20 Best Things to Do in Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville, NC
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A place reflecting the Southern culture, Fayetteville is one of North Carolina's cities with a rich history.

The city specializes in military history and is renowned for its golden past.

If you are on a trip to Fayetteville, there are many exciting things you can do and places you can explore.

A city nicknamed "America’s Most Pro-Military Town" is bound to have some interesting facts in its museums and monuments.

There are many other things to check out, too: organic farms, beautiful parks, delicious Southern cuisine, splendid sceneries.

Here are some of the best things to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina:

Pay Your Respects at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum

USA flags outside the Airborne and Special Operations Museum
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A military museum, the Airborne and Special Operations Museum is one of the most interesting places in Fayetteville.

It is entirely dedicated to the people of the Airforce.

Interior of Airborne and Special Operations Museum
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There are video and audio presentations on Airforce history and achievements.

You can even view various artifacts and different military documents.

If you are a history buff or passionate about the military, a visit to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum might be one of the most interesting things to you.

Iron Mike statue in front of Airborne and Special Operations Museum
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Hike the Cape Fear River Trail

Two people walking along Cape Fear River Trail
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Are you interested in hiking?

The Cape Fear River Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Fayetteville.

The place not only offers hiking facilities, but you can also walk, bike, or jog here.

A person jogging at Cape Fear River Trail
KMaynerECU, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along the path, you will see gorgeous flowers and lush greenery.

The air is fresh and calm, which will put your mind at peace.

There are also wooden bridges and a 700-foot boardwalk covering some of the wetlands.

You might even spot a deer if you are lucky enough.

Go Boating along the Cape Fear River

The calm waters of Cape Fear River
Gary C. Tognoni / Shutterstock.com

The Royal Cape Fear River flows through Fayetteville and has some of the best views of North Carolina.

You can go boating on this river.

A local named Freddie Mims organizes different boat trips across the river.

He also happens to be a coast guard.

Sunset at Cape Fear River
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If you want to take a cruise, you can avail yourself of that, too.

The cruises range from two to eight hours, depending on how much time you want to spend on the water.

The best part about these boat rides is that they have some of the best city views and take you around the city, showing you a different perspective.

Catch a View at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden

An trail at Cape Fear Botanical Garden
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The Cape Fear Botanical Garden has some of the best scenes and sceneries, providing views of the two mesmerizing rivers flowing through Fayetteville: the Cross Creek River and Cape Fear River.

Having an area of 77 acres, the garden has several themes.

Water fountain on a pond at Cape Fear Botanical Garden
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The oak trees in this garden have almost been there for more than centuries, while the different flowers available are native to North Carolina.

Tobacco, cotton, and some other crops are planted here.

If you book a trip to the garden, you will not only see the different trees and flowers, but they will also show you the methods of how they plant these crops.

A gazebo at Cape Fear Botanical Garden
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Visit the House of Edgar Allan Poe

Exterior of the House of Edgar Allan Poe
Epicjeff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you interested in the works of the great Edgar Allan Poe?

In Fayetteville, you can visit the place where he wrote his famous poems and short stories.

His former residence is now known as the 1897 Poe House.

Poe was a well-known businessman back then and resided in this lovely house with his wife, Josephine.

Inside the house, you'll find his personal documents, memorabilia, and some of the original antique pieces from when he resided here.

There are a lot of tours operated in this house, so make sure to check out their schedules.

Learn History at the Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

The Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Fayetteville.

It was mainly built to respect the struggles and hard work of the African-Americans who contributed so much to the transportation factor of this country.

You can join a private tour of the museum.

Alternatively, some volunteers will be happy to guide you through the museum, telling you all the important details.

The exhibits are fascinating, and some of the most impressive displays include vintage cars and a gas station from the 1920s.

Live the Farm Life on Gillis Hill Farm

Aerial view of Gillis Hill Farm's corn maze
Matthew Connor / Shutterstock.com

Ever wonder what it is like to live on a farm?

Wonder no more, for Gillis Hill Farm can fulfill all your wishes.

It is one of the most important working farms in North Carolina, and it has been there for a long time.

Aerial view of Gillis Hill Farm
Matthew Connor / Shutterstock.com

The family who owns this farm has been operating it for the last eight generations.

You can visit the farm and learn a thing or two on your visit.

They have a homemade ice cream shop where you can taste the ice cream made fresh with their milk.

There are cattle grazing around, along with mazes, corns, and soybeans grown on the farm itself.

Catch a Show at Cameo Art House Theatre

Cameo Art House Theatre once used to be one of the oldest theaters in North Carolina.

The theater was built in the 1920s.

As time went by, the building started getting destroyed.

The government took the responsibility of rebuilding the theater and restoring it to its former glory.

What now stands is an excellent replica of the original building.

Catching a show in this old theater is one of the Fayetteville traditions you cannot miss.

Enjoy Some Greenery at Arnette Park

Landscape of Arnette Park
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Are you searching for a little calm and tranquility amid all the historical struggles?

Arnette Park is an excellent place to check out if you want to enjoy a relaxing day on your trip.

It boasts an area of almost 100 acres, filled with greenery.

Welcome sign of Arnette Park
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If you are ever tired of the city's chaos, you could always come here to catch a breath of fresh air and take in gorgeous views of North Carolina.

There is ample space if you want to play some games or have a picnic.

You will see a lot of volleyball nets and football grounds.

Kids come to play on these grounds.

A seating shed at Arnette Park
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Pick Berries at Carter Blueberry Farm

Have you ever seen one of those European movies where they handpick their fruits at a large farm?

Similarly, Fayetteville presents you with the opportunity to pick your own berries.

Carter Blueberry Farm is owned by a local family who has a tradition of letting visitors handpick their berries.

The blueberry orchard extends across almost 6 acres of land.

All of this started back in the 1970s when two of the family members had just planted a few blueberry seeds.

It is an excellent way to spend a day, handpicking berries among nature.

You can also taste these berries and take them home with you.

Grab a Beer at Huske Hardware House Restaurant and Brewery

Want to indulge yourself with a beer at one of Fayetteville's iconic establishments?

Huske Hardware House Restaurant and Brewery provides you with an opportunity to involve yourself in the city's history.

The oldest brewpub in the area, the brewery has a lot of techniques for making its own beer.

It is also known for using science to make its beer.

For this reason, no one has been able to keep up with the beer of this pub for over 20 years.

It's owned by a veteran, and the bar's building is of great historical significance, too.

It even has its name on the National Register of Historic Places.

Enjoy the Legendary Steak at Chris’s Steak and Seafood House

What’s a visit to the Southern states if you don’t even stop by to try a steak?

Chris’s Steak and Seafood House is one of the best steakhouses in Fayetteville.

The restaurant also serves some of the freshest, most delicious seafood.

Chris Poulos founded this steakhouse almost 50 years ago, and since then, it has attracted hundreds of locals and tourists every week.

The food is always of the highest quality, attracting many diners.

Among the mention-worthy dishes are Angus beef, Atlantic seafood, and an exquisite selection of wine.

Relive History at the Market House

Exterior of Market House Fayetteville
refrina / Shutterstock.com

Located in Fayetteville's downtown area, the Market House is one of the city's iconic attractions.

It comprises a town hall and a new museum.

The clock of Market House
John Patota / Shutterstock.com

The Market House stands where the old State House once stood before burning down in 1831.

It is now one of the National Landmarks of North Carolina.

Evening view of Market House's exterior
Hunter Gaede / Shutterstock.com

Challenge Yourself at The Climbing Place

Want to try your skills at one of the best climbing gyms out there?

Come to The Climbing Place, which happens to be one of the oldest gyms in Fayetteville.

It has great historical significance and has some of the best equipment you could ever get in a gym.

The Climbing Place has military ropes, cargo net, slacklines, campus boards, bouldering, and more.

Some of the most advanced climbers have practiced in this gym.

Join a Class at the All-American Fencing Academy

Are you looking for something cool to do on your vacation?

Try your hand at one of the most interesting sports of all time: fencing.

It's not only fascinating, but it is also one of the most royal sports there ever could be.

There are a lot of classes you can choose from according to your convenience.

If you don’t know a thing about fencing, go for the beginner classes.

It is an Olympic institute that has trained the best fencers of all time, so you can be sure that you will receive the best education.

Explore the Region's Past at the Museum of the Cape Fear

Direction sign of Museum of the Cape Fear
DrStew82, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of the Cape Fear is one of the noteworthy museums to visit in Fayetteville.

Patriotism and patriotism are intertwined in the history of the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex.

Visitors will be surrounded by the conditions that have shaped patriotism in the past as they go through the two levels of historical exhibitions.

Several exhibits in the Museum of Cape Fear cover many periods and topics.

These displays' goal is to elicit and provide insight into historical events and how they have shaped the present.

Take the Kids to Fascinate-U Children's Museum

Exterior of Fascinate-U Children's Museum
Goldilock Project / Shutterstock.com

In Fayetteville, the Fascinate-U Children Children's Museum was founded in 1994 and is a non-profit organization.

A refuge for children 12 and under, the museum is set out like a miniature city.

Make-believe play and role-playing teach young children about the world and society.

They'll find a small supermarket, a little theater, a small bakery, a miniature farm, a small post office, and more.

Parents seeking the best family activities in Fayetteville may relax and watch their children learn about life via play or participate in the excitement.

Watch a Play at Sweet Tea Shakespeare

Are you a fan of Shakespeare's works?

Sweet Tea Shakespeare aims to bring Shakespeare and the early modern spirit to a broad community via exciting, inventive, and easily accessible theater.

A "thrust and arena staging" layout places the audience in a ring around the performance stage, as was common in Shakespeare's day.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare follows this tradition.

It's as though the audience is part of the play's universe when they're surrounded by it.

Remember Fallen Heroes at the North Carolina Veterans Park

Statue of honor at North Carolina Veterans Park
Rex K. Williams / Shutterstock.com

The North Carolina Veterans Park is the first park in the state devoted to veterans, both dead and alive.

It is located in the historic downtown district.

The park pays tribute to people from every branch of the armed forces, such as Coast Guard members and members of the Navy and Army Air Corps.

A wall with a quote at North Carolina Veterans Park
Rex K. Williams / Shutterstock.com

Fayetteville, the state's "First Sanctuary Community for the Military," makes an ideal location for Veterans Park.

Nearby the Airborne and Special Operations Museum is a park with a 3,500-square-foot chandelier crafted from 33,500 "dog tags," or service personnel identifying badges.

Watch a Baseball Game at Segra Stadium

Name sign of Segra Stadium
refrina / Shutterstock.com

The minor league Fayetteville Woodpeckers baseball club presently plays at the Segra Stadium, the city's home team in the Carolina League.

The Segra Stadium can hold up to 5,290 spectators for regular season baseball games and other special events throughout the calendar year.

The field of Segra Stadium
jalexartis Photography from Fayetteville, NC, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from the stadium seats and the baseball field, there is also a Kids Zone for children to play in.

Additionally, the RF Grill and Bleacher Bar cater to those who want to watch the game.

There are also a variety of concession stands that can be located all across the stadium's concourse.

A baseball player at Segra Stadium
jalexartis Photography, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

While the city has a plethora of man-made landscapes, it also has an abundance of stunning natural terrain home to a wide range of wildlife and plants.

If that wasn't enough, the city is also a significant supporter of the arts, as seen by its galleries and community-based activities.

Prepare for a vacation like no other in Fayetteville, North Carolina!

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