20 Best Things to Do in Escondido

20 Best Things to Do in Escondido

Escondido is just a perfectly located city, 30 miles from San Diego, California. While the city is already a famous spot among the visitors due to its ideal location, it also has some really good places to enjoy.

This city in California is blessed with scenic beauty. The cherry on the top is it’s beautiful and magnificent parks, restaurants, and a whole bunch of wineries. The city is also famous for its art and cultural abundance along with some really beautiful lakes.

Located in California, the city is quite comfortably accessible and has almost all the facilities for a hassle free and enjoyable stay.
The following article will revolve around the top 15 things that you could enjoy in the city of Escondido with great ease.

Dixon Lake

Dixon Lake
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The first place to make it successfully to the list is Dixon lake. Ideal for all those people who dig for natural beauty and Tranquil environment, this place is a perfect fit.

The lake is a perfect spot for clicking some post-able pictures as well as enjoying activities such as boating and camping in the lake area. Also good for fishing, the lake has good number of trout fish making your visit even more adventurous.

The area around the lake will also make you familiar with the village life in Escondido. In the running world where everyone is short of time, Dixon lake is a place where the time will pause and you will feel and enjoy each second.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
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The city also aces the race when it comes to housing various species of wildlife and plants. An ideal example of the diversity of wildlife and plants in the city, San Diego zoo Safari Park is a zoo which covers an area of almost 1800 acres.

The zoo is home to more than 300 species of wildlife, with a count of almost 2600 animals. In addition to that, the park also provide space for blooming of almost 3500 plant species. Along with the diversity of flora and fauna in the park, it also has some other attractions.

One of such attraction is the African tram, which who organises African exhibits for the visitors on a regular basis. The tram exhibits enclosures which have animals such as giraffe, rhinoceros, buffalo, antelope, and cranes.

The park is also a part of recovery program in California which undertakes step to help in preservation of endangered animals such as condors. It is also worth mentioning that the hospital of this park is the largest veterinary hospital in the entire world which imports animals from all around the globe and takes care of them.

San Diego Children’s Discovery museum

San Diego children’s discovery Museum was opened with an objective of inspiring children to explore and experiment using science, art, and culture. The museum is a fun, interactive indoor and outdoor museum which organises different sort of educational and cultural exhibitions for children.

The entire property of the museum is divided into four areas with the themes of exploring, imagining, experimenting, and discovering. All these areas of the museum keep changing their exhibition and post events such as reading book nook, kids global Village, discovery sailboat, magnetic wall, wind Tunnel, floating objects, pollinator garden, outdoor art studios, water exhibitions, and many more.

With its creative and participative ideas, the museum is a must visit place if you are travelling with kids.

California Centre for the Arts

California Centre for the Arts
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Located on a 12-acre campus near the city Hall, the California Centre for the arts was opened in 1994. The Centre was inspired by Spanish colonial heritage and designed by Charles Moore.

The Centre has a seating capacity of 1500 guests and houses a concert hall, a museum exhibiting contemporary art, a beautifully designed theatre with capacity of 400 people, a few art studios, some dance studios, as well as a conference centre.

The Arts Centre also provides services for events such as weddings, corporate meetings, and other gatherings. The Centre also organises free educational programmes every year with an objective of making people familiar with the arts and culture of the city and nearby places.

Some of the events organised by the California Centre for the arts are WOW first Wednesdays performance, fourth July celebration, Day of the dead festival, and many more.

Trapeze High

Trapeze High is one place which has a different concept of making your dreams come true. This facility in Escondido provides you with basic as well as advanced lessons on how you can learn flying using trapeze.

It literally makes your dream of flying like a bird come true. In addition to trapeze, they also teach basics of swinging and dismounts. The service has well-trained staff members who give you lessons on how to use the facility for the best experience.

The staff is quite amicable as well which will make you more comfortable in your entire experience.

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve
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Elfin forest recreational reserve is a park which is spread in an area of 784 acres and provides you with ample opportunities of a natural re-creation. The park is one of the most valuable and famous natural resource hub in the city.

It has hiking trails, picnic areas, and spots made specifically for mountain viewing. It also has a wide range of local plant varieties such as coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, etc. The reserve aims at improving the domestic water supplies and management of natural resources in the state, making it a very thoughtful venture.

The forest reserve authorities also provide guided tours and exploration program for people in order to create environmental awareness and respect for water bodies. With its humble and meaningful aim, elfin forest recreational reserve is a must visit.

San Pasqual Battlefield State Historical Park

San Pasqual Battlefield State Historical Park
scerruti, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The San Pasqual battlefield state historical Park is a park that is set on the spot where the American Mexican battle took place in 1846. The park is spread over an area of 50 acres and has a special centre.

The Centre is a place where you can get all the details about this significant battle and the location. The Centre also shows a video which is a presentation of the site. A special observation room is also built in the centre.

Along with the historical importance of this place, it is also good for people who are health-conscious. The park has walking trails which are as long as half a mile. The entire trails are covered with beautiful natural objects and produce a magnificent view.

The Park has also maintained some picnic areas where you can enjoy your meal and chat around with your friends.

Washington Park Swimming Pool

Washington Park swimming pool is a historical swimming pool which was built around 1964 and has been existing in the city since then. The pool is a famous spot for travellers who enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

The swimming pool has two separations. One of the pool is for adult visitors while the other one is a pool made specially for children. The children wading pool also has a slide. The property of the pool is well accommodated with chairs and other furniture where you can sit and relax.

Daley Ranch

Daley Ranch
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Daley Ranch was established in 1996 and covers a ground area measuring 3058 acres. The Ranch has been used as a conservation area for protecting and housing various species of animals and plants which are considered endangered in the area.

The ranch is also home to a wide range of regional plant species that are not found at other places in the world. The Ranch is very significantly located, making it a very famous spot among the locals as well as the visitors. The ranch also has a small barn which has historical importance.

This red barn is named as Daley ranch house. You can take guided tours to this ranch. It is also quite famous for offering activities such as mountain biking, biking, hiking, etc.

Espinosa Vineyards and Winery

The city of Escondido has so many vineyards and wineries that only the best ones have made it to this list. Espinosa Vineyards is one of those famous vineyards which has historical importance.

These vineyards are located on a property which is believed to be the first area where grapes were planted in the year 1893. It is also the site where the first commercial winery was built by Louis and Alta heart in 1936. However, Espinosa winery and Vine yards were built from the ashes of the historical vineyards as they were burnt to ground in 2007.

At present, the property is owned by private individuals and is a famous small winery carrying out limited production. The winery is famous for producing world-class wine from home-grown products.

The wine produced here is not available anywhere else but the winery itself. If you are interested in wine-tasting, make sure to visit the place on weekend, as the tasting is offered only from Friday to Sunday.

Port Brewing Company

Port Brewing company was established in 2006 as a craft Brewery. It is extremely famous for manufacturing beers which are world-class in quality. The port brewing company has won many awards and medals, some of them in consecutive years.

The Brewing company is one of the top 10 brewing companies in the entire country and famous among the regular as well as industry-expert beer drinkers. The company also has a very extensive and exotic collection of wines and beers which include Bourbons, brandy, sherry, etc.

The brewing company also has a huge tasting room which is situated right next to the production unit. The company also operates 2 bards which have 42 taps pouring best quality crafted beers and wines. They also have special seasonal releases which are offered in different seasons.

Burger Bench

Burger bench is a food joint that serves some of the best and affordable edible items in the city. This burger joint was established in 2014 and has been serving locals as well as the visitors since then.

The place is famous for serving excellent burger and side items which are made from locally produced high-quality ingredients. Their sandwiches and salsa salads are also quite famous.

Along with delicious food options, the place also serves more than 20 different kind of special beers, milkshake and other drink items.

Stone Brewing

Stone brewing is a famous brewing company established in 1996. This brewing company is one of the largest brewing companies in the entire country.

The Brewery was originally owned and managed by two people who worked hard and turned it into a property employing more than 1,100 people. The brewery has widespread operations throughout the country and breweries in other parts of the world as well.

The brewing company in Escondido has an attached bistro which has an extensive American menu and a great pub set up. They serve delicious food made using local ingredients and more than 30 types of crafted beers and wines. The entire place is designed using Californian art and has a very cool atmosphere around it.

Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead

One of the oldest homes in the city established in 1870, the Sikes Adobe historic farmstead is a place for people who would love to get an insight into history and culture of old American era. The place is open only on Sunday and was restored with new interior decorations a few years back.

Lake Wohlford

Lake Wohlford during sunset
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Lake Wohlford is one of the most famous lakes and Natural venues in the city. With its beautiful natural stretches and scenic landscape, the lake forms an ideal place for fishing and hiking.

You can also spot a few local species in the water of the lake. Open all days of the week, the like is an ideal getaway for all those people who do not want to spend extra money.

Escondido is a very famous and important city of California, which is filled with the blessings of nature. The city and its people both are very welcoming and helpful. The stays as well as the food in the city is very affordable and make for a comfortable vacation.

Step Back in Time at San Diego Archaeological Center

San Diego County's archaeology museum, the San Diego Archaeological Center, has extensive and well-managed collections of artifacts.

It depicts life in San Diego County over the previous 10,000 years.

It serves as an educational and research institution for more than just being a museum.

An organization that collects, studies, preserves, and exhibits local ancient relics is unique in San Diego.

There are a variety of static and rotating exhibitions to choose from at the museum.

The facility offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

Get Up Close and Personal with the Wildlife at EcoVivarium

Visiting EcoVivarium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This living museum, which opened its doors in 2009, wants to empower, educate, and inspire its patrons by allowing them to interact directly with the animals they have rescued.

Since they began as a mobile education service, they have saved over 800 creatures, including hundreds of amphibians, reptiles, and arthropods.

It has been a long journey for EcoVivarium, but in 2015 they were able to open its first public location.

Private tours may be arranged by appointment if you have a big party.

Cycle along San Dieguito River Park

A 92,000-acre park in San Diego County, California, the San Dieguito River Park was created in 1989.

At a distance of 55 miles, the park includes the San Dieguito River and the Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve in Julian, California.

The San Dieguito River Valley's natural treasures are being protected by the park's creation.

The Coast to Crest Trail, which is now 45 miles long but is expected to be expanded to 70 miles, is a popular destination for hikers, cyclists, and equestrian riders.

The park's coastal sage scrub ecosystem supports more than 230 different bird and animal species.

Play at Kit Carson Park

Kit Carson Park, a 285-acre municipal park in Escondido, California, was established in 1967.

During Captain John C. Frémont's expedition of the Sierra Nevada, legendary scout Kit Carson accompanied him.

The park is situated in a valley approximately five miles west of the Battle of San Pasqual.

Mule Hill, roughly a mile from the garden, has a monument commemorating the conflict.

The developed area has three lakes, hiking trails, the Iris Sankey Arboretum, a sculpture garden, and a public art project called the Eucalyptus Leaf Court.

There's also a Girl Scouts of America Program Center, a large outdoor theater, picnic areas, a kids' playground, a covered picnic shelter, and courts and fields for tennis, soccer, softball, and baseball, among other amenities.

Have a Date Night at BK Cellars Urban Winery & Tasting Lounge

BK Cellars is a small urban winery located in Escondido's historic Vineyard District.

First new winery in Escondido for more than 80 years.

To make high-quality wines, they work with several grape-growing partners in California.

At the production facility's zany tasting area, you may sample them.

The combination of industrial design, crystal chandeliers, and wall-to-wall wine barrels creates a distinct ambiance for mingling or impressing a date.

Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks to go with the wine, although light fare will be provided.

The property also holds wine-making classes.

Final Thoughts

Escondido has the good fortune of being located in one of the country's most picturesque regions, and the lovely climate of California further adds to the appeal.

There is a wide variety of things to see and do if you decide to come here.