20 Best Things to Do in Lincolnton, NC

Lincolnton, NC
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Established in 1785, Lincolnton is a city in North Carolina that belongs to the Charlotte Metropolitan Region.

It was named in honor of Major General Benjamin Lincoln.

Located on the quiet side of Charlotte, Lincolnton is a lovely tourist destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway.

Its prestigious downtown, fascinating history, and thriving commercial areas that sell antiques and one-of-a-kind gifts, make Lincolnton a worthy visit.

It is best known as the battlefield where the Battle at Ramsour’s Mill happened during the Revolutionary War.

Lincolnton was also the first site of a textile mill in North Carolina.

Lincolnton has a rich historical past that you would love to learn about.

Here are the best things you can do in Lincolnton, NC:

See a Live Show at Lincoln Cultural Center

Exterior of the Lincoln Cultural Center
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Situated in downtown Lincoln, Lincoln Cultural Center is a must-visit to learn more about the city of Lincoln.

This entertainment center houses a wide range of diverse artistic disciplines and genres to produce shows in the visual and performing arts.

They are known for a stained glass Rosette window in their Timken Performance Hal that you should check out.

Due to its historical and cultural significance, this cultural center is also on the National Register for Historic Places.

Lincoln Cultural Center offers many opportunities, which many say are exceptional for a community of Lincolnton’s size.

Be sure to take a trip to Lincoln Cultural Center and be mesmerized by their local productions.

Take a Hike along the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail

Located within the city center, the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail was first known as Norfolk Southern Railroad.

In 1999, the city renamed it the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail.

Known as the pride and joy of “Lovable Lincolnton,” The Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail was prominent in the Lincolnton Rail to Trail movement.

The trail features a 1.6-mile paved path and is particularly well-liked by cyclists, joggers, walkers, and parents bringing their toddlers in strollers.

Winding through a magnificent courthouse, a picture-perfect Main Street, a bustling arts sector, and neighboring lakes and mountains, the route allows exploring the heart of this little Southern town.

The Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail is a place you should visit on your trip to Lincolnton.

Get Antique Items at the Prowler Variety Shop

Located just under six minutes from the city’s heart, the Prowler Variety Shop will welcome you with open arms.

Best known for its wide variety of items, from furniture, glass, antiques, art pictures, sports collectibles, and more, the Prowler Variety Shop has it all.

This establishment also acquires one-of-a-kind quality items.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your friends and family or for antiques to collect, the Prowler Variety Shop is the place for you.

Bring home a souvenir while visiting Lincolnton at The Prowler Variety Shop.

Purchase Pre-Loved Books at North State Books

The North State Books has much to offer with specialties in Southern literature.

This general antiquarian bookshop is mainly known for its wide variety of books with very fair prices and reads on North Carolina’s rich history.

You'll find books about the Civil War, military history, philosophy, nature, hunting and fishing, science, homeschooling, religion, and children’s novels, etc.

North State Books has a book that will pique your interest.

They even offer literature that you wouldn’t find in a traditional library.

Make sure to drop by and enjoy the ambiance of North State Books.

Explore the South Fork Rail Trail

The South Fork Rail Trail is considered a relatively easy trail for amateur hikers.

This 5.6km trail takes about an average of one hour to complete, where you can get several steps in to get a solid workout.

The South Fork Rail Trail also offers a lovely view of the magnificent Catawba River and has a blend of crushed gravel and a natural surface.

This track is ideal for hiking and trail running, where you can bring your dogs where they can even run off-leash in some designated areas.

One of Lincoln County’s most unique natural sites, the route offers visitors the chance to see the wild woods of the South Fork Catawba River.

See the swamp, some rock formations and outcrops, and native flowers.

Find time to see the beauty that the South Fork Rail Trail offers.

Buy Souveniers at NanBrook Farm Primitives & Antiques

Located just under six minutes from the city proper, NanBrook Farm Primitives & Antiques offers a little bit of everything.

Best known for their wide variety of items, from floral supplies, tobacco sacks, fabric, hand-milled soap, and more, NanBrook Farm Primitives & Antiques has it all.

NanBrook Farm Primitives & Antiques is artfully nestled in a log house over 200 years old, making it a sight to see.

With a specialization in quality handmade items, whether it be country American style antiques or British style antiques, NanBrook Farm Primitives & Antiques has your back.

Be sure to visit this one-of-a-kind antique store located in northwest Lincolnton.

Play a Round of Golf at Lincoln Country Club

The Lincoln Country Club is a private golfing facility that challenges all types of golfers with varying skill levels.

Its high-quality greens, and smooth fairways, all combined in a layout sure to test your putting skills.

Since 1946, golfers have enjoyed themselves at the Lincoln Country Club.

Best known for a full range of golf memberships, Lincoln Country Club indeed caters to everything a golfer needs!

They also offer a Pro Shop overseen by the legend Bruce Macdonald.

Grab the golfing equipment you need at the pro shop to assure a competitive afternoon.

On top of that, Lincoln Country Club often hosts events and competitions for all sorts of skill levels.

Try out the challenging golf course that the Lincoln Country Club has to offer.

Stop by City Lunch

Exterior of City Lunch
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City Lunch is one of the crowd-favorite restaurants of the locals in all of Lincolnton.

Dubbed “A Staple of Lincolnton,” City Lunch has multiple dishes to keep you full and happy during your stay.

Their most popular dishes are their hotdogs, arguably the best in Lincolnton, which you can buy for only 10 cents.

Because of its low prices and delicious food, City Lunch gives you your money’s worth.

Be sure to try City Lunch with your friends and family on your trip to Lincolnton.

Go On a Shopping Spree at Just around the Corner

Just around the Corner is a two-story Antique, Vintage, and Artisan Mall with much to offer.

With booths from creative vendors, visit the fantastic rooms full of creativity.

Just around the Corner also features an enormous variety of items you can select.

From collectibles, furniture, farmhouse, antiques, vintage, rustic, shabby chic, chalk paint, essential oils, home décor, inventive metal, wood, ceramic, and other works of art, Just around the Corner has everything you’ll need.

Make sure to stop by Just around the Corner to purchase some items.

Try Crafting Pottery at Rising Sun Pottery

Located just two minutes from the city proper, Rising Sun Pottery is a pottery studio open to both locals and tourists of Lincolnton.

It has carried over pottery traditions that date back as far as 200 years ago from the Catawba Valley of North Carolina.

They’ve also used traditional techniques such as the wheel-thrown and hand-built techniques often used in creating folk-inspired masterpieces.

On top of that, they offer instructional lessons and classes in wheel-turning, especially for first-time potters.

At the same time, experienced artists can utilize their studio rental space, complete with all the equipment that you may need.

They also have workshops available, so be sure to come and visit to try and build your own masterpiece.

Get a Relaxing Massage at All You Knead Massage & Bodywork

Located just within the city center, All You Knead Massage & Bodywork is a place to go to relax.

All You Knead Massage & Bodywork offers many types of massages and therapy to recharge and refresh you while you tour the city.

From sports and Swedish massages to cupping therapy, this massage parlor is sure to relax you.

To ensure safety, they only have staff with licenses with years of experience for you to have a pleasant stay.

Stop by and relax at All You Knead Massage & Bodywork on your trip to Lincolnton!

Grab a Glass of Wine at Southern Charm Winery

Also found in Hickory and Mount Holly, Southern Charm Winery is a winery that will not disappoint.

Featuring 24 varietals, every ingredient is individually mixed to get the most decadent flavor possible for a unique taste.

Their hand-crafted wines are also known for having a richer flavor than other wines.

Whether you favor sweet or dry, red or white wines, Southern Charm Winery has everything to cater to all palates.

They even offer their distinct aspen mulling spices at their gift shop.

You can also find local ceramics, wood turnings, and artwork in a shop next to the winery.

Southern Charm Winery is a must-try for wine lovers visiting the city of Lincolnton.

Do Outdoor Recreational Activities at Lincoln County Recreation Department

Located just five minutes from the city's heart, the Lincoln County Recreation Department is a community favorite.

This is the only place in Lincolnton with a football and baseball field and a basketball and tennis court for some outdoor sports.

The Lincoln County Recreation Department is a great place to spend time with your loved ones.

From leagues to friendly games, Lincoln County Recreation Department allows them to get competitive and play against friends.

Be sure to try the Lincoln County Recreation Department with friends and family on your trip to Lincolnton.

Bring the Whole Family to Betty G. Ross Park

Established in the 1970s, Betty G. Ross Park houses the Lentz Recreation Center.

The park features a community pool, the River Launch, their popular 18-hole disc golf course, and much more.

Betty G. Ross Park is a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

With an outdoor basketball and tennis court, wear the proper sports attire to maximize your enjoyment.

You can even practice your golf skills at their 18-hole disc golf course, which caters to all skill levels.

On top of that, Betty G. Ross Park offers a sizable picnic space and a small playground, both sheltered by trees.

Betty G. Ross Park is great to gather with loved ones during your stay.

Enjoy High-Quality Meals at Court Street Grille

Having first opened its doors in 2003, Court Street Grille is a very convenient and delicious restaurant to try out.

Court Street Grille aims to provide high-quality meals and an excellent ambiance to give you a relaxing dining experience.

Now a dining staple In Lincolnton, this eatery is a go-to for people with all tastes in food.

Their menu offers a wide variety of foods such as strombolis, salads, calzones, pizzas, burgers, pasta, subs, wraps, and much more.

Whether you are into sweets or want a hot meal, Court Street Grille has great food for everyone.

Have a Glimpse of the Caldwell-Cobb-Love House

Exterior of Caldwell-Cobb-Love House
Upstateherd, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drive by the quiet corridor of East Congress Street for a glimpse of the historic Caldwell-Cobb-Love House.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this vintage home is striking in its Victorian Cottage architectural design.

It was originally built in the Federal/Greek Revival style in 1841 but was remodeled in subsequent years.

The two-story Caldwell-Cobb-Love House impresses with its balconies, inset porch, wall dormers, and three cross gable ells.

A three-story rear wing further enhances the charm of this historic home of Dr. Elam Caldwell, a grandson of Continental Congress member William Sharpe.

Drop by for Strawberries at the Burton Farms General Store

Go for a warm, old-fashioned shopping ambiance and stop at the Burton Farms General Store on East Main Street.

This family-owned business is a great source for fresh local produce like strawberries, cucumber, and its homegrown tomatoes.

The prices of meat, such as steak, are also quite reasonable at the Burton Farms General Store.

You can buy not only food items and desserts here but also the iconic Case knives known for the craftsmanship of their make.

Outdoor décor and yard items are likewise available at the Burton Farms General Store.

Grab a Mug at BrickTree Brewing

Brick Tree Brewing opened in 2020 and has quickly picked up as a popular destination for beer lovers in Lincolnton.

Located on East Water Street, this craft brewer boasts a two-level, 12,000-square-foot space with a full-service bar on its first floor.

A spiral staircase leads to the second level where customers of BrickTree Brewing can enjoy various fun events.

From its original six beers on tap, the selection of brews that this craft brewery offers has risen to 14.

Besides these beer choices, BrickTree Brewing also offers wines, ciders, and craft sodas.

Events happening here include trivia nights, musical performances, standup comedy, and cornhole games.

See the Children’s Shoe House in Woodside

Fantasize at the sight of the Children’s Shoe House located on the front yard of the historic Woodside Plantation in Lincolnton.

The Woodside Plantation is located west of the junction of North Carolina Highway 27 and 182.

There’s more to Woodside besides the Children’s Shoe House striking in its white color and larger-than-life appearance.

This plantation is also known for its James Pinckney Henderson House built in 1798.

The house is said to be the birthplace of Texas’ first governor, James Pinckney Henderson.

Tour the Lincolnton Commercial Historic District

Buildings at Lincolnton Commercial Historic District
RoxylovesHistory, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lincolnton Commercial Historic District is roughly bounded by Pine Street in the north, Church Street in the south, Poplar Street in the east, and Court Square in the west.

This area tells much about Lincolnton’s past and the growth of the city.

The Lincolnton Commercial Historic District is comprised of 62 contributing buildings.

These structures include industrial and commercial buildings dating between around 1900 and 1955.

Notable among these are the buildings of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, the Central Candy and Cigar Company, and the Wampum Department Stores.

Final Thoughts

Lincolnton is nothing short of a fantastic city with so much to offer.

This city is well-known for its diverse cultural activities because of the thriving and friendly community that keeps Lincolnton a great place.

Explore the community theater, join historical observances, and see concerts with performances by international, regional, and local artists.

These things are only a few of the year-round activities that take place in this lovely little district.

Just a stroll through Lincolnton’s tree-lined streets shows the beautiful residences from the nineteenth century.

History buffs will enjoy the opportunity to explore various Revolutionary War sites.

Lincolnton has over 200 years of history waiting to be discovered and explored.

Look no further for the ideal destination and book a trip to Lincolnton now.

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