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20 Best Things to Do in Grand Junction, CO

  • Published 2022/12/16

Grand Junction is a municipality you can find within Colorado’s Western Slope.

Known as the county seat of Mesa County with a population of 64,995, Grand Junction offers its share of attractions to visit.

While the municipality is known for containing a selection of wineries as its attractions, there are several spots for you to discover.

For one thing, the municipality contains all kinds of outdoor locations where you can enjoy different recreational activities.

You can also find a selection of other hidden gems to enjoy.

With that said, here are the 15 best things to do in Grand Junction, Colorado:

Immerse in Outdoor Activities at the James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park

Scenic sunset view from James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park

Patrick Jennings /

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy in Grand Junction, and one of the best places they can visit is the James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park.

The park opened in 1994 but only gained its current name in 2005.

You can find this park by traveling down Colorado Riverfront Trail.

There are five sections in this park, and each one has its share of features and activities you can enjoy.

Sunny landscape of James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park

Liliya Hutyrchyk /

For example, fishing enthusiasts will find their share of fun by heading for the Corn Lake Section.

Whether you want to enjoy a night of camping or hike around the different sections of the park, there is no shortage of outdoor options at this park.

To learn more, check out the visitor center at the Fruita Section.

The river at James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park

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Enjoy Recreational Activities at Grand Junction Adventures

If you are looking to have fun with different activities when visiting this municipality, then you need to make a booking with Grand Junction Adventures.

Grand Junction Adventures is a tour/adventure service that offers a variety of activities for you to try.

From paddling to hiking and yoga, Grand Junction Adventures has a wide range of options for you to experience.

Aside from providing tours, activities, and classes, Grand Junction Adventures offers rentals.

You can find this service by heading for one out of three locations.

One location you can go to is the Connected Lakes State Park.

Immerse in Fun Farm Activities at Studt Farms

Get a combination of fun and local agriculture by visiting Studt Farms.

Located at 1/2 Road, Studt Farms is an ideal spot for anyone looking for fun activities.

Depending on the season, there are different attractions and activities you can check out on the farm.

Some of the popular attractions on the farm include barrel rides, pony rides, and activities themed after the season.

In addition to the different attractions that crop up on the farm, there are several concessions where you can treat yourself to snacks, ranging from hotdogs to strawberry shortcakes.

Outside of holding seasonal events and attractions, Studt Farms provides options for guests to book the farm for tours and private events.

To participate in the different activities and attractions available on the farm or book the venue, you need to get tickets and reservations online.

Make a Splash at Bananas Fun Park

Immerse yourself in fun activities by checking out the different attractions at the Bananas Fun Park.

You can find this amusement park at Riverside Parkway and purchase different packages to enjoy a selection of rides.

Depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy activities ranging from laser tag to go-karts and time at the arcade.

Aside from different attractions to play games, the park contains an aquatic play area called Coconut Cove.

Some of the features you can enjoy at the aqua center include water slides, bumper boats, and water guns.

In addition to all of these attractions, the park also features a cafe where you can take a break.

If you’re looking to get a rush of fun while in Grand Junction, Bananas Fun Park is the place to go.

Do Wine Tasting at Carlson Vineyards Downtown Tasting Room

As a municipality that offers its fair share of places to enjoy wine, there are plenty of wineries for you to check out in the Grand Junction area.

Among the different places where you can indulge in wine, the Carlson Vineyards Downtown Tasting Room is an ideal place for anyone looking for a quick wine sampling.

Located on Main Street, the tasting room is a separate location from the Carlson Vineyards and requires no reservations for wine tastings.

Some of the wines you can find provided by the winery range from red to fruit wines.

If you want to check out the winery, you need to head for Palisade, or you can choose to purchase a bottle online.

Sample the Wines at Two Rivers Winery and Chateau

Enjoy wine and a comfortable stay by booking the Two Rivers Winery and Chateau.

When visiting the Two Rivers Winery and Chateau, you can find plenty to enjoy at the venue.

When it comes to the winery section of Two Rivers, there are thousands of cases throughout the year with six varieties of wine for you to try.

If you are interested in the chateau section of the winery, you’ll find ten rooms open for booking and a lovely venue for different functions and events.

To find the Two Rivers Winery and Chateau, head for the Broadway area and look out for the entrance to the Colorado National Monument.

Revisit History at the Cross Orchards Historic Site

Name sign of Cross Orchards Historic Site

Jeffrey Beall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For those interested in exploring local history in Grand Junction, you need to check out the Cross Orchards Historic Site.

The Cross Orchards Historic Site is a historical site you can find on F Road and spans 24 acres.

The site gained recognition as a historic location in 1980 but has been around since the 1890s.

Some of the old buildings you can see preserved today include a summerhouse and the original bunkhouse.

Aside from this, you can find different artifacts displayed, such as old farming tools and a recreation of old trains.

You are free to visit the site any time and enjoy a walk around history.

Drink a Cocktail at Highlands Craft Distillery

More than having several spots to sample wine, there is a selection of locations in Grand Junction where you can enjoy different types of alcohol.

If you happen to be a fan of gin and vodka, you’ll want to check out the Highlands Craft Distillery.

You can find this distillery at 24 Road within an old farmhouse and enjoy a selection of handcrafted blends on their menu.

More than being able to enjoy different spirits in the tasting room, you can take a tour of the distillery and take a peek into their drink processing.

Aside from this, you can also book the distillery for different events and enjoy the lavender farm nearby.

For anyone looking to get a drink and relax, Highlands Craft Distillery is the place to go.

Drink and Play at Monumental Beer Works

Indulge yourself with beer and other drinks by stopping at Monumental Beer Works.

Monumental Beer Works is a brewery you can find on Highway 6 & 50, and there are plenty of features you can enjoy.

One of the main things that make this brewery stand out is that it offers a list of games you can place at the location.

Some of the games at Monumental Beer Works include chess, Jenga, and different card games.

Aside from being able to play games, you can also find a selection of art pieces featured in the taproom and can have your work displayed if you like.

In addition to all this, Monumental Beer Works provides a dog-friendly environment.

You can find plenty of fun and drinks to indulge yourself in by visiting Monumental Beer Works.

See Wild Horses and Other Wildlife at the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range

Discover the local wildlife, specifically the wild horses of Grand Junction, by visiting the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range.

The range is a creation of the Friends of the Mustangs in the mid-1980s.

If you want to see the horses that wander the range, the best time to visit would be around spring and fall.

Some of the horses you can spot in this range include appaloosas and palominos.

You can find the range by heading northeast of Grand Junction and looking out for the Coal Canyon Trailhead.

As an area that’s 36,000 acres in size, there is plenty for you to explore.

Aside from seeking out wildlife, you are also free to hike the area and check out the different landscapes.

So if you’re interested in local wildlife and want to explore, check out the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range.

Tour with JR’s Carriage Service

You can find plenty of tour options available in Grand Junction, but if you want a memorable experience, book a tour with JR’s Carriage Service.

JR’s Carriage Service is a tour service that provides you with a selection of tour options, all done via a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Some of the tours you can take with this service range from sunset tours to wine tours and can go as long as four hours.

Aside from providing carriage tours, the service also offers carriage parts for those interested in purchasing them.

Learn more about the service by contacting the staff via their phone number or booking a tour online.

Have Fun at Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Find a dose of adrenaline by visiting the Grand Junction Motor Speedway.

At the Grand Junction Motor Speedway, you can find several racing facilities for you to try.

With miles-long tracks and different programs you can check out, there is plenty for racing enthusiasts to enjoy at this speedway.

Even if you have little experience with racing, you’ll get plenty of accommodation from the staff.

By visiting the Grand Junction Motor Speedway, you can find a fun racing experience.

Dive into the Wild West at the Museum of the West

Take a peek into the wild west by visiting the Museum of the West.

At the Museum of the West, you can find several displays and artifacts that feature thousands of years worth of history.

Some of the exhibits found at the museum include old vehicles like a stagecoach and ancient Anasazi pottery.

When visiting this museum, you can also check out the Sterling T. Smith Education Tower, which stands at 75 feet and provides a panoramic view.

Whether you are a fan of history or not, the Museum of the West is a fun place to visit to view the past.

Stroll around the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens

For a more laidback activity to enjoy, you’ll want to take a walk around the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens is a garden that’s existed since 1997 and features several types of gardens, plus a butterfly house.

With hundreds of tropical plants and different small wildlife wandering about, there’s plenty for garden enthusiasts to enjoy at this venue.

Some of the gardens you can find in the area include a Rose Garden and a Japanese Garden.

When it comes to the wildlife you can find in the gardens, aside from the butterflies, you may spot turtles and frogs.

You can visit the gardens at Struthers Avenue, but you need an appointment.

Pay a Visit to Willow Creek Herbs, Teas, Native and Local Art

Discover the unique shops available in Grand Junction by stopping at the Willow Creek Herbs, Teas, Native and Local Art.

When visiting the Willow Creek Herbs, Teas, Native, and Local Art, you can find various organic products to sample.

These organic products include hundreds of teas and spices.

More than offering a wide selection of organic products, you can find a selection of art pieces on display.

A few of the pieces you can find at the store include sculptures and jewelry.

By visiting this store, you can indulge yourself with a treat and a souvenir.

Admire the Outstanding Course of Redlands Mesa Golf Course

The Redlands Mesa Golf Club is a must-see destination for golfers, with a breathtaking course that frequently leaves both tourists and players breathless.

They want to ensure visitors have a fantastic game of golf at one of Colorado’s top golf courses!

The huge, top-notch golf course takes over one-third of its 500 acres.

The course features breathtaking, dramatic views, along with 37 bunkers and 11 towering tees.

On the championship-caliber course, the distinctive hole shape provides obstacles for players of all experience levels.

Drop by the pro store to purchase golf equipment, accessories, gear for both men and women, and more.

View the Amazing Displays at EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

John McConnell started the non-profit organization known as the EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum.

Its goal is to ignite a love and respect for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) in local communities.

Explore the Science Museum and view over 100 engaging, hands-on displays with interactive components.

Understanding more about science—from astrology to biology and everything in between—can be rewarding for children and adults.

Visit and learn more about the dozen remarkable exhibits, including ones about physics or live beehives.

Stop by and Drink a Cup of Coffee at Trailhead Coffee Bar and Cafe

Locally owned and managed, Trailhead Coffee Bar & Café is lucky to be located close to fantastic hiking and bike routes as well as the Colorado National Monument.

It is a great spot to have a stopover, take in the scenery, accomplish some work, or simply relax on their patio.

Breakfast meals, lunch, and baked products are offered on the menu.

They provide everything you need, including burritos, sandwiches, bread, and cake.

If you enjoy coffee, they provide locally roasted organic coffee from Colorado.

Trailhead Coffee Bar and Café is up for business seven days a week from 7 am to 3 pm.

Come See the Art Center of Western Colorado

The Art Center of Western Colorado was established in 1953.

Its mission is to improve lives by fostering an appreciation for and knowledge of the arts.

It is regarded as the headquarters and gathering place for Western Slope artisans and enthusiasts.

The Center features, along with other aspects, an exhibition space for students, regional artists and art guilds, arts education activities all year, and shows by well-known artists both here and overseas.

The Western Colorado Art Center is the ideal location for your conference or function.

They can handle guests for any special occasion, including a wedding reception, club or company meeting, birthday party, or other celebration.

Taste Award-Winning Wines at Whitewater Hill Vineyards

Whitewater Hill Vineyards, established in 2004, keeps up a legacy of producing award-winning wines.

They offer a warm and casual tasting ambiance and have a fantastic winemaker and tasting room workforce.

Whitewater Hill Vineyards is a small, family-run vineyard in Colorado’s stunning Grand Valley.

The majority of the grapes in their vineyards are of European lineage, but there are also several resilient varietals that you may have missed the chance to try.

Their exquisite wines are made by hand using grapes produced in the Grand Valley Appellation.

Prize-winning vintages are produced by combining the soil, the Colorado River’s irrigation water, the arid environment, and cold winters and hot summers.

Final Thoughts

Grand Junction is a municipality that offers a variety of attractions and sights for you to explore.

From enjoying recreational activities to indulging in drinks and checking out fun spots, there is plenty for you to experience at Grand Junction.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in different activities or explore hidden gems, there’s something for everyone in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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