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16 Best Things to Do in Groveland, CA

  • Published 2022/01/26

Sitting at an elevation of 3,136 feet, and located within Tuolumne County, is the census-designated place known as Groveland.

Groveland was one of the many places involved in the Gold Rush period before it became a location for water supply.

More than being a location that holds its fair share of history, Groveland offers a variety of sights.

If that isn’t enough, the town also provides plenty of lodging options, with different features for guests to enjoy.

With that said, these are the 16 best things you can do when visiting Groveland, California.

Have a Comfortable Stay at the Evergreen Lodge

One of the cabins inside the Evergreen Lodge.

jontyms, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience a comfortable stay within nature by booking a cabin at the Evergreen Lodge.

The Evergreen Lodge is an ideal spot for relaxation and outdoor fun, with plenty of amenities for you to enjoy.

From cozy cabins to resort facilities that include a pool, hot tub, and more, there is plenty you can indulge in when booking a stay at this lodge.

If you’re looking to do some fun activities at the lodge, you can check out the available recreational activities.

There is also a selection of eats and drinks you can try.

Whatever you choose to do at this lodge, you’re sure to get your fill of relaxation, nature, and more.

View Unique Historical Displays at Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum

Take a trip to the Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum and check out the varying pieces exhibited.

At the Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum, you’ll find a selection of displays covering the Gold Rush era and the local history.

A unique feature that you’ll find with this museum is the displays in their outdoor area.

The main display pieces you’ll find outdoors cover different gold mining pieces and deposits.

Aside from all this, the museum also provides displays of the various wildlife in the area.

With a space size of a thousand square feet, there is plenty for you to peruse at this museum whether you are into history, nature, or want to see something different.

Try Rafting with Sierra Mac River Trips

If museums are not your thing, perhaps you’d like a combination of fun and nature by booking a ride with Sierra Mac River Trips.

Sierra Mac River Trips is a river rafting service that provides you with different options to ride the rivers in the area.

Whether you are new to rafting or at an advanced level, there are several levels of fun you can have with this group.

You can also enjoy a leisurely trip down the river with Sierra Mac River Trips’ float service.

If you want to see which service appeals to you and book the best time, you can check out the rafting service’s website for more details.

Get Coffee and Plants at the Mountain Sage Nursery and Coffee

Have you ever been to a place that offers both plants and coffee in one area?

You’ll find just that by visiting the Mountain Sage Nursery and Coffee.

Mountain Sage Nursery and Coffee is a shop that offers coffee and plants.

At this shop, you’ll also find retail items you can purchase.

For those interested in Mountain Sage’s coffee side, you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee along with a selection of baked goods.

If coffee is not to your taste, there is a list of teas you can enjoy as well.

As for the nursery section of Mountain Sage, you can find a selection of plants you can purchase for your garden or check out the different events held at the shop.

Explore the Trails of Carlon Falls

For another option to explore the natural sights in Groveland, consider taking a hike through Carlon Falls.

When exploring the trail of Carlon Falls, you’ll have the chance to see beautiful waterfall scenery and other natural sights.

The trail spans over three miles and has a pretty high elevation for hikers to enjoy.

It is not an overly difficult trail to travel through, and there are trailheads and other spots where you can take a break.

A good time to visit the falls would be around May to September to see some of the natural sights at their best.

Go Backpacking with Lasting Adventures

To get the best experience of the natural sights available in Groveland, consider making an appointment with Lasting Adventures.

Lasting Adventures is a backpacking service that provides multiple options for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you want to go backpacking through the natural areas of Groveland or want to get the best hiking experience, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems by exploring with Lasting Adventures.

In addition to backpacking and hiking, Lasting Adventures also offers services for camping and lodging.

Lasting Adventures also provides different seasonal activities for you to try.

To check out everything available with this outdoor service and book your best option, check out their website for further information.

Ride Horses at the Pine Mountain Lake Equestrian Center

The Pine Mountain Lake Equestrian Center is an ideal spot to visit for anyone a fan of animals, especially horses.

When visiting this center, you’ll find ten acres of land to explore, as well as horse riding services.

Aside from riding lessons and trail rides, you can also enjoy a picnic or barbeque at the center.

You can also check out their dancing space for another option.

Basically, by visiting the Pine Mountain Lake Equestrian Center, you can enjoy some fun time with horses and the outdoors.

Book an Outdoor Adventure with Echo Adventure Cooperative

Another option you can choose to enjoy outdoor adventures is with a session with Echo Adventure Cooperative.

From hiking to camping and even fishing, Echo Adventure Cooperative has no shortage of options for outdoors enthusiasts.

If you are unsure which service appeals to you, Echo Adventure Cooperative also offers service packages you can try out.

Aside from outdoor activities you can book, Echo Adventure Cooperative also offers rentals and merchandise you can purchase on their website.

Experience Camping at the Pine Mountain Lake Campground

Are you looking to enjoy a simple camping trip?

Then consider checking out the Pine Mountain Lake Campground.

At Pine Mountain Lake Campground, you’ll find plenty of facilities available to accommodate any camping needs.

There are over forty camping spaces you can check out in the area and over ten spots for RVs.

Aside from the different spots you can set up camp, there are plenty of other amenities you can enjoy.

From enjoying a picnic or barbeque to hiking the different trails, you’re sure to get your fill of camping fun at the Pine Mountain Lake Campground.

Indulge in Wine and Beautiful Scenery at Yosemite Cellars

Check out the local delights of Groveland by visiting the Yosemite Cellars.

The Yosemite Cellars is a winery that features a small but delicious selection of wines for you to try.

When visiting this winery, you can enjoy a glass of wine along with a scenic view of the sky and other natural sights, especially since the winery sits at an elevation of over thousands of feet.

To see which wines are available you can try and purchase, you can check out Yosemite Cellars’s website for product details.

You can also find contact details on their site for any inquiries.

Enjoy Drinks and Music at the Iron Door Saloon

Exterior View of Iron Door Saloon

FinJoe /

Every city has its share of bars and other drinking spots to check out.

In Groveland, one of the best places where you can enjoy some drinks with a good meal and live entertainment is the Iron Door Saloon.

When visiting this salon, you can enjoy a selection of dishes for different meals, along with a range of beers and cocktails you can pair with them.

Interior and bar counter of Iron Door Saloon.

daveynin from United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from food and drinks, you can check out different events in the saloon on their website, along with the merchandise you can purchase online.

If you are interested in getting good seats at the salon, you can also book online.

Cruise the Rivers with ARTA River Trips

Enjoy a fun trip down the river and some fun stories by booking a ride with ARTA River Trips.

When taking a trip down the rivers with ARTA River Trips, there are different options you can choose, mainly with the routes and time lengths.

Whether you want to take an exciting rush through the river or take a scenic cruise around the rivers, you’re sure to enjoy an engaging and fun experience with the staff of ARTA River Trips.

Aside from different rafting services, you can also consider taking classes with ARTA River Trips if you are unsure of your rafting skills.

You can also check out the best services and times for you by visiting the ARTA River Trips website.

Grab Some Beers at Around the Horn Brewing Company

For those who prefer beer as their choice of drink, you’ll want to visit the Around the Horn Brewing Company.

As a brewery that specializes in local craft beers, Around the Horn Brewing Company features a selection of beers you can indulge in, along with a delicious meal.

A few bites you can enjoy at this brewery include pretzels and different sandwiches.

In addition to providing different drinks and eats to try, Around the Horn Brewing Company also hosts various events you can check out on their website.

Unwind Yourself at the Rush Creek Spa

Treat yourself to some pampering by heading over to the Rush Creek Spa.

The Rush Creek Spa features a range of spa services for fun and relaxation.

What makes this spa so different is that they also provide outdoor services.

The spa is one of the many facilities you can enjoy at the Yosemite Lodge Creek Lodge and features a unique set of services you can learn more about on the lodge’s website.

In addition to services you can pamper yourself with, the spa also holds a selection of natural features that’ll provide you with the feeling of relaxation within nature.

If you are unsure which service works best for you, you can also contact the staff via their contact information on their website for a consultation.

Book a Stay at the Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging

Plenty of places are available for you to book a stay while in Groveland, but it is only at the Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging where you can experience camping in a wagon.

At the Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging, you’ll find plenty of camping and lodging options for you to try.

When it comes to the wagons you can choose to stay in, there are a total of six options you can select.

Another unique feature you can find at this lodge is the yurt.

Whether you want to book a comfortable stay in a cabin or a unique camping experience, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options with Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging.

To get the best booking and check out other available amenities, you can visit the lodge’s website.

Check Out Events at the Mary Laveroni Community Park

If you’re looking to enjoy a simple stroll through nature, consider visiting the Mary Laveroni Community Park.

The Mary Laveroni Community Park may only be over two acres, but it is the venue for various local events throughout the year.

From seasonal events to flea markets and cook-offs, plenty of things happen at this park.

Other than community events, the park is open for concerts and fundraisers.

You can learn about the occurring events at the park via contacting the staff’s phone number.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure?

Then Groveland is the place to go.

When visiting Groveland, various services provide you with a list of outdoor options for you to explore.

From backpacking through the hidden gems of the area to riding the rushing rivers, there is no shortage of outdoor fun you can have in this town.

Once you’ve had your fill of adventure, you can find plenty of locations where you can relax and enjoy a unique stay.

Visit Groveland, and you can choose your next outdoor adventure.

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