15 Best Things to Do in Nantucket

15 Best Things to Do in Nantucket

Nantucket is famously known for its beautiful beaches, for sea surfing and taking memorable pictures.

There are a lot of places with historic value too. Traditional Crafts like lightship Basket crafting, Museums, aquarium, hiking trail, historic libraries, ancient lighthouses, mouthwatering local specialties and hidden gems to discover.
Rent a bike and tour this Small island from place to place slowly getting to know everything it has to offer. If you find yourself travelling to Nantucket, then these are the top 15 things that you might enjoy doing;

Visit the Whaling Museum

46-foot long sperm whale skeleton in Whaling Museum
Joaquin Ossorio Castillo / Shutterstock.com

Features more than a thousand works of Arts crafts and collectables In nine premium gallery, The museum educates the visitors about four centuries-long history related to the island. Some of the major attractions to take note of in the museum are a humongous Fresnel lens, a 46-foot long sperm whale skeleton and the renovated candle factory from 1847.

There is also a rooftop deck with an extraordinary perspective of the Nantucket Harbour. Plan the trip I’m advance to take in all the attractions of the place.
The whaling museum of Nantucket is located at 13 broad St, Nantucket, MA USA and the usual Fees for entry is; $20 for adult, for senior citizens and students $18, $5 for kids age range 6-17.

See the Lighthouse at Brant Point

Brant point LIghthouse in Nantucket
Allan Wood Photography / Shutterstock.com

In 1746 the lighthouse station at Brant Point was established. The current tower at the point was first lit in 1901. It is known for being the 10th light on this point.
Some burnt down, destroyed by the wind, discarded for its inferior light and renovated, perfected many times. Suffice to say, there is a long history connecting the lighthouse to the town.

It’s a place to sightsee and get to know the history behind the Brant point. Short walk from the Harbour and shorter bicycle ride. Walk around the area there is always something to do. Perhaps take a ferry and enjoy the beautiful Vantage point from the sea. It’s located in Downtown Nantucket historic site or more precisely Easton St, Nantucket, MA 02554.

Fill your Insta feed at Nantucket Beaches

Madaket Beach, Nantucket
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First of all, do not forget to bring your camera with you. Although, even your smartphone will do, but you would definitely want to keep the memories of these beautiful beaches in the highest definition images possible.

Fill your Instagram feed at Jetties beach - A large beach with Instagram feed worthy sights, there is bar/restaurant in the area too.

Surf the waves at Sconset beach - this beach is mostly known for its wide and sandy expanse, it is highly popular place for surfing.

Do Recreational activities at Cisko beach - similar to consent beach, its a good alternative for surfers as well.

Enjoy the sunset at Madaket beach - Best known for its sunset view, walk along the sandy strip and relax with your friends and family.

Stroll along the Sconset Bluff walk

Siasconset , Nantucket
John Santoro / Shutterstock.com

If you are staying in the town for some time, then you may come to make it your regular place for morning or evening walk.

It’s a walking trail located in Siasconset old historic site. With stunning views of the sea and heathlands. Good place to admire sunset or for a morning walk.
Walk along the trails specifically made to admire the views of the sea. Take your partner with you and make it a romantic date. Even alone the in embrace of nature with gentle winds drifting by your skin, you will feel calm.

See the sunset at Sankaty Headlight

Sankaty head light
Shackleford Photography / Shutterstock.com

Looking for the perfect sunset watching spot in the town? Sankaty headlight is a site of amazing scenic beauty and historic significance to the town. It was built in 1850 to insure that ships don’t get wrecked by the dangerous shoals. It was automated in 1965 and is working even now.

To save it from soil erosion by the shore, In 2007 it was bought and moved from its place a bit inland. Now it’s a major tourist spot because of the picturesque view of the sunset and the surrounding area from its top. Located at Baxter St, Siasconset, Nantucket MA 02554.

Learn the history at Shipwreck & lifesaving Museum

Numerous ships have passed by Nantucket since the lighthouse stations were built in the area. A lot of ships were wrecked yet and a lot of times locals risked everything to save others on those ships. This museum is to preserve the memory of the brave locals that saved the lives of those in shipwrecks.

It also collect artefacts & memorabilia from the shipwrecks around the local sea. There are also models of ships that were identified to be wrecked in the area. The Museum is located at 158 Polpis Road.

Flip through books at the Atheneum Library

Nantucket Atheneum Library
DanielPenfield, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nantucket used to have two different libraries before 1820s and they were later consolidated into one named to be the Nantucket Atheneum in 1834.
It is said that there was a fire in 1846 that burned it to the ground, destroying almost all but 150 books. Later the famous library of today was constructed at the exact spot.

The library offers books of almost all niches from entertainment to purely academic purpose. The library hosts many events throughout the year. From fun kid activities to Tai chi, some cultural programs and the yearly dance fest too.
If you are lucky enough to visit the town during one of those events be sure to check it out.

Enjoy art at Dreamland film and performing arts center

Do you enjoy watching dramas, ballets and other art form performances? Even if you’re staying in the town for a short period, If you enjoy art you will enjoy visiting here. Dreamland film and performing arts centre is the hub of entertainment activities including movies plays, dance and even opera in the town. Located at 17 south water St, Nantucket, It is the place to be for the tourists and locals with curious and creative minds.

Best places to eat in Nantucket

Straight Wharf
Bokic Bojan / Shutterstock.com

Hopping from beach to beach, walking along the trails of wildlife refuge, you might have gotten quite hungry. If you want to enjoy your food at the best places Nantucket has to offer then check out the places below;

Taste the seasonal food at American seasonal
The phenomenal work of its chef has been praised in New York times and Travel & leisure. It’s a premier dining place of Nantucket, famous for its seasonal American menu.

Eat fresh seafood at Straight wharf
Fresh seafood, straight from the local produce. Indoor and outdoor dining options available.

Dive into French cuisine at Le languedoc Inn & bistro
Are you in love with French cuisine? This restaurant has varieties of French foods on the menu for you to choose from, enjoy the fine dining experience.

Eat healthy food at Something natural
If eating healthy is your preference, then this is the best stop for you. Eat the most natural, fresh and filling sandwiches and bakery products, try out their famous cookies too.

Hang out for drink and a bite at Millie’s
A regional hangout spot with easy going attitude. Catering Mexican, American and seafood, Millie's is a popular place to drink and eat out with your gang.

Be a wine-tester at Cisco Brewers

Are you a wine connoisseur perhaps? Someone interested in behind the scenes of the brewery business? Cisco brewers offer guided tours for tourists to watch behind the curtains of the local brewery industry. Have fun watching the magic that goes into making the finest of wines.

Taste-test a few samples of different varieties of local spirits, beers and wines. Best to hang out with a few friends. Located at 5 Barlett farm road, Nantucket MA.

Admire Traditional craft at lightship basket museum

For the tourists that find themselves fascinated in getting to know the local traditions, culture and history of the places they travel, visiting this museum should be a good choice for them.

Nantucket lightship basket museum as focused to collecting lightship baskets of different varieties starting from the early 1800s to until now. The museum is dedicated to conserve this craft from being forgotten. It is said that the craft of lightship basket making started on the whaling ships. Lightship basket making has been an important craft from around 1830s in the town. The Museum is located at 49 Union St, Nantucket MA. 02554.

Stargazing at Loines Observatory

Nantucket Liones Observatory
Versageek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visiting the town with your friends and family? Then how about spending an evening listening to the lecture of Astronomy instructor, guiding you through the various constellations, while you watch the wonders of universe at the Loines Observatory.

If you are a family with kids then this might be perhaps the best option for you even more so than the libraries and other museums. Introduce your little ones to science with a flair. The observatory is located at 58 milk St, MA 020553.

Experience the Coskata-Coatue wildlife refuge

Great Point Lighthouse on Coskata- Coatue Wildlife
Allan Wood Photography / Shutterstock.com

For the kind of tourists that head straight to the nearest wildlife reserve or National Park, once getting to a place Coskata-Coatue wildlife refuge is a must-visit.

The 16 miles of trails spanning the area of the refuge lead you to encounters with various coastal animals including seals and shorebirds. What’s better then a seashore dotted with local wildlife, a beautiful sunset and an old historic lighthouse to complete the scenic view. Take some time to truly enjoy the area with your friends, family or perhaps go alone, for you will not lack for things to do in a tourist spot as popular as this.

Live theater at the theater workshop

Plays, dramas, theatrical performances.. does that sound good to you?
For next in the stop of things to do in Nantucket, I have for you a Theatre workshop, dedicated to performing various art forms and celebrating the local traditions.

The workshop has been conducting live theatres since 1956, on an average six musicals and performances per year. Whether you are dedicated Theatre lover or just someone looking for a place to have some good time at Theatre workshop of Nantucket will not disappoint you. There is always something for everyone’s taste.
It’s located at 62 Center St, Nantucket, MA 02554.

Meet the sea creatures at the Aquarium

Maria Mitchell Aquarium
User:Neddy1234, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever been to an aquarium that focuses its display on the sea creatures around the local area primarily? Unlike other kinds of aquariums this aquarium prides itself in collecting, displaying and later returning the local sea creatures around Nantucket, back to their natural environment.

Since the creatures on display are kept on rotation, the displays are always changing according to the season. While outdoor tank displays the large fishes like sharks the indoor one is reserved for smaller specimens. This is a good place to visit with kids or soothe your childhood recollections. It’s located at 28 Washington St, Nantucket MA.

Best way to travel anywhere is planning your trip and researching the places that you might enjoy visiting. If you’re planning to stay somewhere then checkout the hotels in your budget range, read some online reviews and its nearby attractions.
A major tourist spot like Nantucket is best enjoyed either walking around or by renting a bike to see the nearby sights.