15 Best Things to Do in Killeen, TX

Killeen, TX
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Killeen is an exciting destination in Central Texas to visit with your friends and family.

It has plenty of attractions to make your visit to the city a memorable event.

From museums to magnificent parks, hiking trails, picnic spots, hotels, and restaurants, the city has got everything to make your visit a special one.

Initially, Kelleen was a farming land but things changed after World War II when the farms were destroyed.

In its place, a military training center, Camp Hood, was set up.

It was later renamed as the ‘Fort Hood’.

The perfect location of Killeen contributed to its rapid developments following World War II.

The city is also known as the ‘Boom Town’.

It is further bordered by Austin on its south, Harker Heights on its east, and Copperas Cove on its west.

The city is also in close proximity to other important cities such as Dallas and San Antonio.

The ideal time to visit Killeen TX is from May to September.

The summers are hot and long.

But, the winters are brief and cold.

The place is most crowded during summer.

Here are 15 things you can do in Killeen TX:

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake
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It is also known as the Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir as it serves as a reservoir during floods to the downstream populations.

The parent river of this reservoir is the Lampasas River.

The breathtaking scenic beauty of this place is sure to give you an excellent time.

The water here is very clear and clean.

You can also enjoy kayaking here.

Fishing and boating are the other recreational activities you can do here.

You can find several fish populations in this lake such as the white bass, largemouth bass, catfish, and so on.

Further attractions are the night camping and recreational vehicles that they offer.

Tourists usually give excellent reviews of this lake.

First Cavalry Division Museum

First Cavalry Division Museum
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This museum of Fort Hood, which is one of the largest military bases, displays several items of the historic importance of this division.

This place is sure to fascinate you if you are a history buff.

You can find several tankers being displayed that were developed to destroy the German forces during World War II.

Numerous aircraft and other vehicles used during the war are also exhibited.

You can also find photographs and other artifacts reflecting the history of this division.

To enter this museum you need to first purchase a museum pass.

Dana Peak Park

Bleached wood in Dana Peak Park
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This park in Central Texas is a perfect destination to spend time with your family.

This is a peninsula of Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

The scenic beauty of this piece of land surrounded by clean and clear water on all three sides is beyond imagination.

The attractions of this park include the camping areas.

There are around 30 camping spots that visitors can rent.

Recreational vehicles are available for use.

You also find numerous recreational activities such as biking and horse riding for which there are excellent trails.

Tourists also get an opportunity to be in primitive camping areas.

These sites have a table and a campfire.

You will be amazed by the different species of birds you find here.

Whether you want to camp or spend a day outdoors, this is a wonderful place to spend your vacation.

Lions Club Park

This is a park where you can spend a day outdoors without getting bored.

It has plenty of attractions both for adults and kids.

Lions Club Park is famous for its water park.

They offer opportunities for several other sports activities such as baseball, basketball, and football courts.

They also have soccer and softball fields.

Moreover, they have a large open play area.

This is a perfect place to visit with your kids.

Kids will surely love it as they love to play.

The large swimming pool is sure to offer you lots of fun.

They also have additional facilities such as amphitheaters and meeting places.

They have an excellent network of trails for biking and hiking.

To enter this park you need to first book slots through the Community Center.

Third Cavalry Museum

Third Cavalry Museum
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In this museum, you find several things of historic and military importance.

Mainly, they tell about the history of the Third Cavalry Regiment.

Here you can find displays of several army vehicles which were used in World War II.

Numerous artillery pieces, trucks, jeeps, tankers, and aircraft are exhibited.

You can surely learn a lot about the history of the regiment here.

Also, you can educate your kids regarding the rich history of the regiment.

These museum displays can surely fascinate you if you are interested in military history.

This is one of the must-see places in Killeen TX.

Altitude Trampoline Park

This park has numerous attractions from indoor trampolines to several other athletic sports activities.

This is a wonderful place to spend time if you love sports and adventure games.

The games played here include dodge ball, gymnastic tumble track, rock wall, trapeze swing, warped wall, and many more.

They are better experienced than talked about.

They also provide an excellent opportunity to check out your acrobatic and aerial skills.

This is an excellent place to come with your kids.

The fascinating foam pits here can be extremely fun for the jumpers.

These foam pits are safe and sound and you need not worry about getting hurt in the process.

Great Escape of Central Texas

This escape room can assure you a day of great fun.

This is an excellent destination to hang out with your gang of friends and family.

To get out of this room, the players are required to crack various puzzles.

You need to be extremely attentive to the clues they provide.

You will be surprised at the details these escape rooms offer.

It is a highly immersive adventurous game.

You will surely love it if you love mini-adventures.

Here, you get a chance to be in the shoes of a detective.

You absolutely need not worry about getting stuck in this escape room as there are game masters who will help you out.

The staff here is also extremely caring and they will take care of any difficulties you face here.

So, this is another very interesting place you should not miss out on your trip to Killeen TX.

Purser Family Park

This park is spread over an area of 35 acres.

It is located on the southern edge of Harker Heights.

You can enjoy walking here as it offers several trails.

The scenic beauty of this place can mesmerize you.

The most famous attraction here is the 18-hole Frisbee golf course.

There is a dog park here, so you can come up here with your pet.

You can leave them off-leash with no worries as it is absolutely safe for your pet.

They will surely enjoy being here.

An attraction that is worth mentioning is the separate spaces they have constructed for big dogs and small dogs.

There is also a golf course here, so you can spend quality time playing golf.

Purser Family Park is both serene and full of attractions that can keep you busy for the whole day.

Carl Levin Park

Spread over 35 acres, this is another fascinating place you can spend your day out.

It has got an amazing pavilion.

Also, the destination is excellent for walking and jogging.

The big swimming pool here can assure you lots of fun.

Carl Levin Park has an excellent basketball court so it is a great place for all basketball lovers.

The park is great for kids as well as they have a large playground.

It is very safe for kids, so you need not worry about your kids getting hurt.

The picturesque location of this park is excellent with lots of greenery.

You can find a pond here with lots of ducks and geese that add up to the scenic background.

Several picnic spots are available with benches.

This is also one of the most loved family parks in Killeen TX so you can expect a good crowd.

Dana Peak Mountain Bike and Equestrian Trails

This is an excellent place to spend time with your family and friends.

It has an excellent network of trails for walking and mountain biking.

The trails are good for beginners and intermediate-level riders.

You can also see an excellent view of Stillhouse Hollow Lake from Dana Peak.

The place is extremely beautiful and clean.

It is a great place for nature lovers.

It allows dogs, which makes this place pet-friendly.

Don’t forget to capture some pictures on your camera with your friends and family before leaving this place.

If exploring You will not regret visiting this wonderful place in Killen TX.

Harker Heights Community Park

You can find several picnic spots in this park.

You can find a beautiful fountain that is sure to grab your attention.

You can also find running tracks with mile markers.

The trails are clean and beautiful.

You can go walking and jogging here.

It is serene and picturesque as far as you can see.

In this park, you can find 2 big baseball courts.

So, it would be worth it if you come here with your gang of friends to enjoy the sport.

The place is very attractive and is worth capturing on your camera.

The place is great for kids as there is a large playground which is quite shady because of the trees around it.

On the whole, it is a great place to come with your family.

Stonetree Golf Club

This 18-hole golf course incorporates an area of 132 acres of land.

The location is excellent for a golf course as the place is ideal for it with lots of greenery.

The place is dotted with oak groves and has hills around.

A big attraction is the golf experts you find here, who can provide some training and tips in the sport.

It has a great staff that is extremely caring and takes care of any difficulties that you may face here.

It has an additional facility of a meeting place that is suitable for hosting marriages.

Also, they have an excellent fitness center so it is ideal for all fitness freaks who don’t want to miss out on their daily schedule of work out.

Andy K.Wells Hike and Bike Trail

This is the first hiking and biking trail of Killeen.

You can run, walk, skate, rollerblade, and bike (non-motorized) on this 2.

5 mile of paved surface.

However, this destination is ideal for bike riders.

It would be better if you come here with your friends so that you can enjoy the ride in the company of people you enjoy being with.

The networks of trails are very clean and beautiful.

As the place allows dogs here you can come with your pets and create many memories.

Needless to say, the place is very beautiful with lots of greenery.

The scenic beauty is sure to amaze you and you will like to come here again and again.

River Bend Park

This is a quiet and nice spot for you to relax.

It doesn’t have sandy beaches though.

You can set up a day camp here and you can have plenty of space between you and other guests.

Yes, it gets a bit noisy on weekends.

River Bend Park is spread over 25 acres.

This is an ideal spot for a picnic.

You can find several benches and tables for picnicking.

The scenic beauty is amazing.

They provide fishing and boating facilities here.

You can spend a calm and peaceful evening here with your pet.

You can capture the beauty of this location by clicking pictures with your friends and family.

Luv 2 Play Killeen

This is an ideal destination to come with your kids.

The place has separate areas for toddlers and kids.

An attraction worth mentioning is the indoor playground so you need not get worried about getting wet on a rainy day.

It has child-friendly soft play areas which prevent kids from getting injured while playing.

It also offers several other fun activities for kids such as arcade games and games with different ability levels.

Creativity blocks are also available which helps to boost the creativity levels of your kid.

You can find a café here, so you can have a cup of coffee and recharge yourself.

And, to parents, you can have an evening of no worries and stress as your kids are safe here.

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