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30 Best Things to Do in Frankfurt

  • Published 2020/02/23

From centuries-old buildings to modern-day 63 storey buildings, from ancient churches and villas to modern art galleries and museums, the city of Frankfurt has it all. To make sure you have a memorable trip to the financial hub of the country without getting bored, we have come up with 31 best things to do in Frankfurt.

Get a View of the City at the Main Tower

Main Tower /

Named after river Main beside which the 200-meter tall building is situated, the Main Tower is the fourth tallest building in the city of Frankfurt. It is also the only tower this tall with public access in it. The view from the observing point will leave you mesmerised as it gives a scenic view of the entire city with the beautiful river flowing through it.

Enjoy Römerberg


f11photo /

Famous for its Christmas markets, trade fares and local events, Römerberg is a public space in front of the Römer building. The place has a history dating back to the 15th century and is one of the most popular tourist destinations during the festive season, especially during Christmas.

See Artwork at the Städel Museum

One of the oldest and most important museums of Germany, the Städel Museum is an art museum in Frankfurt. The museum has a collection of over 2700 paintings, 100, 00 drawings and prints making it as one of the most exclusive museums in the country. The collection covers art pieces from over seven centuries and is a delight for the eyes of the visitors. Along with that, the museum has a library having more than 100, 00 books and 400 periodicals so if you love books and art, this museum should be on your list.

Pray at the Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral /

The gothic structured Frankfurt Cathedral is the largest religious building in the city of Frankfurt and was formally used as a coronation church for the Kings of the Roman Empire. The original building dates back to the 7th century and links have been founded between the church and the Royal Palace of Frankfurt later in history. The modern-day Cathedral is open to all and has a Choir School of its own. The school holds masses, evensongs as well as official openings and offers any singer to be part of its rehearsals irrespective of their religious background.

Visit Äquatorialsonnenuhr


Rainer Lesniewski /

Äquatorialsonnennuhr or the Frankfurt Equatorial Sundial is a ring-shaped sundial designed as a world time watch. The piece is installed on the banks of river Main and was the world’s largest sundial of its kind at the time it was inaugurated in 1951. It is one of the main attractions of the city and shouldn’t be missed while you are exploring the city.

Shop at the Zeil

the Zeil

travelview /

Once the go-to place for shoppers in the 19th century, the Zeil remains to be one of the most popular places to shop when in Frankfurt. The Zeil is a street filled with a mix of both high-end brands to quirky little shops to get your hands on. Famously called the ‘Fifth Avenue of Germany’, it’s one of the top ten places to shop from in the whole of the city and a paradise for style lovers.

Watch a Show at the Alte Oper

Alte Oper

villorejo /

The 39-year-old Atle Oper or the Old Opera was originally opened in 1880 but was later destroyed during the WWII. It was then rebuilt and reopened in 1981. A lot of important operas have been performed for the first time in the concert hall and the former opera house over the years. The Oper is located in Innenstadt district of the city of Frankfurt and showcases brilliant talent throughout the year.

Lock a Padlock at the Eiserner Steg

Eiserner Steg

asiastock /

The only pedestrian bridge across the river Main, the Eiserner Steg is a 150-meter long iron bridge connecting the city centre with the suburbs of Sachsenhausen. Apart from other bridges spanning over the river, the Eiserner Steg is rather famous for its tradition of locking padlocks on the bridge naming it as the ‘Bridge of Love Locks’. It is just a 4-minute walk from Römerberg and gives a spectacular view of the skyline of the city.

Experience the Skyline Plaza

Skyline Plaza

J. Lekavicius /

The Skyline Plaza is an oval-shaped shopping mall in Frankfurt and is one of the latest shopping centres of the city. The establishment contains more than 180 brands and shops with a separate section of gastronomy or high-end restaurants. In addition to this, the mall also contains a large spa service headed by Meridian Spa and has a public park on the top of the building. It is one of the most trending places to go for a shopping spree or just to hang out with friends and is worth a try.

Explore the World of Dinosaurs at the Naturmuseum Senckenberg

Naturmuseum Senckenberg

Moskwa /

The second-largest museum of its kind in the whole of Germany, the Naturmuseum Senckenberg is a natural history museum located in Frankfurt. The museum holds its pride in its extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and is mainly popular among the children. Dinosaur fossils are not the only thing which makes the museum so popular. A collection of over 90,000 bird skins and 17,000 skeletons also contribute to its admiration by the visitors. So, if you like to dig deep into the past, then Frankfurt has just the place for you.

Pay Tribute to the Hammering Man

the Hammering Man

AC Manley /

The 68.9 ft tall sculpture erected in Frankfurt is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The Hammering Man is a series of kinetic monumental sculptures of a man in black colour to commemorate workers all around the world. The sculpture has a motorised hand with the hammer moving to represent the workers.

Chill at the Hauptwache


Nikolay Antonov /

One of the most famous plazas of Frankfurt, the Hauptwache is located at the central point of the city and is surrounded by the hustle-bustle of modern life. The plaza has a sunken terrace leading to public transport station and serves as a perfect place for quick hang out with a friend after a long day of work.

Visit the Old St Nicholas Church

Old St Nicholas Church

S.Borisov /

Surviving and only getting minor damages, the Old St Nicholas Church is a mid-15th century church located in the old town of Altstadt. The church is a medieval structured church consisting of 51 bells and forms a part of the modern-day Protestant church in Hesse and Nassau.

Plan a Picnic at Lohrpark

Lohrpark is an 18-hectare public park located in Frankfurt and very popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists for a weekend excursion. The edge of the park shows a magnificent view of the city as well as the surrounding regions. Along with greenery spread all across the park, it also has a paddling pool in the ‘children’s recreational area’ and is quite an addition to the already beautiful scenic view. it also contains a winery called ‘Lohrberg’ whose products are easily available in Römer nearby.

Watch a Movie at the German Film Museum

German Film Museum

Sergio Delle Vedove /

The German Film Museum is a theatre which holds film exhibitions and screenings throughout the year to present the best of film work from around the world. It aims to trace the entity of the film world by going back into the past as well as the future and explore the unending possibilities of theatre and movies. The museum holds both screenings of in-house productions and international work to celebrate the unity that lies in the diversity of film making.

Take a Picture in Front of Messeturm


travelview /

Despite its name, the Trade Fair Tower or MesseTurm is an office building located in Frankfurt. The building is the second tallest in both Frankfurt and Germany with a whopping height of 843 ft having 63 floors. The building is lit up during the night and gives a spectacular view which should not be missed if one is visiting the city of Frankfurt.

Explore Art at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

Sergio Delle Vedove /

An exhibition hall in Frankfurt, the Schirn Kunsthalle is the place for both contemporary and modern art. It serves as the main platform for the exhibition of temporary art and has gained international acclamation due to its collaboration with independent productions, museums and art galleries all around the world.

Learn to Communicate at the Museum for Communication Frankfurt

Museum for Communication Frankfurt

eugeniusro /

The Museum for Communication Frankfurt was opened in 1958 and aimed to reach out to the masses with the benefits of communication mediums developed all around the world. The museum is a glass structured building which holds temporary exhibitions all year round. The underground level of the building hosts the main exhibition where one can learn about the comprehensive history of the development of mediums of communication like that of the telegraph, television, radio and computer. Along with that, it also has an information centre with a café to sit back and relax when in need.

Explore Liebieghaus


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The villa-turned museum of Liebieghaus has a collection of over 3000 sculptures from the ancient Greek times to the neoclassical. The museum holds its pride in specialising in sculptures from all around the world and from the times of history. It’s just not the sculptures which are on display but the visitors are also invited to explore the century-old villa to discover the littlest of treasures spread all over the establishment.

Know More at the German Architecture Museum

German Architecture Museum

Bastian Kienitz /

Situated in an 18th-century building, the German Architecture Museum celebrates the German history of architectural development through its elaborate exhibitions and conferences. It also has a permanent exhibition put up, titled ‘From Ancient Huts to Skyscrapers’ showcasing the architectural wonders of the country over the decades. The museum has a collection of over 180,000 architectural workings and 600 models and holds frequent temporary exhibitions along with conferences and lectures.

Visit St Catherine’s Church

St Catherine’s Church

Yuri Megel /

The city of Frankfurt is known for its famous Protestant churches and St Catherine’s Church is the largest of the kind in the city. After being heavily damaged during WWII, the church was rebuilt in a much simpler way but did not lose its charm and serenity. Dedicated to Christian saint Catherine of Alexandria, the church has an old tradition of church music and still holds onto it with the utmost pride and grace.

Take a Hike in Frankfurt City Forest

Frankfurt City Forest

H-AB Photography /

The Frankfurt City Forest is the largest inner-city forest in the whole of Germany, located in Frankfurt. The forest is popular amongst the local crowd and has 4 natural trails along with six playgrounds and nine ponds. The entire 48 sq kms of the area has several resting huts and benches for the passersby and the hikers. So if you a lover of nature, then the city forest awaiting your arrival to this scenic beauty.

Visit Fountain of Justice

Fountain of Justice

travelview /

The Fountain of Justice is a bronze sculpture honouring Justitia, a champion and goddess of justice situated just in front of the city hall in Römerberg. The sculpture as its name suggests symbolises true justice and was an essential part of the ceremonies of coronations during the early times.

Question the Existence of Art at Museum Angewandte Kunst

Museum Angewandte Kunst

Sergio Delle Vedove /

The Museum Applied Art or Museum Angewandte Kunst is a museum with the most modern, abstract and free-flowing work. It aims to address the everyday changing lifestyle and how the question of applied art is relatable in today’s world. The museum has a wide collection of books, art and objects over 60,000 in number from all around the world to display the lucid nature of applied art in every form of the object.

Experience Serenity Bethmann Park

Bethmann Park

Boris Mayer /

Former home to the renowned Bethmann family, it is now a public park in the city of Frankfurt and a sight for the sore eyes. With its beautiful Chinese Garden as the most popular section of the park, it also displays authentic Chinese culture with its dragon-guarded portals as well as beautifully maintained ponds. They also serve as perfect spots for a selfie or two.

Visit the Frankfurt Zoological Garden

Frankfurt Zoological Garden

eugeniusro /

The Frankfurt Zoological Garden is the second oldest zoo in Germany and is known for being home to over 4,500 animals belonging to 500 different species. The zoo has animals from all around the world and some of its most popular attractions include Indian lions, rusty-spotted cats and Sumatran tigers.

Try to Build a House at the Hessenpark

the Hessenpark

Anatolii Lyzun /

A 30-minute drive from Frankfurt, Hessenpark is an open-air museum which showcases half-timbered buildings and has almost 100 houses on display till date. Some of the popular attractions of the park include the Windmills, the Water Mills, the Old Blacksmith’s Shop, the Typography and many more. There are places for children where the children can replicate making these buildings and thus, makes it a famous family attraction for the locals as well the tourists.

Draw or Present Your Art at the Caricatura Museum

There are a lot of museums which can be seen to be dedicated to preserving ancient, classical and serious art but the Caricatura Museum is all about modern and contemporary comic art. The museum showcases the growth and importance of comic art in the 21st century. Along with permanent exhibitions by contemporary artists all around the year, the museum also hosts book readings, conventions, book presentations and much more.

Hike at Altkönig

The highest mountain of the Taunus range in Hesse, the Altkönig is 798 meters tall and is a paradise for hikers and cyclists alike. With well-developed trails and scenic view of the countryside, the mountain is a perfect getaway from the busy city life and is amongst one of the most popular attractions for the locals.

Choose Between an Opera and Theatre at Städtische Bühen

A municipal theatre, the Städtische Bühen has two divisions, one for an opera and the other for theatre. Schauspiel Frankfurt is the theatre company which holds plays of different productions presenting various artists and showcasing their talents.

Ride World’s Oldest Carousel at the State Park Hanau Wilhelmsbad

The State Park of Hanau is not only home to Hesse’s Doll and Toy Museum but also houses the world’s oldest functioning carousel. Formerly a place for royal guests as well as social events, the park is now accessible to everyone and remains a place of serenity and peace for the strollers.

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