15 Best Things to Do in Mt. Juliet, TN

Mt. Juliet, TN
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When you think of Tennessee, you might think of soothing country music, mouthwatering southern food, and good old whiskey.

However, this state has much more to offer.

For example, visit Mt. Juliet, an outlying district city of Nashville, to feast your eyes on breathtaking places and attention-grabbing landscapes.

This large city of Wilson County, Tennessee, features picturesque parks and recreation centers that will surely make your outdoor trips memorable.

Mt. Juliet is a city between lakes, boasting homey and soothing beaches and ports.

These places should help you find solace in nature’s warm embrace.

Here are the best things to do in Mt. Juliet, TN:

Bring Friends and Family to Charlie Daniels Park

Would you trade anything to forget all your troubles for a day?

Visiting Charlie Daniels Park is just the proper treatment for you.

It has a big playground with slides, climbing equipment, toys, and a spray pool for kids.

Sporty visitors can also enjoy the wide play area, tennis court, and other sports amenities.

Likewise, a park isn’t a park without excellent trails and pathways, which is why Charlie Daniels Park also offers them.

You will never regret spending a day here with your family and friends.

Try Boating at Lone Branch Recreation Area

There is a way to make the most of your family picnic or outdoor meal with peers.

Share delicious picnic food with your friends or family at the Lone Branch Recreation Area.

This place is one of the most beautiful natural spots in Mt. Juliet.

It features plenty of trees, wide spaces for physical activities, and a pleasant view of the astounding Old Hickory Lake.

However, if you prefer fishing or boating, you can also do it here.

Prepare your picnic baskets and fishing equipment because this is a must-visit on your itinerary.

Play Golf at the Pine Creek Golf Course

Everyone wants to play the luxurious sport of golf on a picturesque golf course.

Located on Logue Road, the Pine Creek Golf Course might be a golfer’s paradise.

This golf course takes you far away from the busy city, which brings a serene feel to your golf game.

Likewise, Pine Creek Golf Course features an 18-hole course, a pro shop, and a log cabin clubhouse for socializing with other players.

This course is perfect for those who need a quick escape from life.

Playing a game or two here might be one of the highlights of your Mt. Juliet trip.

Pick Fruits at Breeden’s Orchard

Breeden’s Orchard produces only the freshest fruits and farm products.

Found on Beckwith Road, this fruit orchard has a pick-your-own activity where visitors can pick peaches, apples, and more.

Don’t miss this unique experience.

Enjoy quality time with your family or friends while picking fresh fruits.

Breeden’s Orchard also sells products made from their harvests, such as cider, fruit syrups, sweet delicacies, and even baked goods.

You do not have to bring a lot because they have containers ready for you.

Pick a day, time, and size of the container and reserve your slots online for an extraordinary fruit picking experience.

Go Fishing at Shutes Branch Recreation Area

This lakeside recreation park is a must-visit for people who love doing watersport activities like swimming and sailing.

The Shutes Branch Recreation Area gets its name from former U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

It’s a terrific place to go boating and swimming, thanks to its clear waters and peaceful ambiance.

Do you want to try fishing in Mt. Juliet?

People who love fishing flock to Shutes because of its wide variety of fish, such as crappie, bass, catfish, walleye, and bluegill.

Visit Shutes Branch Recreation Area for a memorable swimming and fishing getaway by the lakeside.

Enjoy a Glorious Meal at the Goat Mt. Juliet

Would you like to eat elegant and delicious food while listening to live music or playing games?

If yes, go to the Goat Mt. Juliet, located around Westwood Blvd.

This social and hangout place is everyone’s favorite hideout to socialize and enjoy great food in the company of awesome friends and family.

The Goat Mt. Juliet serves flavorful food, satisfying the stomach and eyes with its visually appealing presentation.

The restaurant embodies having fun from morning to night, thanks to its selection of activities, like playing volleyball on the sand and playing pool.

Visiting the Goat Mt. Juliet is truly worthwhile.

Ride a Horse at Juro Stables

Juro Stables at Carver Lane will surely capture every equestrian’s heart.

Mark your map and come to Juro Stables to try horseback riding around the magnificent woods, trails, and streams in the area.

Learn informative lessons on horseback riding from knowledgeable guides to help you enjoy the experience thoroughly.

The beauty of the place and the landscape add thrill and excitement to your horseback riding trip to Mt. Juliet.

After your visit to Juro Stables, you will surely agree that horses are the sweetest and most gentle creatures on earth.

Play with Family and Friends at Cedar Creek Sports Center

Are you looking for a place to play around with family and friends?

Look no further because Cedar Creek Sports Center is just the place for you.

This 16-acre sports park has miniature golf courts, a teaching facility, and a golf driving range.

You can also join batting and pitching lessons, rent batting cages, and race on a go-kart track measuring 1,100 feet.

You don’t have to be good at sports to play a game within the facilities because they also offer lessons.

Likewise, its accommodating staff will guide you while enjoying whatever game you play.

Playing games and sports is much more fun here at Cedar Creek Sports Center.

Set up Camp at Cedar Creek Campground and Access Area

Many people want to enjoy the great outdoors by camping.

While traveling around Mt. Juliet, try camping at Cedar Creek at Saundersville Road as one of the highlights of your trip.

This quiet and calm campground is a perfect place to enjoy a quick break from the troubles of a busy life.

Campers can enjoy a swimming beach with crystal clear water and barbecue and picnic areas fit for a large group of family and friends.

If you want to forge a bond with Old Hickory Lake, you can try fishing and kayaking.

Prepare your camping gear and start a great camping experience at Cedar Creek Campground, a home away from home.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn about President Andrew Jackson at His Hermitage

Exterior of the  Andrew Jackson Hermitage
Zack Frank / Shutterstock.com

Dubbed the “people’s president,” Andrew Jackson retired to this hermitage after his term as president.

This structure is a historic site commemorating one of the most renowned political figures in the country.

Located on Rachels Lane, this mansion and museum tells the life story of Andrew Jackson through tours and lessons.

On July 5, 1804, the Jacksons first lived in the mansion.

Living room at Andrew Jackson Hermitage
Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Caretakers have restored the mansion over the years; it still houses the original belongings of Andrew Jackson.

Experience a centuries-old story in every corner of every room in the mansion.

Visiting here shows you a glimpse of his family’s lifestyle.

Admire the beauty of their grounds, which tell you how they lived in their time.

Grave Memorial at Andrew Jackson Hermitage
Zack Frank / Shutterstock.com

You can also find a peaceful sanctuary on the grounds, the final resting place of Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel.

Visiting the Hermitage would undoubtedly enlighten everyone on how Andrew Jackson made a mark in history.

You can find this site in Hermitage, Tennessee, 14 minutes from Mt. Juliet.

See Wax Replicas of Famous Artists at Madame Tussauds Nashville

After a quick 20-minute drive from Mt. Juliet, you can reach Madame Tussauds in Nashville, Tennessee.

Like other branches of Madame Tussauds worldwide, the Nashville location also houses a great selection of wax figures of many celebrities.

Everyone knows Nashville is the heart of country music.

So, visitors visit Madame Tussauds Nashville to see the lifelike figures of music icons such as Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Wonder, and Louis Armstrong.

The resemblance is uncanny, whichever the celebrity.

Visit Madame Tussauds Nashville with your peers and family.

Don’t forget to take a picture of  your favorite celebrities.

Have Fun and Play at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Just located on Old Hickory Blvd, which is 15 minutes away from Mt. Juliet, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a park for everyone who seeks the best of fun.

You will surely enjoy the thrilling attractions this park has to offer: be challenged by the climbing walls; finish the ropes course; jump on the trampolines, and have an adventure through new heights with the sky rider.

Do you feel too old to enjoy yourself here?

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, which has games and activities for people of all ages.

Adults can have the best time of their lives playing dodgeball and trying out virtual reality games.

Are you feeling excited already?

More attractions are waiting for you, so hurry up and visit Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

Unwind and Enjoy the Fun Activities at Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

This well-known recreation center in Bell Road, Hermitage, is a top destination for every tourist and local looking for the best family resort.

Drive 14 minutes from Mt. Juliet to reach this place.

Play all day at the biggest waterpark in Nashville or take a wild escapade at the Treetop Adventure Park, all within the vicinity of Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort.

If having fun at the waterpark and the adventure park isn’t enough, then you can complete your whole resort trip by renting a boat and fishing.

Nobody will ever run out of things to do here because every activity is a whole new experience.

A whole day is not ample time to try everything here, so take your time and rent a cabin.

You will never know what it means to have fun until you visit Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort and try its exciting attractions and rides.

Ride Your Bike along the Shutes Branch Mountain Bike Trail

If you prefer activities in the mountains, then the Shutes Branch Mountain Bike Trail is for you.

You can find the trail in Old Hickory, Tennessee, 11 minutes from Mt. Juliet.

This mountain bike trail is a popular place to bike and enjoy the landscape as you become one with nature.

If you prefer hiking, then this is a perfect place as well.

The trail is suitable for novice bikers and hikers who want to try outdoor exploration because of its convenient location and cool shade.

You can also picnic and walk your dogs along the Shutes Branch Mountain Bike Trail, making it an ideal destination for everyone.

Enter the Heart of Nature at Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area

Visit a relaxed destination and appreciate a protected and peaceful natural area brimming with wildlife and warmth.

The Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area is in Hermitage, Tennessee, 11 minutes from Mt. Juliet.

The scenic view of the lake, perfect picnic grounds, lovely walking trails, and the comforting, fresh air add to the relaxing atmosphere of the natural park.

The meadows also house several endangered plant species unique to the habitat, such as the Tennessee coneflower and the leafy prairie clover.

The Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area shows how vital natural areas are and how people should protect them.

See the raw magnificence of nature.

Final Thoughts

Mt. Juliet is truly a place for those who seek refuge and serenity.

After trying the best things to do in Mt. Juliet, you will surely leave the place satisfied and filled with great memories.

Book your trip today!

If you are already near the area, then come and pay a visit.

You won't regret stepping foot in this city.

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