15 Best Things to Do in Henderson County, NC

Henderson County, NC
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Tucked along southwestern North Carolina, Henderson County is home to a mixed bag of attractions.

It’s located within the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, offering an array of outdoor adventures.

The origins of Henderson County can be traced back to 1838, when it was named after a prestigious Chief Justice of North Carolina.

In history, the county went through several ups and downs.

Those events shaped Henderson County into becoming well-developed, with many thriving towns and cities under its wing.

Whether you’re up for dynamic activities or charming destinations, the county pretty much has everything.

You’ll likely enjoy the places that this county has in store for its visitors.

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Henderson County, North Carolina:

Explore the Iconic Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Main house at Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
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From the 20th century, Carl Sandburg was one of the most iconic writers in the country.

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site was his original refuge, preserved to retain its old-world charm.

Besides his home, the venue contains gorgeous hiking trails, a real-life barn, and other worn-out buildings.

You can pet friendly goats in the barn or have overlooking views from the high points of Glassy Mountain.

A goat in Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site's barn
Danita Delimont / Shutterstock.com

There’s also a gift shop where you can buy small souvenirs, novelty items, and remnants of Carl Sandburg’s prestige.

On scheduled dates, the staff also offers free tours around the area, including the home and its nearby attractions.

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is nestled within the small village of Flat Rock.

Head to Little River Road to find this historic destination.

Wooden chair overlooking a river at Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
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Slide down Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park

For a thrilling winter experience, Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park is the perfect destination.

Snow tubing is an activity where you ride on air-inflated circular tubes as it slides down from a tall vantage point.

This offers a fun experience for people of almost all ages!

If you’re traveling in a group, you can form a “group train” that lets you skid down the slope with your friends or family.

Pair your adventure at Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park with tasty meals from their food truck, stocked with Southern-style comfort food.

There’s also a gift shop with souvenirs like sweatshirts and ballcaps to remind you of this experience.

Make a stop at Willow Road to try this fun, snowy adventure!

Pick Fresh Fruits at Sky Top Orchard

Opened in 1967, Sky Top Orchard has been a staple source of agriculture in Flat Rock village.

It started from a father and son duo who sowed the first seeds of Mt. Alpine within the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The farm has become abundant in its assortment of plants, fruits, and greenery.

They open “U-pick” sessions almost every season where guests can freely grab fruits inside the plantation.

Variations of apples are their specialty, but Sky Top Orchard also features fresh cherries, Asian pears, grapes, and more.

They also sell homemade products like apple cider doughnuts, caramel apples, kettle corn, etc.

For a taste of natural and local flavors, Sky Top Orchard is your best bet.

You can find these beautiful fields along Pinnacle Mountain Road.

Get Lost in Bullington Gardens

As one of Hendersonville’s top attractions, Bullington Gardens presents a feast for sore eyes.

Once a simple nursery of Bob Bullington, these gardens have become a beautiful haven.

Fresh, vibrant flowers adorn the facility, adding much-needed color to its simple construction.

From fairy-inspired trails and native woodlands to therapy fields, these gardens display plenty of unique sights.

It’s a great way to immerse and connect with the natural environment!

There are all sorts of themed places within Bullington’s Gardens.

You can also learn more about the maintenance and protection of certain flowers and nature in general.

Those interested can locate these gardens along Upper Red Oak Trail.

Immerse in Nature with Adventure Treks

As the name suggests, Adventure Treks on Berea Church Road is all about thrilling experiences in the outdoors.

It’s recommended for people aged 13 to 20 to discover themselves through diverse activities.

It consists of summer camp packages that have all the necessities covered.

They’ll handle the equipment for diverse activities like kayaking, biking, and inflatable structures on water.

You also get to meet new people from various parts of the country.

They’ll also help you build useful skills like leadership, communication, resilience, and optimism.

Adventure Treks is located on Berea Church Road.

Take a Leisure Break in Bill Moore Community Park

Within the town of Fletcher, you’ll be able to find Bill Moore Community Park.

It’s deemed one of the best family parks in the region of North Carolina, having a mix of natural and manmade trails.

This place was built in honor of Mayor Moore, who started several progressive developments in the town.

This park boasts many amenities, including sports fields, playgrounds, picnic shelters, and a concession stand.

There are also scenic arboretum gardens right inside Bill Moore Community Park.

The nearby Cane Creek is also a popular water area for fun recreation.

This public park on Howard Gap Road is one for the books!

Venture into the Corn Maze of Grandad’s Apples

Grandad’s Apples offer fun, family-friendly attractions, especially for kids.

This farm on Chimney Rock Road contains fun amenities like the mysterious corn maze, the miniature cow train, and the cool apple cannon.

Those things can likely make children enjoy a taste of the idyllic farm lifestyle!

Grandad’s Apples also has a bakery, serving fresh treats and pastries from local products and agriculture.

You can have your pick of sweet apple goodies, from apple slushies and apple pies to apple doughnuts and fresh cider.

There’s also a county store that displays locally sourced goods like honey, fruits, handmade crafts, and wine.

Grandad’s Apples takes pride in being more than just a produce farm.

Learn about Nature at Holmes Educational State Forest

Welcome sign of Holmes Educational State Forest
Holmes Educational State Forest, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Holmes Educational State Forest lets you immerse in the scenic nature of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

On Crab Creek Road, these mystical forests are perfect for your next venture into the environment.

It has smooth terrains and well-marked trails that even hiking beginners can easily understand.

Creative exhibits are scattered around the forest, making the experience more educational.

You can choose from five diverse trails, each with its own charming traits.

One of the most popular is the “Talking Trees Trail,” which presents hikers with seven “talking trees” through a lush forest.

Holmes Educational State Forest has thrived in Hendersonville since 1977.

It’s no surprise that these beautiful natural forests receive so much attention!

The Gallery at Flat Rock aims to foster creativity and promotion of the fine arts within the community.

It was established in 2015, displaying a carefully curated collection of lovely, eye-catching artworks.

They have masterful pieces from over 60 distinct artists with different kinds of prestige and popularity.

You can browse through an extensive selection of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and photography.

They also have rotating exhibits to keep the gallery fresh for frequent visitors.

This art venue hosts the works in a posh, minimalist setting with shiny wooden floors and white walls.

You can find The Gallery at Flat Rock along Greenville Highway.

Play Mountain-Style Golf in Cummings Cove

Located along Lakeledge Circuit, Cummings Cove hides a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts.

This features a mountain-style course equipped with a unique hole positioned right at the edge of an actual cliff.

It received a prestigious award for “Best Renovations” in 2006.

The course is characterized by a mix of elevated terrains, light fairways, and gorgeous waterfalls.

Cummings Cove seamlessly blended into the mountain nature of Blue Ridge and molded it into the course.

It may not be the largest golf course in Henderson County, but the sweeping views and pristine greens make up for it.

Watch a Local Show at Flat Rock Playhouse

In 1937, Flat Rock Playhouse started as a group of struggling performers who traveled around the world.

It wasn’t until they opened their own building and space in Flat Rock Playhouse that they found a permanent home.

Now, they present a wide range of performances, including Broadway musicals, romance, drama, and comedy.

With talented actors and creative sets, Flat Rock Playhouse has become a cherished place for entertainment in the village.

If you’re seeking modern entertainment, add this venue to your options.

You can find it along Greenville Highway.

Catch a Fish with Davidson River Outfitters

Davidson River Outfitters helps you enjoy the wonders of Pisgah National Forest’s waters.

Located along Pisgah Highway, this charter connects you to people who can guide you around North Carolina’s nature.

They can also provide you with all sorts of fishing and boating equipment, from live baits and fishing rods to working boats.

With so many streams and rivers to explore in the forest, Davidson River Outfitters can make things easier for you.

You can decide which fish you want to catch, and they’ll lead you to places that have an abundance of those species.

The duration of the trip also depends on you!

Whether you want a full day of fishing or just a few hours on the water, the staff can cater the experience to your preference.

Choose Davidson River Outfitters if you’d like fishing adventures.

Test Your Courage at The Haunted Farm

For a change of pace, try this chilling experience at The Haunted Farm.

Along Townsend Road, this spooky attraction is one of Hendersonville’s most unique attractions.

It takes you through a journey inside a well-decorated stretch of land, adorned in scary symbols, bloody artifacts, and haunting music.

They also have actors who play certain roles to add more fear into your experience.

There are themed stories about curses, ghosts, zombies, and a blood feud between two families.

Other than the fear, you also get to experience the story unfold right before your very eyes.

You must try this horror-filled experience at least once in your lifetime!

Feast Like a German in Haus Heidelberg

Opened in 1994, Haus Heidelberg serves meals inspired by authentic European and Bavarian specialties.

They specialize in authentic German cuisine, having a menu of classic dishes from the popular country.

The restaurant is also designed to be similar to some warm, basic restaurants from that country.

Even their servers are dressed in German fashion!

All these can give you a glimpse of what life is like in Germany, especially their everyday cuisine.

Haus Heidelberg is located on Greenville Highway.

Discover Heritage Weavers at the Historic Johnson Farm

Main house at Historic Johnson Farm
JERRYE & ROY KLOTZ M.D., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1876, the Historic Johnson Farm has managed to keep much of its original form as a 19th-century tobacco source.

This gives it an old-school allure, earning plenty of visitors from across the region.

Tours are offered throughout the whole year.

They’ll take you inside the farmhouse, let you pet some of their animals, and explore the full terrain.

The Historic Johnson Farm is also home to heritage weavers and fiber artists.

You can see some of their unique works and buy products to support the people, their culture, and their history.

Loads of hands-on experiences and workshops are also available at the Historic Johnson Farm on Haywood Road.

Final Thoughts

With so many places to explore, Henderson County thrives as a popular tourist place.

It also offers opportunities to connect with the Blue Ridge Mountains and Pisgah National Forest.

There are also places for modern entertainment and charming local businesses.

No matter your preference, you’ll surely enjoy the best things to do in Henderson County, North Carolina.

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