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15 Best Things to Do in Middletown, OH

  • Published 2022/12/07

In the middle of Warren and Butler Counties in Ohio lies the city of Middletown.

This city, home to over 50,000 inhabitants, is renowned for its tight-knit community, charming parks, and growing economy.

This suburban city is also a favorite jump-off point for travelers exploring Dayton, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Columbus.

Amazingly, these major Ohio cities are all a short drive from Middletown.

Despite its size, Middletown has a growing reputation as an emerging travel destination in Ohio.

This small city boasts many sights and activities, whether traveling alone or with your family or friends.

Check out this curated list of the best things to do in Middletown, Ohio, for your next adventure.

Relive Your Childhood at the Land of Illusion Adventure Park

The Land of Illusion Adventure Park is a famous theme park in Ohio.

You can visit this theme park along Thomas Road.

It mainly features a summer water park, a haunted house, a petting zoo, an obstacle course, and Christmas attractions.

If you fancy getting spooked, check out its haunted house, one of Ohio’s most famous, for a bone-chilling experience.

For wholesome fun, head to its petting zoo and enjoy an interactive experience with its resident animals, such as rabbits, ponies, goats, and plenty more.

If you visit the Land of Illusion Adventure Park during the holiday season, you’ll witness the Christmas Around the World Drive-Thru.

This fantastic attraction features over 3.8 million Christmas lights illuminating a two-mile stretch, giving you a magical experience during the holiday season.

When arriving in Middletown, head to the Land of Illusion Adventure Park to start your travel adventure with an incredible experience.

Pedal through the Great Miami River Recreational Trail

The Great Miami River Recreational Trail stretches over 32 miles of paved bikeway throughout Miami County.

A part of the trail’s entire stretch covers Middletown, giving you more reasons to set out on an outdoor adventure.

It’s an excellent place to explore Middletown and neighboring cities and towns, whether you’re an avid cyclist, runner, or hiker.

Along the way, you’ll surely appreciate various sceneries ranging from urban skylines to woodlands, vast fields, and gorgeous river vistas.

In addition, the entire route of the Great Miami River Recreational Trail winds its way near parks, museums, downtown areas, and other attractions.

Don’t forget to bring your bike or hiking gear when visiting Middletown to explore this famous trail.

Take the Plunge at Start Skydiving

Start Skydiving is Middletown’s premier skydiving company which offers tandem sessions and training.

You can visit their headquarters along Runway Street.

They are best known for their top-notch skydiving experience that takes you 14,000 feet into the sky aboard one of their extensive fleet of planes.

If you’re too frightened, Start Skydiving has trained professionals who have already done countless skydiving sessions and training.

With that in mind, you should have a safe and memorable skydiving experience with them.

Don’t miss this experience with Start Skydiving, especially if you’re a thrill-seeker who wants to fly high in the sky.

Catch an Event at the Smith Park

Smith Park is where most of Middletown’s events happen.

You can visit this park along Tytus Avenue.

The park is home to Middletown’s annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, the Christmas Lights Display, sports activities, and other exciting events.

With that in mind, you mustn’t miss this park to catch some of the city’s sought-after activities.

Join locals and visitors to enjoy various shows, or perhaps have a lovely picnic with your family or friends in case there are no shows.

Besides being Middletown’s go-to venue for events, Smith Park has amenities such as a fishing area, picnic area, a children’s playground, restrooms, and a skatepark.

Marvel at the BeauVerre Riordan Stained Glass Studio

The BeauVerre Riordan Stained Glass Studio is one of the nation’s longest-operating glass studios.

You can visit this unique attraction along Central Avenue.

Formerly named Coulter and Finagin’s, the glass studio has operated since 1838.

Eventually, the studio adopted its new name after its one-time owner Gerald C. Riordan.

Likewise, the glass studio has passed Riordan’s excellent craftsmanship to the current owners, Jay and Linda Moorman, and their ten in-house artists.

They continue to create extraordinary glass works today, which you can see up close by visiting their studio.

See its kaleidoscope of glass artworks that virtually transports you to another dimension.

Its glass works range from stained glass to Tiffany windows and plenty more.

Don’t forget to list BeauVerre Riordan Stained Glass Studio for a one-of-a-kind experience in your itinerary.

Spot Rare War Planes at the Butler County Warbirds Museum

The Butler County Warbirds Museum is a vast museum featuring historic aircraft used during World War II.

You can visit this aircraft museum along Wedekind Drive.

A tour inside this museum housed in a hangar allows you to see up close and even ride one of the refurbished and well-preserved old fighter planes.

You will marvel at one of the planes displayed at the museum’s hangar; some even have combat experience.

Join guided tours and take advantage of the interactive programs at the Butler County Warbirds Museum to have a fantastic experience during your visit there.

Chug a Pint at the FigLeaf Brewing

Head to FigLeaf Brewing for a satisfying beer experience.

You can visit this local brewery along Cincinnati-Dayton Road.

This local brewery is a favorite watering hole for locals who love to spend their free hours indulging in top-notch craft beer.

It serves various flavors from its porters and innovative flavors, which you can enjoy with friends or yourself.

Besides its top-notch craft beer, FigLeaf Brewing also serves spirits and cocktails, which are as good as its beers.

In addition, you can pair their craft beer with their short orders, such as sandwiches, pizzas, and salads.

Pass the Time at Jacot Park

Jacot Park is one of Middletown’s most peaceful spots along Grand Avenue.

It mainly features picnic tables, playgrounds, hiking trails, and sports facilities.

Many locals love to spend their free time at this park to unwind and shake off stress after a busy day at work or school.

A visit to this park allows you to enjoy its peaceful ambiance, perfect for loosening up after a tiring day exploring Middletown.

Jacot Park has plenty of space to lay down your picnic blanket and basket and enjoy time with your friends or family.

Cast Your Line at the Triangle Fishing Lakes

Triangle Fishing Lakes is a popular fishing spot in the city along Franklin Madison Road.

It mainly boasts four lakes containing various fish species, particularly colossal catfish.

Many locals love to cast their lines at this popular fishing spot for a relaxing and worthwhile time.

Don’t worry if you forgot to pack your fishing gear.

Triangle Fishing Lakes has reels, tackles, rods, baits, and firewood available at their shop.

Embrace the Tranquility of Bull’s Run Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum

The Bull’s Run Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum serve as city parks and nature sanctuaries in Middletown.

You can visit this beautiful natural attraction along Rosedale Road.

This park mainly features a nature sanctuary, wildlife and bird feeding stations, and a garden.

Historically, this place was once a grazing pasture and served as the original boundary of Middletown in 1802.

Whether a nature lover or a simple outdoor enthusiast, you will love exploring this place.

Enjoy its tranquil ambiance while enjoying various outdoor activities.

Bull’s Run Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum is a worthwhile destination, especially if you want to connect with nature.

Learn Fascinating History at the Canal Museum

The Canal Museum along the Miami-Erie Canal once served as a vital waterway back in the 1800s.

Today, you can visit its museum, which displays some old canal remnants and other relevant historical artifacts.

The museum opens from April to October, and you can visit and join guided tours.

Inside, you’ll find various artifacts, including a replica of a lock tenders house, photographs, video presentations, and fascinating stuff relevant to the canal.

After its opening in 1982, the Canal Museum welcomed countless historical enthusiasts who wanted to uncover the fascinating history of the Miami-Erie Canal.

Drop by this fascinating museum if you’re up for more historical tours in Middletown.

Celebrate the Broad Street Bash with the Locals

The Broad Street Bash is an annual festival held every July in Middletown’s Bash Street.

This festival is a fun-filled day that celebrates the start of summer.

A series of festivities such as concerts, games, live entertainment, excellent food, and beer draws thousands of people throughout the region to celebrate this unique event.

It doesn’t have an admission fee so everyone can enjoy everything the festival features.

If you bring kids with you during the festival, it has a kid’s zone where they can enjoy themselves.

Don’t miss the Broad Street Bash and party with the locals!

See a Performance at the Sorg Opera House

Sorg Opera House along S. Main Street is one of Middletown’s best places for music lovers.

This classical theater has provided locals and visitors with top-notch shows for over 125 years, a significant part of the city’s history.

Like most historical sites, this one has also undergone numerous restorations and revitalizations to preserve its beauty and historical value.

Today, it remains one of Middletown’s best places to catch a concert.

It is a popular venue for rock bands, jazz musicians, cover bands, and plenty more performers.

This theater is an excellent place to experience live music, especially with friends or fellow music lovers.

Sorg Opera House can accommodate 1,200 guests.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Middletown is only the start of a bigger Ohio adventure.

Instead of going home, check out the other sights and activities near Middletown, Ohio.

Explore the Rentschler Forest MetroPark

Rentschler Forest MetroPark is a 400-acre natural attraction in Hamilton, Ohio, 16 minutes from Middletown.

The park comprises woodlands and wetlands, which serve as Hamilton’s best outdoor recreation destination.

Enjoy hiking through its three major trails, which take you to some of its most scenic spots.

Otherwise, hop on a bike and traverse the trails easier and faster.

It’s an idyllic location to spend time with, especially if you’re up for one more outdoor adventure with your family or friends.

You can enjoy plenty of things at the Rentschler Forest MetroPark, regardless of your plans.

Find Serenity at the Museum of Spiritual Art & Fine Art Gallery

Visit the Museum of Spiritual Art & Fine Art Gallery for some meaningful and solemn experience before wrapping up your Middletown travel adventure.

You can visit this unique museum in Franklin, Ohio, 11 minutes from Middletown.

This museum features artworks related to spirituality and religion.

Check out various masterpieces from well-known regional artists, whose works include paintings, sculptures, and plenty more.

Its artworks range from paintings, sculptures and plenty more.

See this museum’s Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other faith-based art.

Visit the Museum of Spiritual Art & Fine Art Gallery if you want to spend time in a solemn place.

At the same time, visiting this unique museum allows you to appreciate fantastic art that might soothe your spirit.

Final Thoughts

Middletown is an emerging travel destination in Ohio for many reasons.

Its vibrant community paired with colorful events and festivals, gorgeous parks, and well-preserved historical sites, makes Middletown an ideal travel destination.

Don’t forget to pin this post on the best things to do in Middletown, Ohio, to enjoy your next vacation!

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