15 Best Things to Do in Dickson, TN

Dickson, TN
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If you're looking for the top things to do in Dickson, Tennessee, each nook and cranny of this city is a joy to explore.

Dickson began as a railroad halt on Nashville and the Tennessee River.

When Union forces finished the supply line during the Civil War, the region was dubbed Mile Post 42 due to its proximity to Nashville.

There are various tales regarding the initial name of the expanding settlement.

According to Dr. Robert Corlew's "A History of Dickson County," it was named Sneedsville in honor of a railroad engineer named Sneed who assisted in completing the rails on Gen. Ulysses Grant's instructions.

However, there was confusion between Sneedsville and Smeedsville, citing the difficulty of interpreting the difference between an "n" and an "m" in an old-style handwritten document.

What is certain is that in 1873, the town was renamed Dickson, similar to Dickson County, in honor of Dr. William Dickson, a physician who lived and worked in Nashville.

Today, this vibrant district in the Nashville metropolitan area is filled with eclectic scenes from the past and present.

Dickson is also a component of the larger Dickson County, established in 1803.

To say that this location is incredible—with its timeless treasures and vibrant activities—might be an understatement.

Don't be afraid to venture into the city alone, with friends, family, or a particular someone.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Dickson, Tennessee:

Explore Dickson's History at Clement Railroad Hotel Museum

The Clement Railroad Hotel Museum in Hotel Halbrook in Dickson, Tennessee.
travdir, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Established in 2009, the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum is dedicated to providing details about the county's rich history.

Because it is housed in the historic Hotel Halbrook, constructed in 1913, a journey to this museum is already a time machine.

If you're taking a stroll around Dickson's downtown, don't miss it.

For a small fee, you may participate in an educational experience with children and adults.

Exhibits and artifacts covering all aspects of the county's history, from its railroad and iron ore industry to its commerce, will take you on a fascinating journey through the American Civil War.

The Frank G. Clement Museum is a great place to learn more about the former governor of Tennessee through his goods and awards.

Hotel Halbrook's former owners were the ones who gave it its name.

See for yourself why the Tennessee Historical Commission ranks this railroad hotel as the second most popular historic property in the state.

Swing Your Club at Greystone Golf Club

When Greystone Golf Club first opened its doors in 1998, it witnessed the beginnings of a new chapter in the sport's history.

MaMark McCumber built it.

Plan your tee time around your friends' schedules as much as feasible.

Play nine or 18 holes of golf while taking in the beautiful scenery of the lush green countryside and the clear blue skies.

Adding a banquet at the Greystone Golf Club to your list of exciting things to do in Dickson is also an option.

Tour the Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center is the only site in Dickson where art may come to life.

The Freed-Hardeman University, where it is housed, is one of Tennessee's finest educational institutions.

Taking a stroll around this modern metropolitan landmark will reawaken your passion for the arts, sciences, and music.

One of Dickson's most popular tourist sites has been drawing visitors in for over two decades.

Attending activities at the Renaissance Center is another way to meet Dickson residents.

Be amazed by the sheer power of a live concert by seeing it in action.

If you've always been a fan of Broadway plays but haven't had the opportunity to see them in person, it's even more astounding.

Catch Various Fish at Dickson Fishing

Attention, all you avid anglers!

You may catch many bass, catfish, and bluegill at Dickson Fishing since the company has access to three lakes where these species thrive.

You may also rent fishing gear from them if you don't want to bring your own.

The only requirement is that you arrive on time and prepared to have a good time fishing.

You may also make use of their air-conditioned camper, which includes water and power.

Campers are also welcome on-site.

Sleeping bags are encouraged, but not required, to enjoy the wilderness.

If you want to catch the most fish, either stay up late and fish under the lights or get up early and go fishing.

Catch a Play at Gaslight Dinner Theatre

Who says you can't enjoy dinner and live entertainment at the same time?

Dickson's performing arts are kept alive through Gaslight Dinner Theater's high-quality shows.

It enhances the experience by presenting shows that may rival those on Broadway in terms of charm and enchantment.

Sit back and relax in your work dress for the show at the theater.

There is no need to bring food or beverages from outside places because they are all provided in the theater.

Enjoy a romantic experience in Dickson with your significant other by taking them to this beautiful location.

You may also donate to support the theater, especially if you have a strong affinity for the performing arts.

Have a Fun Family Day at Thunder Alley Family Entertainment Center

Traveling with kids?

Bring them to Thunder Alley Family Entertainment Center, where they may let off steam in a big way.

When it comes to younger children and newborns, in particular, the Play Room is the place to be.

It's not just for kids — parents and guardians may also enjoy themselves here.

The entertainment center has 24 Brunswick bowling lanes with automated scoring and bumpers and a full bar.

Additionally, it has a variety of private party spaces for all kinds of celebrations.

Get Crafty at Spot's Pots Paint Your Pottery Studio

In Dickson, there are many family-friendly activities to choose from.

Take advantage of your inner artist by getting your hands messy with some painting!

If you're in town and have young children, this is a fantastic outing for you.

You'll be given clay figurines and all the painting supplies you need, and then you'll be free to indulge your creative side in any way you see fit.

This studio takes great care in utilizing only non-toxic paints, making it a safe place for young artists to work.

The most enjoyable element of this event, in my opinion?

There is an option of having all the materials and equipment delivered right at your door, so you can return them after you're done producing your masterpiece.

Go Antique-Hunting at Yesterday's Treasures Today

Yesterday's Treasures Today is a great place to rekindle your love of antiques and find new things to see around Dickson.

One may find an abundance of vintage goods at this 10,000-square-foot shop on the junction of Cherry and Main.

Hundreds of traders have been selling antiques and vintage things here for the last decade, making it Dickson's oldest vintage bazaar.

For some reason, vintage things have charm and character that can't be found in contemporary products.

In addition to that, this market is pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your four-legged companions along for the ride.

Visit all of the shops in this complex and stock up on anything you want.

Find whatever you need for your house at a budget-friendly price in the intriguing market.

To commemorate your special occasions, you may also buy gifts for your friends.

Buy Handcrafted Jewelry from Tennessee Artisan Market

Are you a fan of the finer things in life?

Visiting Tennessee Artisan Market, a shop that sells goods handcrafted by local craftsmen, will be the most gratifying experience of your vacation.

Items include anything from handcrafted jewelry and exquisite paintings to eccentric craft items and unique artworks.

Free art classes and demos are held regularly at this location, and you may participate in one if you'd like!

The Renaissance Center is home to various performances and exhibitions, including this market.

Watch the Latest Releases at Roxy Movie Theater

Roxy Movie Theater screens the latest releases in various genres to provide you with much-needed relaxation, even if only for a short time.

It's hard to say no to a night at the movies.

It may be one of the most popular things to do in Dickson at night, especially if you're viewing horror films.

If you're up for it, make your way to this local theater.

The whole family may choose their favorite movies, but first, check its official website for film ratings.

Whether it's an action picture, a science fiction film, a thriller film, a comedy film, or a drama film—see the movie you've been anticipating to keep up with the latest cultural trends.

You don't want to have to get up from your seat and risk missing a scene if you get popcorn and a drink.

With your newfound knowledge gained through performing inside activities on rainy or chilly days, it's time to pass the wisdom on to your friends!

Unwind at Bloom Day Spa

You may relax in the comfort of Bloom Day Spa's private setting, thanks to the magnificent touch of specialists who know how to keep you healthy.

In the heart of Dickson's historic downtown district, Bloom Day Spa is a convenient location for anybody who wants to experience a level of relaxation they haven't had before.

At Bloom Day Spa, you may indulge in various body and massage treatments.

If you've always desired to maintain your face as soft as a baby's, take advantage of facial treatments.

For a 25-minute hydrotherapy treatment, soak in rich minerals, pure essential oils, and warm water.

Saunas are also a must-try here.

Cool Down at Buckner Park Swimming Pool

Buckner Park Swimming Pool is an all-inclusive facility that provides an amazing summertime experience.

The easiest approach to beat the heat when the sun comes out is everyone's mind.

If you're looking for a pleasant place to spend some time with your family, go no further than the Buckner Park Swimming Pool!

Some of the best sites in the area may be accessed from Buckner Park, a city-maintained facility.

Wear sunscreen before getting in the water to shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays; it's always better to be safe than sorry.

There are life jacket rentals available for those who cannot swim.

To ensure your safety on their 110-foot water slide, ask your companions to keep a close eye on you.

After the pool party, you and your friends may refuel with pizza and drinks.

There is a paved and illuminated walking or jogging track nearby that you may make use of if you have time before nightfall.

Make the journey worthwhile by stopping at the vast fishing lake.

Chill and Watch Your Favorite Games at House of Brews

When you want to unwind with good food and drink, head to House of Brews.

Are you a fan of artisan beers?

They have a wide selection of beers that you may sample.

If you want to get the most out of your time at this restaurant, we recommend avoiding busy hours.

Sports screenings are also a popular offering at this location.

Enjoy Country Music at Vance Smith's Grand Old Hatchery Music Show

Until he passed away in June 2020, Vance Smith Sr. owned and operated the Grand Old Hatchery on Main Street, which he had done since 1997

He was a lengthy business owner, musician, and mayor of a tiny town near Dickson, Tennessee.

He was elected and served as a mayor of White Bluff, TN.

One might still feel transported back in time when visiting this legendary concert venue.

The structure that houses this facility used to be a hatchery.

Since its inception, the Grand Old Hatchery has served as a showcase for aspiring musicians like Craig Morgan and John Rich, who grew up in the area.

Grab Some Fresh Produce at Dickson County Farmers Market

The Dickson County Farmers Market is housed in Beasley and Cowan's historic 84 Lumber building.

Quarter-mile south of Dickson Electric, this is the location.

It features locally grown veggies and meats, freshly baked items, gluten-free jams, maple syrup, jellies, eggs, locally created crafts, and fresh-cut flowers.

Every year, its board of directors certifies and inspects its farmers and producers to ensure a 100% farmer/producer-grown marketplace.

Customers may expect demonstrations, recipes, and guidance on properly storing and preparing the food they purchase at the market.

Final Thoughts

It's easy to relax in Dickson, thanks to its charming small-town atmosphere and burgeoning suburban community.

Whether you're traveling by yourself, with your family, in a group, or as a couple, a trip to Dickson will be a memorable one.

If you're still unsure what to do in Dickson, TN, we hope this list helps!

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