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20 Best Things to Do in Horsham

  • Published 2020/06/28

Located less than an hour away from London, Horsham is a lovely old market town in West Sussex in England. The city has a delightful rural atmosphere with an international airport located within a commutable distance. The city is a perfect mix of old and modern. It is one of the last places in the world where stock is still displayed in the town centre. Horsham is a perfect escape to the rural countryside from all the hustle-bustle of London. The stunning parkland and outstanding landscape offer sweeping views that will win over your heart. Not only breathtaking beauty, but the town also has a lot of historical and cultural importance. There are several things for you to do and place for you to explore, from natural reserves to museums, Horsham has it all. The town also has some fantastic options for traditional English food and drinks for you to choose from to quench your hunger and thirst. Here are 15 of the best things to do in the delightful town of Horsham.

Enjoy A Walk At The Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

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Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens is a stunning Grade I listed garden in Horsham. The gardens were closed for ten years before reopening. The restoration of the garden was the most extensive garden restoration in England and probably Europe as well. The gardens are now more spectacular than ever after reopening in 2019. Not only delightful gardens with glorious flora and fauna, but Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens also has a Grade II 19th century Italianate-style Mansion House where you can dine and drink cream teas in the here as well.

Along with the Mansion House, there is a doll museum on the estate as well. If this is not enough for you, there is a gift shop, farm shop, Leonardslee House, Michelin Starred Restaurant Interlude, wine tasting, and more. The best way to enjoy the glorious beauty of the garden is to take a walk in the gardens full of luscious plants and flowers with a delightful lake that offers sweeping views. The entry is £12.50, and it is open all year round.

Appreciate Nature At Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

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A stunning Local Natural Reserve covering 95 acres of area, Warnham Local Nature Reserve is a treasure trove of luscious green nature and sweeping views. The reserve has a 17-acre Warnham Millpond coupled with woodlands, grasslands, marginal and island vegetation which makes up for the splendid flora and fauna of this place. There are gorgeous birds everywhere where your eyes can see. Keep your phone or camera ready as you will have plenty of opportunities to photograph the plant life and wildlife. There are also activities that you can participate in like making your birdfeeder. After wandering in reserve, you can grab a quick and wholesome bite at the cafe on the premises. The Warnham Local Nature Reserve is open from April to September and October to March. The entry fee is only £2. A visit to this picturesque place is a must whenever you’re in Horsham.

Learn Local Culture and History At Horsham Museum and Art Gallery

A real gem of Horsham, the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery was found in 1893. It is a treasury of local arts and history of the town. There are 16 galleries here, and they cover a wide variety of subjects that showcase exciting and fascinating themes and content. The museum has also been called miniature Victoria and Albert. It also has temporary exhibitions that change now and then and are amazingly curated. The Horsham Museum and Art Gallery also has an award-winning garden for you to stroll in after you visit the museum and learn all about Horsham. Housed in a magnificent 14th-century house, this museum and art gallery is packed with many beautiful things to see and learn about.

Meet and Feed Birds At Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre

Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre is an award-winning bird centre, and it houses approximately 70 types of different species of birds that you can see, feed, and interact with. Some of the species include hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, vultures, kites, and much more. The staff is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and educates people how these beautiful birds are handled. The centre does terrific work in rehabilitating wild and injured birds, and along with that, it also supports charities that help to treat and provide shelter the mistreated birds of prey. The centre is open from 11 am to 5 pm on Wednesdays through Saturdays and from 11 am to 4.30 pm on Sundays. The entrance fee is £8.00. Visit the Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre to gaze at these gorgeous creatures and help their preservation as well.

Enjoy At Horsham Park

Horsham Park

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Situated right by the town centre, Horsham Park is a stunning green space in Horsham filled to its brim with lake, plant life, wildlife, vivid beds of flowers, and so much more. This serene park is equipped with sensory design to aide the differently-abled and visually impaired visitors. Along with beautiful greenery, the park offers a lot of recreational activities. It has an outdoor gym, tennis courts, Orienteering Course, skate park, bowls green, an indoor pool, and much more. One thing is for sure, you are going to run out of things to do at this park. It also has a cafe on the premises called “Conservatory Café”, and it serves delightful food and delicious cream teas.

Visit The Sumners Ponds

A Fishery and campsite in Horsham, West Sussex, Sumners Ponds provides a gorgeous place to enjoy nature and appreciate its beauty. It is set in the delightful English countryside and offers sweeping views. The fishery and campsite cover an area of about 100 glorious acres, and it includes various lakes and woodlands where you can just chill and refresh yourself by relaxing amidst beautiful nature; or if you want to have some adventure, you can hike, run, walk, or cycle on the grounds. The premise also has a cafe and restaurant that serves delectable food made with wholesome local produce. There are beautiful rural villages nearby where you can go to after and enjoy the authentic English country life. Visit the Sumners Ponds in Horsham to enjoy and relax while enjoying the landscape.

Best Restaurants In Horsham

Restaurants In Horsham

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Horsham has a fantastic food scene with delectable English food for you to satisfy your hunger. The restaurants of the town provide mouthwatering food with an exceptional dining experience in restaurants located all over the city. Some of the best restaurants in the city are- Filippo’s Italian Restaurant, Miller & Carter Horsham, Restaurant Tristan, The Chequers Inn, and The Green Man. All these restaurants serve some of the best food in town and also offer various vegan and vegetarian options for you to choose from.

Stroll Around To Discover New Things

horsham town

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Walking is one of the best ways to explore any city. Horsham is a lovely picturesque town with lots to uncover at every turn, and this makes it perfect for exploring it on foot. You can stroll around the city to take in the scenic glory of the charming town and discover what the city has to offer while gazing at the magnificent architecture of the town. You can find the town’s little secrets like the Downs Link, that you wouldn’t have known if you were exploring the city in any other way like every other tourist. Long walks with clean air and beautiful streets of Horsham will refresh your mind and body.

Stop At The Chesworth Farm

The secret paradise of Horsham, Chesworth Farm is located very near the town centre and has vibrant meadows and hedgerows for you to see and explore. The farm covers an area of about 90 acres and offers sweeping views of glorious countryside of Horsham. It dates back to the 11th century, and it has now become a haven for plant life and wildlife. You can see gorgeous butterflies, cows, sheep, llamas, and other more animals in this countryside farm. The best way to take in the beauty of the Chesworth Farm is by walking in the serene environment that this place offers and don’t forget to sit by the waterfall of River Arun to calm your body and soul.

Best Cafes In Horsham

Horsham has plenty of lovely cafes where you can just sit down and drink a cup of coffee or have high tea paired a light meal such as the classic cucumber sandwiches. Some of the best cafes in town are- The Milk Churn, Cafe By The Lake, Artisan Tea Rooms & Patisserie, Carmela Deli, and Stan’s Bike Shack. These cafes are located in the town and serve delicious, and wholesome food made local produce with a relaxed atmosphere. Visit these cafes to grab a bite and relax in a laidback environment with good tea or coffee.

Where To Drink In Horsham

Horsham pubs

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You just cannot miss the traditional English pubs when you’re in England. Like all the other English towns, Horsham has some fantastic pubs and bars where you can grab a drink at the end of the day in the traditional English way. Some of the best places to drink in Horsham are- The Green Man Partridge Green, Kissingate Brewery, The Bear, The White Horse, The Black Jug, and The Mucky Duck Inn. Visit these places to eat mouthwatering pub food with the drink of your choice.

Contemplate At The St Mary’s Church

The oldest existing building in Horsham, St Mary’s Church is the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin. This Christian place of worship was built in 1247 and has now become an integral part of the local community. This 13th-century church is a Grade I listed building and has a distinctive Norman doorway and a historic cemetery. Romanesque in origin, the church has magnificent stained windows that are a treat to the eyes. The St Mary’s Church is an oasis of calm in the busy town and is a perfect place to do some soul searching.

Catch A Show At The Capitol

Built in Italian style, The Capitol is a multi-purpose arts venue in the town that has a 410 seat theatre, gallery space, meeting room, and two cinema screens. The cinemas, theatres, and studios have an infra-red transmission system for visitors with hearing impairment. The Capitol’s cafe serves freshly brewed and ground coffee along with a wide variety of drinks coupled with light snacks that you can enjoy while watching a movie or any other show. You can book tickets on the website of the venue and check what’s on.

Go Cycling In The Downs Link

A hidden gem of Horsham, Downs Link 36 miles long footpath and bridleway that uses the two disused railway lines and links North Downs and South Downs. The trail is an absolute dream for cyclists and provides traffic-free routes for smooth sailing with many points to grab a bite and water. The Downs Link offers breathtakingly incredible views of the English countryside. If you do not want to bike, you can enjoy the beauty by walking, hiking, or running on this path.

Best Hotels to Stay in

Horsham hotel

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Horsham has plenty of fantastic hotels that will ensure that your stay is as comfortable and worthwhile as possible. You can choose from budget hotels to luxury hotels, Horsham offers it all. Some of the best hotels in the town are- South Lodge Hotel & Spa, Cisswood House, Springfields, The Windmill Inn Littleworth, and The Mucky Duck Inn. When you are in town, make sure to stay at one of these hotels for a comfortable stay with plenty of amenities.

An ancient market town located in West Sussex, Horsham is a delightfully picturesque town that offers the true glory of English countryside along with history and culture at every corner. Visit this town to explore the nature, culture, and history of this lovely English town by yourself. Do not forget to tell us your favourite thing from the list and make sure to do all these things when you visit Horsham.

Go on a Shopping Spree at Swan Walk Shopping Centre

Swan Walk Shopping Centre is situated in the lovely Horsham, a historic marketplace.

They offer a superb selection of main street fashion businesses, as well as high-end independent stores and luxury cosmetics companies.

Swan Walk Shopping Centre offers choices of different large brands shopping in a nearby, practical setting.

Along with Swan Walk, the town provides shopping with a wide selection of fascinating brands and neighborhood independents that cater to all tastes.

Enjoy economical and practical parking in the center of Horsham with more than 900 spots.

The town’s markets are a must-visit since they provide a fantastic selection of local goods as well as distinctive artisan items.

Tour around the Sedgwick Park House

Privately owned Sedgwick Park House is located amid 100 acres of open countryside.

Beautiful views of the Chanctonbury Ring and the South Downs may be seen on the grounds.

John and Clare Davison bought the property in 2001, and presently, the estate consists of the house with meadows out front, traditional gardens in the back, and the Sedgwick Castle wooded site to the west.

· John and Clare have graciously welcomed several community initiatives into their home and have hosted events for many philanthropic organizations.

Small private parties can arrange for excursions to the garden and bottom floor of the home, as well as tea on the terrace.

Pamper with Friends at the Beauty Cocktail Spa

Are you feeling burnt out and seeking a place to unwind?

The 18-year-old Beauty Cocktail Spa is available daily and provides the most up-to-date beauty procedures.

At Beauty Cocktail Spa, services including Cleopatra’s Gold & Caviar Facial, Eyelash Tint, Mini Pedicure with Heat Treatment, and Reflexology Foot Massage are provided.

Beauty Cocktail Spa is the perfect location for a unique welcome celebration or unwinding in the sauna.

Guest may also go for a dip in the warm indoor swimming pool or enjoy a quiet day by the pool.

Spend a special spa day pampering yourself and your friends.

Explore both Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods

Did you know that Leechpool is an old mixed forest?

The 53-acre tract of Leechpool Woods is a historic woodland with five marked walking pathways that explore various ecosystems and include a sculpture trail.

Owlbeech Woods, on the other hand, is a heathland that has been restored and contains a unique variety of plants and animals.

Due to the wide range of habitats, species are able to flourish, and several of the butterflies, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that are frequently seen in the woods are really rather uncommon.

These woods are the perfect place for forest adventures, whether you decide to go along one of the well-marked routes, construct a den, splash about in the streams, or look for nature’s treasures.

Both locations provide free admission and are available all year long.

Eat and Shop at Horsham Markets

Horsham Markets by Food Rocks is a twice-weekly market that features an incredible array of street food and beverages together with award-winning local vegetables, art, and craft made by regional artisans.

The Thursday market offers quality coffee, fresh fruit and veggies, a bakery, and a smattering of agricultural and artisan vendors.

The Saturday market currently has more than 40 stalls and is a traditional food market.

They feature exceptional meat, sausages, fresh fish, organic products from neighboring farms, gourmet cheese, desserts, bread, and alcoholic drinks such as gin, beer, and wine.

There is also a selection of houseplants, wildflowers, woodwork, jewelry, clothing, and other boutique items.

Pop-up pubs, performance music shows, and street food are all available.

Final Thoughts

Given all the attractions located here, Horsham is not only amazingly beautiful but also crucial in terms of social and historical development.

The multimillion-dollar Horsham Town Hall serves as a premier cultural center in addition to offering a wide variety of stores and eateries.

This popular tourist destination has a great deal to offer if you’re arranging a long-awaited romantic evening, quality time with the family or a solo shopping extravaganza.

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