21 Best Things to Do in Hollister, MO

Hollister, MO
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Are you seeking a calm and serene getaway in a small city?

If so, consider visiting the charming and quaint city of Hollister, Missouri.

This city offers a welcoming and peaceful ambiance, providing the ideal atmosphere for a fantastic quality time with your friends.

You may enjoy a relaxing round of golf, go antique shopping, go on a maritime excursion, and far more.

Other exciting activities include attending live concerts, viewing museums, and visiting the many other fantastic sites in the city.

Fasten your seatbelt as we will uncover the best things to do in Hollister, Missouri.

Take a Peek at the 165 Scenic Overlook

One of the famous tourist destinations is the 165 Scenic Overlook because it provides the ideal vantage point for viewing the beautiful scenery.

It is a great place to stop off the road and take in the sights of Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Dam, and even Branson's southern reaches.

Taking the kids on a quick stroll to 165 Scenic Overlook, where they can admire the serenity of their environment, is one of the greatest things to do in Hollister with kids.

Make sure your camera is charged before you embark on a spectacular photoshoot with your family in this breathtaking environment.

After that, go over to Vintage Paris to indulge in delightful pleasures such as mouth-watering cuisine and refreshments.

Try Seasonal Food at the Downing Street Pour House

Downing Street Pour House opened its doors in September 2017 as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to try live coal-fired BBQ.

Located in 24 Downing Street Pour House Hollister, Missouri, people come here to dine as it's in a peaceful, serene setting, just over the Taneycomo bridge from Branson's tourist attractions.

They serve coal-fired American comfort cuisine, whole muscle grind Snake River Farms wagyu burgers, and traditional pub favorites.

Aside from their menu, they have daily specials inspired by seasonal food, the weather, and how their visitors are feeling.

They are constantly on the search for new sources of inspiration and ideas, so when guests explore the world, they return with favorite flavors and culinary discoveries.

Go Swimming at the White River Kayaking & Outdoors

White River Kayaking & Outdoors is a renting business and outdoor provider founded in 2012.

It is located in Hollister, Missouri, about a mile from downtown Branson, and offers kayak, canoe, paddleboard (SUP), and bike rentals.

Enjoying a variety of wildlife or trying to catch a variety of fish are two of the best ways to enjoy an adventure in the Ozark Mountains.

Rather than limiting yourself to concrete structures, embark on an epic riverside journey by visiting this well-known tourist destination.

It allows you to participate in exhilarating sports and a variety of other leisure activities where you can also rent other items for your adventure, such as small coolers to keep your food and beverages.

Get a Bite at the Hook and Ladder Pizza Co.

Come in for a full-fledged lunch at Hollister, MO's Firehouse-themed pizza restaurant.

Hook and Ladder Pizza Co. is unlike any other pizza place you or your guests have ever been to.

Fresh, hot pizza is prepared in front of your eyes and to top that, all of their crusts and sauces are created from scratch each morning using their specialized recipes.

To give customers an amazing pizza experience, their goods are created with high-quality ingredients.

Hook and Ladder Pizza Co in Hollister, Missouri, at 26 Downing Street.

Relax and Lie Down at the Angler’s Lodge Hollister

Angler's Lodge Hollister is located near the airport and amusement parks and is only a 5-minute drive from other major destinations such as Branson Landing.

Make yourself at home in one of Angler's Lodge Hollister's rooms, including refrigerators and flat-screen televisions.

Take use of its recreational amenities, including an indoor pool, spa tub, and fitness center.

This lodge also has a fireplace in the lobby, as well as complimentary wireless Internet access and gift shops or newsstands.

You may also dine at the hotel's onsite restaurant, Tall Tales Bar & Grill.

Pick Out Peculiar Items at Olivia's Heartland

Olivia's Heartland began as a small home company and has grown into a large company that sells unique, reasonably priced home decor throughout the continent.

It is based at 135 S Town Blvd in Hollister, Missouri.

They started with beds, then moved on to curtains, kitchen and bathroom rustic décor, and eventually the entire house.

All of their products are created in Missouri, and their resources are obtained from all around the world for perfection, from Ohio to New Delhi.

They are also a charitable organization, with at least 10% of all revenues going to support people in need in the community

Play Golf at the Buffalo Ridge Golf Course

The famous state-of-the-art, Buffalo Ridge Golf Course, with an 18-hole championship golf course, opened in 1994.

When you're seeking entertaining things to do in Hollister, head to this world-class golf course to have a great day golfing with your family, friends, or loved ones.

It features beautiful, well-kept scenery with glistening water, towering trees, rich grass, and breathtaking mountain views.

It features a training facility as well as rental sets, which are convenient if you don't want to carry your own heavy equipment.

Spend a relaxing and stress-free day at the Buffalo Ridge Golf Course with your friends or loved ones.

Rent at Fun Time Adventure Rentals

Fun Time Adventure Rentals, which first opened its doors in 2015, is a well-known ATV rental company.

It's an excellent site to visit if you're looking for new things to explore on your vacation today.

Renting a car from this top-rated rental agency is one of the greatest ways to see the city with your loved ones or friends.

Drive a scooter throughout the neighborhood, stopping at restaurants, scenic viewpoints, businesses, and other attractions along the route.

So if you're seeking adventure in Hollister, stop by Fun Time Adventure Rentals.

Eat and Experience Mexican Food at Little Hacienda

Everything in the restaurant has a Mexican feel to it.

Little Hacienda is located at 9 Downing Street in Hollister, Missouri, near several well-known restaurants.

Their dishes are created using traditional recipes that are bursting with fiery flavors associated with Mexican food.

They specialize in Mexican cuisine, although their cooks can prepare everything from American to Italian cuisine.

They take pleasure in providing fresh, excellent cuisine at a reasonable price, and they see the necessity of providing excellent service that surpasses their customers' expectations as a family business.

There are a few fascinating tourist spots nearby, in addition to the many interesting activities and places to visit in Hollister, Missouri.

Branson, for example, is an Ozark town in southwest Missouri that is well-known as a family holiday destination and is only a few miles from Hollister.

Go on a Fishing Trip at Branson Fishing Adventures

Branson Fishing Adventures was established in 2010 and offers guided fishing expeditions with a certified coast guard-certified guide.

Are you looking for interesting activities to do in Hollister while on vacation?

If that's the case, book a guided trip with Branson Fishing Adventures to take a break from the day's indoor activities and sightseeing by going on a relaxing expedition in the heart of nature.

It provides a variety of packages for parties of all sizes, as well as state-of-the-art fishing vessels and professional guides.

Fishing for white bass, trout, walleye, bass, crappie, and other species on a beautiful lake is a lot of fun.

Look for Vintage Items at Kendall's Treasures Flea Market

If you’re an avid collector of vintage items, Kendall's Treasures Flea Market is the place to go.

Right down Hollister’s Downing Street, the shop houses more than 50 booths you can check out.

Find new or used vintage treasures like tools, toys, furniture clothes, and more.

You’ll surely spot some rare and unique collectibles just around every corner.

Likewise, you’ll find plenty of decor to add to your country-style designs.

Drop by Kendall's Treasures Flea Market any day of the week and go on antique shopping.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Hulland Park

After some tiring activities, you might want to just relax and spend the day at Hulland Park.

The park sits off Railroad Avenue on Hulland Drive and offers visitors a charming view of Lake Taneycomo and Turkey Creek.

Meander around the park and get some fresh air.

Sit at the park bench to recharge or pack some lunch for a picnic at the tables.

You can also go for a kayak or canoe ride at Turkey Creek and explore the surrounding areas.

Cast your line and enjoy shoreline fishing at the waters.

You’ll have plenty of space to slow down and have some downtime at Hulland Park.

Grab Snacks and Drinks at Hollister Coffee Co.

For some coffee, beverage, and light snacks, Hollister Coffee Co. is a good local food stop.

They offer a variety of coffee selections like Daily Grind, Cappuccino, Nitro Coffee, Cold Brew which is also available in Iced Latte, and many more.

If you prefer caffeine-free drinks, you can order a Herbal or Tea Latte.

Plus, you can also add syrups like Almond Rocca, Amaretto, English Toffee and others to perk up your drinks.

Looking for something healthy? Try their different ShakeOuts like the Downtown Sunrise, a mix of orange juice, almond milk, banana, strawberries, and French Vanilla Créme protein.

Get other ShakeOut flavors like Elevate or Snickerdoodle.

You’ll enjoy the taste of their energy-boosting Gourmet Toast all made with multigrain bread.

Bite into a tasty plate of Avocado Bliss made with avocado, feta, tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and cracked pepper, or the Big Island Toast made of pineapple, cottage cheese, and walnuts.

Head off to Hollister Coffee Co. located on South Business Highway 65.

Take Your Fur Buddies to Pepper Dog Park

Your four-legged buddy can also enjoy while you’re staying in Hollister.

They’ll have so much fun playing and running around at Pepper Dog Park.

Located on the corners of Laurel and Evergreen Streets, the park has six-foot chain-link fences to keep your dogs safe.

There’s a large separate area to run for both big and small dogs, with fire hydrants on each pen and a water station where your dogs can drink.

Ample parking is also available at this park.

And Pepper Dog Park is easily accessible located just adjacent to Tiger Park.

Visit the Southern Missouri Arts Connection Art Center

Art aficionados will enjoy a showcase of exhibits at The Southern Missouri Arts Connection Art Center on Downing Street.

Established in 2014 by Hollister local Donna Rastofer, the center aims to foster arts education, creativity, innovation, and partnership with the community.

They also partner with local artists, the government, and businesses to continue this mission.

Visitors can join and participate in affordable art classes, art camps, featured exhibits, community events, and fundraising events hosted by the center.

Drop by and appreciate various engaging art exhibits, or sign up for hands-on art designed for all ages.

Experience more of the arts at Southern Missouri Arts Connection Art Center.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore and Enjoy the Titanic Museum

Exterior view of Titanic Museum
Paul Frederickson, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

In 1986, a second trip to the wreck site was launched, co-led by the museum's owner.

The items you see all throughout the ship are real, and they're worth more than 4 million dollars.

Also on display at the Titanic Museum are over 400 ACTUAL items used by passengers and the ship itself on that fatal night.

Night view of Titanic Museum
Roland Arhelger, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During your exciting journey, you will be able to roam the ship's corridors and tour the parlors, bedrooms, and even the magnificent Grand Staircase.

You'll arrive as a visitor and go as a Titanic Passenger.

To enjoy a Titanic Experience, you don't have to go to the Atlantic Ocean; simply travel to Branson, Missouri!

See the World's Largest Toy Museum

The Beck Museums of Branson/Largest World's Toy Museum is the ultimate walk down memory lane!

Take a look at this massive collection, including eight museums and over one million toys.

More than 900 Barbies, antique dolls, agricultural toys, mechanical banks, trains, Pez dispensers, and Disney toys are among the items on display.

The general shop from the 1800s is filled with antiques, including 510 toy sewing machines.

Branson, Missouri, is home to this one-of-a-kind museum complex.

Watch a Live Performance at The Six Show

The SIX Show is a live event that features six award-winning brothers singing onstage.

Do you and your friends enjoy viewing live shows?

If so, you should check out this band of brothers singing.

These six brothers are a must-see on your unforgettable vacation because of their charisma, singing, and performance ability.

Get ready to be dazzled to see an exciting and stunning live show.

Sit back and enjoy the performance as the brothers display their vocal skills through singing, dancing, and even beatboxing.

Aside from the live show, experience a variety of other activities, like having a delicious meal at a fantastic restaurant and seeing amazing art at a museum.

Pay a Visit to Branson Hollywood Wax Museum

Exterior view of Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson
Momwriter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri, is instantly recognizable for bringing life to some of the most famous actors, celebrities, and personalities of all time.

It was originally launched in 1996 and stands two floors tall; it is a well-known wax museum.

It's a self-guided tour where you'll witness some of entertainment's biggest stars reproduced with stunning life-like detail, making it a fascinating experience for the whole family.

If you're searching for something to do indoors when it's rainy or freezing, head down to this wax museum.

There are several wax figurines to see, as well as a gift store with a variety of themed items.

You can see realistic, life-size figurines and take photos with famous movie characters like Jack Sparrow, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, King Kong, and others at the Branson Hollywood Wax Museum.

Don't be fooled by Hollister's lack of popularity compared to other American cities.

Wander around the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure

The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure is on a hilltop and is a tropical-themed butterfly sanctuary.

There are numerous romantic activities to do in Hollister or Branson for couples, you can take pictures as a couple at the Butterfly Palace and wander around the Rainforest Adventure.

This tourist attraction includes a mirror labyrinth, a scientific center, a butterfly sanctuary, a souvenir station, and much more to give you and your loved ones.

You may also purchase items for your family and friends back home at its gift store after having a good time going through the unique maze created by the Banyan Tree.

It's also a great option if you're looking for low-cost activities around you.

Delight in the Performance of The Music, Humor, and Stories of Baby Boomer Steve Moris!

The Branson Central Theater presents The Music, Humor, and Stories of Baby Boomer Steve Moris!, a thrilling live show.

This fascinating stage performance at a magnificent theater is one of the most spectacular and unusual things to see in Hollister or Branson.

It is one of the most popular comedy shows on television, featuring Steve Moris, a professional comedian.

He takes his 45+ years of experience and thousands of concerts for millions of people all over the world to the Branson Central Theatre's intimate stage - up close and personal.

Steve Moris is a one-of-a-kind Baby Boomer comedy and music presentation that will captivate you and leave you smiling.

Final Thoughts

Hollister is a small, but lovely, up-and-coming tourist spot worth visiting.

Some of the interesting activities and locations to visit at this destination may surprise you.

While heading to Missouri, you should definitely schedule a few hours for a side excursion here.

You might want to return sometime to Hollister to take a break and unwind.

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