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20 Best Things to Do in Kingman, AZ

  • Published 2023/02/19

Route 66 enjoys a unique status among its fans.

If you are an avid Route 66 enthusiast, you should head out to Kingman in Arizona for your next getaway.

This place is filled with multiple attractions related to the iconic Route 66 and the culture surrounding it.

Additionally, you can continue your journey from Kingman toward the glittering casinos of Las Vegas or the geological wonders of the Grand Canyon.

The entertainment zones around Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu are also easily accessible from Kingman.

Interested to know more about this stunning city?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Kingman, Arizona:

Pay a Visit to the Mohave Museum of Arts and History

Mohave Museum of Arts and History

Toms Auzins /

The Mohave Museum of Arts and History has been established to preserve the rich heritage of the native population of Northwestern Arizona.

The museum has a particular focus on keeping alive the ancient traditions and culture of the Chemehuevi, Havasupai, Mohave, and Paiute people.

Founded in 1961, the museum has an extensive collection of original exhibits developed by its first director, Roy Purcell.

View of Mohave Museum of Arts and History

Qiongna Liao /

Rare and exciting photographs, paintings, and artwork depicting the lives and ways of the indigenous populations adorn the hallways.

You can also browse through the comprehensive collection of items related to Mohave County for your research projects or satisfy your curiosity.

Exterior view of Mohave Museum of Arts and History

NearEMPTiness, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have a Picnic at Metcalf Park

Metcalf Park was built to pay tribute to the legendary civic leader and land developer instrumental in setting up the Hualapai Mountain Park, Charles Metcalfe.

You can roam around the lush green areas of this park.

You can also enjoy some delicious roasts in the many grills available here.

Visit Bonelli House

Bonelli House

Kit Leong /

Prominent cattle rancher George A. Bonelli built the Bonelli House as his second home after his original house was destroyed in an unfortunate electric fire.

The house was purchased by the Kingman city authorities from the Bonelli’s in 1973.

It has since been developed into an impressive museum.

Facade of Bonelli House

Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can take guided tours through this enormous house and marvel at the still-intact original interiors and construction.

The architecture here is exquisitely done and is truly jaw-dropping.

Take Some Pictures with the Giganticus Headicus

A tourist in front of Giganticus Headicus

Koze. G. Arnold created Giganticus Headicus on Route 66 Kingman Arizona 86401, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Giganticus Headicus is a large statue unveiled in 2004 at Antares Point.

This point is notable for being the longest unbroken curve along any highway in the United States.

New Jersey artist Gregg Arnold is the creative brain behind this elegant sculpture.

View of Giganticus Headicus

ehrlif /

The 14-foot-high exhibit depicts a tiki head.

It has been crafted from various materials, including metal, wood, cement, and Styrofoam.

You can also buy miniature resemblances of this statue at the gift shop in the center to take back as beautiful memorabilia.

Grab Some Beers at Black Bridge Brewery

Brewmaster Tim Schritter founded the Black Bridge Brewery back in 2013.

This brewery takes its name after a historic railroad bridge in the region that has been a favorite among the youth for a long time.

You can focus on a massive 45-gallon brewing plant handcrafted painstakingly by Schritter, who has been welding and fabricating interesting metal objects his entire life.

You can taste their specialty ales in the public taproom.

The famous ones among these include Evil Red Hopbursted Ale, 80 Shilling Ale, and Wicked Poison Wheat Wine.

The liquors are as delicious as their colorful names.

You can also enjoy a cup of their excellent cold-brew coffee.

Alternatively, have some biting sips of their signature ginger beer.

Along with the tasty wines and lagers, they hold fun events in the taproom, such as trivia nights and happy hours.

Explore Desert Diamond Distillery

Desert Diamond Distillery enjoys the privilege of being the oldest craft distillery in the entire state.

The Patt family founded this renowned distillery in 2010 when they fell in love with fine spirits while attending a random distillery conference.

They now have five premium varieties of liquor in their collection.

The signature Gold Mine White Rum won the prestigious SIP Award in 2011.

Another one of their drinks, the Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum, bagged a rich haul of five awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

You can enjoy many activities in this place, including exciting flight-tasting and craft cocktails.

The public tours let you take a sneak peek into the back end and see the process up close.

You can also buy high-quality accessories from the retail shop.

The cocktail mixers here are something to experience, and you must pick up a couple of these during your visit.

Experience the Desert Wonder Tour

Robert Walton is the driving force behind these fantastic customized tours through the awe-inspiring Mohave Desert region.

You can explore this area’s geography, history, and natural attractions on one of these exciting four-hour trips.

Desert Wonder Tours and Trips has hired the famous author and colorful character Jim Hinckley.

Jim regales the tourists on the trip with his witty and deep insights about these lands and their many legendary tales.

Some of the must-visit sites on this tour include the world-famous Route 66, the Grand Canyon, the Joshua Tree Forest, and the imposing Hoover Dam.

You can enjoy plenty of physical activity and go hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

Dine at El Palacio

El Palacio

Marine 69-71, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The El Palacio Mexican restaurant draws food lovers from far across to feast on its delectable authentic local cuisine.

The restaurant has cemented itself as one of the finest places to enjoy local food by being named one of the American Southwest’s best restaurants by Arizona Highway.

They now have six locations spread across various areas.

The sumptuous Mexican recipes here include burritos, tostadas, and platillos de huevos.

You can also mix and match and create your unique flavored dishes.

Additionally, enjoy delicious a la carte enchiladas, empanadas, and one-of-a-kind tacos.

Revisit History at Historic Route 66 Museum

Display at Historic Route 66 Museum

Qiongna Liao /

Located inside the erstwhile Kingman Powerhouse Museum and Visitor Centre Complex, the Historic Route 66 Museum narrates the saga of developing the most iconic highways in the United States.

The various exhibits display the colorful history behind Route 66, starting from its use as an ancient trade route to its glory days as the Main Street in the 1950s.

The museum also has an impressive collection of electric vehicles.

A dozen or so of these vehicles are on display.

Some of these are as old as the 19th century, which surprises many visitors who think the electric vehicle age began with Elon Musk.

Several educational opportunities are also on offer.

Students can go on exciting museum scavenger hunts, which help them learn in fun and engaging way.

Alpacas of the Southwest

The fully operational Alpacas of the Southwest alpaca ranch is one of the most famous tourist hotspots and enjoys its claim to fame by being featured on NBC12 News.

You can find beautiful alpacas and crias close up here.

These beautiful animal species have discernible Peruvian and Chilean heritage, and you can capture many lovely moments with these animals in unforgettable photographs.

You can take a guided tour to learn more about these amazing creatures’ lives and ways.

Enjoy a refreshing lunch at their picnic area.

Visitors can also feed the alpacas and watch them enjoy their food with pure innocence.

The shops here sell specialty therapeutic socks crafted out of rich alpaca fiber.

You might pick up a pair or two to remind yourself of this unique experience during the winters back home.

See Artwork at Kingman Railroad Museum

The Kingman Railroad Museum is packed with exciting model trains and exhibits to delight railroad enthusiasts with hours of engaging fun.

The museum is entirely managed by volunteers.

It stands along the iconic Route 66 and has been recognized with a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can enjoy climbing aboard some of the rare rolling stock on display that dates back to the early and mid-20th century.

You can then fast-forward into the modern railroad age and watch real trains traveling at the Amtrak station visible from inside the museum.

Taste Some Wines at Stetson Winery

Husband-wife duo Jo and Don Stetson set up this impressive winery just north of Kingman along Route 66.

Stetson Winery is the only one of its kind in Northwestern Arizona.

It houses the Stetson Event Centre, which can be rented out for private purposes.

Award-winning vintner Eric Glomski crafts delicious wines.

Eric enjoys an enviable reputation among wine lovers, and his wines were selected as the official Arizona State Centennial wine in 2012.

Some of their best wines that you must taste are the Peacemaker Petite Sirah, Red Lady California Merlot, Root 66 California Red Table Wine, and Cultured Cowboy Sonoma Country Chardonnay.

Buy Some Wines at Cella Winery

Buenos Aires native Carlos Cella founded the Cella Winery, which is known for the quality of its Estate Wines line of outstanding wines.

Their wines have been recognized with many awards at the Arizona Wine and Food Fest.

You can taste their specialty wines in their tasting room.

Carlos is a true wine enthusiast, starting by planting his vineyards.

Now he leads the Cella Winery to produce some of the finest wines.

Their most popular wines include Malbec, Moscato, Merlot, and the delicious zinfandel varieties.

Their California Wines are delicious and come in merlots, and red and white wine blends.

Shop at The Farmhouse

Barb Charon opened this beautiful décor and art equipment shop in 2016.

The Farmhouse shifted from its original location to the massive 4,000 square feet of space it now occupies in the downtown district.

You can lay your hands on exquisite homemade and antique décor items.

The Annie Sloan line features customized luxurious upholstery and beautiful insignia.

They also regularly conduct public workshops to encourage budding art enthusiasts.

Saturdays are special at the Farmhouse when everybody is offered a free delectable cookie as a symbol of warm hospitability.

Wander around Lewis Kingman Park

The Lewis Kingman public park takes its name after the famous surveyor Lewis Kingman who plied his trade here in the 1880s.

You can take your dogs along to this nine-acre facility.

The area is cordoned off with fences into separate dog sections.

You have special zones for small dogs and other ones for bigger dogs.

The idea is to unleash your dog’s physical energy in a safe and playful environment.

They even encourage the owners to play with their dogs and get a much-needed physical workout.

A plaque decorates the impressive monument dedicated to Lewis Kingman located here.

They have a nice picnic area where you can roast some great snacks at the public grills.

Pay a Visit to Bank Street Guns

Local business and family-managed Bank Street Guns serves as the most prominent gun store in Mohave County, Arizona.

They provide a welcoming environment with a large assortment of weapons, ammo, and accessories at highly affordable costs.

You may purchase with complete confidence that they’re here to assist you in selecting the ideal handgun but also to aid you in developing the skills required to handle your firearms safely and responsibly.

They carry the region’s most extensive collection of brand-new and used weapons, ammunition, and accessories.

Bank Street Guns provide a range of lessons, including personal defense both within and outside the home and basic handgun and shotgun skills.

Hone Your Golfing Skills at Valle Vista Golf Course

Valle Vista Golf Course is a dazzling treasure in the Arizona desert located about 17 miles northeast of Kingman.

It is tucked away among stunning and majestic panoramic vistas.

Valle Vista provides championship golf on a difficult 18-hole course with breathtaking vistas.

They also organize various activities, such as golf tournaments and parties, holiday gatherings and parades, special occasions throughout the year, and more.

Valle Vista is near regional attractions and encircled by several of the neighborhood’s most stunning mountain ranges.

Rest for the Weekend at Fort Beale RV Park

For kilometers around, Fort Beale RV Park is the most practical rest area!

In addition to providing easy access to all of your vacation locations, Fort Beale RV Park also serves as a gateway to restaurants, RV repair services, a nearby Chevron gas station, and a grocery shop.

They have pristine facilities, a laundry room open around the clock, and a gorgeous pool.

Twelve of Fort Beale RV Park’s 42 big rig sites have wide/long pull-throughs since they acknowledge the requirement for RV accommodations that are simple to get in and out of.

Fort Beale RV Park is based on the premise that by offering convenience, excellent customer service, and the cleanest and best-looking park imaginable, visitors will return time and time.

Know More about the City at Kingman Visitor Center

Exterior view of Kingman Visitor Center

Kit Leong /

The Kingman Visitor Center is located inside the iconic Kingman Powerhouse structure, which was constructed in 1909 and inaugurated three decades later, providing Kingman and Mohave Counties with innovative and reasonably priced electric power delivery.

It offers a gift shop with a large selection of items created in the United States and provides brochures for sights across Arizona.

Also, it presents free state highway maps for every neighboring state.

Facade of Kingman Visitor Center

Qiongna Liao /

The powerhouse’s tourist center is available in the early morning and late afternoon every day of the week.

Together with a gift shop offering regional trinkets, it provides information about nearby attractions.

Interior view of Kingman Visitor Center

Upstateherd, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Indulge in a Hearty Meal at Calico’s

For four generations, both residents and tourists have enjoyed Calico’s!

Calico’s Family is particularly proud of their happy customers since they know that local and family-owned establishments are disappearing.

Among the numerous factors that keep the clients returning are the fantastic cuisine, quality, consistency, wonderful service, and family environment.

Their amazing menu features a range of comfort foods with a dash of clean, healthy dining.

They provide a variety of specialty meals made with the finest high-quality ingredients and light, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Also, they welcome you to visit their charming gift store to pick up some Route 66 collectibles.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hualapai Mountain Park

Cabins in Hualapai Mountain Park

ValerieUSA /

This Mohave County public park was constructed in the 1930s as a celebration of the indigenous Hualapai tribe.

The glorious park stretches over 2,300 acres of land.

You can find many exciting campsites and RV hook-ups here.

Additionally, you can also enjoy cabins and tepees that are available to rent.

View from the Hualapai Mountain Park

B_Zuber /

The several recreational zones in this park can provide much fun for travelers.

The park is situated at an impressive height of over 8,000 feet.

You can hike through many trails crisscrossing its dense undergrowth.

The park is amply illustrated with informative panels about the natural flora and fauna of this place.

Trail at Hualapai Mountain Park

ivanpotapoff /

Final Thoughts

Kingman, Arizona, is a historical and tourist hotspot with a small-town feel.

The city has long been an important component of the railroads, serving as a water-filling station for all steam-powered trains traveling in both directions.

Its museums undoubtedly contain a history that cannot be seen on the streets.

During your stay in Kingman, there will be no shortage of things to keep you busy, and you may certainly feel a bit sad when it’s time to go.

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