20 Best Things to Do in Hyannis

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Hyannis, dubbed as "The Capital of the Cape," is Cape Cod's primary transportation and business hub.

The harbor, which is typically crowded with private boats maintained by passionate boaters, has evolved into the primary ferry terminal for access to Nantucket Island.

Dining businesses provide fresh, local seafood and are sometimes packed with people waiting for their boat to depart, giving the area a beach feel.

Those who do not possess a boat might book a tour to the surrounding islands.

Large wooden residences and structures, some of which are situated on wharves above the sea, are frequently painted white to reflect the light.

Hyannis also has a few small lighthouses that pay respect to the town's maritime history.

There are a number of fascinating activities that a visitor can happily engage themselves in if they are at Hyannis.

Cape Cod Beer

This brewery isn't only for beer enthusiasts (though they'll be pleased), but it's also a great location to kill some time.

Daily, unless it’s a Sunday, at 11 AM, free brewery tours are offered, although samples are available at any time.

There are also a variety of fascinating activities offered here, such as the 'yappy hours' with your pet, art workshops, live music, and comedy evenings.

On Fridays, from 3 to 6 PM, the brewery hosts a local farmers’ market.

The beer is well-liked, with the trademark amber ale being very smooth.

John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum

John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum
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For decades, the Kennedy family has made Hyannis their summer retreat.

JFK used to spend the summers here, which are brilliantly recorded in this museum with pictures and film dating from JFK's infancy through the Camelot years of his presidency.

The exhibitions are well-designed and offer a subject that varies every year.

The museum is a multimedia exhibit that depicts JFK's days on Cape Cod.

These include his days spent relaxing with family, days as President of the United States, and days spent sailing on the ocean to which he was constantly drawn.

Naked Oyster

At this upscale eatery, short ingredient transit times are encouraged, with the namesake bivalves coming from the restaurant's oyster farm in Barnstable Harbor.

Shrimp, little necks, and lobster make for good company at the raw bar.

Thai shrimp, moules frites, fish tacos, and curry scallops are a few of the dishes on the menu that borrow global flavors to spice up fresh seafood.

Veterans Beach

The nearest beach to Hyannis' Main St, Veterans Beach is a family favorite location, owing to its playground, picnic tables, and shallow waves.

It is a wonderful place to spend a day.

This beach can accommodate you whether you want to swim, beach comb, or play beach games.

A tribute to John F Kennedy is located on the beach's north side, which overlooks the port where JFK once sailed.

The monument offers free 30-minute parking as a bonus!

Pain D'Avignon

Although this quaint bakery is not in the most convenient of locations (out near the airport, off MA 132), it is worth seeking out for a delicious taste of Paris.

In the morning, pâtisserie staples beckon you, but omelets and galettes (savory crêpes) may be ordered for a more leisurely meal.

A more classic French bistro food shines at lunch and dinner, including dishes such as croque monsieur, Quiché Lorraine, and steak frites.

Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

These well-loved chips are potato-based rather than computer-based, while they won't work on your laptop, they'll taste great in your gateway.

A self-guided tour of the plant is available, in effect, it consists of simply watching the chips march over the production and packaging lines through windows.

The entire visit can be a charming experience, and the whole endeavor should take no more than 10 minutes.

You will also receive complimentary samples at the end to finish off your trip in the best way possible.


If you enjoy seafood but want to try something different, look for this secret Italian-Peruvian gem.

You can choose from nine different types of ceviche (including vegetarian choices), as well as various raw shellfish, seafood pasta, and other unique Peruvian dishes.

One of its unique quirks is that before 5 PM, you can get the ceviche for half-price!

This unique little restaurant is a fusion of Peruvian and Italian cuisines, both traditional and modern.

They specialize in the most famous Peruvian ceviche in the world, as well as handmade pasta and wood-fired grill steaks.

The open kitchen, where guests can see the cooks prepare their meals, is one of the restaurant's main attractions.

HyArts District

HyArts District
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The perfect spot for art lovers in Hyannis might be the dainty and charming HyArts District.

Visitors can take a stroll around the harbor side, which includes the Guyer Barn communal art space, the colorful artist shanties near the ferry docks, and the art-strewn Walkway to the Sea.

The Hyannis HyArts Cultural District's success is built on a set of arts-oriented policies that promote the creative economy while also providing a lively background for residents and tourists all year.

Pizza Barbone

Take a break from the fish at this charmingly rustic pizza palace, which serves excellent thin-crust pizzas in the Neapolitan manner from its wood-fired oven.

High-quality toppings include mushroom with rosemary, smoked mozzarella, and truffle oil.

There are gluten-free and vegan choices as well.

Cape Cod Melody Tent

The Melody Tent is exactly that: a massive tent with a capacity for 2300 people and no seats more than 50 feet (ca.15 m) from the spinning stage.

It features artists like Vince Gill and ZZ Top from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The tent theater is owned by South Shore Playhouse Associates.

These are the only two continuously operated tent theaters in the United States, and they are both affiliated with the South Shore Music Circus.

Cape Cod Maritime Museum

Cape Cod Maritime Museum
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This museum, conveniently located near Hyannis Harbor, emphasizes the Cape's seafaring ties, particularly the local boat-building heritage.

The Cape Cod Maritime Museum is a focal place for learning about the maritime customs and history of the Cape and Islands.

Rotating displays, a permanent collection of antique vessels, miniature ships, and marine art will pique your interest.

You may watch boat builders at work or participate in their volunteer programs, educational seminars, and apprenticeships to learn firsthand.

It may be a fantastic experience for kids since they can participate in interactive displays, build a boat, and even learn navigation.

1/2 day Marine Science Tour

The half-day Marine Science Tour is a full-service half-day trip that will allow your family to learn about the local marine ecosystem in a fresh and exciting way!

With the help of plankton nets and microscopes, you can locate the wonderful organisms that live beneath our feet, and catch critters like Horseshoe Crabs to learn everything about them.

This expedition also includes the pick-up, drop-off, a coffee, a fish-and-chips lunch, and ice cream.

St.Francis Xavier Church

St.Francis Xavier Catholic Church is both beautiful and historic.

During the summers, President John F.Kennedy attended Mass here, and his bench is marked and visible.

Sunday Catholic Masses, including a Latin and Brazilian Mass, are held on a regular basis.

With a stop at this enchanting Church, you can learn about the local history of Hyannis, as well as stroll around the gorgeous beaches and dine at the area's seafood eateries.

Kalmus Beach

On broad Kalmus Beach, near the south end of Ocean St in Hyannis, there's plenty of room to spread out your towel and soak in the sun.

Windsurfers love it because of the consistent breezes, and swimming is popular in the summer because of the warm water.

A snack bar, lifeguard, and changing rooms are available.

Kalmus Beach is a long expanse of white sand with plenty of amenities, where you can spend your days resting on the smooth beach or participating in thrilling water sports.

Because of the ideal circumstances, this beach is recognized as a windsurfing paradise.

Brazilian Grill

The Brazillian Grill is an authentic steakhouse that celebrates the Cape's Brazilian side with an enormous buffet and churrasco, which are barbecued beef on skewers, delivered to your table by authentically costumed gauchos.

The cuisine is delicious on its own, but it's the overall restaurant experience that makes this place unique.

The Brazilian Grill is a family-owned restaurant that provides a genuine dining experience with traditional southern Brazilian cuisine passed down through generations and is a must-visit location in Hyannis.


A sanctuary of fun in Hyannis, Embargo has live music accompanying innovative tapas meals throughout dining hours.

They're famous for their distinctive martinis and extensive cocktail menu, which keep the audiences satisfied and happy throughout their stay.

It is Cape Cod's go-to spot for casual eating with a big city vibe that you can truly see and taste.

This beautiful restaurant offers large dishes, a raw bar, world-class tapas for a nibble after work, as well as live entertainment in the evenings.

Main Street

The center of the quaint Cape Cod village of Hyannis is Main Street.

There are popular restaurants and stores, a post office, town government offices, a library, and the Cape Cod Hospital in this stretch of town.

The John F.Kennedy Hyannis Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the 35th President of the United States and his family's deep ties to the region.

This interesting museum with its history and lore, is located on this street as well.

It's a fantastic spot to buy and eat delicious meals.

With buildings from a bygone era standing proud, the street offers a lot of charm to its visitors.

The Steamship Authority

Steamship Authority
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The Steamship Authority operates the largest ferry service from Cape Cod to Nantucket Island.

For people, vehicles, and trucks, they provide the lowest rates and the most frequent daily departures.

These Nantucket ferries leave from the historic Hyannis Harbor.

A trip to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard is a fun and enjoyable experience that one must have in Hyannis.

It also offers passengers easy and inexpensive pricing.

Even landlubbers feel comfortable and secure on large ferries.

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Passengers are transported past marshes, cranberry bogs, dunes, and other only accessible-by-rail locations on the Cape Cod Central Railroad.

You can learn about the canal's history and how cranberries are collected or enjoy a quiet weekday meal or Sunday brunch on the rail.

These trains are a fantastic way to get about Hyannis.

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is a historic railroad that runs on a rail line controlled by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation known as the Cape Main Line.

Sightseeing trains are a fun and unusual way to visit and learn about Cape Cod.

Hathaway Pond

The perfect spot to go to if you're searching for a short trek in Hyannis is certainly Hathaway Pond.

It's a lovely spot where you can cool down with a pleasant swim in clear, warm water.

It is a neighborhood pond with well-kept gardens that is noted for its tranquility and lack of crowds.

If you're in the mood to walk, it has a beautiful route that you can take.

This pond is a hidden gem among the beautiful splendor of Hyannis.

Picnic tables are available for lunch, and the landscape is breathtaking!

It is a must-see attraction if you ever find yourself on Cape Cod.

Hyannis is certainly a place worth visiting if you are in Massachusetts or Cape Cod.

With its lovely tourist spots such as beaches, museums, and lakes, it has much to offer a traveler.

One of the best aspects of Hyannis is all the wonderful restaurants and cafés they have.

From amazing food to an enthralling experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the local citizens, the eat-out places at Hyannis are charming in their unique ways.

If you are looking for a fascinating tourist experience, Hyannis is certainly the place to visit!

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