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15 Best Things to Do in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson

  • Published 2022/12/16

Lake Las Vegas is a man-made lake in Clark County, Nevada, acting as a resort neighborhood of the nearby iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Located in Henderson City, Lake Las Vegas offers a unique contrast to the bustling life of the Las Vegas Strip.

An oasis that’s surrounded by Nevada’s deserts and mountains, Lake Las Vegas is a hidden gem that warrants its own visit.

It was created with the vision of becoming a Mediterranean-style resort, complete with various amenities that makes it a quiet place to relax.

Because of its size, Lake Las Vegas offers several fun water activities that are a good contrast given the arid climate and topography of Nevada.

To get you started on your trip to this underrated neighborhood, here’s a list of the best things to do in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada.

Go Kayaking with Las Vegas Sup Kayak Club

Kayaking is easily one of the most desirable activities in Lake Las Vegas, especially if you’re already tired from the desert and rocky mountain views during your visit.

With Las Vegas Sup Kayak Club, you can rent a kayak while also having the opportunity to go on a kayak tour with them.

Lake Las Vegas is huge, spanning 320 acres with over 10 miles of shoreline, so a kayak tour with Las Vegas Sup Kayak Club will easily be a whole day activity.

Besides kayaking, you can also rent canoes and paddle-boards—a great option if you prefer a more laid-back way of enjoying the lake.

Still, if you want to see the scenic beauty of this sizable lake, kayak tours are your best way to go.

Las Vegas Sup Kayak Club can be found along Strada Di Villaggio.

Rent a Duffy Boat with Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

Whether you want a romantic experience with your lover or you’re with your family, renting a Duffy boat with Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is an intimate way to enjoy the lake.

Duffy boats aren’t your typical motorboats, as they are powered by electricity and have a unique aesthetic compared to others.

With a quirky hull shape and a unique roof, Duffy boats will make you feel like you’re boating along the waters of Venice, Italy.

It’s a fun and picturesque way to enjoy the lake without having to get yourself wet with the smaller kayaks and canoes.

This is also a fantastic option for families bringing their infants or children around the age of 1-6 years old.

You can inquire at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports, located at Costa Di Lago Suite.

Flyboard at Lake Las Vegas

If you want to do something more exciting, there’s another water sport activity that you can do with Lake Las Vegas Watersports—flyboarding!

If you’re not yet familiar with what flyboarding is, it’s an exhilarating experience where you’re launched into the air from the sea through powerful and specialized jets.

This is made possible thanks to a hydro-flighting device that propels your platform, giving you major Iron Man vibes!

For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to do this, so it’s highly recommended you give it a shot at Lake Las Vegas.

Safety is also guaranteed here by Lake Las Vegas Watersports, as you’ll be accommodated by professionals who have tons of experience in flyboarding.

Play a Round of Golf at Reflection Bay Golf Club

Lake Las Vegas is also home to fantastic golf courses, making it an ideal place for golf enthusiasts.

Reflection Bay Golf Club is known for its sweeping views of Lake Las Vegas, which doubles down on its scenic beauty.

In fact, this place is commonly used as a wedding event space because of how gorgeous it looks.

This is an ideal place for the more seasoned golfers out there, as its unique layout makes it quite challenging but likewise fun for the experienced golfer.

There are great amenities at Reflection Bay Club, with the breakfast menu items in their clubhouse being some of the best in the neighborhood.

Reflection Bay Golf Club is located along Montelago Boulevard.

Cycle Along Lake Las Vegas with Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes is your best option to rent comfy and speedy electric bikes if you want to experience a shoreline tour of Lake Las Vegas.

The area surrounding Lake Las Vegas is as majestic as it is fun—its sweeping scenery and wildlife is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

The bikes are also equipped with fully charged batteries that can last even if you decide to go on an entire loop of the lake’s expansive trail.

They also give you a smart helmet together with your e-bike, allowing you to communicate through the helmet while cycling.

Pedego Electric Bikes can be found a few walks east of Lake Las Vegas Water Sports.

Skate along Neon Ice

The winters of Nevada can get quite aggressive, so it’s no surprise that Lake Las Vegas turns into a wonderful natural skating rink during the winter.

Dubbed the “Neon Ice,” the neighborhood resorts in Lake Las Vegas transform to give you a fun ice-skating experience if you choose to visit during the Christmas season.

Besides ice skating, you can also do all sorts of winter sports and games here, typically held at Lake Las Vegas Marina.

It’s a fantastic experience because this will be one of the bigger ice rinks you’ll see.

You won’t have to worry about bringing anything with you apart from winter wear, as there are a lot of rentals in the area.

Neon Ice is also an event by itself, as the community adds other things to do around here, such as live music and fire pits.

Shop for Items at The Village at Lake Las Vegas

The Village at Lake Las Vegas is the prominent lakeside shopping mall found in the picturesque neighborhood.

While nowhere near as big and bustling as other malls, The Village at Lake Las Vegas is consistent with the branding of the neighborhood as a quiet and serene escape.

Here, you can shop for some items during your stay, where you can find many restaurants and cafes.

Besides that, The Village at Lake Las Vegas is mainly known for its Farmers’ Market, so check it out if it’s open during your visit.

There’s also a grocery store here if you need to stock up on your essentials.

The Village at Lake Las Vegas is also found along Costa Di Lago.

Try the Ice Cream of BellaLinda Gelateria

Just a few walks within the neighborhood of The Village at Lake Las Vegas is BellaLinda Gelateria.

It offers a wide range of delectable desserts that people of all ages would appreciate, especially amidst the intense summer heat in Nevada.

They have a wide range of ice cream to go along with other sweets like crepes, sorbets, milkshakes, and cupcakes.

BellaLinda Gelateria also offers excellent brewed coffee and cappuccino if you’re looking for a good shot of caffeine.

With a waterfront location, BellaLinda Gelateria is one of the best places to kick back and relax over a great serving of delicious desserts.

Dine at Sonrisa Grill

If you’re famished after all the strenuous activities in Lake Las Vegas, Sonrisa Grill is one of the most delicious restaurants in the neighborhood.

Sonrisa Grill is a fun family restaurant because it serves both authentic Mexican food and also American-Mexican twists in their sizable menu.

Their tacos are easily the crowd favorite here, but people also rave about their great selection of margaritas—in case you’re planning to get tipsy.

If you’re truly famished, they also have an affordable All-You-Can-Eat Taco Tuesday service where you can get your fill of their tacos ranging from carne asada, al pastor, and camarones.

There’s also nice live music here and awesome bartenders that make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Drink Your Night Away at Vino Del Lago Wine and Jazz Lounge

Vino Del Lago Wine and Jazz Lounge is easily one of the best places for adults to just immerse themselves in awesome music and exquisite wine.

Known for its fun ambiance, Vino Del Lago Wine and Jazz Lounge is an intimate hotspot for the more mature crowd to mingle and dance.

This great atmosphere is further accentuated by their wine selection, which is sure to please even the wine connoisseurs.

In case you’re worried about prices, this wine bar offers great rates as well.

Vino Del Lago Wine and Jazz Lounge is found right along the neighborhood of Sonrisa Grill and BellaLinda Gelateria.

Watch Sports and Chow at The Pub Lake Las Vegas

If you want a more casual experience, The Pub Lake Las Vegas offers your classic Irish pub experience, just a few walks from Vino Del Lago Wine and Jazz Lounge.

Whether you’re looking to grab a bite, spend a night out with friends, or just watch some sports, The Pub Lake Las Vegas gets the job done.

Their food is good, known for their wide variety of burgers and their classic take on a British favorite—Fish n’ Chips.

The happy hour here has a nice atmosphere where you can also mingle with fellow tourists and locals.

Besides that, it’s managed by a great staff of waiters, making the experience much more enjoyable.

Get a Massage at The Spa at Ravella

The Spa at Ravella is a great way to unwind during your stay at Lake Las Vegas.

You can get a classic massage, along with manicures and pedicures, for the ultimate rest and relaxation itinerary.

Owned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, they also have hotel amenities like Jacuzzis and saunas here to complement your massage.

Rates are affordable, so it’s a must-try if you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in the neighborhood.

The Spa at Ravella is located along Lake Las Vegas Parkway, within Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort’s vicinity.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Trek Clark County Wetlands Park

The waters of Clark County Wetlands Park

A. La Canfora /

Only a 20-minute drive from Lake Las Vegas, Clark County Wetlands Park is easily one of the most iconic nearby attractions in the area.

A massive nature park and there are a ton of activities to do here, such as birdwatching, hiking, or going on a picnic.

The wildlife here is particularly diverse, as you can see all sorts of animals like coyotes, roadrunners, and beavers.

A heron at Clark County Wetlands Park

Royal Flush /

There’s also a nice visitor and nature center here that you should check before trekking.

They have great information and exhibits there, along with rangers that can help you understand the area better.

Trail at Clark County Wetlands Park

Dominic Gentilcore PhD /

Hike the River Mountains Loop Trail

Many visitors who check in at Lake Las Vegas’ resorts end up hiking the nearby River Mountains Loop Trail, which is just a 15-minute drive.

If you haven’t experienced the desert beauty of Nevada, River Mountains Loop Trail gets the job done.

It has various terrains where you can see all sorts of desert flora.

You can get sweeping views of the natural beauty of Las Vegas, too, during your hike.

River Mountains Loop Trail is also a great place to cycle if you want to cover more ground.

Explore Wetlands Trail

Wetlands Trail is another nearby outdoor attraction, found at Boulder City as part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which is just a 10-minute drive to reach.

Beautiful rock formations are what you’ll find at Wetlands Trail, as it benefits from the rocky terrains of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Because of these massive rock formations, you can do a bit of bouldering if you’re feeling adventurous.

Lots of desert flora are present, making it a haven for nature photographers.

As the name suggests, you’ll also see wetlands here because the trail has access to the Las Vegas Wash connected to Lake Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts

Lake Las Vegas is a fantastic place to get the best of both worlds in Nevada—Mediterranean relaxation and desert outdoor fun.

Built to be an oasis in the arid deserts of Nevada, Lake Las Vegas is a great place to stay.

You’ll get instant access to a beautiful neighborhood with all sorts of establishments for relaxation while also being a few minutes from Nevada’s scenic desert trails.

Even if you’re not using it as your base, there are so many water sports activities here that make it a must-visit if you’re traveling to Henderson City.

Before you go, revisit this list of the best things to do in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada!

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