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16 Best Things to Do in Harker Heights, TX

  • Published 2022/01/19

Are you looking for the best things to do in Harker Heights?

Bell County, Texas, is home to this city.

Harker Heights is Bell County’s third-largest city, behind only Killeen and Temple.

Two hog farmers, Pinckney R. Cox and Harley Kern, owned the area on which Harker Heights was first established.

In 1957, these two men began selling parcels they had split up their land.

In the 1960s, around 600 to 700 of the lots had been occupied.

The city was incorporated on September 24, 1960, and Cox was chosen as the mayor.

Since Harley Kern had passed away before the town’s establishment, the name “Harker Heights” was derived from his name as a homage to one of the town’s founding proprietors.

The metropolis of Killeen, Temple, and Fort Hood include Harker Heights. The name “Heights” is commonly used to describe the community.

Harker Heights, a little city approximately an hour outside Austin, is a great place for outdoor and indoor enjoyment.

Here are the 16 best things to do in Harker Heights:

Take a Dip at Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Scenic View of Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Tricia Daniel /

The lake’s 2,602 hectares (6,430 acres) of the surface area is ideal for a refreshing dip on a hot Texas day.

You may walk in the adjacent forest.

The lake is a great spot to view nature in its purest form because there are few paved beaches.

Many birds, including great blue herons, mallards, mallard ducks, Canada geese, and other songbirds, make the pristine deep water home, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, and others.

The lake is surrounded by trails that allow tourists to explore the surrounding natural environment and see some local flora and fauna on their schedule.

Sunset reflection at Hollow Lake Stillhouse.

razzieblue /

Enjoy the Sense of Community at Painting with a Twist

Painters of all skill levels will enjoy Painting with a Twist, situated at 716 Indian Trail Ste 220.

Partygoers learn step-by-step from an instructor who uses acrylic paints on a 16″ × 20″ canvas.

Even if you have never painted before, you will have a terrific time!

Please check out its calendar and choose a painting you like to sign up for a class.

Bring your food and beverages to the studio and enjoy while bringing out your creativity!

Upon arriving, you will be given a full set of art supplies to start your project.

Upon completion of the lesson, your artwork will be ready to display.

Explore Dana Peak Park

Dana Peak Park covers an area of around 560 acres.

There are approximately 110 acres within the park limits that are developed.

Harker Heights’ Stillhouse Hollow Lake serves as the park’s site, which is just outside the municipal borders.

All six routes in the park may be accessed through the Back Stage Pass, the Fence Line Trail (3.4 miles), the Twin Peaks Trail (1.6 miles), and the 1-Niner Trail (2.1 miles).

Outside the park’s main entrance are the trails.

According to a set of six trail standards specified by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), there are only open routes in the park.

The trail board, positioned at the path’s beginning point, has all of the trail’s rules and regulations.

Dana Peak Park’s amenities include boat ramps, bathrooms, pavilions, picnic areas, grilling stations, sandy beaches, and hiking and biking paths.

Only two of the lake’s campsites may be reserved in advance.

Get Your Wheels Rolling at Texas Skateland

Family-owned Texas Skateland has a snack bar and private party rentals available for hire in Harker Heights, Texas.

Previously, the business was owned by Donald and Shirley, longtime partners in ice skating.

They began teaching skating in the Killeen area while raising their children at the skating rink.

The rink was put up for sale in 1981. Today, Texas Skateland is owned and operated by the Morken family.

Since its inception, there have been just three three-week closures of Texas Skateland’s skate rink and figure circles.

The ice rink is still a favorite venue for birthday celebrations today.

Learn Wall Climbing at Boulders Sport Climbing Center

Consider Boulders Sport Climbing Center if you’re seeking a non-outdoor activity.

There are 30 top rope stations on the facility’s 12-meter (40-foot) walls, a free-standing boulder (which may be used as a free-standing boulder), a lead wall, a nine-meter rappel tower, and a fitness area.

Our goal is to foster community among climbers at Boulders Sport Climbing Center.

You don’t need to be afraid if you’ve never climbed before because the crew is ready to assist you at your level.

Climbing equipment, such as climbing shoes and a harness, are all available at Boulders, so stop by if you’re looking for a fun way to work out in Harker Heights.

Have a Picnic at Harker Heights Community Park

Everyone can find something to do in Harker Heights Community Park.

To clear one’s mind and escape the daily grind, a trip to Harker Heights Community Park is highly recommended.

Ballfields, strolling pathways, and a temporary brook running through it make it an ideal public place.

Many chairs and picnic tables may be found in the pavilion and the restroom.

The pavilion at the Community Park, which is located closest to the playground, can accommodate 150 people.

Organize a family reunion, FRG get-together, wedding, or birthday celebration at our facility.

The Recreation Center accepts first-come, first-served reservations for the park’s amenities.

Unwind at Ecoblu Spa & Salon

EcoBlu Spa and Salon is an Aveda concept salon and one of Texas’s Top 10 Salons.

It is a homegrown brand in Harker Heights.

Its primary mission is to positively impact the lives of each visitor it serves, each employee it hires, and the environment in which it operates.

It provides a complete spa experience and hair spa and other hair care treatments.

EcoBlu Spa and Salon assures its patrons that it only utilizes Aveda’s Pure Flower & Plant Essences.

Chill While Catching Your Favorite Game at Sports City Grill

In Sports City, you may create long-term friends the first time you meet someone.

You may also meet up with pals at Sports City Grill and root for your favorite sports team.

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, it has something for you!

Its nightlife and drink deals have earned the bar a popular destination for tourists.

Everyone is welcome at Sports City Grill, whether you’re in town for dinner, a drink, or just hanging out.

Go Fishing at Carl Levin Park

Carl Levin Park has a lot to offer and is a lovely setting for various events.

You and your family may enjoy a day of fishing in this pond, where you can catch trout.

It also contains a pavilion, the city’s largest covered facility, and can hold up to 200 people comfortably.

The semi-covered theater is perfect for events with 15 to 20 attendees, such as plays or concerts.

Park amenities are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

The pavilion, encircled by crepe myrtles, provides shady seating for eight to ten individuals.

You may take a dip in the hotel’s swimming pool during the summer to chill yourself.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Tee Off at the Stonetree Golf Club

In Killeen, the Stonetree Golf Club, just six minutes away from Harker Heights, was constructed in 1970 and refurbished in 2005.

This public club is just seven minutes from Harker Heights and has everything a professional team needs while still accessible to the general public.

Golf competitions ranging from 25 to 30 times a year take place at this lovely location, including rolling landscapes, trees, various fountains, and small lakes.

There are four sets of tees on the golf course, so players of all skill levels may find a demanding yet fair challenge.

Stonetree Golf Club’s pro store provides everything you need to play a round for those who forgot their clubs at home.

Solve Mysteries at Great Escape of Central Texas

Are you cut out for the life of an escape artist?

Check out the Great Escape of Central Texas, just a seven-minute ride from Harker Height if you believe you’re ready.

You may spend an hour imprisoned in one of four rooms during the Great Escape.

That is until you figure out a way to escape.

Clues are scattered over each chamber, beckoning you and your squad to the exit.

Get together with a partner or a group of friends and take on chambers like the Haunted Manor, where the spirit of Christina Mariell still lingers, guarding her crown.

The “Heart of the Ocean Diamond” may either be robbed from a local bank or solved by traveling back to World War II.

One question remains unanswered in every room: Is it possible for you to get away?

Tour the Master Tattoo Museum Camp Tejas

The Tattoo Museum at Camp Tejas, 10 minutes from Harker Heights, is now in its fourth generation of ownership.

Tahiti Felix’s Master Tattoo Museum in San Diego, CA, is the owner of this almost a century-old collection.

This museum is the first tattoo museum in Texas, which showcases international tattoo history, the state tattoo history, and Central Texas’s distinct tattoo history.

The tattoo museum was established in 1997 by a small group dedicated to preserving tattoo history.

It is housed at the Bangarang Tattooing Co. building.

Have a Family Day at Lions Club Park

Eleven minutes from Harker Heights, the park provides something for everyone, from playgrounds and amphitheaters to pavilions and meeting rooms.

Water play areas, sports fields, and a concrete workout trail are just some of the amenities available at this thriving community center.

In October 2011, the Lions Club Park’s hiking and biking route was completed.

In all, the Lions Club Park Hike and Bike Trail is 1.4 miles long and runs around the park’s recreational area.

A first-come, first-served reservation policy is at the Family Recreation Center and the Community Center.

After making a reservation for one of our outdoor pavilions, groups expecting to have more than 150 people will need to get an Assembly Permit.

Explore the Scientific Realm Mayborn Science Theater

Central Texas College’s Killeen campus has the Mayborn Science Theater, 14 minutes from Harker Heights.

Imaginatively go back and forth in time and space.

It has a full-dome display and various entertainment options.

With a five-channel full-dome Fidelity Bright full-dome solution from Global Immersion of the United Kingdom, the venue can handle its broad and diversified show programming in the 60-foot dome.

Observe a kaleidoscope of color, light, and music.

Watch your favorite songs come to life with laser light displays, which blend stunning 3D visuals with pure laser-generated colors and 15,000-watts of digitally replicated sound.

A dome-shaped screen more than twice as huge as ordinary cinema screens will show you the most spectacular motion image currently available.

See the Amazing Topiaries and Plant Sculptures at Salado Sculpture Garden

Twenty minutes from Harker Heights, you will find Salado Sculpture Garden.

It features walking paths and benches all across the area, making excellent art accessible to all visitors and allowing them to see the work of an eclectic group.

As a Texas Wildscape in the making, the pocket garden was created collaborating with Texas Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists.

Native drought-resistant plants have been mixed into the meadow’s trees and a dry creek that flows across the meadow.

The little gardens intend to give seasonal beauty and attract animals in the area.

Check Out the World’s Largest Spur

The World’s Largest Spur was built in 2016 and was designed by Cherokee artist Wayland Dobbs.

It is just a 36-minute trip from Harker Heights.

Steel, copper, and iron make up the bulk of its 10,000-pound frame.

The spur is 35 feet high, 20 feet wide, and is supported by a 40,000-pound concrete slab.

During the night, neon lights outline the rowel at the top of the spurs.

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially recognized the world’s biggest spur.

The office where the spur is found houses the formal papers honoring the accomplishment.

From the highway, you can see the spur.

Fortunately, the café and dog grooming facility have a huge parking area into which you can easily drive your car.

If you want to snap pictures, you may easily leave your car and go for a walk.

Final Thoughts

While Harker Heights might be the first place you would think about Central Texas destinations, it has something for your interest, whether it’s an outdoor adventure, arts, sports, or relaxation.

Consider Harker Heights on your next getaway trip and experience the best things to do in this small but wonderful town.

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