21 Best Things to Do in Lehi, UT

Lehi, UT
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Thinking of the best things to do in Lehi, Utah?

Located in Utah's sixth-oldest city, Lehi has a rich history of pioneers and the old west.

Sulphur Springs, Snow's Springs, and Dry Creek are all names given to the city by early Mormon pioneers who first established there hundreds of years ago.

In 1851, the city was renamed Evansville in honor of local Latter-day Saint bishop David Evans.

Aside from Sulphur Springs and Snow's Springs, Lehi had some other historical names.

In 1852, it officially became the incorporated city of Lehi.

The magnificent Jordan River meanders through Utah Lake, just south of the city.

The Wasatch and the White Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains encircle Lehi on all sides.

The wonderful natural surroundings of Lehi make it simple to go hiking, fishing, mountain biking, camping, skiing, and hunting, to name just a few of the many other outdoor activities available.

The Wasatch Front's leading technological and business hub, Lehi, swiftly rises to prominence.

Lehi is home to several well-known corporations.

Additionally, it has become a shopping and dining destination.

In addition to museums, a botanical garden, shops, restaurants, and other attractions, Thanksgiving Point serves as a showcase for everything Lehi offers.

Read on to find out the best things to do in Lehi, Utah.

Go Back in Time at the Museum of Ancient Life

Sign in  Museum of Ancient Life
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At the Museum of Ancient Life, you may walk among dinosaurs, experience a Carboniferous forest, and dive deep into a Cretaceous ocean.

See the greatest collection of mounted dinosaurs globally, with 60 full dinosaur skeletons and more than 50 hands-on exhibitions.

Display at  Museum of Ancient Life
Etemenanki3, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the Erosion Table, children may play with toy dinosaurs and discover fossils in the quarry dig while learning about these prehistoric species.

A paleontology lab with actual dinosaur bones is also on-site for your viewing pleasure.

Display at  Museum of Ancient Life
Etemenanki3, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You may also spend the night here, attend interesting paleontology workshops, browse in the gift store, and enjoy a 3D movie at the Mammoth Screen with popcorn and refreshments.

Whether you visit during the day or at night, the Museum of Ancient Life promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Display at  Museum of Ancient Life
Etemenanki3, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Treat Your Eyes to the Brilliant Displays at Luminaria

As you stroll around Ashton Gardens, you'll be immersed in the Christmas spirit and experience the wonderful Luminaria experience.

Six thousand and five hundred programmable lights cover an entire hill in a moving image of flying reindeer and other signals of the holiday season, all of which can be seen from a single road.

With the legendary 120-foot tree interwoven into the event, the songs and shows will be even greater.

Luminaria's Legend of the Yeti is not to be missed.

Luminaria's Himalayan Heights area is where you'll locate him if you keep an eye out for him.

With bright fire pits, hot cocoa, and more, you'll be able to continue your Christmas promenade while indulging in a variety of special touches.

Learn and Play at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

When visiting the Museum of Natural Curiosity, you'll be able to pick a new adventure from more than 400 interactive activities.

In Rainforest, you may climb 45-foot-tall monkey heads and pretend to fly a Piper Cub.

The Archimedes Playground at the Discovery Garden is a great place to learn about ecology and its six simple mechanisms, as well as water, wind, sun, and earth.

Explore Kidopolis, where you'll find hidden passages and perform magic acts at the shop.

Visit the Innovation Gallery exhibit, attend a lesson in one of the Dickson Academy classrooms, or grab a science kit at the gift store to take home for more educational possibilities.

The Museum of Natural Curiosity offers a plethora of opportunities for all visitors with a sense of adventure.

Meet Farm Animals at Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point

Sign of Thanksgiving Point
Ben P L from Provo, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Farm Country has a wide variety of farm animals for everyone to meet.

Llamas, alpacas, and peacocks are just some of the interesting species you may encounter on your trip.

Its hands-on activities will allow you to experience what it's like to be a farmer in addition to touching and feeding the animals.

Garden at Thanksgiving Point
Matthew Thomas Allen / Shutterstock.com

In the main building, you may participate in activities at the front.

There are also some smaller creatures to see, such as chicks and rabbits.

You'll receive a hayride ticket and a pony ride sticker when you check in.

View of Thanksgiving Point
Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock.com

Swing Your Club at Thanksgiving Point Golf Club

Thanksgiving Point Golf Club, designed by Johnny Miller, is a 7,714-yard par-72 test.

Set along the Jordan River in Lehi, Utah, the course is surrounded by the stunning Ashton Gardens and mountain-desert terrain.

The best assortment of Par 3s in the state is waiting for you!

Many high-profile golf tournaments have taken place at Thanksgiving Point Golf Club.

The Champions Challenge, which included the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Fuzzy Zoeller, Laura Davies, Gary Player, and John Daly, is one of its most notable features.

Additionally, it has hosted the Utah Championship, Utah State Amateur Championship, and Utah Women's Open on the Web.com Tour, amongst other tournaments.

See Thousands of Butterflies at Butterfly Biosphere

A butterfly at Butterfly Biosphere
Matthew Thomas Allen / Shutterstock.com

An experience like no other may be had at Thanksgiving Point's Water Tower Plaza's Butterfly Biosphere.

More than a thousand butterflies from all over the world live in this 40,000-square-foot facility.

There are more than 20 species of tarantulas and beetles the size of a fist and other creepy crawlies.

Close view of a butterfly at Butterfly Biosphere
Matthew Thomas Allen / Shutterstock.com

Take a lab tour, help release a butterfly, or buy souvenirs!

Those who join the Thanksgiving Point membership plan can also access the Butterfly Biosphere.

As a result, members get year-round access to all five of Thanksgiving Point's facilities.

Butterfly on a leaf at Butterfly Biosphere
Matthew Thomas Allen / Shutterstock.com

Shop at Outlets at Traverse Mountain

View of Outlets at Traverse Mountain
Brett Taylor Photography / Shutterstock.com

Shoppers may enjoy park-like covered walkways and a contemporary lodge-style lobby, a premium lounge, and luxury public and family toilets when they visit the Outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi.

You'll see many names marked down to as much as 70% off, regular retail prices.

People at Outlets at Traverse Mountain
Brett Taylor Photography / Shutterstock.com

Here, you may find brands like Coach, H&M, Nike, Polo, and popular names like Vera Bradley, Under Armour, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Loft, and Volcom.

Shops at Outlets at Traverse Mountain
Brett Taylor Photography / Shutterstock.com

The Outlets at Traverse Mountain, with its spectacular events and Utah's biggest Christmas tree, provide something for everyone at any time of year.

Take a trip just south of Salt Lake County and 30 minutes from SLC International Airport if you want some retail therapy.

Christmas time at Outlets at Traverse Mountain
Brett Taylor Photography / Shutterstock.com

Explore Hutchings Museum-Institute

Naturalist and collector John Hutchings was born and raised in Lehi, Utah.

The Hutchings Museum was established because of his love of natural history and involvement in youth organizations.

For his interest in natural history and his collection of Lehi-area relics, John Hutchings was well-known.

When he was a kid, he used to go around Utah Lake and gather arrowheads and pottery shards.

He acquired more and more items as he grew older.

Eunice Mary Colledge married John Hutchings in 1913.

When it came to the Hutchings Museum's collection, Eunice was huge assistance since she shared her natural history interest with John.

The city of Lehi received John Hutchings's collection in 1955.

The Hutchings Museum presently houses the collection.

The Hutchings Museum-Institute is employing contemporary technology to communicate, educate, and conserve cultural heritage for the benefit of the community.

All kinds of cultural and natural history specimens can be found at this facility.

Check Out the Historic Lehi Roller Mills

Front View of Historic Lehi Roller Mills
Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock.com

Kevin Bacon starred in the movie "Footloose," which was shot in part at Lehi Roller Mills, established in 1906 by George G. Robinson.

There hasn't been much change since then.

A generation later, Sherm Robinson continues to hand-pick each bushel of wheat.

Its efforts have been focused on improving the mill.

Exterior of Historic Lehi Roller Mills
Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock.com

Now, it incorporates some of the most advanced milling techniques today.

However, what hasn't changed is the level of attention they give to the bags they make.

Lehi Mill goods have been regarded as among the best in the world since 1906.

There is also a gift store at the site that sells mill items.

Go Paragliding at Point of the Mountain

A location known to extreme adventurers as "The Point of the Mountain" extends from Sandy to Lehi.

The world-famous Point of the Mountain in Utah is where Super Fly teaches paragliding.

If the weather permits, it is open seven days a week and nearly every day of every year.

When looking for a paragliding or paramotor school, inquire about its curriculum from other pilots.

Among the locals, it's well-known for its excellent service.

All paragliding equipment you may ever need is available at Super Fly.

Have a Picnic at Margaret Wines Park

Aerial View of Margaret Wines Park
OrangeJedi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Lehi, Utah, there is a park called Wines Park.

It's a city block plaza that's devoted to Margaret Wines.

Margaret Taylor Wines passed away on January 7, 1908, in Palo Alto, California.

She was a beloved wife and mother.

Her husband, Ira D. Wines, a renowned Lehi businessman and Pony Express and Overland Stage driver, wanted to commemorate her with a permanent legacy.

While in Lehi in April of 1908, he offered to contribute a whole block of his land if it became Margaret Wines Park and was properly planted and maintained by the city council.

Four pavilions, a bathroom, playgrounds, and many mature trees make up this park's amenities.

Grab Your Outdoor Supplies at Cabela's

Cabela's is the only store you'll ever need to go-to for everything, from hunting and fishing supplies to camping gear.

Its showrooms include a wide variety of outdoor gear from the best brands in the business.

It includes Bass Pro Shops, RedHead, Lowrance, Under Armour, Columbia, Yeti, Carhartt, Shimano, and The North Face.

Aside from that, its Lehi, Utah store has museum-quality displays, large aquariums, and prize animals interacting in accurate re-creating their natural habitats.

Have a Splash at Ivory Ridge Park

Visit the Ivory Ridge Splash Pad on a beautiful day.

From Monday to Saturday, it is available to the general public.

A first-come, first-served policy applies to the pavilion.

There are no reservations available.

The river itself is a major draw.

Your kids will have a great time playing in the water, splashing around, and even lying down.

The sprayers are situated close to or even in the river itself.

For the benefit of the smaller children, there are also a few low-pressure sprayers available.

Catch a Movie at Larry H Miller Megaplex 8 at Thanksgiving Point

Front View of Larry H Miller Megaplex 8
Ben P L from Provo, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving Point Stadium 8 was opened by Westates Theatres as Megaplex 8 in May of 2003.

Larry H. Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz, acquired the theater's lease in January 2005.

He is the owner of Sandy, Utah-based Larry H. Miller Theatres Inc., which goes by the name Megaplex Theatres.

Megaplex Theatres took over the theater's operation after it changed its name.

Check out its official website to see what movies have been screened recently.

Have a Fun Family Day at Cornbelly's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest

Brett and Nicole Herbst and their friends and family put their hearts and souls into organizing Cornbelly's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest.

It has been aiming to provide quality entertainment for children and their families since 1996.

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, is its flagship site.

Get a quick glimpse of its Spanish Fork farm in early September when it opens its five-day sunflower festival and then go back for fall fun in October.

It is separate from the family-friendly activities at Thanksgiving Point and offers fright-seeking guests a thrilling encounter with several haunts.

Have Your Little Ones Experience Fairy Tale Festival

Porridge? Pirates? Princesses? Or all of the above?

The Ashton Gardens hosts Fairy Tale Festival in mid-summer.

A wide range of enjoyable activities, stories, and encounters with various monsters and personalities will be presented.

The Fairy Tale Tea Party at Thanksgiving Point is a fantastic experience!

You don't want to miss Mad Hatter's unbirthday party.

Indulge in some of your favorite fairy tale characters, as well as tasty appetizers, lemonades, and herbal teas in the beautiful gardens.

Get Pumped at Ninja Playground

An obstacle course gym called The Ninja Playground is based on the popular TV program American Ninja Warrior.

Every coach at Ninja Playground has participated in American Ninja Warrior, and there are several fascinating activities for kids of all ages and skill levels.

They aim for visitors to have fun, get stronger, feel more confident, and fit in with the welcoming culture of the Ninjas.

They take pleasure in having a wide range of obstacles constructed at the highest degree of professional excellence.

Growing popular for both children and adults, come check out the Ninja Playground!

Unwind and Stop by the Brick Canvas

The founder's straightforward goal was to create a one-stop shop providing amenities for achieving wellness.

A fully-equipped spa and salon, a gluten-free café, educational wellness activities, and retail goods are all included.

Brick Canvas is pleased to provide the most extensive group workout and hot room programs.

They work hard to improve the visitor experience by delivering remarkable service and value while catering to their specific wellness requirements.

Come take a lesson, relax, shop, or enjoy a wholesome meal.

Even better, combine all options for a full day of relaxation and self-care!

Spend the Day Playing Games at Jack and Jill Bowling Lanes

The family-friendly, action-packed Jack and Jill Bowling Lanes opened its doors in April 1957.

The name Jack and Jill was inspired by the founders' two daughters, Jackie and Jill Keysor.

The cutting-edge facility at Jack and Jill Lanes provides new and emerging bowling innovations.

With bowling, pool, video games, laser tag, snacks, and other activities, there is something for everyone.

Animations, automated bumpers, and 42-inch LCD score panels are included in the standard 22 lanes.

With premium seating, five projection panels with full hookups, immersive sound, and exclusivity not found anywhere else in Utah County, the ten-lane VIP area offers you the best entertainment.

Gather the family or your closest friends, and prepare for an exciting evening of bowling, striking, and laughing!

Admire the Works Done by Holdman Studios

Since 1991, Holdman Studios has already been manufacturing art glass.

They can produce a unique work of art that blends the age-old art of stained glass with a stunning, expert painting done with the help of art glass painting's conventional methods.

They have received requests from clients worldwide to design and build different glass projects, each of which is distinctive.

Commercial structures, private homes, religious installations, and public art initiatives are all examples of commissioned undertakings.

Holdman Studios create stained glass in just about any size and form, fusing painted glass with natural stained glass, all in gorgeous color schemes.

Treat Yourself with a Massage at Calming Touch Massage LLC

Drop by Calming Touch Massage LLC and get a soothing massage from a pleasant, highly skilled professional at a fair price.

You'll feel the soothing music and inviting atmosphere when you walk into the room.

They have an excellent, comfy massage table where you may take a nap.

Swedish massage, prenatal massage, couples massage, orthopedic massage, and other types of massage are all available.

Most visitors come here to pamper themselves and unwind after a busy schedule or a productive day of sightseeing in the city.

Final Thoughts

You won't be bored in or near Lehi.

It is a terrific spot to visit if you enjoy the magnificent outdoors.

There is something for everyone, regardless of age or degree of physical fitness.

Lehi, Utah, has it all for nature enthusiasts, from miles of hiking trails to the seemingly limitless sky.

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