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15 Best Things to Do in Floyd County, IN

  • Published 2022/10/12

The state of Indiana has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to vacation spots.

One of those places is the picturesque Floyd County.

Floyd County spans only 150 square miles, making it the second smallest county in Indiana.

However, the abundance of leisure activities in the area compensates for the size.

Its county seat, New Albany, has many unique spots, but other towns also offer great venues for recreation.

Are you ready to try out the best of Indiana?

Check out the best things to do in Floyd County, Indiana!

Go Hiking at the Loop Island Wetlands

Scenic view at Loop Island Wetlands

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There are lots of trails in Floyd County that are great for hiking.

But if you’re looking to immerse yourself in a place with historical significance, you should go for a walk at Loop Island Wetlands.

Loop Island Wetlands is a 50-acre nature park featuring eight hiking trails with beautiful foliage, a scenic view of the lake, and a refreshing atmosphere.

The park was the former location of Moser Company, a business specializing in making leather products.

The company’s story and background are told to hikers as they tread along The Leather Compost Trail.

You can reach Loop Island Wetlands by going to East Main Street in New Albany.

Discover Art and History at Carnegie Center for Art and History

Carnegie Center for Art and History is a great place to learn about the world of art and history.

Located at East Spring Street in New Albany, the Carnegie Center for Art and History is the city’s premier art museum highlighting history through visual arts.

The museum is named after Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie who used his immense wealth to spearhead free access to education and literacy.

Carnegie Center for Art and History features a variety of exhibitions featuring established local and national artists.

The museum’s main highlight is the exhibition called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage: Men and Women of the Underground Railroad.

This exhibition depicts the efforts and contributions made by the community to combat slavery.

Hang Out with the Locals at Sam Peden Community Park

A park is a great place to relax and hang out with friends and family.

It’s also great for getting to know the community, and in Floyd County, Sam Peden Community Park is the perfect place to do just that.

Sam Peden Community Park is the biggest park in Floyd County, with a massive area of 104.5 acres.

You can do many recreational activities in the park, such as hiking, picnicking, and exercising.

Kiwanis Lake provides a great fishing and boating spot for people who want to do water-related activities.

Thanks to its fantastic space and superb facilities, people from all over the county flock to the park to relax and bond.

Sam Peden Community Park is at Grant Line Road, New Albany.

Have a Picnic in the Woods at Campbell Woodland Nature Trails

Are you looking for a great site to have a picnic?

Look no further than Campbell Woodland Nature Trails on Budd Road, New Albany!

Campbell Woodland Nature Trail is a nature park with 122 acres of land and a paved trail.

The park has everything you need for a relaxing afternoon in the woods.

They’ve got handicap-accessible nature trails, attractive trail bridges, scenic views of flora and fauna, and adorable picnic tables.

They even have benches you can sit on to enjoy the view as you breathe brisk air.

Watch Entertaining Shows and Concerts at Bicentennial Park

Who says parks are only for picnics and afternoon strolls?

Bicentennial Park is a must-visit for people who enjoy outdoor concerts and performances.

In downtown New Alby, Bicentennial Park hosts many family-friendly performances from local, regional, and national acts.

They host the Bicentennial Park Summer Concert Series each summer, a weekly outdoor concert with food trucks and great music.

Check out Bicentennial Park and enjoy the best performances in Floyd County!

Experience the 19th-Century Vibes at Culbertson Mansion

Exterior of Culbertson Mansion

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Culbertson Mansion embodies the legacy of renowned businessman and philanthropist William Culbertson, one of Indiana’s wealthiest people.

Culbertson dedicated his life to serving his community by involving himself in its civic affairs.

In 1867, he constructed his grand home in New Albany, spending a whopping $120,000 (or more than two million dollars in today’s economy).

Today, Culbertson Mansion reflects the rich and elegant lifestyle of the 1800s.

It has an area of 20,000 square feet with 25 rooms spread across three stories.

Its facade is designed to allow plenty of natural light to come in.

The interior is no joke; the walls, ceilings, and floor have intricate paintings which hired artists painted.

For a taste of the Victorian lifestyle, head to Culbertson Mansion at East Main Street in New Albany.

Try Shooting at the Sporting Club at the Farm

Have you ever tried firing a gun or shooting a bow and arrow?

If you want to try it out, you can visit The Sporting Club at the Farm for some fun shooting sports.

The Sporting Club at the Farm has 700 acres with outdoor trails, wooded areas, and fishing lakes.

You can do many things on the farm, such as fishing, hunting, and hiking.

But the main attraction is the opportunity to engage in shooting sports.

Their Sporting Clay Course is like playing golf, but you get to use guns instead of clubs!

You can also try shooting things with a bow and arrow at their beautiful archery courses.

You should visit the Sporting Club at the Farm at River Road, New Albany, for the best outdoor experience.

Go Horseback Riding with Stunning Views at Sunny Acres Stables

Imagine riding on a majestic horse in the breathtaking Southern Indiana hills.

Wouldn’t that be quite the experience?

Luckily for you, Floyd County’s got Sunny Acres Stables!

Located three miles west of Greenville Park in Greenville, Indiana, Sunny Acres Stables features 300 acres of woods and pastures.

They have 27 friendly and well-trained horses you can choose from to accompany you on your exploration.

What if you don’t know how to ride on one?

Don’t worry.

Sunny Acres Stables offers horseback and trail riding lessons for people of all ages and skill levels.

They also have an indoor arena so that you can have fun no matter the weather.

Visit Sunny Acres Stables so you can experience the best ride ever!

Grab the Best Coffe in the County at True North Coffee House

True North Coffee House is the perfect place for a cup of joe in Floyd County.

Nestled in downtown New Albany, True North Coffee House sells a variety of coffee beverages, from the classic Americano to the delicious salty and sweet cream cold brew.

After choosing your coffee drink, pair it with a delicious bagel or croissant.

They also offer teas you can enjoy hot or iced.

Come on down to True North Coffee House at East Market Street.

Learn about Slavery at the Town Clock Church of New Albany

Far view of the Town Clock Church of New Albany

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The Town Clock Church of New Albany is a historical building built around the 19th century.

Completed in 1852, the church steeple symbolized hope and freedom seekers.

Since the town was a connecting point between towns in a slave and free state, it became a refuge for slaves looking to escape bondage.

Today, the church serves as a memorial for those who failed to escape and a tribute to the men and women who helped those who did.

The Town Clock Church of New Albany, currently known as the Second Baptist Church, is on New Albany’s East Main Street, half a mile from Riverfront Park.

Other Things Nearby

Relive the Legend of the Greatest at the Muhammad Ali Center

With his speed and unpredictable movements, Muhammad Ali was considered one of the greatest boxing icons ever.

To relive the legend’s life and works, check out the Muhammad Ali Center.

The Muhammad Ali Center is situated at 6th Street in Louisville, Kentucky, where the heavyweight champ grew up.

This place is 15 minutes from Floyd County, Indiana.

The center is home to memorabilia, exhibits, and video presentations that recount the life of Muhammad Ali.

When you enter the museum, you’ll be introduced to Ali with an inspirational 14-minute film shown in the Orientation Theater.

Then, you’ll get to know his six core principles: dedication, confidence, spirituality, conviction, respect, and giving.

You’ll also get the chance to learn Ali’s techniques and feel the power of his punch with the Train With Ali exhibit.

Revisit the greatness of the greatest at the Muhammad Ali Center.

Taste the Rich Flavor of American Whiskey at Stitzel-Weller Distillery

Stitzer-Wellery Distillery is known for its intricate approach to American whiskey.

Established in 1935 in downtown Louisville, Stitzel-Weller Distillery specializes in American whiskey.

They currently have three brands: Blade and Bow, I.W. Harper, and Orphan Barrel, each with its unique process and identity.

For instance, the Blade and Bow bourbon was made through a process they call Solera System, which lets older bourbon mix with younger whiskeys.

Visit Stitzer-Wellery Distillery and grab some of Floyd County’s best whiskeys!

You can find the distillery in Shively, Kentucky, 18 minutes from Floyd County.

Walk the Haunted Halls of American Horrorplex

Do you think you’re brave enough to go to a haunted house?

Well, it’s generally a bad idea to go to a real one, but American Horrorplex can provide the best horror experience without real ghosts.

American Horrorplex is an award-winning attraction in Louisville that features a frightening course filled with terror in every corner.

The house also has an intriguing backstory: Dr. Hart and Dr. Bracken created parasitic monstrosities called “Fleshpumpkins.”

As you walk through the haunted house, these creatures will make you soil your pants.

They also sell snacks and beverages if you need to fill yourself with food and drinks.

Try the haunted house at American Horrorplex in Louisville, 12 minutes from Floyd County.

Test Your Ninja Skills at Xtremenasium Trampoline Park

Xtremenasium Trampoline Park lets you experience what it’s like to be a high-flying, gravity-defying ninja.

Located in the town of Clarksville, Indiana, Xtremenasium Trampoline Park is an amusement center equipped with trampolines, foam pits, and obstacle courses.

They have lots of fun and exciting activities you can try, like wall climbing challenges, dodgeball, air slam dunk, and more!

One of their main attractions is the Xtreme Ninja Challenge, an obstacle course that’ll get you to release your inner shinobi.

For some extreme ninja fun, visit Xtremenasium Trampoline Park at East Lewis and Clarke Parkway, about half a mile west of the Clarkville Library.

This park is 17 minutes from Floyd County.

Have Dinner and Entertainment at Derby Dinner Playhouse

A dinner theater combines a delicious meal with entertaining performances.

To experience the best dinner theater near Floyd County, head out to Derby Dinner Playhouse, 18 minutes from Floyd County.

Located at Marriott Drive in Clarksville, Derby Dinner Playhouse has served Indiana’s people the best meals and shows since 1974.

They offer great productions of Broadway musicals, and laid-back comedic shows acted out by amazing and talented professionals.

Some of their productions include famous titles like “Cats,” “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” and so much more!

When it comes to food, Derby Dinner Playhouse is no slouch either.

Their take on traditional American buffets makes it a perfect pair with the entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Despite its small size, Floyd County still offers an excellent time for people who wish to visit the area.

Its rich history and emphasis on the arts make it a hotspot for people who want to immerse in its culture.

Nearby towns and cities also provide tourists with beautiful attractions that add significantly to the experience.

With all these things in mind, it’s time for you to try the best things to do in Floyd County, Indiana.

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