15 Best Things to Do in Medicine Park, OK

Medicine Park
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Touted by many as having one of the spectacular views in Oklahoma, Medicine Park is a small, historic, and picturesque town that sits like an oasis right in between the outskirts of the beautiful Wichita Mountains.

The town has an enduring reputation as a prohibitionist hotbed — prospering during the gold rush days of the Wild West era and drawing everyone.

Cobblestone architecture is a concept native to the area and is found in most structures.

It's an incredibly friendly small town and its gorgeous landscape makes it stand out as one of Oklahoma's most popular towns.

Here you can take a lazy afternoon walk down a scenic trail or hike up a mountain to see the view of Bath Lake or Medicine Creek.

Dine at fine exotic delicacies and watch the sunset over the Wichita Mountains.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Medicine Park, Oklahoma:

Watch Some Wildlife at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

A Texas longhorn grazing the open field during golden hour.
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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a diverse ecosystem filled with an abundance of flora and fauna that call it home.

It's America's oldest and one of its most prestigious national wildlife refuges.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is home to endless breathtaking views and experiences that rival any safari.

Thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their conservation efforts, there are more animals you can get up-close and personal with.

Wichita Mountains entrance post, with tall trees behind it.
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The wildlife refuge includes 59,020 acres of native mixed-grass prairie.

Some of the land in this area is open for visitors to relax, camp, picnic, or enjoy some shade.

The rest of it is protected so that wildlife can live free and wild (but you can always appreciate them on the trails or from your campsite).

Some areas might have bison or rattlesnakes, so be careful!

Beautiful view of the sunset and the blue sky.
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Browse Medicine Creek Olive Oil for the Finest Oils, Spices, and Vinegar

Medicine Creek Olive Oil is serious about olive oil.

They're a family-run company that specializes in providing you only the best shopping experience when it comes to the best olive oils, vinegar, and healthful products all over the world.

You can buy all their oils, spices, and vinegar at their shop on 213A East Lake Drive.

Soak some up at this shop in historic Medicine Park, where you can dabble in more than 25 types of olive oil. from unique flavors to regular old extra virgin varieties, as well as specialty blends and gift sets.

The Medicine Creek Olive Oil Shop is available every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Catch Animal Feeding Shows at Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Home

Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Home is dedicated to keeping native wildlife safe by teaching visitors about local flora and fauna in an interactive, eco-tourism experience.

Enjoy getting lost in the mystique of more than 90 fish, amphibian, reptile, and mammal species held under one roof, along with a six-acre botanical garden featuring many plants indigenous to this corner of civilization called Oklahoma.

Located on Highway 49 at the entrance of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, this facility has a lot to offer, such as shows, live animals, talks, and tours that are sure to inspire learning both young and old.

The animals you'll hang out with here include otters, electric eels, piranha, paddlefish, and archerfish.

As for the tickets, you can get them in the Fish Camp Gift Shop.

Watch Plays at Discovery Outpost Performing Arts Inc.

You’ll be struck by three things when you see a play at Discovery Outpost Performing Arts Inc.

First, it will seem like everyone knows everyone else in town.

Second, you’ll marvel at how enthusiastically they respond to whatever is going on onstage.

And third, you’ll think of how much fun it would be if more people got together with friends and neighbors more often for live performances.

Discovery Outpost is a non-profit Performing Arts studio in Medicine Park, OK.

Many talented members of the youth community find their home there, where they can develop the various aspects of their artistic lifestyles.

The studio offers students ages six and up the opportunity to learn Kids' choir, voice and piano lessons, and age-appropriate theatre classes.

Their most successful productions thus far include "The Beauty and the Beast," "Alice In Wonderland," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Charlotte's Web."

Grab a Drink at Nice Ice Baby Medicine Park

Nice Ice Baby is a nice spot to get yourself a drink.

The staff who work there are amicable and welcoming.

They make delicious drinks that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Take, for example, the slushies, which are blended with specific amounts of alcohol so you'll have the taste of alcohol in every sip.

And you'll be more impressed with their ambiance, their drinks, and everything that this cafe has to offer

They also offer stunning pictures of close-by nature, landscapes, and animals.

By the way, a local eight-year-old girl who is incredibly talented for her age took these pictures.

You'll be amazed at how these photos are simply breathtaking that it's so refreshing for anyone who appreciates photography in general.

Go Primitive Camping at Medicine Park Primitive Campground

If you are looking for a fun place to go primitive camping in Oklahoma, then take a trip out to Medicine Park.

At Medicine Park Primitive Campground, you’ll be able to camp right on one of Nature’s best beaches on Lake Lawtonka.

You can get permits near the park entrance; it's just outside at the Medicine Park Town Hall.

A porta potty is onsite for your convenience.

Overall, it’s an excellent place for an affordable vacation that you won’t soon forget.

Trek the Medicine Park Black Trail Loop

In Medicine Park, there is a hiking trail known as the Medicine Park Black Trail Loop.

The trail loop starts on a gravel road, Merry Circle Drive.

You'll want to wear good shoes because there's lots of steep climbing involved in this trail, and your calves and legs will definitely be feeling it afterward.

But the climb is worth it when you reach the summit for views of the town of Medicine Park and Lake Lawtonka!

After a short yet challenging climb up to the summit, that area can be somewhat rugged on the trail, and you'll continue at a more consistent elevation but still climb over your fair share of boulders.

If you head over to the eastern part of the loop, there are nice views well worth checking out if you've got some extra time.

The final leg of this route winds through more rocks climbs, and descents with a forested bumpy downhill section called "Itchy-Scratchy" as a finale.

Enjoy a Slice of Splashing Fun in Bath Lake

Bath Lake Waterfalls with green trees around it.
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When the summer comes to town, don't forget about making a splash of fun with your family at Bath Lake in Medicine Park.

Bring along your favorite inflatable raft or pool noodle to play in these granite waters and cool down from the summer sun.

You can dive into the clean, crystal-clear waters of the local Medicine Creek.

The clear waters of bath lake.
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If you have little ones, there's plenty of room to splash in the shallow kiddie pool.

The lake remains at a steady temperate, so people can jump in, free from the initial shock of frigid waters.

It's sure to be a splash-tastic time for all!

The lake is also great for fishing during winter seasons, so be sure to check it out if you're looking to catch some trout.

Enter a World of Tranquil Peace at Cabin By The Lake

Cabin by the Lake is a spectacular cabin that sits next to a private lake.

The king-sized master bedroom comes with an amazing jacuzzi tub, shower, and flat-screen TV.

This cozy interior cabin also includes a living room area, with a sleeper sofa, kitchen/dining area, and wood-burning fireplace for those chilly evenings by the lakeside.

Rest assured that this particular cabin is situated on lush grounds and is up to 4 people maximum occupancy total.

Outdoors, there’s a large screened porch with an outside fire pit.

While at this pet-friendly cabin, you will enter a world of tranquil peace far from Wi-Fi or cell phones at our escape in the woods.

Experience Cozy Living at Harper's Landing

If you're looking for an option besides Cabin by the Lake, you might like to check out Harper's Landing.

It's a beautiful waterfront guesthouse located between Gondola Lake and the base of Mt. Scott.

The guesthouse has a king-size bed and a queen-size sleeper sofa that are equally comfortable and a fireplace, perfect for cuddling in front of on cold winter evenings.

You have your own fully stocked kitchen where you can whip up warm meals if you want or just warm up leftovers from your local favorite takeout place if that sounds better.

Gorgeously remodeled bathrooms are another highlight.

Hang Out at Park Tavern

Park Tavern is a modern tavern in a little-known part of Medicine Park that is practically paradise when you come to think of it.

Not only do they have stellar drinks to satiate your taste buds, but they also have bar games to meet your competitive needs.

There's an outdoor patio with a view that's perfect for getting together with your friends or coworkers.

Don't worry about coming alone because regular live performances are played by Fire Angel Karaoke, where you can actually go up on stage and sing along.

You don't even have to drink or smoke since it has a great non-smoking atmosphere, which makes this place all the better.

After all, it does carry craft beer from Kochendorfer Brewing company!

Go on a Guided Outdoor Adventure with Base Camp Adventure Outfitters

There's no better way to have an adventure vacation than to explore some epic trails in Medicine Park Village in Oklahoma.

The guided bike and paddle tours offered by Base Camp Adventure Outfitters are perhaps the best way to see it all, with local trail guides from the area who know which rides take you through the most scenic parts.

They not only rent out bikes, paddleboards, and kayaks but they can help plan your itinerary so that you don't miss anything amazing.

The staff here are many friendly people willing to sit and share or assist with any of your outdoor adventure needs.

And Base Camp Adventure Outfitters is also an amazing way to experience Medicine Park's beautiful parks.

Buy Souvenir from Discovery Outpost

Discovery Outpost is a cabin filled with goodies and games aimed at kids and adults alike.

The shop has a curriculum for all ages, which will take you on an adventure of discovery, learning about the world around you through informative books and games.

The toys in this place are unlike any other; they're special because they'll help your child learn in a fun way by encouraging them to explore their own interests.

Among the unique displays you'll find in the gift shop is the 10” inch scale model replica of the historic Ark of Noah.

And as a bonus, the classes teach kids about God's creation and give them a great time doing it as well.

But if they're not convinced with "the narrative," there's a corner in this gift shop that is for people who want to challenge what they think about history.

Eat Tacos at Chad's El Sabores Mexican Restaurant

When you want to cozy up and tuck into a big bowl of home-style tacos and taste the familiar flavors cured with softness and family passion, there is always Chad's El Sabor restaurant.

This small-town gem will pamper your palate with mouthwatering cuisine that is simply unforgettable.

Enjoy their chicken, beef, and seafood tacos while sipping on an ice-cold margarita on their large outdoor patio.

The atmosphere does not distract from the vibrant food or drinks served here.

Whether you choose inside seating or outside, parking should not be too much of an issue.

You can simply pull right up to the back door because there's plenty of space behind the building.

Chad's El Sabores Mexican Restaurant is hands down the best Mexican restaurant in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

Explore Lake Lawtonka Dam Area

Lawtonka Dam is a stunning part of Medicine Park and Lake Lawtonka that's perfect for viewing scenic landscapes and getting outdoors.

If you ever find yourself here without many other people, it can feel almost serene.

You can find this slow-paced setting at the east end of Lake Lawtonka Dam, where there is ample parking for your convenience.

And although there are no dedicated facilities on site, pets are allowed in some areas while hiking or biking along the trails that stretch out from the west end of the dam.

No boat or watercraft rentals are available, but there are plenty of flat surfaces surrounding it, perfect for fishing and picnicking.

Final Thoughts

Medicine Park in Oklahoma is a place where thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike can find exactly what they’re looking for.

The town has plenty to offer all kinds of outdoor lovers, like top-notch cabins, and musings into the finest varieties of olive oils.

Animal feeding shows aren't neglected either; you'll find them by the dozen at the Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Home.

Nature parks are another major feature here for those who like to get away from it all but still enjoy some stunning birdwatching spots.

If you're seeking a place for your next weekend's holiday with the family or want to catch up with old friends, this is the place to go!

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