16 Best Things to Do in Golden, CO

Golden, CO
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Would you want to relive the rich history of the vintage railroads, handicrafts, and early 19th century American wild west industries?

Were you fascinated reading about the heroic exploits of a certain “Buffalo Bill” as a kid and fantasized about seeing glimpses of his life?

What if you wanted to experience all this while sipping delicious hand-brewed liquors and feasting on toothsome burritos?

I am here to break it to you that you can enjoy these pleasures by traveling to a quaint city aptly named Golden in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Bustling with plentiful small-town charms and the richness of its industrial past, Golden in Colorado should be on the list of your cherished holiday destinations!

Read on to find more about the fantastic things Golden has to offer tourists in our Mega Guide on the Top 16 Things to do in Golden, Colorado.

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Buffalo Bill Museum display
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We begin our journey in Golden with a visit to the grave of the city’s most famous inhabitant from the past.

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave exhibit legendary scenes and anecdotes from the life of the iconic buffalo hunter and actor, “Buffalo Bill” (William F.Cody).

Cody earned his claim to fame for being the best buffalo hunter of his time.

He was born in 1846 and became an actor in later life.

He staged his show, The Wild West, where he regaled the audience with narratives from the experiences gained during his hunting escapades.

You can pay your homage to this celebrated public figure by visiting his tomb in Golden, Colorado.

A museum retelling famous incidents from Cody’s life has also been established.

You can be further enlightened with exciting trivia from the life of this legendary maverick by taking a guided tour!

Boettcher Mansion

Boettcher Mansion
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From the raw energy of hunting in the Wild West, we take you to the sophistry of an elegant business tycoon’s mansion.

The beautiful Boettcher Mansion sits quietly in a secluded nook in the fantastic Lookout Mountain Natural Preserve.

You can spend a quiet time admiring its exquisite stone and timber architecture that blends the finest elements of the old English and American styles.

The graceful mansion was built in 1917 to serve as the summer house of the influential Denver business magnate Charles Boettcher.

The caretakers have done a fabulous job of preserving the original décor and artifacts for you to rejoice in the beauty of times long gone!

Golden History Museum and Park

Golden History Museum and Park
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Homesteading is making a revival, with many new enthusiasts choosing to involve in the exciting sub-culture.

However, if you want a glimpse of the authentic homesteading from the 19th century, head out to the Golden History Museum and Park.

The Park houses several cabins and farm buildings from the 1800s preserved in their original form.

In addition, you can see a school, barn, and a chicken house from the homesteading period to peek into the ways and habits of those times!

It is the perfect tourist spot for people who like to try off-beat things and love exploring sub-cultures.

They also organize exciting blacksmithing and cooking demonstrations in the old homestead-era style on special days.

The demonstrators also dress up in clothes styled in line with the fashion of the times to provide you with an immersive experience.

Clear Creek White Water Park

Kayaking at Clear Creek White Water Park
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From the gentle confines of homesteads to the thrill of sharply dropping rapids, we now take you on an adventurous kayaking expedition in the Clear Creek White Water Park.

You can challenge your kayaking skills to your heart’s fill by meandering over its three levels of rapids!

Novices can alternatively choose to navigate the course in tubes and still tumble and fumble on the waves!

An insider tip is to keep to the center as the currents there are moderate.

The outer edges carry the strongest waves, and it is best left for expert kayakers to venture into those.

Their innovative water park offers the most excitement in the third stage, where the rapids drop the sharpest.

Incredibly, they do not charge any fees for availing of this fun, and you can go and ride the thrilling eddies!

Colorado Railroad Museum

Thomas the tank engine at Colorado Railroad Museum
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Colorado was home to some of the earliest railroads that sprang up because of the thriving coal industry of the region.

We take you to the Colorado Railroad Museum to let you feast on the finest vintage railroad artifacts from that golden ( pun is intended) era!

Explore exciting locomotives, passenger coaches, and freight cars from the early days of railways.

Those who love mechanics can have a pleasure-riot by observing the earliest structures, propulsions, and linkages that powered these steam workhorses.

The evolution of any technology mirrors that of civilization itself.

You can almost hear the cries of railway pioneers echo in these artifacts that exhibit their struggles to fine-tune this fantastic technology.

Furthermore, enjoy the experience of wandering through a replica of an 1800s era railway station at the Depot Museum.

Explore a vintage maintenance house by visiting the roundhouse here.

Kids won’t feel left out either.

They can toy around with the G-scale garden railway.

Coors Brewery

Coors Brewery
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How does the prospect of visiting the largest single-site brewery in the world sound?

Add to that a rare chance to see master artisans guiding their workers as they make the finest brews using only authentic, manual techniques.

We are drooling, and we know, so are you!

The Coors Brewery has been serving its renowned brews to beer-lovers since 1873.

You can watch the entire process first-hand, right from the malting of the barley, to the mashing process and ending up with the final fermentation and aging.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch the brewers here approach their craft as absolute labor of love!

The tasting session after the tour ends doesn’t hurt either!

Finally, you can see some exciting memorabilia retelling the rich history of this great brewery!

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park
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Next, it is time to head out into the welcoming arms of the beautiful natural expanses of the Golden State Canyon State Park.

You can enjoy glorious views of the stunning landscapes featuring mountains and forests spread over 12,000 acres.

The best way to drink in the full pleasures of these formations is to set up a campsite for a few days.

Alternatively, book your stay by renting a log cabin and enjoy umpteen charms of the wilderness.

You can then take part in a plethora of outdoor activities on offer.

Go on long hikes amid the breathtaking scenery and get lost in the pristine elegance of nature.

Mix in a dash of adventure by going rock-climbing or horseback riding.

Alternatively, catch wide varieties of fish in pond waters dotting the region.

Higher Grounds Café

You can take your gang along to enjoy simmering hot espressos and lattes with delicious snacks at the Higher Grounds Café.

Their breakfast burrito is the perfect way to begin your day on your trip!

This place has an easy air about it, and you can beat the stress out by simply lazing in the warm ambiance while ordering cups of your favorite cappuccino.

They also offer free Wi-Fi for you to enjoy movies, games, or music while you are relaxing.

State 38 Distilling

Learn the delicate art of handcrafting fine liquor by visiting the State 28 Distilling.

You can have endless pleasure observing their artisan brewers make glorious liquors using only locally sourced ingredients and pure Rocky Mountain water.

Their extensive guided tours take you through the whole processing line, starting at the procurement stage to finish up with the bottling of the shimmering golden liquors.

Finally, they reward your patience with a tasting session of two of their delicious liquors.

They currently have five varieties in their product line, and they use exotic flavors such as bourbon and organic blue agave to distill them!

Lookout Mountain Nature Centre and Preserve

Lookout Mountain Nature Centre and Preserve
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You can escape from the clamor of city life by taking a day trip to the Lookout Mountain, only 12 miles out from Denver.

The Lookout Mountain Nature Centre situated in these foothills provides a rich glimpse of the region through its fantastic exhibits.

After this, you can explore the beautiful nature of this region yourself by hiking on the labyrinth of great trails crisscrossing the mountain.

Your path will cut through dense forests teeming with stunning pine trees and lush green meadows.

This region is home to rich wildlife, including marvelous black bears, mountain lions, and elk.

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Golden is unique in being home to so many sites that relate to exciting crafts.

For example, quilting is a fantastic handicraft, and you can trace its rich history at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

You can watch closely how the craft of quilting over the years as new and better techniques were added to the repertoire of master quilting artisans.

The museum houses exquisite quilts depicting the various styles used for the craft.

The quilts carry lavish patterns made with rich plumes of colored thread, and the exquisite craftsmanship will spellbind you.

Spinster Sisters

We make a quick switch from traditional handicrafts to their modern avatar by visiting the Spinster Sisters apothecary and soap-making facility.

The company sells more than 30 handmade soaps that come in sweet aromas and silky textures.

Their portfolio also boasts of an extensive line of lotions, salt soaks, and scrubs.

In addition, the company prides itself on supplying natural products using eco-friendly ingredients such as essential oils, homegrown herbs, and sustainably produced oils.

Golden Moon Distillery

More handcrafted liquors await you at the environment-friendly Golden Moon Distillery.

This unique distillery is renowned for making the finest handcrafted liquors from natural herbs and artisans using an authentic artisan process dating back from the 19th century.

Their rich collection of fine spirits boasts of having renowned variants such as gin and grappa.

Their specialty absinthe is a sheer delight, and you can have the complete absinthe experience in their tasting room by drinking it over burnt sugar!

A spoonful of absinthe is enough to transpose you to unworldly bliss!

Other remarkable bouquets include the apple jack and the specialty amer dit picon and crème de violette.

You can enjoy all these great liquors along with toothsome snacks at the in-house bar, the Golden Moon Speakeasy.

Pre-Prohibition punches and craft cocktails are a must-try if you visit this place.

Bonfires Burritos

You can enjoy authentic Mexican delicacies with a sumptuous feast at the Bonfires Burritos.

Their delightful burrito offerings include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties to cater to all taste buds.

They even have unique breakfast burritos for giving you the perfect energy boost at the start of the day!

One of the funniest things about Bonfires Burritos that people praise it for serving the best green chili in the whole of Colorado!

You can also book a space to host a party in a high-energy atmosphere with the choicest burrito served to guests!

Holiday Brewing

The number of excellent breweries is staggering, and the list never seems to end.

Holidaily Brewing is another fantastic addition to it, but this brewery specializes in gluten-free beers.

They are careful not even to leave traces of common beer ingredients mix with their products.

For example, they only use millet and buckwheat for their beer.

The brewery is dedicated to its cause, making sure to procure only zero-gluten ingredients for its brews.

Their efforts are highly appreciable for letting gluten-allergic people also enjoy the pleasures of a frothing craft beer!

Windy Saddle Café

Windy Saddle Café doubles up as Golden’s modern version of the medieval town hall where people can gather over great food, wine, and coffee in a spirit of shared camaraderie.

The rich menu boasts of a wide variety of choicest delicacies, including pastries and biscuits.

You can top off your feast by choosing from their extensive drinks menu, including fine wines and craft beers.

A visit to this place can be even more pleasurable in winters when the community sits around a warm log fire.

The friendly vibes of this place can leave you warm and happy!

Golden in Colorado is a beautiful holiday destination with its great breweries, rustic atmosphere, and rich history narrated in its remarkable museums.

The city is truly a “golden” tourist attraction, living up to such a billing suggested by its name.

We are sure the city will enamor you with its many attractions, and you will return with a big haul of cherishable memories!