, visit the small gift shop that sells Dutch goods imported from other countries.

Get a Glimpse of the La Maison Acadienne

In Nederland, you’ll find a place where the past comes to life.

The house now known as La Maison Acadienne is a reproduction of the homes of the first French inhabitants of the region.

Many relatives of these early inhabitants still live in the region.

The house features genuine furnishings and artifacts, recreating the Cajun way of life before the advent of modern conveniences.

This historical monument next to the Dutch Windmill Museum allows visitors to explore many attractions in one location.

A dedicated tourist guide is on hand to answer any questions about the landmark.

You can buy a shirt while admiring the La Maison Acadienne from a little gift shop.

Book a Seat at the Nederland Performing Arts Theater

There is a place in Nederland that offers another way of giving entertainment to tourists.

The Nederland Performing Arts Theater is a fantastic place to spend the evening and watch a performance close to the Texas community.

The theater stages various events, including plays, concerts, and shows for the high school.

The Nederland High School Band also calls this theater home.

If you want to check out some of the best young talents in the city, you should see one of their performances.

The Nederland Performing Arts Theater seats 2,000 people, so you can be sure there will be enough room for you and all your friends!

Visit the Nederland Veterans Park

The Nederland Veterans Park is a place to honor all veterans, reflect on their service, and remember those who served.

There is a Wall of Honor in this tiny park that honors all the town’s former residents who served in the military.

A kiosk allows guests to search a database of names and check for people they might know.

The park’s variety of tree and flower types ensures that it remains beautiful throughout the year.

You can breathe fresh air while sitting on one of the many benches in the area.

Go Jogging at the Doornbos Heritage Park

Enjoy the Doornbos Heritage Park in Nederland with your family, friends, employees, or colleagues!

Doornbos Heritage Park received its name in honor of a Doornbos family member who helped secure the land’s endowment.

This park features a sports field equipped with tennis courts, a sports field, and a community pool ideal for hosting a company picnic or spending a day with your family.

Likewise, abundant green space and play areas are ideal for a picnic, jogging, and playing.

This campground has even more amenities available for its guests!

You will also find the Nederland Recreation Center at the Doornbos Heritage Park, which has a gym and an event area for hire.

Enjoy a Picnic at “Tex” Ritter Historical Park

Nederland is known for its serene parks.

For example, visit “Tex” Ritter Historical Park, where you can relax and have fun.

The park gets its name from Tex Ritter, a country music star born in the Netherlands.

You can appreciate the beautiful scenery at this park while listening to music, having a picnic, engaging in meditation or reflection, or working out.

The park features a gazebo and a dining area if you have your packed lunch.

Families with children can find various ways to spend time together while getting much-needed physical activity!

Bring your family to the “Tex” Ritter Historical Park!

Let Your Kids Play at Homer Nagel Park

Texas offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities, from watersports to mountain climbing.

If you’re looking for a close-to-home adventure, consider exploring Homer Nagel Park in Nederland.

Nederland is home to many parks and historical landmarks.

You could spend hours exploring this town’s parks.

They’re all uniquely beautiful, and each offers something different.

Another park that stands out is Homer Nagel Park.

Named after the deceased mayor, Homer Nagel, this park offers something unique: free admission!

It also has a fenced-in play area and climbing structures for children who want active fun outside while visiting Nederland.

Learn How to Climb at South 5th Street Park

If you find yourself in Nederland searching for a place to let off some steam, the South 5th Street Park is the perfect spot for you!

Just off 599 South Fifth Street, this park has everything you could want: swings, a climbing structure, and tons of green space.

This is a beautiful environment for young people as well as older people.

Children will love playing on the swings and climbing structures at this park.

Adults will appreciate the ample green space where they can let their kids run around and enjoy nature while they sit back and relax.

Relax at Reinstra Heritage Park

The Reinstra Heritage Park in Nederland is unique.

It offers a covered picnic area and strolling walkways, which makes it a great place to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family.

Texas is known for its peaceful green spaces and gardens, and Reinstra Heritage Park is no exception.

This place provides a quick escape from seemingly boring daily routines, allowing tourists to relax and unwind.

Bring your pet, read a book, listen to music, or meet new people while sunbathing, resting on the grass, or snacking during your lunch break.

Ride the Swings and Slides at the Carl “Cropo” Leblanc Park

Nothing beats a stroll around the park on a hot summer day in Nederland, Texas.

If you’re looking for a spot that’s good for your children and your dogs, Carl “Cropo” Leblanc Park might be your ideal destination!

Since the 1960s, this park has become a popular attraction for families.

The park also gets its name from the man who served as mayor and a barber in Nederland.

You can find it at 923 Boston Avenue.

The swings, slides, and climbing structures are perfect for little ones.

Make the most of your time in Nederland by visiting some restaurants and stores along Boston Avenue.

Spend the afternoon at the Carl “Cropo” Leblanc Park!

Check Out the Orange Hotel

The Orange Hotel was a three-story, well-built structure located on Boston Avenue.

It was a popular hotel option for tourists and workers in the oil and railroad industries, who stayed there for decades after it was built.

There were 33 guest rooms at the hotel, along with a dining room and a ballroom.

There was a library with a thousand different books in it.

Each of these items was painted bright orange in honor of the Dutch royal family.

After several decades, the hotel was finally shut down and demolished in 1912.

Grab a Meal at the Schooner Restaurant

Nothing beats the Schooner Restaurant in Nederland regarding seafood and steaks.

Offering a cozy, southern atmosphere, this long-standing restaurant is another tourist favorite.

If you’re looking for delicious fish meals with a southern touch or beef dishes, go to the Schoone Restaurant.

Serving the finest American cuisine, Schooner’s menu also offers daily specials and popular menu items like hamburgers.

The restaurant initially had a dark dining room, with a kaleidoscope of colored lights hanging from the ceiling and plastic seats straight out of the 1960s.

Later, the owners of Schooner’s Restaurant remodeled the place into a modern space comfortable enough for families and fun for groups of friends.

Grab Dinner at Judices 1927

The Nederlands’ culinary scene is unmatched.

Discover the rich history of Judice 1927, known for its excellent cuisine and tourist-approved strategy for serving customers.

They prepare tacos, pork chops, burgers, and a wide variety of other foods popular among tourists.

They also serve steak fritters suitable for a meal shared among the whole family.

Order some of their boiling crabs and get ready for an exciting new experience with seafood at Judice 1927.

Treat Yourself at Touch of Cajun Cafe

Have you heard of the Touch of Cajun Cafe?

It’s not just about the food—it’s about the experience.

Their menu overflows with mouthwatering selections, many of which will make your mouth wet even before you take a piece of the food.

When it comes to customer service, they know how to make their customers feel welcome and at home.

Touch of Cajun Cafe has everything you could want from a diner: BBQ crabs, fried pickles, crawfish, and even fried ice cream!

Touch of Cajun Cafe also offers catering services for any occasion if you’re near Boston Avenue.

Buy Souvenirs at Fred Miller’s

Fred Miller’s is the best place to find gifts and collectibles for everyone in your life.

Since 1919, they have offered customers an unparalleled shopping experience in Nederland.

They offer various apothecary, home decor, apparel, pillows, and kitchenware.

They have a variety of selections that you’ll find something for everyone.

Find the perfect gift for the person who has everything to the person who doesn’t have anything.

Likewise, find the perfect souvenir for people who could use some home decorating inspiration.

Fred Miller’s also sells handcrafted purses and jewelry, so there is no limit to what you can buy here.

When you enter the shop, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a museum because there is so much to buy and appreciate here.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Nederland is a beautiful experience.

It will grab your attention and persuade you to keep returning for more because there’s so much to do there besides food and parks.

To get the most out of this lovely environment, you only need to make sure that you have enough time to visit these places.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Nederland!

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