15 Best Things to Do in Hannibal, MO

15 Best Things to Do in Hannibal, MO

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Planning on visiting a city that is full of culture and memories of people it once homed?

Hannibal is the one you have been looking for! This small town in Missouri is a beautiful town full of history and culture. It brooded authors like Mark Twain and are now a home to their works and soul.

With a great amount of tourist attractions and spots to hang around, this place has a variety of cool spots for you to explore! So let us get into the top 15 things to do while you are in Hannibal, Missouri!

Visit Mark Twain’s boyhood home

Mark Twain’s boyhood home
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You most probably have heard of the very famous writer Mark Twain! Did you know that Hannibal is his birthplace? Yes you heard that right! Mark Twain’s boyhood home is now a very famous tourist site where hundreds of visitors come to pay their tribute to the legendary literary intellectual.

His house is now converted into a museum full of books and other interesting sculptures. You can learn about the history of this writer and how he was born and brought up.

A lot of exhibits are inspired from his own books. There is a nearby gift shop where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family. This is a very interesting place to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Visit the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse

Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse
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This memorial lighthouse was built in memory of the late mark twain, he was a writer, author, lecturer, intellectual, critical thinker and a very famous writer back in the day and this memorial lighthouse is a tribute to him.

He was born in this small town, Hannibal, and the town holds his memory ever since. If you are into literature this place is truly unmissable, since you can get learn everything about this very famous author.

This lighthouse gives a panoramic view of the whole town, which is a very beautiful sight. It is a nice place for a quick hike. The lighthouse is lit up at night and looks extremely beautiful! The lighthouse is full of history and memories, and truly is a must visit if you are in or around Hannibal.

Cave and camp grounding

Mark Twain Cave
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This fun and adventurous cave and camping ground is the most fun place you are going to come across in this town. You can walk through the caves and experience how the cavemen in the past lived like.

The place is also great for camping in tents to give you the best experience of it all. The spot all comes with a winery, just in case you need any. What’s better than being in a tent in a cave and going wine-tasting? This experience is going to be the most fun for you, we promise!

Visit the haunted museum

If you are into gothic, horror and spooky fiction, this one is for you! The tale tells that this museum in Hannibal is haunted! It is called the haunted Hannibal ghost tours and the place is as spooky as the name!

The museum holds a lot of culture and history of Hannibal. The museum has a cemetery right besides it making the experience even more spooky and fun. This is a great place for taking pictures!

Pay a visit to the downtown

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The best part about every city is its downtown, isn’t it? Well, this is the case for Hannibal! The downtown area is full of shops and food centres. The beautiful little eateries are definitely a must-visit.

The whole area is lit up at night making it an amazing experience.  Small little bakeries here have outdoor seating and the whole vibe of this place is very positive and beautiful. Spending time in downtown can be a very soothing and serene experience and it will surely fill your heart with joy.

You can go here either to go shopping, or to explore some nice cafes, or simply to breathe some fresh air. Do not miss this area if you want to truly experience the beauty and serenity of Hannibal.

Picnic at the Huckleberry Park

This Picnicking, recreational sports & hiking spot in Hannibal has got you covered for all your chill needs. You can visit this park just to casually hang around and have a cute little picnic, or go for some sports like bike riding, hiking, running, volleyball, football etc.

From disc golf to baseball, from tennis to Frisbee, this park has got it all. To add to your experience this park also has a pool in it for you to go fishing and have some fun. You can also watch the wildlife and the beautiful scenery that this place offers. The experience in this ark is going to be truly soothing; such is the beauty of this place.

Nipper Park Waterfront

Nipple Waterfront Park is a small waterfront park with a fountain. It is a simple little park with a nice little walking path to see the mighty Mississippi. Nice place to chill & watch the sunset.

It has lots of room to run around, and also has a neat baby/parent swing with a really big shelter house! It comes with a nice view of the river to walk around the track, plus Nature trails are very tranquil.

You can feel the cool air coming out of the cave entrances in the park. The Hannibal parks and rec. department has a scavenger hunt posted for the park, and it is a great way to engage in some event and win amazing prices, Do check this park out if you are in Hannibal.

Hiking in the Steyermark Woods

The Steyermark woods and conservation area is a great place for hiking and for watching the wildlife! This park has a lot of well-maintained and beautiful trails for you and your family to walk on, or for hiking, or simply for riding your bike!

The scenic beauty of this place is mesmerising! The views at the top of the trails are going to make the whole journey worth it! You can experience and watch the local wildlife of the town and also click loads of pictures for yourself!

This is a great spot for picnicking around the trails! You can simply come here by yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature, read a book, meditate, or just sit and hang around. The beauty and scenery of this park would most definitely not fail you!

Haunted House on Hill Street

This wax museum on hill street is a small and informative house tour, it is spooky and fun, and is a great place for both kids and adults. There are a lot of unique ad different exhibits and things in this place, making it an exotic experience for you and your family.

The wax statues of various famous artist and singers blow the mind away, they look extremely real! You can get pictures clicked with them o flaunt on your gram! 10/10 would recommend you guys to check it out.

Explore the Hannibal History Museum

This museum has varied exhibits exploring local history. You can get to experience the amazing Harry Potter Christmas carnival in the museum! The museum also puts on amazing events for your amusement.

The Hannibal History Museum gives you all the details on the life of Mark Twain and his hometown. They produce the Big River Steam punk Festival every Labour Day, where 15000 people in top hats and goggles take over the charming town; it is truly a mesmerising experience. You can get the tickets of this museum through the ghost tours!

Riverview Park

Riverview Park
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Riverview Park is all about scenic woods with hiking & wildlife. It is a beautiful place to witness the first signs of spring. A great place to view the spring beauty and blood roots blooming.

Also a great place to hike. It has an interesting spring house and waterfall on the extended loop. A great place for a nice walk and lots of wild life tracks for you to experience. You can get to view ducks, deer, coyote, wild dogs, and even go fishing!

Watch the wildlife at Sodalis Nature preserve

This wildlife sanctuary is a very famous tourist attraction in Hannibal, this nature park and garden preserves a lot of species of flora and Fauna.

The Sodalis nature preserve is an amazing wildlife preserve with such a beautiful diversity of wildlife for you to watch. You can get an experience of the most exotic of species of animals and even click beautiful pictures of the scenery or the animals.

This place is great for wildlife photographers, or even for people who want to watch the beautiful scenery of Hannibal.

Visit the Rockcliffe mansion

Rockcliffe Mansion offers a fantastic tour at a bargain of a price. If you are into historical monuments, this is the place for you! This amazing mansion in Hannibal is really grand and opulent 19th century B&B.

It was built in 1890’s and the preservation of this grand house is simply astonishing. The proprietors would welcome you with a lovely experience, starting with wine and cheese upon arrival.

The tour of the historic mansion and would surely be delightful! This Mansion is absolutely remarkable. The architecture and furniture is extremely gorgeous! You should most definitely check this one out for yourself.

Molly Brown birthplace museum

We’re almost certain that each one of you is a fan of Titanic movie. And if you are, this place is going to be really interesting for you. This is the home place of the famous Titanic passenger, Molly Brown, and is now preserved and is a tourist site.

The Molly Brown birthplace museum is her original home and currently owned by the city of Hannibal. This place is a jewel in disguise. It is going to be a great experience for anyone interested in American history, specifically in Feminism and the Titanic tragedy.

Karlock Kars and pop culture

This one is going to be a heaven for car lovers. This place holds a great collection of ancient to modern cars and is full of high-tech infrastructure and architecture.

The museum holds a unique collection of old cars from the 20's through the 60's some only second owners. The cars are treated like works of art and the museum space is a tastefully restored warehouse.

It is a cool, little pop culture museum with classic cars, arcade games, jukeboxes, etc. The museum also has tonnes of awesome rare and common toys from 1900 or later! This place is definitely a must-visit if you are in town.

Visit the Big River Train Town

This place has old-fashioned toy trains & memorabilia, the place makes a lot of efforts to maintain and operate the train museum. It is a great place for people who love trains and automobile!

The museum offers the whole experience at a very pocket friendly price and it is truly a must visit if you are into trains!

By now, you probably know all the famous places to go to once you visit Hannibal, but the real beauty of travelling is exploring!

So open your hearts and begin to explore all the cities or towns you pay a visit to, for the hidden gems can only be seen by a heart that yearns to learn and explore more!