15 Best Things to Do in Gulfport, MS

15 Best Things to Do in Gulfport, MS

Gulfport, filled with bluish green waters and pristine beaches, is one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations in the USA.

The main feature of Gulfport is its waters. The waters bring a whole lot of tourists to its shore all year round. Having some of the best white beaches, great nightlife, and casinos- Gulfport should be in your bucket list!

Let us take a look at all the top 15 things to do in Gulfport-

Pay a visit to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

The biodiversity that is found in the coastal areas, as well as the inland areas of Gulfport, is diverse. If you are interested a bit in nature, we have one of the top spots in Gulfport just for you.

After all, ecology plays an important role here. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies attracts a lot of people to its place who are interested in the different marine animals.

A lot of marine animals die without getting any treatment, and for this reason- the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has taken it upon itself to bring back these injured animals to health.

You can learn a lot about the background of such animals. You can even interact with the dolphins!

Get a local taste at the Chandeleur Brewing Company

Want to get out and get some beers? Yes, we know a lovely place here in this university town. After all, the University of Southern Mississippi students need to go somewhere to let off their steam.

In such a case, Chandeleur Brewing Company is one of the most common places to hit before you start off with the trip.

All of the beers that you find on the menus are brewed in home, and some of the best craft beers are also on the menu. The local ingredients that are used in the beers are what brings a lot of people to the doors.

The owners know what the tourists want and have build up this place in such a manner that it takes care of all your needs making this brewery one of the warmest ones in Gulfport.

Pop in Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

We have quite an interesting location for you to check out. The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum is all for the train lovers.

It is even maintained by a passionate group of people who want to keep this tradition of railways and railines of Gulfport alive.

There are a lot of model trains and railways that can be found in these museums. If you wnat to look around for a bit more- there are a lot of things that will definitly catch your attention.

The top among them is a lego set! Well, an entire town along with its train system has been built with this lego set and people usually tend to go crazy for this one!

Visit the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

One of the most attractive places in Gulfport- Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a nice place to visit with your family and little ones.

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center also happens to be the first of the many children’s museum that have been built here in Mississipi. Having an area of almost 15,000 square feet, the center is filled with displays.

There are a lot of interactive sessions happening within the center that children seem to love. Does your child love to read books? You can get access to the small library incorporated inside the museum too!

Have a fun day at Gulf Islands Water Park

Want to have a fun-filled day in the Gulf Islands Water Park? Get to have all the adventure with the water slides here.

Bring your friends and family to the iconic Gulf Islands Water Park and have one of the best days on this trip. Slide down the slides filled with waters and having a pool at the bottom at lightening speed.

There are also a lot of shows that go on for keeping you entertained. There is also a wave pool inside along with a lazy river for you to enjoy to your fullest.

See the Joseph T. Jones Statue

Joseph T. Jones Statue
Woodlot, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The great man Joseph T. Jones was one of the founders of the great city of Gulfport. In order to pay him his due respects, the city authorities have constructed a statue of him.

It was this man who founded all of the potentials that Gulfport had and no one noticed. He was the first one who noticed that it could have such a good seaport and funded it.

He was also interested in funding a possibility of railroads here in Gulfport. The already existing Gulf and Ship Island Railroad was almost bankrupt, but then Jones decided to take things into his own hands and ended the constructions.

In a sentence- we can say that he is responsible for a lot of the essential developments in Gulfport. Go over, have a look at this great man, and snap a few pictures.

Have a taste of Italy in Gulfport

Are you craving some Italian right now? Are you thinking that there is no way? Think again because we will treat you to some fancy Italian dining right in the heart of Gulfport.

Salute Italian Restaurant has been here since 2008, but it has been popular since day 1. It is because of its ambiance as well as the lip-smacking menu. The hotel sits on the Gulf of Mexico, and you get to devour some of the greatest Italian foods at a totally affordable price.

Oysters, shrimps, and tuna are some of the top dishes here. Did you know there is even a bar that opens during the evening? Sip on a cocktail, enjoying some of the best views, and just relax in the great ambiance.

Set sailing on Mississippi Sound

Mississippi Beach
Shawndell Linn / Shutterstock.com

When in Gulfport- you need to spend some time on the Mississipi sound. If a cruise sounds too luxurious, may we suggest something else? You could go sailing with your friends and capture a lot of memories for your social media as well.

There are a lot of companies who organize these kinds of day trips where you could go sailing in the best way possible. If you book one of these trips, you go enjoy a yacht!

Yes, these sailings across the smooth waters occur in rich yachts. They usually require at least a group of 6, so if you are with your friends or family- it’d be for the best.

Though all the times are suitable for sailing, do try to set sail during the sunset for the views are gorgeous.

Catch some races at Gulfport Dragway

Are you looking for some speed in the coastal community of Gulfport? Mainly the 1/4- and 1/8-mile races occur in the Gulfport Dragway. If you are a racing lover or are passionate about watching race-tracks and beautiful races- Gulfport Dragway is a good place to check out.

Tourists love this spot for this is one of the rare things to do in Gulfport other than its plenty of water adventures. It is also located in one of the most lovely locations in all of Gulfport.

The place is surrounded by the different shades of greens and you can have quite an interesting time here. Even motorbikes race here apart from drag races.

Go on a luxury cruise

Gulfport means cruises. Luxury cruises are the iconic things to do in Gulfport. If you are done with sailing- we’d recommend going on a cruise. Even if you want something more gorgeous, beautiful, and luxurious- cruises are the best answers in Gulfport.

Among the many organizations that offer this service- the best one that comes to our mind when we talk about cruises has to be the one and only Set Sail Away. Set Sail Away has some of the best spacious yachts and ships where you can enjoy a 5-star quality cruise.

Did you know you are also getting a private cabin even on a day cruise? Yes, if the cruise is long and takes more than a day- you could always get a luxurious dinner in the cabin.

Visit the Stennis Space Center

Saturn 5 space rocket model at Stennis Space Center
Khrystyna_Pochynok / Shutterstock.com

Did you know NASA has an official testing center here in Gulfport? Yes, Stennis Space Center serves as one of the official testing centers of NASA. Wanna explore a bit around the Stennis Space Center? Yes, we already know the answer to that! Come on, follow us, and we shall tell you more about it.

The main objective of the center was to help out the main branch by acting as a test center for certain rocket kits during the infamous Apollo space project. But, it soon became one of the official test centers after that and continues to help out in many such important projects.

You can go check out the INFINITY Science Center where you shall get to know more about such important projects.

Go paddle-boarding

A trip to Gulfport makes no sense if you don’t spend a few hours gliding across the delicate waters. But, there are a lot of water activities where you can take part. Come on, we shall be giving you a brief idea of what types of things you can do other than going on a luxurious cruise.

The Wut SUP Standup Paddleboards & Rentals knows the best way to explore around the smooth Gulf Coast. In such a case, they rent out several pieces of equipment through which you can enjoy the waters with ease.

Paddleboarding is one of the most popular activities in the waters of Gulfport. The Wut SUP Standup Paddleboards & Rentals even rents out kayaks. So, if you want to enjoy some kayaking in the calm waters- you can do that too.

Check out the Crosby Arboretum

Let’s catch a quick break from all the water activities, and take a look at the nature that has been waiting just for us. If you looking for a short stroll among wildflowers and enjoy some native species at the same time- Crosby Arboretum is the location for you.

Also, the place is just under the care of the Mississippi State University. For this reason, you can also get to learn about the various species other than just enjoying the views. The native species of the Pearl River Drainage Basin can all be found in this arboretum.

Did you know that you could come across three different types of ecological systems here? Yes, you can see Savanna, Aquatic, and Woodland here at the same spot. You can even get information about these different species.

Try ziplining

As you can see by now- Gulfport is truly the land of adventure. For this reason, there are too many options to choose from. If you are looking to having some fun along with enjoying some great scenes- Zip'N Fun Adventure Park is your destination.

The park has a unique way of treating its visitors to the ultimate fun. You shall have to get on top of a tree first to let it all begin. Every game is performed through ziplines here. It’s one of the most amazing ways to get a full view of the coastal areas as well as play some adventurous games.

You shall be given all of the safety gears and there are almost 50 games you can play while you go zip-lining. There is a network of zip-line that connect with each other to give you the best course.

Try some oysters

A trip to Gulfport is probably incomplete without having some tasty oysters. And, the oysters of Gulfport are too good to be true. For this lovely experience- we shall be taking you to the one and only infamous oyster place of Gulfport- Half Shell Oyster House.

You can either try out the perfect charbroiled or the delicacy raw over the barbeque. The sea-food menu of this place has been inspired by that of New Orleans.

So, you can definitely expect some special dishes like the New Orleans shrimps and chicken here. But, there is another feature which attracts the customers more- the menu keeps on changing accordingly. Whenever a certain fish is in season, the restaurant adds that to its seasonal specialty.

The ambiance surely stands out along with the architecture that looks comfortable. The interiors also reek of Southern hospitality that feels warm.

This brings us to the end of our warm trip. We hope you had a lot of fun. Bon Voyage!