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15 Best Things to Do in Painesville, OH

  • Published 2022/12/01

Painesville’s natural scenery can whisk you away to a peaceful oasis and an exciting journey into the past.

You’ll find the lovely city of Painesville nestled away in one of Lake County’s hidden gems along the peaceful Grand River.

This seven-square-mile location is perfect for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous day trip.

Enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, historical sites, and other leisure activities.

Here are some of the best things to do in Painesville, Ohio:

See the Captivating Sunset at Painesville Township Park

Wooden bench at Painesville Township Park

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Since its renovation in 1991, the stunning 37-acre Painesville Township Park, situated on Lake Erie’s shore, has grown to become one of Ohio’s most well-known tourist destinations.

Painesville Township Park on Hardy Road offers a variety of sports facilities, including baseball diamonds, a dance floor, and picnic areas.

The park also has an open-air pavilion, children’s playground, and beach available to the public.

You can take in some sea breeze at the seashore pier while enjoying the magical and romantic golden hour.

Make sure to follow the park rulesdo not feed the animals or swim at the beach.

You can explore the park on a bike and enjoy all of the other features that it has to offer.

Step Back in Time at The Lake County Historical Center

By attending the historical events or partaking in the activities at Lake County Historical Center, you will gain a more profound understanding of this town.

This historical location at Riverside Drive offers many enjoyable activities, such as viewing artifacts, touring old houses, learning how to barter as people did in the past, and discussing home life for pioneers.

All of these make a trip here worthwhile.

The candle-making activities offered at the center are also enjoyable, so reserve some for your take-home souvenirs!

The main reason people visit Lake County Historical Center is to play the thrilling game of survival at the center’s General Store.

There’s also a Pioneer school, which is a great activity for friends and kids alike.

To get more immersed in the historical activities, don’t forget to ask a staff member if they can lend you one of the available period costumes.

Saddle Up at Bristol Knight Farms

Try new experiences on your trip, like the equestrian retreat at Bristol Knight Farms on Vrooman Road.

This horse ranch offers the best care for all breeds of horses for a safe riding experience.

You can choose your preferred horse and enjoy horseback riding in any of their three barns.

Experience the serene, lavish amenities of Bristol Knight Farm.

No hour is wasted in your saddle adventure here!

Try Riverfront Camping along the Grand River at Indian Point Park

Grand River flowing through the Indian Point Park

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Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the serene sounds of a river flowing and eagles soaring elegantly overhead?

Regardless of who you’re with, exploring Paine Creek and enjoying Indian Point Park‘s breathtaking views of the Grand River valley will help you make the most of your time together.

You can engage in various outdoor pursuits in Indian Point Park’s 644 acres, including biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, and more.

Along the wild and beautiful Grand River, pitch your tent and take in the sounds of nature while you go fishing, birdwatching, rafting, and enjoying some smoky barbecues.

You can also enjoy the historical park’s playground if you’re with your kids.

Enjoy your surreal stroll through the woods of Indian Point Park at Seeley Road!

Explore the Beauty of Beaty Landing

Visit Beaty Landing on East Walnut Street for an unforgettable experience, whether you’re looking to relax, explore nature, or soak up the sun.

With its gorgeous meadow pastures and stunning views of the Grand River, Beaty Landing has something for everyone.

In addition to geocaching and hiking adventures, Beaty Landing offers biking, bird watching, boating, and fishing.

While exploring the 1.6-mile loop trail with a picturesque overlook that will lead you to a view of Grand River, you can expect to see bald eagles, nesting and migrating songbirds, and even a variety of mammals.

You need to find the ideal spot near a river’s edge to catch the biggest and best fish.

Then set up your portable seat so you can get close to the water’s depths.

Get ready to paddle your kayak to the closest Grand River access point, visible from the parking area.

Take your picnic to the next level by enjoying delicious food with friends or family at Beaty Landing Shelter.

Watch Exciting Races at Lake County Speedway

Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling race at Lake County Speedway on Fairport Nursery Road!

While enjoying a refreshing beer, you can root for your chosen racer and join in on the fun atmosphere of the race.

With public go-kart rentals, Lake County offers an interactive experience that other racetracks lack.

Not only can you watch the races at their speedway tracks, but you can also race yourself!

Spend your evening racing on a figure-8 track at Lake County Speedway and get immersed in your own racing adventure!

Drop by Morley Library

Exterior view of Morley Library

JaGa, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of Painesville’s most famous landmarks is the Morley Library, which was constructed in 1899.

Morley Library is the perfect destination for anyone interested in ancient or modern history.

With its extensive collections of historical books, you’re sure to find something that will capture your interest.

This century-old structure offers interactive games and art activities.

Spend some quiet time expanding your reading experience with a new range of works, including historical and graphic novels.

Explore Jordan Creek Park

Jordan Creek Park on Alexander Road provides enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family, including climbing, creeking, ropes, and rock climbing.

Your kids will have fun running to the slopes at the Adventure Play area and climbing over the wooden suspension bridge.

They can practice their balance on beams and logs, short zip lines, ropes, and obstacle courses.

Jordan Creek Park’s waterfall lake is best enjoyed with creeking activities, so bring extra clothing and water shoes.

Finish your tour by stopping at the Environmental Learning Center, where your kids can engage in interactive games, crafts, and informative displays while also learning under microscopes.

Sail with Riverbend Marina Inc.

Thanks to Riverbend Marino Inc. on Blackbrook Road, your best sailing experience is at your fingertips.

Join their sailing adventure and enjoy the beautiful Grand River vista.

On your sail, you can take advantage of fantastic fishing possibilities.

End your day by kayaking down the Grand River, starting from Masons Landing Metropolitan Park and ending at Hidden Valley river.

Enjoy Relaxing Views at Paine Falls Park

Mesmerizing view of Paine Falls Park

Mikhalis Makarov /

Paine Creek plunges 25 feet below and spreads to an 80-foot width in Paine Falls Park, the park’s focal point.

This park on Paine Road provides outdoor recreation, including a short hiking track leading to stunning falls.

You’ll be astounded at its exquisite surrounding cluster of branches, leaves, and flowers.

Closer view of Paine Falls Park

Crystal Cogswell /

Watch the waterfalls while listening to the sounds of nature.

You can also picnic amid nature’s beauty within Paine Falls Park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Seeking additional refuge in nature and other adventures?

Buckle up because there are more activities waiting for you nearby!

Have Some Outdoor Fun at Beach State Park

Sand sculpture at Headlands Beach State Park

Tim Hutchison /

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the 10-minute drive from Painesville to the incredible Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor!

On your stroll, hike, or bike ride, take in the natural stunning view of the forest and the majestic ocean.

Headlands Beach State Park is the perfect place to spend quality time with your friends and family, no matter the season.

Lighthouse at Headlands Beach State Park

Ekaterina Cratcha /

Go fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating in the warmer months, or go sledding and skiing when it’s cold outside.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the park’s many shelters!

Take advantage of the opportunity to go fishing at the park’s eastern end to catch smallmouth and largemouth fish such as rock bass, bluegill, walleye, coho salmon, yellow perch, walleye, and more.

Soak up the sun and enjoy your beach vacation at Ohio’s largest natural sand beach!

Driftwood at Headlands Beach State Park

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Test Your Wits at Escapology Escape Rooms

Escapology Escape Rooms in Mentor, located 13 minutes from Painesville, is the perfect place to take a break from your historical and outdoor adventures.

The tricky attractions in this real-life escape game will test the skills of up to six players.

Discovering the secret to an escape room will be fun, and so will uncovering clues and solving mysterious riddles.

If you’re confident enough, you can go through every chamber in the Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle adventure and take on the challenge of saving your community.

You can also play as a hero with your team and save the world at Antidote or run out of oxygen at the Under Pressure escape-themed room.

A lot of variety-themed escape rooms await you at Escapology Escape Rooms.

Do you have what it takes to get out?

Explore the Gardens at Holden Arboretum Escapade

Pond at Holden Arboretum Escapade

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At Holden Arboretum, you can have outdoor adventures while enjoying the beauty of nature.

The Arboretum is located in Kirtland and is only a 23-minute drive from Painesville.

One of the county’s largest arboretums, with a total of 3,500 acres, it provides a wonderful opportunity to explore a variety of native, rare, and exotic flowers alongside native plants in a carefully tended garden.

The Holden Arboretum also offers a tour where guests can explore the forest and gardens.

If you want something more thrilling, there’s a 500-foot-long, elevated Murch Canopy Walk Bridge within the premises.

It’s 65 feet off the ground and provides breathtaking forest views!

If you’re daring enough to take on an extreme adventure, you can try climbing the 120-foot-tall or 12-story-tall Kalberer Emergent Tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the forest and the surrounding landscape all the way to Lake Eerie.

A private camping tour with amazing and enjoyable activities for you and your family is also available if you want to extend your adventure here.

You can finish your Holden Arboretum adventure with a rewarding tree-planting experience before you leave.

Live Out Your Fairytale Fantasy at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace in Rock Creek, where you can experience medieval life, is only a 28-minute drive from Painesville.

A park in the middle of the forest with a renaissance theme offers visitors a fairytale experience complete with live performances, musical productions, and delicious food.

There are also numerous entertaining activities to enjoy at this medieval fair.

You will encounter generous damsels, common villagers having a good time, and knights battling for the Queen’s favor.

Come in your best medieval garb, whether it be of a queen or king, or even a pirate, for Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace’s themed weekends!

Soak up Mesmerizing Views at Squire’s Castle

Curvy pathway leading to the entrance of Squire’s Castle

Henryk Sadura /

Squire’s Castle‘s historical ruins in Cleveland are accessible via a 26-minute drive from Painesville.

The castle’s historic architecture provides a glimpse into the 19th century.

For awe-inspiring views of the magnificent natural architecture, stroll through the castle’s interior and up the tower’s stairs.

Facade of the mesmerizing Squire’s Castle

Jacob Rosquist /

There are many things to do here, like biking or hiking a trail through the forest.

The wide open spaces in front of the castle are a wonderful place for your family to spend more time together for a picnic or outdoor games.

Enjoy the enchanting view and peaceful ambiance of Squire’s Castle while you’re away from the city.

Interior view of Squire’s Castle

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Final Thoughts

Hideaway adventures in Painesville will surely leave you with some of the best memories.

This town is perfect for a seasonal respite, with outdoor areas and historical sites to visit regardless of the time of year.

Whether it’s winter or summer, day or night, you’ll find plenty to do.

Experience these best things to do in Painesville, Ohio, and discover the wonders of this picturesque city.

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