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25 Best Things to Do in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

  • Published 2023/03/02

There is no shortage of the best things to do and places to visit in Downtown Vegas.

Downtown is north of the Las Vegas Strip, and it is in the center of the Vegas Valley.

There are many hotels, restaurants, and attractive places in Downtown Vegas.

Many visitors come here to spend their vacation and enjoy themselves with their families and friends.

They can stay here in the downtown restaurants, visit many places, and do different activities.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Downtown Las Vegas, NV:

Explore Fremont Street

People exploring the vibrant Fremont Street

Nick Fox /

Fremont Street has a massive outdoor mall and the first freestanding casino building in Las Vegas.

Fremont Street is the second most famous street in Downtown Vegas.

This street got its name from the explorer and politician John C. Fremont.

Bright night lights of Fremont Street

Kit Leong /

This street is in the center of the downtown casino corridor.

This street is known for more than ten casinos, such as the Four Queens, Pioneer Club, and Eldorado Club.

Most people come here to enjoy their vacation by walking along Fremont Street.

People highly recommend visiting this place.

Entryway of Fremont Street

Sean Pavone /

Stay at New Royalty Downtown Las Vegas Palace

New Royalty Downtown Las Vegas Palace is about 2.5km away from Fremont Street, United States.

New Royalty Downtown Las Vegas Palace is a residential palace with a well-decorated courtyard, the best hotels, and a beautiful view.

This New Royalty Downtown Las Vegas palace opened on 5 August 1966; now, it has about 3,960 rooms.

This palace attracts visitors due to the nightlife, entertainment, attractive residency, and playing games.

People do different activities like gaming and entertainment in New Royalty Downtown Las Vegas Palace.

Check Out the Mob Museum

Night view of Mob Museum's exterior

JHVEPhoto /

Mob Museum is a national Organized Crime and Law Enforcement museum in Downtown Vegas, United States.

Mob Museum reveals the continuing battle between the Mob and the law.

An exhibit in the Mob Museum

Lenush /

People like to visit the Mob Museum to hear the real Mob stories told there.

People enjoy the different historical exhibits there, too.

If you want to learn about the history of organized crime in America, the Mob Museum is the best choice for you.

Colorful interior of the Mob Museum

Kit Leong /

Grab a Meal at Atomic Liquors

Signage of Atomic Liquors

BestStockFoto /

Atomic Liquors is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Downtown Vegas.

This restaurant is near Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas, United States.

Night view of Atomic Liquors' exterior

Missvain, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Its founders opened atomic Liquors in 1952, and it is still the best restaurant in the area.

Visitors like eating at this restaurant for its diverse menu.

It got its name Atomic Liquors because it also offers liquor to fill the rising demand.

Try Your Luck at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Exterior of Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Kit Leong /

Red Rock Resort is a hotel and casino in the Downtown Vegas Valley.

This Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is about 59.43 acres and 25 miles away from Vegas Strip.

The grand interior of Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Kit Leong /

Station Casinos own and operate this Red Rock Resort.

Red Rock Resort, including hotel and casino, opened on 18 April 2006.

People like to visit this Red Rock Resort due to its guided scooter, magic mountain, and helicopter landing tours.

Casino games in Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Roig61 /

Join a Tour of the Neon Museum

Daytime view of Neon Museum's signage collection

fukez84 /

Established in 1996, the Neon Museum is in Downtown Vegas.

This Museum is famous for its collection of neon signs.

Colorful lit Neon Museum signages

artemu kopylovk /

This Museum provides a tour every hour.

Its beautiful and best-lit neon signs attract more visitors.

If you are interested in beautiful places, you must arrange a tour of this Neon Museum.

Daytime view of Neon Museum

fukez84 /

Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Welcome sign of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Kyle S. Okada /

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a few miles west of Las Vegas, United States.

Its outdoor and indoor exhibitions and plant specimens from all over the canyon attract visitors.

People do different activities like hiking, scenic driving, training, biking, and climbing.

Scenic view of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Rusya007 /

You can find diverse species of wild plants and animals in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Many students come here to explore and learn about wild plants and animals.

Visitors like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area because of its beauty and beautiful scenery.

Close view of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area's rock formation

dmodlin01 /

Catch Live Entertainment at Planet Hollywood

Night view of Planet Hollywood Resort's exterior

Kobby Dagan /

The Planet Hollywood Resort is located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, featuring a shopping mall and hotel.

Robert Earl and Keith Barish founded and established the resort in 1991.

Planet Hollywood Resort offers an exciting, glamorous atmosphere and top unique restaurants.

People walking around Planet Hollywood


It is a resort and casino hotel in Downtown Vegas operated and owned by Caesars Entertainment.

People do different activities here like gaming, dining, digging into a juicy T-bone steak, and shopping from Planet Hollywood Resort.

Night scene at Planet Hollywood Resort

S-F /

Check Out the Fremont Dice Club

The famous Fremont Dice Club is on Fremont Street, Downtown Vegas.

It is one of the oldest clubs in Downtown Las Vegas.

Visitors join different gaming shows, stay in unique hotels, and hang out at the best coffee shops.

It provides live craps games where your dice rolls are counted on the digital display.

For gaming, you must check out the Fremont Dice Club!

Watch the Fountains at the Bellagio Resort

Aerial view of Bellagio Resort's dancing fountain

Andrew Zarivny /

In Las Vegas, Bellagio Resort is famous for its blue lake and magnificent fountains.

It has botanical gardens and a gallery of fine art.

People admiring the waters of Bellagio Resort fountain

Andrew Zarivny /

The blue lake in the center of the resort is 8.5 acres.

Dancing water from the fountains accompanies beautiful music in this resort.

The resort hotel also offers multiple food options and fountains.

Bellagio Resort's dancing fountain

Lebid Volodymyr /

Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum

Exterior of National Atomic Testing Museum

Pamela Brick /

The National Atomic Testing Museum, located in Las Vegas, reveals the history of US nuclear bomb testing.

The National Atomic Testing Museum was established in 2005.

Outside the Museum, a weather station records weather data like gamma radiations, temperature, and wind speed.

Interior of National Atomic Testing Museum

Kit Leong /

This Museum is famous for its exhibits on the nuclear testing program of the United States.

If you are interested in nuclear weapons history and national science, you must visit the National Atomic Testing Museum.

An exhibit in National Atomic Testing Museum

Kit Leong /

Shop Till You Drop at Downtown Container Park

Night view of Downtown Container Park's entrance

Jeffrey J Coleman /

Downtown Container Park is at the corner of Fremont Street, Las Vegas, United States.

It contains many boutique shopping centers, attractive, fun places, and unique restaurants.

Shops along Downtown Container Park

Jeffrey J Coleman /

Tourists like its lovely atmosphere, music, and delicious variety of food.

This place offers many facilities like eating, shopping and people watching.

One of Downtown Container Park's shop

Kit Leong /

Join a VIP tour of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

The exterior of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

Pamela Brick /

Gold and Silver Pawnshop is one of the best shops in Las Vegas.

The store opened in 1989.

Patriarch Richard operates the 24-hour family business.

Interior of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

mikeledray /

This Pawn Shop is an actual pawn shop, but it is also famous for appearing in the hit reality TV show Pawn Stars.

Richard Kevin Harrison, an American businessman and television personality, owns the shop.

Visitors highly recommend this pawn shop.

People inside the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

Robert Mullan /

Try Your Luck at Golden Nugget Casino

Exterior of Golden Nugget Casino

littlenySTOCK /

Golden Nugget Casino is one of the best and most famous casinos in Downtown Vegas, United States.

It also has one of the most famous hotels in Downtown Vegas.

It is also famous for showing the Hand of Faith.

The hand of faith nugget displayed in Golden Nugget Casino

Alizada Studios /

It opened in 1946 and has had a Four Diamond rating since 1977.

This attraction is on the right of Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas.

You must go on a trip to Golden Nugget Casino.

Interior of Golden Nugget Casino

Kit Leong /

Take a Tour to the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

Exterior of Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

Kit Leong /

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort is a famous place in Downtown Vegas.

It contains the first building built by European settlers decades before the establishment of Las Vegas.

Exhibit on the grounds of Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

Kit Leong /

You can enter after paying a small admission fee; check out the whole park and its wagon collection.

The visitors’ center can teach you about how the residents lived in the 1850s.

If you have free time, this is a great place to visit.

Interior exhibit of Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

Kit Leong /

Visit the Natural History Museum

Exterior of Natural History Museum

Kit Leong /

The Natural History Museum is also another terrific museum in Las Vegas, in the outside center of Downtown Las Vegas.

Here are many things to do with family and kids.

This museum’s displays and exhibits reveal many historical facts about dinosaurs and prehistoric life forms.

Animal exhibit in Natural History Museum

Kit Leong /

It tells us about many modern species and the evolution of ancestral species of the animal kingdom.

The most famous and attractive exhibition in this Museum is King Tut’s tomb.

If you are interested in history or geology and want to learn the history of many ancient animals, you must come to the museum.

Evolution exhibit in Natural History Museum

Kit Leong /

Enjoy Gaming at the Thomas and Mack Center

Exterior of Thomas and Mack Center

Kit Leong /

Thomas and Mack’s center is near the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, United States.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, owns the complex.

Thomas and Mack is the best center for sports like basketball, boxing, and football.

Statue of a coach at Thomas and Mack Center

Kit Leong /

People like visiting the Thomas and Mack Center because of its terrific location, plenty of food and drink options, and best customer service.

If you are interested in sports, you must visit Thomas and Crack Centre.

Thomas and Mack is the center of the art gaming and entertainment facilities in Las Vegas.

The Thomas and Mack Center opened in 1983.

Steps leading to Thomas and Mack Center's entrance

Kit Leong /

Enjoy a Meal at Nobu Hotel

Exterior of Nobu Hotel

Roig61 /

Nobu Hotel is inside the tower of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, United States.

This hotel is famous for its unique boutique center that is beautiful with modern touches.

This Nobu hotel opened in 2013 in Downtown Vegas.

A water fountain at Nobu Hotel

Jeffrey J Coleman /

Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and Meir Teper own this Nobu Hotel.

Nobu Hotel includes hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.

You ust visit this Nobu Hotel to enjoy the best meal and shopping experiences.

Visit the Golden Gate Hotel

Night view of Golden Gate Hotel's exterior

4kclips /

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is on the first Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas, United States.

Mark Brandenburg owns this hotel and casino.

Neon signage of Golden Gate Hotel

Usa-Pyon /

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino opened in 1906.

People like to visit the Golden Gate Hotel because of its attractions, shopping malls, and dining options.

Visit this Golden Gate Hotel whenever you have some free time.

Go Ziplining at Slotzilla Zipline

Signage of Slotzilla Zipline

Count Chris /

Downtown Vegas never runs out of adventure for every visitor, and SlotZilla Zipline doesn’t disappoint!

Located in Fremont Street Experience, you’ll love the center’s unique slot machine-inspired zip lines with a higher prone-position line, and a lower zip line.

You can try either the 11 stories high or the 7 stories high zip line, where you’re soaring above the Fremont Street Experience.

A person riding the Slotzilla Zipline

Chris Allan /

Everyone’s favorite feature though is the Zoomline or the Super-Hero Zoom, which lets you fly superhero style, and lands you on Golden Gate, which is Vegas’ most historic casino.

Fly with SlotZilla Zipline and see the crowd from below with your eyes wide open if you can!

The lines of Slotzilla Zipline

Count Chris /

Immerse Yourself Down the Creepy Hallways of Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum

This may not be great for the faint of hearts, but if you try, or if you love ghosts, true crime, paranormal, and all other oddities, go to Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum.

The museum exhibits creepy collectibles, including theworld’s most haunted object, the Dybbuk Box; a vintage wine cabinet.

Also in the museum’s possession is a VW death van, a Propofol chair from Michael Jackson’s death room, as well as the original wooden banister from the Indiana Demon House.

These, among other creepy things, are the collection of Zak Bagans, a paranormal pioneer.

At the age of 10, Bagans became fascinated in the paranormal.

Let the Kids Play and Learn to the Discovery Children’s Museum

Exterior of Discovery Children’s Museum

ZikG /

Offering hands-on and interactive learning for the little ones, the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is where your kids can both enjoy and learn at the same time.

The 58,000-square-foot features a jungle gym, a water world, an eco-city, a fantasy festival, a toddler town, a discovery lab, and more.

All these features and exhibits are available to the kids, where they can play and learn hands-on.

The museum offers three floors of interactive learning, which is a kid favorite in downtown Las Vegas.

The DISCOVERY Children’s Museum was established in 1984 by Robin Greenspun and Mark Tratos.

Far view of Discovery Children’s Museum

Kit Leong /

Attend a Music Festival at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

Home to the different music fests in Vegas, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center hosts many live shows and performances.

It’s a hot spot for many festivals and can seat up to 11,000 fans.

From R&B, EDM, reggae, hip-hop, and all other genres, the events center has it for you.

Food vendors are also on-site, where you can grab your food and drinks.

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center also hosts sports viewing parties like the MMA, boxing, Super Bowl, and more.

Have a Delicious Bite of Donuts at the Donut Bar

A person organizing donuts at the Donut Bar

Jason Ogulnik /

Serving delicious oversized donuts and excellent coffee, the Donur Bar is a nice spot to chill out while enjoying your sips and bites.

It’s popular for its inventive flavors, including the mud pie, crème brulée, caramel latte, pop tart, blueberry crumble, and many more.

The Donut Bar also serves Nitro coffee, a perfect pair for any flavor of donut that you’d like to try.

If you’re a vegan, the shop has great options for you too.

And don’t forget to check out the shop’s fish tank, as well as the Homer Simpson paintings in the bathroom!

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Downtown Las Vegas is full of attractions.

These are all famous and historical places that give us information about history.

If you want to spend your vacation in Nevada, Downtown Vegas is the best choice.

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