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15 Best Things to Do in Lincoln County, NC

  • Published 2023/03/26

Lincoln County, North Carolina, brims with vibrant history and culture.

The county was formed in 1779 after Major General Benjamin Lincoln, the man who accepted the official sword of the British surrender at Yorktown upon George Washington’s election.

The county has a rich history involving religion, agriculture, pottery, and iron manufacturing.

It was located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and was established in the former Tryon County.

The county’s seat, Lincolnton City, is home to many cultural and heritage areas.

Other communities located in Lincoln County are Denver, Lowesville, Triangle, Iron Station, Godsonville, Boger City, Crouse, Vale, Reepsville, and Toluca.

Among the first inhabitants of the land of the county are Cherokee and Catawba Indians.

If you want to explore a new place and learn about its uniqueness and natural beauty, give this county a chance.

Before heading out, save this list of the best things to do in Lincoln County.

Experience Local Culture at Lincoln Cultural Center

Exterior of the Lincoln Cultural Center

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Visit the Lincoln Cultural Center to see the extraordinary talents of the local community.

It is located in the downtown area of Lincolnton City.

Here you’ll find the critical cultural groups of the county, including the Arts Council of Lincoln County, Lincoln Community Concert Association, Lincoln County Historical Association, and the Lincoln Theatre Guild.

Since 1991, the center has been housed inside the former location of the First Baptist Church.

The Classical Revival-style building, built in 1922, was designed by architect J.M. McMichael.

During your visit, appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the structure’s architecture, including its stained glass rose-shaped window at the Timken Performance Hall’s dome.

Catch one of the many events held at the center.

Lincoln Cultural Center will introduce you to the county’s arts, music, theater, and history.

Sip Fine Wine at Southern Charm Winery

Southern Charm Winery boasts an experience like no other.

That’s because the winery prioritizes taking care of guests with Southern hospitality.

The charming place is at 235-D East Main Street in Lincolnton.

Here you may choose from 24 wine varietals made to achieve a full flavor.

Each hand-crafted wine was made carefully, from sweet or dry to red or white.

A gift shop is also connected to the winery, so feel free to choose from Southern Charm Winery’s products!

Aside from the wine and wine-related accessories, you may find local art, pottery, and wood turnings, among others.

Find Your Next Favorite Read at North State Books

Book lovers should stop by North State Books, a quaint bookshop in Lincoln.

You may find it at 109 South East Court Square.

It is a bookstore specializing in antiquarian books, specifically those about Southern Literature and North Carolina history.

Aside from local genres, the shop also carries books about the Civil War, hunting and fishing, military history, nature, science, homeschooling, and religion.

Children’s literature, as well as textbooks, are also available here!

There’s no better place to find a literary gem than a local and independent bookshop.

Don’t forget to stop by North State Books.

Try Local Food at Court Street Grille

After a day of touring the county, visit Court Street Grille to try some of the locals’ favorite meals.

The restaurant has multiple locations, one at 113 West Court Square in the city of Lincolnton.

The place is famous for its homemade pizza prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients.

If you’re looking for a place to eat with family or a date, try Court Street Grille.

From pasta to salads, you’ll find the comfort food you’ve been craving here.

Add Court Street Grille’s Lincolnton branch to your stops when you find yourself in the area!

Spend the Day at Beatty’s Ford Park

Spend some time outdoors at Beatty’s Ford Park.

The park is located at 8335 Shipley Lane in the census-designated place of Denver.

If you’re bringing friends or family along, feel free to play disc golf or volleyball at the park’s court!

You may also share a meal at the picnic shelter, but reserve in advance to secure your spot.

Other amenities featured in the park are a walking trail, a playground, and a horseshoe pit.

The splash park attracts many to Beatty’s Ford Park during the summer.

Consider going to this park if you want to meet and hang out with a group.

While here, you may even meet locals and learn more about the community.

Spend a Day with Nature at Rock Springs Nature Preserve Trail

Go to Rock Springs Park Preserve to spend quality time outside surrounded by nature.

The public park is located in Denver, North Carolina.

It features a huge playground where children can hang out and meet new friends.

You may also see an event shelter and an amphitheater where events are held.

Check the schedule for any events before your visit.

Don’t forget to stay in the outdoor classroom or wildlife viewing area to experience nature’s beauty fully.

The Rock Springs Park Preserve is home to box turtles, white-tailed deer, barred owls, and other types of birds.

If you want to stay active and explore, you may also access the asphalt and gravel loop trail connected to a natural surface trail, the Carolina Thread Trail.

Protected by the Catawba Lands Conservancy, the 108-acre park preserve mainly consists of dry oak-hickory and pines on top of the ridges.

Exercise at Betty G. Ross Park

Keep yourself active at Betty G. Ross Park.

It is located at 800 South Madison Street in the city of Lincolnton.

The park is the city’s sports and recreation center with several amenities.

You may go swimming at the pool, which is especially popular during the hot summer.

Ball fields are also available here for anyone with an inclination to sports.

You may bring your kids to the playground to meet other kids!

A gym is also available if you want to accomplish a complete workout.

Feel free to bring some food to the picnic area after spending a tiring but fun day at Betty G. Ross Park.

Ride a Horse at White Rose Equestrian Center

If you’ve always wanted to try horseback riding but have never done it, this is your chance to cross it off your bucket list.

Visit White Rose Equestrian Center and meet various horses.

You may find the center at 1966 Magnolia Grove Road in the community of Iron Station.

It is a small barn offering horseback riding lessons for every level of expertise, from beginners to expert riders.

While here, you may also learn more about these equine creatures!

Besides horseback activities, White Rose Equestrian Center offers boarding, clinics, shows, stable management, show jumps, and homeschool classes.

Hike the South Fork Rail-Trail

The South Fork Rail Trail follows the South Fork of the Catawba River, located on the southern point of Lincolnton.

You may access the trail from the northern trailhead near Laboratory Road, where a gravel parking area may be found.

The trail sits on top of a former rail corridor within the preserved area of the Catawba Lands Conservancy.

While hiking, you’ll have scenic views of the river and dams sprinkled in the area.

The landscape on the South Fork Rail Trail consists of a forest, a wetland, and an adjoining bald cypress swamp.

Gather with Friends at Mission Farm

If you’re looking for a venue that encapsulates the natural beauty of Lincoln County, you should consider booking Mission Farms.

It is located at 2702 Devine Road in the community of Iron Station.

Mission Farms has a casual and rustic atmosphere for charming social gatherings.

Throughout the 90-acre property, you will have a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature.

Whether for significant events like weddings or simple celebrations like occasional parties, Mission Farms has a space for you.

Read a Book at West Lincoln Library

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend hours reading, go to West Lincoln Library.

It is located at 4797 Westwinds Road in Lincolnton.

Spend some quiet time, or bring a reading buddy!

Either way, you’ll be glad to be surrounded by the comforting presence of books.

Feel free to scan the shelves and look for anything that might pique your interest.

Whether for education or leisure, the West Lincoln Library has a book for you.

Grab your Caffeine Fix at Grounded Coffee House

Stop by Grounded Coffee House to get a taste of local coffee.

The cafe is located at 2657 East Main Street in Lincolnton City.

Since opening in 2018, the place has become a go-to stop for locals and visitors.

Grounded Coffee House prides itself on serving coffee beans of the finest quality.

Other beverages and baked goods, and even ice cream are also available!

Satisfy your cravings when you drop by Grounded Coffee House!

Join a Wine Tasting Tour at WoodMill Winery

WoodMill Winery is not your usual spot for drinking wine.

Nestled in the community of Vale, it is surrounded by majestic views and rolling foothills.

It is located within the unincorporated community of Vale.

The winery’s vineyard grows muscadines, a grape species known for its exceptional flavors that are perfect for making desserts and muscadine wine.

Muscadine varieties include Ison, Tara, Nesbit, Carlos, Dixie Red, Scuppernong, and Noble.

WoodMill Winery offers wine and chocolate tastings as well as a tour of the vineyard.

Wine lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to try this gem in Lincoln County.

Book Tee Time at Lincoln Country Club

Golf lovers should stop by Lincoln County’s very own spot for golfing.

Lincoln Country Club is situated among rolling terrains, meandering creeks, and hardwoods, serving as a tremendous but exciting challenge for golfers.

The golf course, located at 2052 Country Club Road in Lincolnton, has operated since 1946.

At Lincoln County Club, you may find tree-lined fairways and small greens that require accuracy and precision.

Whether a beginner or a pro golf player, you will enjoy playing at this challenging but rewarding golf course.

Satisfy Your Fashion Needs at Backwoods Boutique

If you’re looking for a local business where you can shop for trendy items, visit Backwoods Boutique.

You may find the store at 5254 Reepsville Road in the unincorporated community of Vale.

Here you may find a variety of clothes and shoes for all your fashion needs.

The charming boutique also offers graphic tees at an affordable price.

Don’t forget to stop by Backwoods Boutique to look for a piece to take home or wear while traveling!

Final Thoughts

Lincoln County is a unique and worthwhile destination in North Carolina.

If you plan to travel to the state, consider starting in this county, which provides plenty of natural recreation and historical exploration opportunities.

Lincoln County has something for all visitors, from local businesses to natural attractions.

Save this list of the best things to do in Lincoln County, North Carolina!

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