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20 Best Things to Do in Mentor, OH

  • Published 2022/10/12

Mentor is a historical, scenic, family-friendly city in the northeastern part of Ohio that provides endless entertainment and fun opportunities.

From historic buildings to state parks and lakes, and a whole lot more—you’ll surely have the best time exploring the city!

Go on relaxing nature trips, hike the trails of scenic woodlands, be amazed by the plethora of scenic vistas in the city, immerse yourself in culture and history, and make new memories with your loved ones.

These are just some of the endless things to can enjoy at Mentor, Ohio.

So if you’re planning a trip to this charming city soon, here are the 20 best things to do on your visit to Mentor!

Visit the Home of the 20th U.S. President at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site

Majestic grey building at James A. Garfield National Historic Site

Jeffrey M. Frank /

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon, visiting the James A. Garfield National Historic Site is a must on your trip to Mentor!

The James A. Garfield National Historic Site plays host to a variety of programs and educational materials that educate visitors on the life and legacy of James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States.

The house is equipped with the original 1880s furnishings and antique Victorian furniture, with 80% of the pieces that belonged to President Garfield and his family.

Windmill at James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio

Zack Frank /

You can stand on the front porch where the late president conducted his front porch campaign, a notable event in his political career.

Take a guided walking tour around the house for a more informative experience and stroll around the peaceful property.

Make it a point to visit this historic home today to learn and pay tribute to the late U.S. president.

Take a Casual Stroll at the Wildwood Cultural Center and Park

Mentor is a city of many treasures, and one of the best is Wildwood Cultural Center & Park.

Located along Little Mountain Road just north of downtown Mentor, the estate was built in 1908 by the John G. Oliver family and purchased by the city of Mentor in 1980.

The area’s natural beauty draws people from all over to explore or relax in this lovely park filled with lush trees and beautiful gardens, making for a relaxing afternoon under the sunshine.

The park features 34 acres of scenic hiking trails where you can stop by and admire the flora and fauna of the area and have a picnic surrounded by the park’s expansive grassy areas.

The Wildwood Cultural Center and Park is the perfect place to visit if you want to spend a laid-back day surrounded by nature.

Take a Nature Trip at the Carol H. Sweet Nature Center

Suppose you need a place to go to enjoy the calming natural environment, meet some wildlife and see beautiful fall colors.

In that case, the Carol H. Sweet Nature Center is the place for you!

This serene nature center is the go-to destination if you want a relaxed and non-strenuous outdoor adventure.

The boardwalk at the center is an easy walk that leads out into the marsh connected along the Lake Erie shoreline.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city in this nature respite in Mentor, where you can hike, meditate, and enjoy nature.

Make sure to bring some insect repellant to protect you from pesky bug bites so you can enjoy a comfortable nature trip.

Spend a Fun-Filled Day at Eleanor B Garfield Park

Outdoor swimming? Soccer fields? A playground? These are just a few of the many amenities you can enjoy at Eleanor B. Garfield Park!

This charming park is located right in the heart of Mentor, which covers an area of 65 acres.

The park features a play area for the youngsters, ball fields, courts, and a five-acre fishing pond.

There are plenty of places to enjoy some fresh air, have a picnic, or just relax with a good book and your favorite snack.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting the wonderful city, you’ll want to be sure to stop by Eleanor B Garfield Park.

Learn about Native American Heritage at the Indian Museum of Lake County

If you enjoy learning about Native American history, the Indian Museum of Lake County is a must-visit.

The collection of historical artifacts and museum exhibits engages your senses and immerse you into the heritage of Native American history.

The Indian Museum of Lake County may be small, but it provides an opportunity to learn about the rich Native American culture of the region.

The museum offers tours, group programs, and workshops for all ages for a more educational and immersive experience learning about America’s heritage.

A visit to this museum will promote and cultivate a cultural connection to the ancient past.

Enjoy the Cascading Sounds of the Water at Overlook Beach Park

Enjoy a lakefront view while having a picnic with friends and family at Overlook Beach Park.

This quaint park in Mentor features a play area, a picnic area with BBQ grills, and a breathtaking view of the waters.

You can let the youngsters have their time in the playground while you enjoy a good book as you listen to the sounds of the water crashing on the shore.

The Overlook Beach Park is a great little spot if you want to have a picnic, go strolling, or watch the sun disappear to the horizon.

Make sure to include this hidden gem on your itinerary list if you want to spend a tranquil time on your trip to Mentor.

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Veterans’ Memorial Park

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the beauty of nature in Mentor, Ohio, Veterans’ Memorial Park is the place for you.

The park features hiking trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, playgrounds, and much more.

Cast your fishing lines in the central pond to reel in some fresh catch, take a stroll through the trails, or sit on a bench to read a book—there are so many things to do at Veterans’ Memorial Park!

Don’t forget to pack some snacks and have a picnic under the shade of trees while enjoying the breathtaking views of nature.

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles across the country to experience Mother Nature at her finest; the Veterans’ Memorial Park in Mentor is the perfect place to see stunning vistas with an abundance of wildlife.

See Life-Sized Fiberglass Animals at Judy’s Jungle

If you’re looking for a fun and quirky place to take the youngsters, Judy’s Jungle is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Mentor!

Judy’s Jungle is a sprawling garden with plenty of life-sized fiberglass animals hiding in plain sight.

This small, quirky garden is the perfect place to take children of all ages to delight them with huge animal sculptures.

Take a stroll through the garden, snap some pictures with the fiberglass animals, and have the youngsters guess the name of each animal!

This hidden gem is a must-visit if you’re looking for a quick yet fascinating roadside stop on your trip to Mentor.

Have a Picnic at the Mentor Beach Park Pavilion

If you’re looking for a great place to let loose, enjoy the sun, and see the glistening waters of the lake, then visit Mentor Beach Park!

Enjoy the sound of waves breaking gently along the shore, dip your toes in the water, and watch the sunset over the lake.

The park features a play area for children of all ages, swings by the lake, and benches to sit on and relax.

With nature’s beauty at every turn, you’ll find Mentor Beach Park as the best place to relax and have a picnic with the family.

At Mentor Beach Park, you can take your time and have a breather from your daily stresses at a relaxed pace.

Go Ice Skating at the Mentor Civic Ice Arena

Cool temperatures and great fun abound in this charming little arena just waiting to be discovered.

The Mentor Civic Ice Arena is a must-visit if you enjoy the classic family fun spent ice skating.

The arena features a studio rink for beginners to get their bearings before heading out to the big rink.

There is a concession stand for tasty foods and beverages to take a break and a pro shop for all skating equipment and accessories.

Whether you’re planning to host a birthday party, watch hockey games, or learn ice skating, they got everything you need all under one roof!

Tee Off at Black Brook Golf Course & Practice Center

Whether you’re starting in golf or a pro golfer, you can find your unique piece of paradise at Black Brook Golf Course & Practice Center in Mentor.

Black Brook Golf Course & Practice Center is an absolute must for beginners and experienced players with its beautiful location and playing area.

This charming golf course features a practice facility designed to improve your game, and they also offer golf lessons for beginners.

After your tee time, don’t head out to their snack bar to get some hearty foods and cool off with a drink for an energy boost.

If you can’t go on a weekend getaway without golf, make sure to book your tee time at the Black Brook Golf Course and Practice Center.

Get Lost in Nature at the Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve & Marina

Imagine spending your day walking aimlessly on miles of hiking trails, cruising around a pristine lake on your kayak, and then ending the day by casting your line in the water.

This is exactly what the Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve and Marina has to offer!

Located along the shores of Lake Erie, the Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve & Marina offers visitors an alternative way of spending time while focusing on nature and exploration.

This place is the perfect nature respite among the suburbia if you’re looking to enjoy some fresh air.

Surround yourself with peace and tranquility on a nature trip to Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve and Marina.

Watch Live Performances at Mentor Civic Amphitheater

If you enjoy watching live concerts and being part of the roaring crowd, then check out what’s up at the Mentor Civic Amphitheater!

This expansive amphitheater hosts over 80 major and minor events year-round to bind the community of Mentor.

You can watch a range of performances like rock festivals, pop, trendy music concerts, classical shows, and more!

There are food trucks around the area so that you can pair your concert experience with some snacks and drinks for a fun event night.

Enjoy live concerts at Mentor Civic Amphitheater and have the best time getting acquainted with the community of Mentor.

Go Shopping at Great Lakes Mall

A weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without a bit of splurging for souvenir items to take home from your trip.

Make it a point to stop by the expansive Great Lakes Mall for a day of shopping on your trip to Mentor.

The Great Lakes Mall was once the largest shopping center in the U.S. when it first opened in the 1960s, and it continues to expand to cater to all shopper’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for something trendy, unique, or quirky, this mall has everything covered!

After a stroll through the shops, you have plenty of restaurants to choose from, offering whatever you’re craving.

You can never go wrong with a trip to the mall because there’s so much to do at the Great Lakes Mall!

Book Your Stay at the Historic Steele Mansion Inn and Gathering Hub

If you’re looking for a cozy place to stay on your vacation to Mentor, make sure to book a room at the Steele Mansion Inn and Gathering Hub!

This charming inn was built in the 1860s for the wealthy-businessman George W. Steele; the mansion is now placed on the National Registry for Historic Buildings.

The Steele Mansion Inn and Gathering hub is more than just a hotel—it boasts lavishly decorated rooms to ensure comfort and enjoyment for the guests.

Whether you’re on a romantic weekend getaway, having a family gathering, or on a business trip, this hotel is the perfect place to stay!

Enjoy the eclectic combination of history with modern comforts on your stay at the Steele Mansion Inn and Gathering Hub.

Have a Break from Life and Visit the Himalayan Salt Cave

The proprietor of a Himalayan Salt Cave is Debbie Greenhouse.

The Cave is a peaceful, tranquil location where everyone can unwind and breathe fresh air.

Feel free to leave your seat and experiment with the salt.

Salt is only released into the air by stirring it up on the floor, increasing the amount you breathe in.

They maintain a humidity level of 50 to 60 percent and a temperature in the Cave of roughly 70 to 73 degrees.

Their Salt Cave system is entirely made of Pakistani Himalayan Salt and has no chemical ingredients.

In the Himalayan Salt Cave lobby area, there are safe lockers where you may store your belongings.

Engage in Fun Activities at RollHouse Mentor

The mission of RollHouse Mentor has been to provide a neighborhood space where people can take a break from life problems and enjoy time since they bought their first bowling alley nearly 30 years ago!

In addition to cosmic bowling and open bowling RollHouse Mentor also features a gaming room, sports bar, escape room, and league bowling where you may compete against some of Mentor’s top bowlers.

Try one of the refreshing specialty cocktails and browse its many wine and beer options.

You may also have a snack from their menu of fries, Bavarian pretzels, Perla pierogies, nachos, chicken tenders, and quesadillas.

Celebrate your child’s birthday and select from several packages, including food and game choices.

Avail the Services at Mystic Yoga Tribe

To establish a venue that is friendly to anyone concerned with healthy living through yoga, fitness programs, meditation, nourishment, and holistic healing, Mystic Yoga Tribe’s partnership of instructors and wellness specialists joined forces.

Mystic Yoga is introducing brand-new holistic spa treatments, an infrared sauna, and an apothecary with holistic health items in addition to a fresh studio, new classes, and new instructors.

They provide a wide variety of programs and services for people of all ages, levels of expertise, and abilities.

Since September, they have begun offering live lessons.

Individual sessions are ideal for those interested in developing their practice or those who are beginners to yoga and want to explore more.

Try the Fresh Pizza at TJ’s on the Avenue

The Pulling family has owned and run TJ’s on the Avenue, an Italian eatery, since 1992.

The full menu is readily available for takeout, and inexpensive catering options are also offered.

Along with the numerous distinct pasta meals, the menu features a variety of chicken and veal entrees.

All meals include limitless salad or homemade soup as a side dish.

They specialize in making fresh daily bread, sauces, and pasta from scratch.

Try one of their fresh, daily-made pizzas or calzones, which are likewise produced utilizing only the best ingredients.

Shop for Products at Helicopter Daughter

Helicopter Daughter was founded due to a personal endeavor to balance daily obligations, a healthy self-care routine, and general wellness, particularly when dealing with cancer or other illnesses.

They are a carefully chosen Boutique & Bookstore housed in Mentor, Ohio’s Matchworks Building.

The Helicopter Daughter supports environmentally friendly businesses and works to choose goods that are produced from recycled materials and follow the same principles.

Additionally, they try to choose goods produced locally or in the United States by skilled craftsmen.

They provide a range of natural skin care items from American and local businesses, including lotions, body wash, lip scrubs, and face cleansers.

They have a lot of delicious, organic foods that enhance immunity.

Final Thoughts

The city of Mentor is the perfect getaway destination if you’re looking to spend your time going on nature trips, learning about history, and simply having fun with classic bonding activities.

If you’re planning a trip to Mentor soon, make sure to reference this list for a time away from home brimming with adventures!

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