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20 Best Things to Do in McComb, MS

  • Published 2022/11/04

Mississippi is undeniably a wonderful travel destination for those who want to skip the usual tropical white-sand beaches and skyscraper cities.

This southern state is popular for its southern comfort food, unique culture, and heritage that are simply interesting to explore.

Among the 299 cities and towns incorporated into Mississippi, McComb, a town in Pike County, has an interesting history waiting to be discovered.

The town became an important place for the black civil rights movements in the 50s and 60s.

It became one of the staging grounds for the Mississippi Movement during the pivotal years of the state’s civil rights struggle.

Despite its history, the town has a humble backstory.

The town was founded in 1872 by railroad magnate Henry Simpson McComb.

When McComb moved the railroad’s maintenance hub from New Orleans, people started moving in the town.

His decision gave birth to the town named after him and transformed it into a thriving community that eventually became a haven for people who fought for equal rights.

Today, McComb maintained its small-town appeal while the world lived a fast-paced life.

McComb is the epitome of what a laid-back far-flung town feels and looks like.

Despite its sleepy atmosphere, there are dozens of exciting things you can do in this town.

Since it’s a two-hour drive north of New Orleans in Louisiana and an hour drive south of Jackson, McComb is a wonderful destination to escape the city’s bustle.

So, what’s in store for you in this place in the heart of Mississippi?

Read on to find out the 20 best things to do in McComb.

Stroll along Percy Quin State Park

Sunset at Percy Quin State Park

Bart Everson from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Percy Quin State Park is considered the largest open space in McComb.

It covers 1,700 acres of lush greeneries, a 700-acre lake, and a beautiful golf course, making it a perfect place for exciting outdoor activities.

The place offers you a beautiful and colorful backdrop of nature which also calls for picture-taking.

It’s also a nice place to take your family for an afternoon stroll or picnic.

Or perhaps spend some time luring your line at its lake where you can catch local fish like trout and bass.

Check Out the McComb Recreation Department

Before outlining your visit to McComb and its nearby places, you should check out the McComb Recreation Department, a visitor center in town.

It is where you’ll get the best and most recommended attractions, restaurants, shops, and things to do in and around town.

Aside from being the town’s visitor center, the McComb Recreation Department also oversees the town’s parks, natural attractions, waterways, recreation facilities, and programs for locals and visitors.

The McComb Recreation Department has a friendly staff that will gamely answer your questions and offers you pro tips to enjoy your visit in town.

Join the Scenic Rivers Development Alliance’s Outdoor Adventure

If you’re seeking exciting outdoor activities in McComb, the Scenic Rivers Development Alliance offers guided tours, including recreational activities in and around the town.

The group, which operates and is based in McComb, offers visitors guided tours around Pike County’s natural attractions.

They conduct guided tours at the Bogue Chitto Water Park, Ethel Stratton Natural Area, Clark Creek Natural Area, Percy Quin State Park, and Wilkinson County State Park.

The group offers outdoor recreational activities like swimming, tubing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, and horseback riding.

They also offer camping from the designated campsites of the attractions mentioned above.

Shop and Dine at the Uptown McComb

Despite being a small town, McComb boasts an upscale indoor shopping mall, the Uptown McComb.

This mall located on the intersection between Veterans Boulevard and Interstate 55 is home to dozens of specialty shops and mainstream brands offering you virtually anything you need.

The mall’s welcoming atmosphere and convenient access make it a perfect place for leisure.

Uptown McComb features brands like Bath and Body Works, Accessories Unlimited, Claire’s, Footlocker, Gamestop, GNC, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Ashley HomeStore, and Belk.

You can also choose nice dining options from American comfort food, Chinese, and Mexican.

Play Sports at Lions Park

Lions Park in McComb is adjacent to the Southwest Regional Medical Center and the Denman Junior High School, making it a popular hang-out place for locals.

However, it’s more than just a place to unwind since the park has numerous sports facilities like baseball fields, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

You can join locals for an afternoon baseball game or perhaps sit on the grass and watch the scenic sunset on the horizon.

The park is currently being developed into McComb’s central sports complex to offer locals and visitors the best sports facility in town.

Lions Park is situated along Louisiana Avenue and James Street.

Play Tennis at the McComb High School Tennis Courts

The McComb High School Tennis Courts are equipped with four top-notch hardcourt tennis courts meant for the school’s local and inter-division competitions.

However, it’s also a popular place for seniors in McComb to play the sport every afternoon or morning.

If you’re a tennis fan, you can head to this sports facility to display your hidden tennis skills or perhaps watch the locals play singles or doubles.

Furthermore, you can catch some local tennis tournaments that are surely entertaining to watch.

Fish at the Little Tangipahoa River

The Little Tangipahoa River starts at the northwest portion of McComb, and it stretches for around 122 miles or 196 kilometers that ends up in Lake Tangipahoa near Percy Quin State Park.

The Little Tangipahoa River is home to Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, and Largemouth bass, making fishing a lot more exciting.

Multiple access points and fishing spots are seen along Little Tangipahoa River from McComb, Fernwood to Magnolia in Pike County.

Learn Important History at the Black History Gallery

This museum in McComb is the best site to learn important history about the African-American people in Mississippi.

The Black History Gallery has a vast collection of photographs, paraphernalia, memorabilia, and films about what transpired in the 50s and 60s during the height of the Civil Rights movement of the African-American population in Mississippi.

Furthermore, the gallery also enlightens visitors with a unique perspective about the local community’s art, culture, and heritage relevant to the African Diaspora.

You can browse through countless photos, magazines, newspaper articles, and school yearbooks from Mississippi’s past if you have more time.

This place is a highly-recommended attraction in McComb that you shouldn’t miss checking out.

Play Golf at the Quail Hollow Golf Course

If you’ve got what it takes to score a hole-in-one, you can head to McComb’s premier golf course; the Quail Hollow Golf Course.

This 18-hole championship golf course covers 6,700 yards inside the scenic Percy Quin State Park in McComb.

The golf course, which opened in 1996, boasts a scenic rolling terrain, undulating greens, and technical holes that will surely excite golfers of all skill levels.

Furthermore, the entire golf course has a natural terrain that encompasses the beautiful southern countryside of Mississippi.

Dine at the Caboose McComb

This local favorite is situated in the historic Harlan Building in McComb’s downtown area.

It was opened in November 2008 by Louisiana couple Lloyd and Dione Kinchen.

The Caboose Restaurant boasts a great menu specializing in hand-cut New York strip steaks, filet mignons, rib-eye steaks, fresh Maine lobster, Ahi tuna, and salmon.

They became a local favorite because of their affordable food items and efficient service.

The restaurant also serves Louisiana classics like Po-boy sandwiches, Cajun-style crawfish, and seafood dishes.

Lastly, The Caboose restaurant has a full-service bar and an excellent selection of fine wines.

Have a Picnic at the Martin Luther King Park

McComb designated a park to pay homage to the late civil rights activist Martin Luther King and showcase McComb’s black heritage.

The park named after Martin Luther King is a perfect setting for a fun-filled and relaxing picnic with the family.

Aside from its safe and calming environment, the park is also equipped with exciting amenities like tennis courts, a playground, a banquet hall, picnic tables, benches, a pavilion, and a splash pad.

Go Camping at Bogue Chitto Water Park

Exploring Bogue Chitto Water Park is ideal on a warm sunny day.

However, staying the night or a few days here makes a difference.

This 230-acre wildlife sanctuary houses a campsite and accommodation.

Bogue Chitto River winds its way through the park.

Camp under the canopy of trees or rent a cottage with a terrace overlooking a babbling brook and relax in either setting.

Spend the day chatting with other campers, floating along the Bogue Chitto River, and exploring the park’s natural pathways.

You may reach Bogue Chitto Water Park under four hours from either Jackson, Mississippi, or New Orleans, Louisiana.

It lies about 13 miles east of Mississippi’s McComb along Interstate 55.

Play with Your Friends at GameStop

GameStop lies within Edgewood Mall.

You won’t find anywhere else nearby to play video games on a system like this.

It features brand-new and pre-owned video games for consoles like the Xbox and the Playstation, as well as cartridge-based games.

It also includes several miniatures of game characters.

The team is avid gamers, so they’re always up for helping you improve your skills in any game.

Come into this arcade and let the fun begin!

Celebrate Your Milestones at The Palace Theater

The Palace Theater in McComb is an adaptable and multifunctional location for weddings.

This venue, located in the heart of the city, is a revitalization success story that has added to the building’s historic allure.

The building dates back to 1939 when it began as a cinema theater.

It has since undergone extensive renovations, making it a modern venue with a retro feel.

This venue lends itself to customization, so couples can make it their own and fit any theme they choose for their wedding.

Seating and dining configurations are flexible at the Palace Theater McComb.

A raised walkway also serves as a passageway between the floor and the stage, making the space versatile.

The room’s audiovisual equipment enables video and photo presentations impressively and memorably.

You and your wedding party will appreciate the ease with which this venue’s dressing rooms and lounge area make pre-ceremony preparations.

The neutral color palettes used throughout the venue’s understatedly chic interiors allow it to work with various event themes and aesthetics.

Shop for Local Produce and Crafts at McComb Farmer’s Market

Who knew that eating something as simple as an ear of corn or fresh tomato could positively affect your health, neighborhood, and planet?

Buying food produced in Flushing is a straightforward method for doing all three.

Additionally, the “jet lag” that affects fruit trucked across the nation is not present in locally grown food.

You can support your community when you buy from the vendors of McComb Farmers Market, which is open every week of the year.

It’s right across from the McComb Railroad Depot and Museum, a historic landmark.

More than 25 stalls sell fresh, locally grown food at the market.

You may find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to preserves, baked goods, dairy products, and aromatic herbs here.

Craftspeople from the area contribute their one-of-a-kind works of art.

Buy New or Antique Furniture at AJ Sales

Aj Sales hold around 40 years of experience under its belt.

Allen, the proprietor, started the first A J Sales store on Summit Street in McComb.

He decided to go into business for himself at a young age.

This experience and passion led to the expansion of AJ Sales in Amite, Louisiana.

In its McComb location, AJ Sales sells wooden furniture, clay vases, and oddities are all for sale.

It also takes recycling seriously and offers a free cardboard and paper hauling service to a wide range of companies in several different areas.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Aside from McComb, there are a lot of exciting stuff to do and wonderful attractions to visit around Pike County.

Read on to learn the must-visit attractions around Pike County after you’re done with your McComb travel adventure.

Meditate at the Blue Heron Yoga in Summit

A nine-minute drive north of McComb takes you to the adjacent town of Summit, where you’ll find the Blue Heron Yoga.

If you’re game enough for a relaxing yoga session, this place offers one of the best yoga spots in Pike County.

This yoga hub in Summit is a must-visit place for those who seek a therapeutic and relaxing yoga experience on their vacation in and around McComb.

They emphasize the lighter side of yoga to encourage newbies to engage in this activity.

Instead of the technical yoga poses, you will enjoy a fun-filled and very engaging yoga session at the Blue Heron Yoga, while its yoga experts called ‘yogi,’ will help you achieve your desired goals.

Aside from its yoga classes, Blue Heron Yoga also offers closed-door lessons to individuals who want privacy.

Go Iceskating at the Mid-South Ice House

Over at Olive Branch, which is a 27-minute drive north of McComb, takes you to the Mid-South Ice House.

This full-sized ice hockey arena/skating rink is one of the very few that you can find in Mississippi and the southern region.

It hosts hockey tournaments, figure skating competitions, and fundraisers, and it’s open to the public.

If you’re into ice skating or perhaps want to play ice hockey while vacationing, this is the best place you should go in Olive Branch.

This ice rink in Olive Branch was born out of necessity for parents of figure skaters and hockey players in Olive Branch who want to put up a business that would help these sports thrive in their community.

Pay Tribute to War Heroes at the Osyka Veterans Park

Over at Osyka, which is 19 miles south of McComb, will lead you to the Osyka Veterans Park & Museum.

This small town on the border of Mississippi and Louisiana is home to this park and museum, which is an excellent place to discover history and pay tribute to war heroes.

The Osyka Veterans Park was built as a dedication to the Armed Forces Day every May 21st after Anthony Sassone, a local in Osyka, donated this land for this noble purpose.

If you want to learn about Osyka locals that became World War II veterans, this should be the place to visit.

Osyka boasts the national distinction of producing one of the most extensive numbers of commissioned officers during World War II in the United States.

Lure Your Line at the Dixie Springs Lake

The Dixie Springs Lake is located roughly eight miles north of McComb, and it’s one of the most popular fishing spots in Pike County.

Not only that, but this lake is also popular for waterborne activities like canoeing and kayaking.

So, if you’re eager to go fishing or perhaps want to relax, you can visit this lake which is open daily.

This pristine lake is one of the pioneering projects of Pike County under the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

It took four years for Pike County’s WPA to complete the entire lake that covered 175 acres in 1939.

Today, you can fish different species there like catfish, largemouth bass, trout, bluegill, and other popular freshwater fish.

Final Thoughts

McComb’s history, heritage, and surrounding attractions make it an excellent weekend destination for history buffs, family, and friends.

McComb is a rare place in the United States that is less crowded with tourists and full of hidden gems that makes an exciting travel adventure.

If you’re seeking a unique but memorable trip in the Southern states, McComb is a place you must consider.

Be sure to bookmark this post if you find this helpful, or perhaps make it your instant itinerary for your trip to McComb and its nearby places.

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