15 Best Things to Do in Hearne, TX

Hearne, TX
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Hearne, also known as the Crossroads of Texas, is a people-friendly city in Central Texas.

Despite being a small city, it never runs out of local amenities that are a big hit among residents and newcomers.

It's situated between three major highways and is the center of a triangle formed by Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

Its history sticks with people, too.

Years ago, the Hearne family instructed the building of rail lines that continue to zigzag around the city today.

So, with its railroad affiliation and rural atmosphere, it's no wonder it's a hidden gem for those visiting Texas.

To help you get a feel of what a trip to the city is comprised of, here are the best things to do in Hearne, Texas:

Explore the Interactive Displays at Hearne Depot

Exterior of Hearne Railroad Museum Depot
Billy Hathorn, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hearne Depot lets you in on the railroad system and the history of the quaint city of Hearne.

Built in 1901, the depot offered its services to the Houston & Texas Central RR and Mopac Railroads.

Several years later, it underwent a rebirth right after its transfer to the location where it's at in the present.

Now, you can see glimpses of the railroading help it used to provide through the artifacts displayed at the museum.

Examine the model trains running around their own courses within the "fallen flag" railroads.

Stay for a relaxing jamming session or encore by featured artists.

You'll find Hearne Depot at the corner of West 9th Street and North Market Street.

Start a Friendly Golf Game at Hearne Municipal Golf Course

If you're planning to take your golf clubs and gears on your Hearne outing, Hearne Municipal Golf Course allows you to put all your equipment to use and practice your tee skills privately.

Started in 1935, it offers a nature-focused course with its pine trees lining the track.

This straight nine-hole layout course tests your patience and expertise with elevated land and greens.

Walk around the Bermuda grass fairways to find out the best angle to shoot your shot.

Should you need rental equipment, the place offers clubs and carts for your morning or afternoon game.

What else do you need?

Head straight to Norwood Lane until you come across the vast but simple grounds of Hearne Municipal Golf Course.

Read a Book at the Smith-Welch Memorial Library

Keep your knowledge-searching more fun with a trip to the public library on West 5th Street.

The Smith-Welch Memorial Library started serving the community in 1974, but its building came before that, in 1892.

This building became known as one of the most ornate buildings symbolizing Hearne's prosperity in the early days.

Its classical details of pressed metal and the skylight roofing are proof of this.

Then came 1971, when the City of Hearne officially declared the property for use to the public and named it after the Smith and Welch families.

Now, the entire facility is a haven for book lovers and the occasional researcher who wants to know more about Hearne or the state of Texas.

From fiction books to graphic novels, the Smith-Welch Memorial Library can offer you the data you need and the chance to explore your learning in a peaceful and calm environment.

Take Pictures of the Deer at Ag Silver Hill Ranch

Ag Silver Hill Ranch brings you closer to the wildlife retreat you are looking to spend your holiday in.

Boosting agri-tourism and nature preservation, this ranch is home to various animals who love to explore and poke fun at tourists.

Additionally, it features an RV campsite for those who want to spend the night outdoors with newly-found wildlife friends.

On top of that, the ranch has a wild dewberries vineyard, so you might want to check those out and talk with the owners.

Feel as if you are one with nature as you chill by Ag Silver Hill Ranch's rustic cabin deck.

Meet all sorts of animals, like deer and bobcats.

Enjoy music from the radio at the mobile home, and feel as if you've traveled back to past eras.

Find this private retreat ranch and cabin on Black Jack Road.

Watch Your Kids Play at Bob Jones Park

Hearne never runs out of nature-focused recreational spots for you and your family.

At Bob Jones Park, you can finally breathe in the scent of solitude and relaxation.

Playground equipment takes center stage in this park on Wheelock Street.

Let your children roam around the various swings, slides, and climbing equipment and explore to their heart's content.

Choose to stay by the shade to read a book or meditate.

The open space at Bob Jones Park is also ideal for a lazy day, gazing up at the sky, or going for a jog around the grounds.

Indulge in a Snowcone at Nat's Kool Kups & More

If you're feeling the sweltering heat pick up, a stop by Nat's Kool Kups & More is a great choice.

This ice cream and dessert shop on Cypress Street lets you cool down with its chilling dessert collection.

Its Mexican-American dessert menu includes snowcones, pepinos locos, and elotes.

Buy some churros to bring with you on your next stop at the Hearne district.

Satiate your sweet tooth with Nat's Kool Kups & More's assortment of fruit cups and mangonadas.

Go for a Few Laps at the Hearne City Pool

If your idea of a fun time involves getting into the pool and doing a few laps, then you are in for a surprise.

The Hearne City Pool can give you the splashing adventure you want with your group.

It has wheelchair-accessible amenities, so your loved ones with mobility issues can still have a fun time inside.

Get tanned and feel the summer glow by lying on the recliners beside the pool.

Ride down the spiraling slides or play beach volleyball with your friends.

No matter what activity you may choose to do while inside this public space, you are sure to have a stress-free time!

Stay tuned for more events that the Hearne City Pool may have cooked up for special occasions.

The Hearne City Pool is on Norwood Lane, across from the Hearne Municipal Golf Course.

Stroll around the Buildings at Camp Hearne WWII Historic Site and Exhibit

Exterior of Camp Hearne WWII Historic Site and Exhibit
Txstatetrooper, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hearne is a center for railroad activity—but did you know it's also a great source of historical information about WWII?

At Camp Hearne WWII Historic Site and Exhibit, step back into the past with the buildings planted all over.

Hearne became the chosen site to host the base camp during the war because of its clear grounds and convenient railroad access.

Now, you can see the variety of buildings and their outlines that were used for the soldiers at that time.

If you have time, you should take a look at the amphitheater with its orchestra pit and the garden fountains around the place.

These stops were a significant aspect of the prison built within the vicinity.

Camp Hearne WWII Historic Site and Exhibit also hosts a unique exhibit on jail life and what German prisoners had to endure.

At Camp Hearne Road, where this historical landmark remains, you are sure to deepen your WWII knowledge.

Attend a Special Program at the Robertson County Fairgrounds

Established in 1965, the Robertson County Fairgrounds offers a unique way of drawing the community closer.

Since its establishment, it has served as a tourist attraction and a preferred events venue by many within the locale.

Included in the events usually hosted are beauty pageants and science fairs.

So, if you're lucky and you might just stumble upon an annual event, you are in for a pleasant celebration.

Feel the spirit of togetherness during other corporate events, festivals, and entertainment shows.

Join in on the fun by lending a hand.

This is Hearne at its best.

Drive down to FM 391 to see the Robertson County Fairgrounds for yourself.

Book an Open-Barn Tour at Always Timeless Barn

There's no need to wander far to celebrate momentous occasions while you're in the city.

At Always Timeless Barn, you don't just get a stunning event venue—you're given a timeless memory you'll remember for years to come.

This 365-acre ranch provides an exclusive avenue for wedding events and receptions.

Its sweeping hills and barn amenities offer that perfect addition to your unique programs.

Serving since 2021, this ranch, owned by the Campbell family, also offers bartending services for your alcohol-filled celebrations at the bar.

Specialty services are also available for your pets and your guests' pets.

If you aren't sure quite yet, you can always request an open-barn tour to get you acquainted.

Always Timeless Barn is a place for everyone, and everyone is in their perfect place here, too.

Enjoy Camping at Camp Arrowmoon

At Camp Arrowmoon, outdoor scouting and youth programs are common.

This 77-acre campsite started in the 1920s as a preserve that helps the youth within the area.

Now, it's a wilderness camping location for Boy Scouts and similar youth organizations.

Webelos and Cubs are also welcome to join and have their own bonding experience within the premises.

Camp Arrowmoon is also great for nature studying and hiking.

Should there be any boating, rafting, and canoeing exercise as part of your program, a lifeguard must be present to supervise the program.

Fun, exciting times lay ahead for scouts and scoutmasters at this campsite on Camp Arrowmoon Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Had your fill of Hearne and what it has to offer your travels?

You'll like what these nearby spots could add to your trip.

Interact with the Animals at Franklin Drive Thru Safari

Find yourself in awe at Franklin Drive Thru Safari, 14 minutes from the small city of Hearne.

It features a variety of exotic animals, some of which you can pet and feed.

This 100-acre safari allows you to get up close and personal when interacting with wildlife.

From bird species to reptiles, this place has every possible animal you've been dreaming of.

For the full safari experience, rent a cabin and stay for the night.

In the morning, explore the baby animal room, where you can snuggle with lemurs and armadillos.

Franklin Drive Thru Safari gets you excited with the animals they have onsite.

Grill Some Barbeque at The Franklin Ranch Hunter's Cabin

A mere 15-minute drive from Hearne can bring you to The Franklin Ranch Hunter's Cabin.

This cabin in rural Robertson County presents a relaxing retreat around a large expanse of land.

What's more, it's pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry pets inside and let them join you on your vacation.

Spend time outdoors at the barbecue grill and eat your cooked meals at the picnic tables.

Get ready to unwind at The Franklin Ranch Hunter's Cabin on Mitch McMillan Road.

Read a Book or Two at Franklin Carnegie Library

Franklin Carnegie Library. is located in the neighboring city of Franklin, approximately 14 minutes from Hearne.

Through the initiative of former Mayor R.M. Cole, this historical library was built to serve the community in 1914.

It's one of Texas' four Carnegie libraries.

Browse the card catalog and find a book or two that piques your interest.

If you need to print or fax some documents, you may do so at Franklin Carnegie Library.

Listen to Live Music at Grand Stafford Theater

For a night of fun and entertainment, don't forget to stop by Grand Stafford Theater.

This nightclub in Bryan also serves as a private event venue for shows and concerts.

Its second-level bar and mezzanine seating adds to its value.

At the same time, you can feel the atmosphere of a 100-year-old theater through the place's accents and designs.

Be sure to check out what upcoming events the theater has planned!

Grand Stafford Theater is only 22 minutes away from Hearne.

Final Thoughts

The railroad city of Hearne provides travelers with a complete mix of history and a unique leisure experience.

Its agricultural and natural preserves make it even more appealing to those wanting a break from the modernity of large cities.

How do you feel about the best things to do in Hearne, Texas?

Will you be following the list above to the letter, or will you be venturing into Hearne and playing it by ear?

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