20 Best Things to Do in Hartville, OH

Hartville, OH
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Hartville is known throughout Ohio's Stark County as a vibrant community despite its size.

With nearly 3,000 residents, Hartville is also a peaceful community.

At the same time, its local scenery offers an eclectic selection of attractions ranging from food, retail, history, and nature.

Although it's a village, Hartville boasts a small-town appeal and a tight-knit community on display at the famous Hartville Kitchen and Hartville Marketplace.

In addition, it's also home to the country's biggest hardware store, making your visit more fascinating.

Traveling to this small village offers a unique but fun-filled adventure fit for a quick family getaway.

So, what awaits you in this village in Stark County?

Read on to find out the 20 best things to do in Hartville, OH.

Visit the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery

Since 1966, the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery has earned a reputation as the top destination for homestyle cooking.

Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery serves some of the most excellent mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, beef, and chicken.

It's the best place for people who yearn for comfort food, especially those who want to taste homestyle cooking.

Upon entering the massive restaurant, you'll meet its hostesses and admire the 440-seating dining room, where you'll share space with other hungry guests.

Enjoying a meal at the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery is an experience you should not miss.

Before starting your Hartville travel adventure, fill your belly with the best comfort food in town at the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery, along Edison St NW.

Experience the Hartville Coin Show

Suppose you're seeking a unique experience during your Hartville travel adventure.

In that case, you can join the Hartville Coin Show at the Hartville Marketplace.

Every May, this one-of-a-kind event attracts the most lucrative rare coin collectors in the region to display their exquisite coin collections.

It's a must-see event, especially if you're curious about coin collecting which is a hobby that few have an interest in because of its intricacy.

More than 30 coin collectors and vendors converge at the Hartville Marketplace to participate in this annual event.

In addition, you'll also enjoy delicious food and drinks at the event venue, along with hundreds of spectators from vendors, buyers, and collectors.

At the coin show, you'll come across rare vintage coins dating back to the 1800s and rare error coins which have great value for collectors.

If you're traveling to Hartville during that month, don't forget to join the Hartville Coin Show.

Score Rare Finds at the Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market

Hartville is full of fascinating places, things, and experiences that you won't expect to find in its small community.

As you continue your Hartville travel adventure, your feet will lead you to the Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market at Edison St NW.

This vast outdoor and indoor attraction boasts locally-grown produce, top-quality products, antiques, rare items, pre-loved items, and rare finds.

While strolling through this marketplace, you'll come across more than 60 shops featuring a novelty of items that make a great souvenir.

Meanwhile, the flea market outside features a whopping 800 spaces which offer cheap bargains and pre-loved stuff that shoppers and collectors might like.

From antique furniture, decors, collectibles, clothing, tools, food, and all kinds of stuff, you'll find something for yourself at this famous place in Hartville.

Witness the Hartville Sports Card Show

Are you an avid fan of collecting sports cards?

Hartville is known throughout Ohio for its prestigious Hartville Sports Card Show during May, which coincides with the Hartville Coin Show.

This event takes place at the famous Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market and is another one-of-a-kind event.

The card show features more than 40 vendors from around the region and other parts of the United States converging at the venue.

They feature some of the rarest and most expensive sports cards you'll find in the market.

You'll come across autographed cards from famous sports personalities and memorabilia worth thousands of dollars during the event.

It's an exciting experience in Hartville you don't want to miss, so include this on your itinerary during your trip there.

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Quail Hollow Park

The Quail Hollow Park is one of the most famous community parks in Hartville.

Like many top-notch community parks, this one is known for its amenities, from playgrounds, sports facilities, picnic areas, gardens, etc.

Suppose you're looking for an enjoyable outdoor activity during your visit to Hartville.

In that case, this park is best for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and picnicking.

Of course, if you want to relax, you can sit on the green grass under the tree's canopy and listen to birds chirping.

In addition, Quail Hollow Park becomes more famous during the Holiday Season because of the Christmas-related festivals happening there.

Moreover, it has a famous gift shop, the Quail's Nest Gift Shop.

It offers nature-related products such as gardening items, finger puppets, birdhouses, feeders, and even books, making it a unique place to shop for souvenirs.

Sip Fine Wine at the Maize Valley Winery & Craft Brewery

The Maize Valley Winery & Craft Brewery along Edison St. NE is a famous place for people who has an exquisite taste in fine wines and craft beer.

Visiting this place offers a unique experience you should not miss while traveling to Hartville.

This winery and brewery offer a wide range of craft beer from light, dark, and ale.

Meanwhile, its wine collection features dry and sweet varieties.

Pair their craft beer or wine with delicious appetizers or perhaps have dinner there and experience its five-course meals.

Suppose you want to complete your experience at the Maize Valley Winery & Craft Brewery.

In that case, proceed to its market.

Don't miss this winery and craft brewery in a century-old barn in the heart of Hartville.

Unwind at the Deuble Square

In downtown Hartville, you'll come across a charming small open green space which is a perfect place to unwind.

The Deuble Square is a perfect retreat for people who yearn for a peaceful environment where they can breathe fresh air while sitting on its benches.

You can also relax on its grassy lawn under the shade of its trees.

For locals, Deuble Square is a famous setting for photoshoots.

Many locals love to pose there for incredible photos, whether it's graduation, wedding, or simply a get-together.

Conveniently, Deuble Square is a short distance away from Hartville stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Be One with Nature at the Fichtner Park & Trail

Fichtner Park & Trail is a top-notch destination for outdoor activities in Hartville.

Suppose you're planning for a hike or wildlife viewing.

The Fichtner Park & Trail boasts a mesmerizing natural area spanning 13-acres in the secluded area of Hartville.

Make time to visit the Fichtner Park & Trail, especially if you plan a fun-filled outdoor adventure.

This outdoor destination offers top-notch hiking, picnicking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

You'll be surprised how tranquil and beautiful the place is next to Hartville's thriving community.

It is along Market Ave N, in Hartville.

Fichtner Park & Trail was once part of the Mennonite muck farm.

Hartville later converted it into an outdoor area to pay homage to David Fichtner, a renowned chemical engineer in Stark County.

This place features more than 19 species of butterflies, dozens of bird species, and small mammals thriving on its wetlands and ponds for wildlife viewing.

Harvest Fresh Flowers at the Home Again Flowers

If you haven't experienced harvesting flowers, this is the time for you to try it in Hartville.

The Home Again Flowers is a family-owned business known for its you-pick flower patch, drawing many visitors.

They let their customers pick flowers right from their half-acre flower patch, a satisfying experience you shouldn't miss.

This place has dozens of types of flowers which are all equally gorgeous.

Most importantly, visiting this place and buying flowers from them goes a long way.

Home Again Flowers partnered with Rahab Ministries, offering flower bouquets for women and children recovering or at risk from sex trafficking.

Celebrate Halloween at the Kingsway Pumpkin Farm

The Kingsway Pumpkin Farm is a wholesome attraction in Hartville that features the more fun side of Halloween.

Instead of the creepy-themed Halloween, it features the creative side of this holiday through its activities and displays at its farm situated along Andrews St NE.

There are dozens of fun-themed activities waiting for the entire family at the farm.

Kids enjoy its one-of-a-kind playground featuring an indoor straw tunnel, wagon rides, petting farms, a corn maze, and pumpkin harvesting.

Head to the Kingsway Pumpkin Farm if you want to create a fun memory with your loved ones during your Hartville trip.

Step Back in Time at the Lake Township Historical Society Museum

In the neighboring town of Greentown, the Lake Township Historical Society offers visitors a nostalgic experience worth checking out.

This group is known for its contribution to Stark County's history.

They converted the old Greentown Library into a charming museum with a permanent collection of artifacts of the area's early settlers.

The exhibits feature old housewares, military equipment, commercial items, and farming tools from Stark County's early settlers in the 1800s.

Most of the items found in this museum are donations from locals around Stark County, making it a special place to visit.

Roam the Vast Hartville Hardware

Have you ever wondered what the biggest hardware store in the country looks like inside?

In that case, you should step inside Hartville Hardware along Edison St NW.

It is the biggest indoor hardware store in the country, spanning more than 300,000 square feet or equivalent to seven acres.

Even if you're not planning to make some home upgrades anytime soon, there's a sense of excitement in visiting this big hardware store.

You'll come across everything about construction and home upgrades.

Hartville Hardware's centerpiece is an actual house called "Idea House," which features the most popular upgrades of a top-notch home in the country.

You'll also find the largest woodworking section in the entire state of Ohio in Hartville Hardware.

A tour inside this massive hardware evokes nothing short of excitement and awe.

Breathe Fresh Air at the Hartville Memorial Park

Hartville Memorial Park is another top-notch community park worth visiting.

This park adjacent to the Hartville/Lake Elementary School is ideal for taking your loved ones for a short break after exploring Hartville's attractions.

It's a great place to relax and breathe fresh air before continuing your travel adventure.

If you're bringing kids during your trip, you can let them play at the park's playground.

In addition, you can sit down on one of its benches and appreciate its peaceful atmosphere.

Tee Up at the Sable Creek Golf Course

Despite its size, Hartville is home to a top-notch golf course called the Sable Creek Golf Course at Edison St NE.

This course boasts an unparalleled golfing experience through its stunning backdrop and challenging outline.

The Sable Creek Golf Course is known for challenging fairways, sand traps, and water hazards, making it an exciting place to test your skills.

This golf course features 27 holes through 200 acres of well-maintained landscape.

In addition, this public golf course features a vast indoor events center called Sable Creek Event Center.

It regularly hosts various community-based events and public affairs.

Check Out S.H. World Chocolate Inc.

The S.H. World Chocolate Inc. is a premier chocolate company that features more than just chocolates.

It is an all-in-one shop for everything you need in the chocolate industry.

This place features top-notch chocolate products and offers chocolate-making equipment, private-label products, and custom-made chocolate molds.

It's surprising to see this kind of shop in a small community like Hartville.

Don't miss the chance to visit this place, try its chocolate, or perhaps buy some chocolate molds or mixes for your next pastry recipe.

Suppose you're planning to start a small business back at home.

In that case, this chocolate company offers wholesale orders or a large batch of their chocolate products.

Go on an Antique Hunt at the Hartville Antique & Thrift Trail

Hartville is a hotspot of antiques and secondhand goods.

Whether it's flea markets or vintage specialty shops, this village has everything you need for affordable and memorable finds.

And if you're traveling to this city, you shouldn't miss out on traveling along the Hartville Antique & Thrift Trail.

From clothes and accessories to decor and unique souvenirs, this trail travels along some of the best stores within the village.

On Edison Street, The Eclectic Rose and Twice is Nice Consignments greet you with a homely feel.

Hartville Thrift Shoppe on Maple Street is your general shopping destination.

And to complete your dream thrift outfit, you'll find unique treasures at Best Bib and Tucker on Prospect Avenue.

Go on a self-guided tour along the Hartville Antique & Thrift Trail whenever you can!

Be One with Nature at Lake O’ Pines Campgrounds

Looking for a peaceful retreat out in the wild for some family bonding time?

Look no further than Lake O’ Pines Campgrounds.

Complete with two freshwater lakes, this lakefront campsite offers both land- and water-based activities.

One of the things you can do while at this campsite is fish and ride on a boat.

The place is also a common hangout spot for swans, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Lake O’ Pines Campgrounds offer shelters for rent and electric hookups for your simple outdoor stay.

Your camping adventure starts at this campground on Lake O’ Pines Drive.

Organize a Fun Birthday Party for Your Kids at Pump It Up

On West Maple Street, Pump It Up promises a fun time for your energetic youngsters.

Founded in 2000, its first entertainment facility was in Pleasanton, California.

Several years later, the facility started franchising to various states and locations in the US, including Hartville.

This indoor funhouse acts as an improved playground for your kids with its challenging obstacle courses and giant slides.

Pump It Up is also a common interactive birthday party venue.

So, make your little one's special day extra special with a drop by this center.

Hartville's art culture is more prominent at Maple Street Gallery.

Set within a historic 1800s train station, this gallery offers a variety of handcrafted items.

National and local artisans present their works in creative displays inside the shop.

Maple Street Gallery is not your usual gallery.

It's also a gift shop and a custom framing shop in one.

As the name suggests, this art gallery is on East Maple Street in the charming village of Hartville.

Buy a Handcrafted Souvenir at the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival

Every September, Hartville gathers the community for a shared celebration of the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival.

Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market manages this festival.

With over 100 craft vendors onsite, this event aims to celebrate the beginnings of the fall season.

One of its most-awaited attractions is the hayride.

There are also live music, inflatables, and handcrafted items--as expected from the village's vintage trail reputation.

Head over to Edison Street for the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival!

Final Thoughts

Hartville is full of surprises.

From the largest indoor hardware in the United States to the vast dining room of Hartville Kitchen, there's something unique and worth visiting in this small village in Ohio.

Bookmark this post as your handy itinerary before packing up for your Hartville travel adventure.

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