15 Best Things to Do in Floyd County, GA

Floyd County, GA
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Floyd County in Georgia is a popular option for people looking for a vacation spot with scenic campgrounds and a large selection of lakeside activities.

Floyd County is situated in the northern part of Georgia, and its county seat is Rome City.

The county was founded in 1832 from land occupied by the Cherokee, a Native American tribe whose history is deeply rooted in the area.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Floyd County has a total land area of 510 square miles, and 8.6 square miles of the county is water.

Floyd County is filled with interesting sites for you to stumble upon.

To help you decide where to go, here is a list of the 15 best things to do in Floyd County, Georgia:

Take Your Time at the Rome City Clocktower

Daytime view of the Rome City Clocktower
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The Rome City Clocktower is one of the most historic landmarks in Floyd County.

The clock tower is located on 2nd Street.

The City Clocktower was erected in 1872.

The clock was manufactured by the E. Howard Clock Company of Boston.

The clock tower was constructed under the supervision of John W. Noble, an architect of Rome at the time.

Aerial view of the Rome City Clocktower
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Climb to the top of the clock tower to get an amazing bird's-eye view of the city of Rome.

Near the clock tower grounds, you can find a picturesque garden and walkways lined with flowers.

There are some benches in the area if you need to rest.

Climb up the Rome City Clocktower to get a great view of the city!

Drink Some Fresh Spring Water at Rolater Park

Rolater Park, located along Old Cedartown Road, is one of the most popular parks in Floyd County because of Cave Spring.

Cave Spring is a natural limestone cave.

The cool air inside the cave makes it a pleasant area to visit.

However, the reason people visit Cave Spring is to collect its fresh spring water.

Bring your own bottle or water jug if you plan on getting some fresh water from the cave!

Aside from Cave Spring, Rolater Park is a great place to visit for the numerous festivals that take place within its grounds.

In terms of wildlife, park visitors often go to Rolater Park to go duck watching and see the rainbow trout in the pond waters.

There is also a swimming lake in the park, the waters of which come directly from Cave Spring.

Nearby, you can find picnic tables and a snack bar.

You can also drop by the historic Hearn Inn and take some photos.

It used to be a dormitory used by the Baptists in the early 1900s, but since then, it has been converted into a bed and breakfast inn.

A couple of antique stores can be found in the area if you want a souvenir.

Come to Rolater Park to get a taste of fresh Floyd County water!

Enjoy the Scenic River Views at Ridge Ferry Park

Ridge Ferry Park is another popular option for an outdoor space with water activities in Floyd County.

You can find Ridge Ferry Park along Riverside Parkway.

This park is popular for its recreational activities along the river.

Guests often go to the nearby lake to fish.

You can also go boating when you visit the river.

There are a couple of walking trails within the park that you can go through.

If you visit the park with kids, you can take them to the designated play areas in the park.

Picnic tables can be found near the riverside.

Feel free to eat your meal there while enjoying the scenic river views.

Pavilions are also available for rent if you need some shelter.

Other points of interest include a seasonal farmers market and a volleyball court.

If you are with your pet, a dog park is located within the park grounds for your usage.

Head to Ridge Ferry Park to go fishing and boating!

Take a Photo of the Gardens at Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum

Exterior of Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum
Cculber007 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum is a museum that is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places.

The museum is located on Veterans Memorial Highway.

The Oak Hill Estate was built back in the 1880s. It was the childhood home of Martha Berry, whose significant accomplishments include establishing the Berry Schools in the area.

The Martha Berry Museum was founded in 1972 within the Oak Hill Estate to commemorate her contributions to the community.

Sunken gardens at Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum
Cculber007 at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This spot is a beautiful place for strolling and taking photos, especially for its well-maintained gardens and trails.

Make sure to stop by the Sunken Garden and the Goldfish Garden.

Before you leave, drop by the gift shop to get something to remember your trip by.

Visit Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum to explore their gorgeous gardens.

Learn about Cherokee Heritage at Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home

Chieftains Museum, also known by its other name Major Ridge Home, is a great place to learn more about the history of Georgia.

You can visit Chieftains Museum on Riverside Parkway.

The building used to be the home of Major Ridge, a significant figure and leader in the Cherokee community in Georgia.

It was then repurposed into a museum in 1971 to present and preserve Cherokee heritage.

The museum is an ideal place to learn about the Cherokee and their connection to the history of Georgia and America in general.

The museum has various exhibits and education programs about Major Ridge, his family, and the Cherokee.

Another popular feature within the museum grounds is the Major Ridge Demonstration Garden.

The trees and plants that you can find within the garden are those that have been historically used by the Native Americans.

Visit Chieftains Museum if you’d like to learn more about Cherokee history and culture.

Go Skateboarding at Etowah Park

Trail at Etowah Park
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Etowah Park is another recreational park to visit when you find yourself in Floyd County.

Etowah Park is situated on Kingston Road.

What makes Etowah Park unique is its extensive skate park.

Guests interested in skateboards and rollerblades will definitely spend a lot of time here.

Other recreational spots include tennis courts and baseball fields.

A driving range can be found in the park if you want to practice your swing for your next golf game.

Adults can hike on their walking trails, and children can enjoy the swings in the designated children’s play area.

If you need refreshments, there are vending machines available around the park.

If you or your kids are into skating and rollerblading, make some time for Etowah Park.

Admire the Wildlife at Rocky Mountain Recreation and Public Fishing Area

Rocky Mountain Recreation and Public Fishing Area is one of the more notable outdoor spaces in Floyd County to go animal watching.

It can be found along Big Texas Valley Road.

Many different forms of wildlife can be spotted in the park, including white-tailed deer, turkeys, and ducks.

This site has two lakes flowing through the area, making the park a great place to go fishing.

The park grounds are a recommended place for camping and picnicking.

Check out Rocky Mountain Recreation and Public Fishing Area to go animal watching and fishing.

Live Life Like in the Olden Days at 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin

Exterior of the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin
JNix / Shutterstock.com

The 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin is a historic structure that showcases Cherokee history and architecture.

Visit the cabin at Broad Street.

Built in 1810, the Vann Cherokee Cabin is listed as a National Trail of Tears site.

Within the cabin, visitors can look at the different types of Cherokee artifacts and materials used to restore the cabin.

Despite being one of the oldest buildings in the area, it has been restored and maintained well enough to entertain tourists and locals that want to experience how the Cherokee lived during the 1800s.

Make a stop at the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin to immerse yourself in Cherokee culture.

Tour the Historic Downtown with Rome Area History Center

Rome Area History Center is a museum that specializes in Native American history and the American Civil War.

Rome Area History Center can be found on Broad Street.

The museum was founded in 1996 with the goal of community development and documenting the history of Rome, Georgia.

This location is popular for its exhibits and historical archives.

Turn back time by taking their downtown history tour, where the volunteer guides take you on a trip through Rome’s historic downtown.

The museum also offers a guided tour of the nearby Rome Clock Tower.

Make your way to the Rome Area History Center to learn more about the history of Rome, Georgia.

Catch a Largemouth Bass at Lake Marvin

Boat dock on Lake Marvin
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Marvin is a reservoir in Floyd County popular as a camping site and fishing spot.

Lake Marvin is located about 20 miles from the city of Rome.

The lake was named after Marvin Muze, who owned the property where the reservoir was constructed.

The reservoir was completed with the construction of the Lake Marvin Dam on Pocket Creek.

Lake Marvin is often visited by guests looking for a spot to go camping.

If you don’t have a tent with you, cabins are available for shelter.

Aside from being a camping ground, Lake Marvin is also a great fishing spot.

You can find various types of fish, like the redear sunfish and the largemouth bass.

Make some time in your schedule for Lake Marvin for a peaceful spot to go camping and fishing.

Bait Some Fish at Lock & Dam Campground Park and the Coosa River Trading

Lock & Dam Campground Park and the Coosa River Trading is one of the top spots in Floyd County to go camping.

Visit the park on Lock & Dam Road.

Guests with RVs can bring their vehicles into the park grounds if they want to stay overnight.

Aside from camping, people frequent Lock & Dam to go fishing and have picnics.

You can find a bait shop near the docks if you happen to need any for fishing.

The park also has a boat launch for you to access the Coosa River, which then leads to Lake Weiss.

Get some exercise by going on their walking trails.

If you have kids with you, you can take them to the park’s playground.

If you’d like to go fishing and camping, consider Lock & Dam Campground Park!

Dive into Lake Conasauga

The waters of Lake Conasauga
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Conasauga is a spring-fed lake known as the most elevated lake in Georgia.

It is another spot to consider when looking for an outdoor recreational space.

Visitors like to come here for their extensive hiking trails and gorgeous river views.

It is also a great place to go on picnics with your family.

This location is an enjoyable camping spot due to the cool breeze coming from the lake.

In terms of water-related activities, guests are allowed to go fishing, boating, and swimming within Lake Conasauga.

If you are short on drinking water, potable water is available through the water hydrants planted around the park grounds.

Make a stop at Lake Conasauga for an exciting day of fishing and swimming.

Practice Your Serve at Rome Tennis Center at Berry College

Rome Tennis Center at Berry College is the destination of choice for tennis players in Floyd County.

Rome Tennis Center can be found along Match Point Way.

This location is famous for their top-of-the-line tennis courts.

Local tennis tournaments often take place here because of their impressive facilities.

There are tennis programs for both adults and junior tennis players.

Rome Tennis Center has both indoor and outdoor courts for you to choose from depending on the weather.

Aside from their tennis facilities, pickleball courts and walking trails are also available in the area.

If you are a tennis player itching for a game of tennis, come to Rome Tennis Center.

Get Lost in The Labyrinth of Rome

The Labyrinth of Rome is another historic landmark in Floyd County.

You can find it along Civic Center Drive.

The Labyrinth of Rome was built during the early 1930s as an erosion control pond.

It was then used as an open-air amphitheater for local artists to perform music and poetry.

The labyrinth has over 5,000 bricks that have been placed end to end.

This location is an ideal place to visit so you can reflect while walking through the brick walls of the labyrinth.

Outside the labyrinth, you can also find some walking trails if you prefer a more guided path.

If the idea of a labyrinth sounds interesting to you, come visit this tourist spot.

Pay Your Respects at Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Tall columns at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Connie Lewellen / Shutterstock.com

Myrtle Hill Cemetery is a historic landmark within Floyd County.

The cemetery can be found along Myrtle Street.

Myrtle Hill Cemetery is known for its aesthetically pleasing architecture and greenery.

The cemetery was founded on top of Myrtle Hill, which provides a breathtaking view of Rome City and the surrounding mountain formations.

Headstones at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Connie Lewellen / Shutterstock.com

Pay your respects and visit America’s Known Soldier and Veterans Plaza.

For some peace of mind, head toward their meditation garden.

Visit Myrtle Hill to get an unforgettable view of Rome City and the nearby mountains.

Unmarked gravestone at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

You can say that Floyd County is the great frontier, with lots of exciting spots and activities to uncover.

Floyd County is the place for you if you need to get away from the city and get immersed in nature.

Take the chance to drink fresh spring water sourced from natural cave formations.

You’ll find that Floyd County is not lacking in terms of lake and river activities.

If you are the type of person most at peace when swimming or fishing, you need to explore the lakes in Floyd County.

Floyd is a location filled with alluring gardens and campgrounds.

This attachment to nature is deeply rooted in the Native American Cherokee culture, the history of which is intertwined with the land.

When choosing your next vacation spot, check out this list of the 15 Best Things to do in Floyd County, Georgia.

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