15 Best Things to Do in Gloucester, MA

15 Best Things to Do in Gloucester, MA

Gloucester is a beautiful coast city amidst Cape Ann in Massachusetts! It is a famous city with a great number of tourist attractions- from beaches to parks, to museums; this town has got it all! Let us begin with the top 15 things to do in Gloucester MA!

To begin with, there are so many beaches for you to visit in Gloucester, where you can go for swimming, playing, relaxing, for getting a tan, where you can play beach games like Frisbee, volleyball etc, and basically do everything mainstream that one does on a beach, yet, each one is unique in their own way!

Let us start by exploring all these beautiful, sandy, and unique beaches in this city;

Singing Beach

Singing Beach
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This beautiful beach in Gloucester is most known for its unique sand, it is extremely hot and extremely soft. The walking trail by the entrance is well-maintained and clean, the water in the beach can get extremely chilly and fun!

There are lots of restaurants and food shops nearby; there are also a lot of shopping markets near the beach. From yummy food to delicious beverages, this beach will crave your hunger needs.

The beach is super dog-friendly so you can take your dogs for playing around, or to meet other dogs as well. The views are very beautiful and a load of blanket beds are available for you to enjoy.

The best part about this beach is the stargazing nights and candle lit dinners on the sand. It is the perfect beach for a serene calm experience.

Good Harbour Beach

Good harbour beach
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The Good Harbour Beach is a compact and beautiful white sandy beach with wonderful waves. The beach is clean and well-maintained, with crystal clear and cold water. The tides are usually low; making this beach the perfect beach for swimming.

The beach is super clean with silky sand, with deep intermittent tide pools, and also some excellent rolling concessions. The view of the lighthouse is very pleasant and you can see the very gentle descent into the ocean. You can find a lot of seagulls here to play with.

You can take a dip in the chilly shore and swim around. They allow dogs off leash in the off season, so you can take your dogs at that time. You can find sea shells or crabs at the beach and explore around.

Wingaersheek Beach

Wingaersheek beach
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Wondering what’s unique about this one? Let us tell you! This beach has a large long soft stretch of sand, great views all around, and a quaint and relaxing atmosphere.

There are rocks to climb on and sand dollars everywhere. You can find a lot of lobsters, and a ton of marine life! The water is crystal clear and the sand is powdery like on Cape Cod. The whole vibe of this beach is beautiful and relaxing.

There are loads of rocks to climb and the beach also provides a beautiful view of a small lighthouse. The whole beach is very picturesque in the evening, with so many creatures to find in the tide pools. The sunset here is incredible, we promise!

The boulders are scattered all along the shoreline, which makes the place even better. You'll find hermit crabs and shells in the water, but the water is clear and mostly free of seaweed. So do visit this beach for a calm and serene beach experience.

Plum cove beach

This beach is best known for the prettiest sunsets over water. You can spend hours watching the hermit crabs here. The tide pools are great and the rocks are covered in seaweed at low tide.

The sunsets here are simply breathtaking. The beach has a gorgeous little area to take a break from daily life and to spend some time with your partner while watching the sun and making art with the sky and the water. The beach is very romantic and is neatly tucked in between two ridges which border plum cove.

The water is calm and quiet, perfect for swimming, scuba, and observing marine life such as crabs or small fish. The presence of the hills on one side, and the main land in the distant background gives this beach the most aesthetically pleasing view of the sunset in town, perfect for gazing, photographing, or even painting.

Half moon beach

Half moon beach
Nhatchimai8, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As beautiful as its name sounds, this is a lovely small beach with a lot of rocks to climb. It is located at Stage Fort Park so there is plenty of area to explore around after the beach. You can visit this beach with your family as kids are going to enjoy climbing the huge rocks that go out into the ocean.

This secluded beach that sits in the middle of a historic, Stage fort park is great and the rocky beach to the right of half moon is also amazing. Overall, it is a lovely beach, with lots of rocks to jump into the water from, and lots of areas to explore.

Hiking at Ravenswood Park

Ravenswood park
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The Ravenswood Park is a beautiful nature preserve in the west of Gloucester; it is home to a great deal of flora and fauna. It is a beautiful park with several diverse and interesting trails for you to go hiking, walking, bike-riding, or even for walking your dog.

The Ravenswood park is a great place for cute little picnic dates. There are a lot of clean and well-maintained trails and a lot of friendly dogs all along the way. What is better than cute little pups and beautiful sunsets? This park is worth a visit if you are in town!

Cape Ann Museum

Cape Ann museum
M2545, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is a beautiful small museum with local flavour; it is well-built, clean and well-maintained. The museum is extremely well curated and focuses on the artistic heritage of the Cape Ann region.

The museum exhibits Fine art and sculptures related to the history and artists of Cape Ann. The whole exhibition in the museum is unique and beautiful. It is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Massachusetts.

They have a wonderful collection of materials and artefacts on local industries, major figures, and artists. This museum is a must visit for people who are interested in local history and art.

Whale watching

Whale watching in Gloucester
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You would probably be seeing a lot of water in Gloucester, so why not make it as fun as possible! Cape Ann whale watching, as well as 7 seas whale watch, are two amazing cruises that give you the best experience of whale watching.

The cruises take you deeper into the sea where you get to see a school of whales playing and swimming around. In addition to whales, you also get to watch the Dolphins, ocean birds and different types of seals.

The Capp Ann cruise takes you into a marine preserve which is really great; they also have a cute little gift shop near the centre by the shore from where you can get some souvenirs for your friends and family.

The 7 seas whale watch cruises are no different; the whole tour is informative, educational and beautiful. This could be a perfect romantic getaway you have been planning with your partner!

We promise you that whale watching at the sunset when everything around is extremely gorgeous and you are going to have an amazing experience.

Eastern point lighthouse

Eastern point lighthouse
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This is a beautiful and historic lighthouse situated on Cape Ann; the scenic beauty of this place is amazing! You can get a view of the beautiful river, with fishermen catching fish, and find kids playing around during the sunset.

The whole vibe and beauty of this place is not going to disappoint you. If you love nature photography, or like watching sunsets from beautiful spots, this lighthouse in Gloucester, MA is truly unmissable.

Gloucester fishermen memorial

Gloucester fishermen memorial
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This fishermen memorial is an amazing place to walk and enjoy the view of Gloucester harbour. With a beautiful boardwalk, well-maintained bushes, and great view of the water and neighbouring houses along the water, this park is truly must a visit.

It is perfect for a day trip and especially for taking pictures. The whole vibe of this park makes it a very serene place. You can find in this park, plaques honouring Gloucester sailors lost at sea, it is a beautiful memorial to those who have been lost at sea.

Even with snow, the boardwalk remains well-maintained for enjoying a walk and for visiting the memorial.  The spectacular views along with the historical importance, makes this place a must-visit.

Halibut Point state park

Halibut Point state park
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The Halibut State Park has in store everything from beautiful ocean views, sunbathing experience, hiking trails, and plenty of space for a picnic for you!

You can get the most stunning view of the ocean from the top point. The park gives you the experience of hiking near real quarry, which is a truly memorable experience. The trails here are well-marked and the view from above the quarry is breathtaking.

There are a couple places to climb down to the water line which provides another cool perspective. You can climb around the rocks and watch the waves in the ocean crash against the huge rocks.

The scenery and the beautiful voice of the crashing waves are beautiful and soothing to see and hear. The trails in this park take you to the most beautiful views. We recommend you guys to check it out for yourself.

Stage Fort Park

Stage Fort Park
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The Stage fort park is another very beautiful and serene park in Gloucester, MA. The park is perfect for watching the sunset over a cute little picnic, or for hiking and riding your bikes.

You can find both rocky and sandy beach areas to enjoy, as well as a great ice cream stand on site.

The beach is well-maintained, and the ocean is beautiful to gaze at. The park is dog-friendly so you can get to meet cute little puppies here and have a great time with yourself or with your family and friends.

Misery Islands

Aerial view of Misery Islands
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Misery Island is a nature reserve, and an uninhabited piece of land in Gloucester, MA. The place is quite the opposite of its name, as it brings positivity and calmness to the soul.

The water is crystal clear, and the scenery is beautiful. A perfect place for taking pictures! The island holds a lot of interesting history and is a must visit!

Visit the Paper House

This tourist attraction in Massachusetts is a Folk Art Site with lots of unique and amazing machines, tools, furniture etc in display. It is called the paper house for it has in display different kinds of paper and newspapers all around the place.

You can self-guide yourself throughout the museum and enjoy the classic display. The hike up to the museum is a fun feature to add to your experience.

The place is clean, well-maintained and beautiful. There is a cute little cottage right beside Paper house, which is a must visit if you’re there. Overall, this unique and cool place in Gloucester is a spot you must add to your to-do list.

Beauport House

Beauport House
Elisa.rolle, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This historic house in MA, also called the sleeper- McCann house. The house was built by a famous interior decorator of the time and has in display beautiful and unique interiors, art, architectural artefacts and much more.

It is a very creative and cool place to visit in the city. The views of the ocean from this house are spectacular! Overall, this artistic home is a fun place to pay a visit to.

By now, you probably know all the famous places to go to once you visit Gloucester, but remember that the secret ingredient in art of travelling is exploring new and different places, so open your heart and keep exploring.