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15 Best Things to Do in Hallettsville, TX

  • Published 2022/08/18

Hallettsville, sometimes known as the “City of Hospitality,” is a welcoming city in the county of Lavaca with a population of about 2,550.

The small city is the county seat of Lavaca County in Texas and a hub for commerce, retail, recreation, and medical services.

Hallettsville might not be as big and famous as other cities in Texas, but it has a little something for everyone.

The city is home to historic buildings, natural attractions, wineries and distilleries, entertainment hubs, and other exciting places that will make your stay worthwhile.

Whether you’re going on a vacation or looking for a place to settle down, Hallettsville is the ideal place for it.

You might be wondering about what this little city has to offer, so here are the best things to do in Hallettsville, Texas:

Watch the Latest Movies in Cole Theatre

Exterior of Cole Theater

Philip Arno Photography /

Located on East 2nd Street, Cole Theatre is an old-fashioned small-town theater painted with cream and red tile awnings.

It opened its doors in 1925, along with Betty Compson in The Female.

In 1943, Cole Theaters Inc. started operating the theater.

It features a lobby that has been rebuilt in a 1970s basement design using wood grain fiberboards and neon signs outside the theater that complete its retro vibe.

Today, the theater still operates and screens the first run and latest release of films that you will enjoy watching.

To experience an old-fashioned date at the movies, you should visit Cole Theatre for a major throwback experience.

Join a Tour around Hallet Oak Gallery

Hallet Oak Gallery is a one-stop shop for art lovers and anyone interested in learning more about the arts.

It is located on North Main Street and is open to the public during the week for free entrance.

You can find fine art exhibits from local and international artists, join a free guided tour, or participate in interactive workshops on your visit.

Hallet Oak Gallery also features an educational outreach program where you can learn about photography, painting, theater, dance, and music.

They even offer an artist studio program that provides a space where artists can teach or create.

Look for the Ghost in the Old Lavaca County Jail

If you love visiting haunted places and paranormal activities, you’re in for a treat in the Old Lavaca County Jail.

You can find it on North Main Street, a few blocks from the city’s old town square.

The Old Lavaca County Jail was the state’s second longest operational jail and exemplifies how jail technology evolved.

It closed its doors in 2005 after a new jail was constructed in Texas, and it was purchased in 2014 by Roger Chambers of Rita Inc. because of his interest in historic structures.

When you visit the county jail, you will notice that each floor is different because of modern improvements.

The most exciting part about visiting this location is the haunting experiences that you might encounter.

Many paranormal investigators have reported that they experienced hearing whispers, banging doors, laughter, and shadows around the old county jail.

If these don’t scare you, come and find out if all the claims are true in the Old Lavaca County Jail.

Get Active in Hallettsville City Park

One of the inexpensive ways to enjoy Hallettsville is to visit the area’s public parks.

Hallettsville City Park has a little something for every visitor—both children and adults can have fun with all the amenities in the park.

If you’re with little kids, you can drop them off to enjoy the playground or have fun in the little league fields.

You can relax in one of the picnic pavilions, or if you want to be a little active, you can walk the trails in the park or try the exercise stations.

It features a covered basketball court, beach volleyball court, tennis courts, and a nine-hole golf course.

Hallettsville City Park is free, accessible, and packed with tons of fun activities that your whole family would enjoy.

Spend the Night in Knights of Columbus RV Park

If you’re tired of staying in boring hotels on vacation or searching for a fresh spot to spend the day, check out the Knights of Columbus RV Park.

Located along US-77, the Knights of Columbus RV Park is a campground where you can park your RV and enjoy.

It offers free cable and wireless internet, electricity, water, and sewer services for your convenience.

The RV Park also provides enough space for everyone, making it ideal for family gatherings and other celebrations.

You can even attend one of the events held in the park’s hall, such as concerts, church picnics, weddings, and more.

The Knights of Columbus RV Park is an excellent area to stay overnight to escape the city’s chaos and noise.

Learn about History at Lavaca Historical Museum

Travel back in the past and see the history of Hallettsville and Lavaca County as you enter Lavaca Historical Museum.

Located on North Texana Street, the museum is a must-visit attraction in Hallettsville if you want to learn more about the place.

You can see many exhibits inside the museum, such as the Texas State Championship High School Rodeo, Homestead Exhibit, Replica of the Fiddlers Frolic Hall of Fame, and others.

In some of its displays, you can also glimpse the city’s residents’ military, medical, pharmacy, and pioneer life.

The museum also features “Mystery Photos,” pictures of people unidentified by the museum.

If you want to be educated and inspired about Hallettsville’s past, Lavaca Historical Museum doors are open for you.

Celebrate with the Locals at the Annual Kolache Fest

The Kolache Fest is an annual event held in the Knights of Columbus RV Park to celebrate Hallettsville’s strong German and Czechoslovakian heritage.

The festival provides entertainment for the whole family with its fun-filled activities that you can also participate in.

It’s an event you shouldn’t miss while on vacation in Hallettsville.

Book a Tee Time in the Hallettsville Golf Course

The Hallettsville Golf Course, located on A Park Road, is a charming nine-hole golf course that will keep you entertained for the entire day.

It’s a 2,985-yard public golfing facility that opened its doors in 1962.

The golf course starts with a simple four par 4s and then leads to a thrilling ride when you reach the last five holes.

There are rental cars available and a pro shop inside the golf course if you ever need something.

You can also visit the clubhouse in the heart of the city park, next to the Historic Hanging Tree, if you want to grab some tasty treats.

The Hallettsville Golf Course is a fun spot to compete in a round of golf with your buddies.

Admire the Lay-Bozka House

Exterior of Lay-Bozka House

25or6to4, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lay-Bozka House is a charming home with an intriguing backstory in the heart of Hallettsville.

Because of its unusual architectural style and exquisite embellishments, Lay-Bozka House is known as a “Wedding Cake House.”

The history of the house began when Dr. James E. Lay, a local physician, had a patient that couldn’t afford to pay the doctor’s fee.

Instead, he designed the house for the doctor in exchange for the service, and it was built around 1878 and 1882.

In 1948, the house was purchased by former city mayor Mathias Bozka and his wife.

When you visit this house on Fairwinds Street, you can see the intricate details of the building and the roof adorned with fancy lace trimmings.

The Lay-Bozka House is a Texas Historic Landmark and was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Witness a Show at the Lavaca County Expo Center

Located on County Road 200, the Lavaca County Expo Center is a one-stop destination for indoor activities that will surely entertain you.

With 80,000 square feet of space, the Lavaca County Expo can host indoor events such as tractor shows, truck pulls, hunting shows, livestock sales, and professional bull riding.

The center also features 80 RV stalls, an outdoor arena, and a 6,000-square feet pavilion with concessions and restrooms.

You can have a seat in one of the 1,000 seats in the center and watch rodeo events with your friends and family.

At the Lavaca County Expo Center, you don’t have to go outside just to be entertained.

Pay Tribute to Local Heroes in the Vietnam Veterans of Lavaca County Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans of Lavaca County Memorial is a landmark to commemorate the fallen soldiers of Hallettsville during the war.

It is located on the city’s outskirts and is easily identified by the helicopter perched on top of it.

The memorial, created in 2004, contains a complete list of the names of the six courageous warriors who died fighting for the city.

Behind the monument, you can see four flag poles for the United States, Vietnam Veterans Association, Texas, and the POW/MIA flags.

You can visit the Vietnam Veterans of Lavaca County Memorial if you’re around the area to pay respect to Hallettsville’s local heroes.

Buy Local Products at Hallettsville Market Days

Set in Knights of Columbus Hall, Hallettsville Market Days offers a comfortable shopping experience and a wide variety of items to purchase.

It provides a mix of indoor, outdoor, and covered pavilions where you can find the shops all lined up.

You can find great deals at Hallettsville Market Days—from clothing to delicious food and drinks to handicrafts.

There are also plants, pieces of jewelry, furniture, wood, ceramic and metal art, home decor, and other things made by talented local artisans.

You shouldn’t miss this event or your chance to snag some truly interesting and one-of-a-kind products.

Relax and Unwind in Twin Oaks Ranch

Some people fantasize about living near the ocean or in a cottage in the forest, but others want to live in the countryside, sipping coffee on their porch with cool wind on their skin.

If you’re one of these people, you should visit Twin Oaks Ranch on US-77 North.

It is a hidden gem of Hallettsville that provides a fantastic place for your weekend getaway.

This 220-acre ranch serves as a wedding venue, guest home, event center, and a fine commercial kitchen.

With its scenic surroundings, Twin Oaks Ranch is an ideal location for special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.

If you don’t have any events to celebrate, you can still visit the ranch and stay in one of their guest houses to experience the relaxing atmosphere of the rural area.

Try the Craft Spirits of High Hill Distillery

Look no further than High Hill Distillery if you’re searching for a spot to unwind with your buddies after a long day.

Located on County Road 122, this family-owned city distillery produces premium craft spirits.

They offer drinks made with locally sourced ingredients and meticulously crafted and distilled in copper alembic pot stills.

You can purchase and taste their High Hill 1884, High Hill Elbe, and High Hill Reserve, all aged in premium barrels.

The distillery also boasts tasting rooms, live music performances, and food trucks.

You’ll surely have a good time with the wonderful ambiance, quality drinks, and excellent service you’ll get in High Hill Distillery.

Take Pictures of the Mini Statue of Liberty

You don’t have to travel to New York to see the Statue of Liberty because Hallettsville has its own miniature version.

The Mini Statue of Liberty is a roadside point of interest on Hallettsville’s Fairwinds Street.

Like the original, the miniature version of the Statue of Liberty also has the same greenish tinge and base, which some replicas do not usually have.

You can stop by this attraction and snap some shots with the statue; you can also walk around and check out the Mini Statue of Liberty details.

Just be mindful about parking your car when stopping by to check out the Mini Statue of Liberty because it might cause traffic in the area!

Final Thoughts

The best things to do in Hallettsville, Texas, demonstrate that despite its small size, the city can still provide the same entertainment and exciting activities for the entire family.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, Hallettsville will welcome you warmly; it’s not called the city of hospitality for nothing!

So, whether you’re looking for shopping destinations, quirky shops, unique galleries, historical sites, natural attractions, or anything you like, you can find it all in Hallettsville.

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