20 Best Things to Do in Cashiers, NC

Cashiers, NC
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Cashiers is a famous and beautiful village in North Carolina.

It is popularly known as “The Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains” because of its location on the Blue Ridge Mountain range.

It has a unique and rich geography with numerous stone mountains, waterfalls, and quiet lakes.

The forests of Cashiers are full of rhododendron and wild mountain laurel.

The village of Cashiers experiences four different seasons and does not have any stark temperature swings.

It is the perfect holiday destination for tourists, families, and friends alike.

The cherry on the cake is the diverse shopping spots, award-winning dining places, and different outdoor activities like hiking, trout fishing, boating, and camping.

For residential people, the schools here are brilliant and have been awarded for their excellence.

There’s no wonder that this place is filled with temporary residents and tourists throughout the year.

Now let's look at the things to do in Cashiers, NC:

Experience Nature in Panthertown Valley

Panthertown Valley
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Panthertown Valley is a place you will fall in love with if you are an outdoor person.

It lies along the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina on the Eastern Continental Divide.

With magnificent falls and mountains, it is rightly called the 'Yosemite of the East.'

It is open all year round, and you might need several trips to Cashiers to explore the entire place.

Along with the gorgeous vistas and lovely hiking trails, you’re sure to find beautiful seasonal flowers, such as orchids and trillium.

Panthertown Valley
Serge Skiba / Shutterstock.com

Panthertown Valley is a well-preserved piece of untouched nature and offers you an adventurous day outdoors.

Prepare yourself for the above-moderate hiking with the proper gear, water, and boots.

Don’t forget to bring a map; you’d be lost without it!

Enjoy a Three-Course Meal at Orchard Restaurant

This is a one-of-a-kind Southern-style restaurant offering a splendid menu and delicious three-course meals.

There is a lovely patio outside with a peaceful ambiance, overlooking a beautiful garden area.

They have a polite staff and excellent customer service.

It is set in a refurbished home that offers a quirky, warm, and intimate setting for a group or a couple.

They also offer a tasteful selection of drinks, appetizers, and delicious trout entrées.

Be sure to visit Orchard Restaurant for a romantic dinner with your partner and enjoy the ‘Old Home’ vibe.

Have a Relaxing Swim at Silver Run Waterfalls

Silver Run Waterfalls
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If Cashiers is famous for something, it is the rich and varied geography.

The picture-perfect view of this gigantic waterfall crashing into the pool below will captivate you.

Silver Run Waterfalls are at the height of 25 feet (7.62 m) and are located a mere 4 miles (6.44 km) to the South of Cashiers.

With its own little beach and pool, Silver Run Waterfalls is the best weekend getaway amidst nature.

The pool is deep enough for you to go for a relaxing swim, and the falls are fairly accessible with a short hiking trail.

There is a little parking lot available, which can get crowded in summers, so it is best to go early.

You can also visit the falls after rains when they are fuller, more massive, and definitely more breathtaking.

Try Homemade Delicacies at Cashiers Farmers Market

Cashiers Farmers Market is a prominent market in the village of Cashiers.

This market was established in 1995 and is open all year round.

This market has a versatile range of products to pick from.

Apart from the regular shops, there are also some great outdoor areas to eat good food and BBQ.

The gym is also a feature of this market.

Gift baskets are also available for sale.

The wine selection of Cashiers is a delight and can surprise any wine enthusiast.

Fresh baked goods and tasty homemade ice creams are a lip-smacking treat.

The gourmet items are a focal point of this market.

Once you shop at the Farmers Market, it becomes your second home.

Enjoy Delicious Lunch at Cornucopia Restaurant

Operating since 1979, the charming Cornucopia Restaurant is Cashiers' go-to destination for a hearty lunch.

They offer lip-smacking and fresh food with different menus for lunch and dinner.

They serve world-class slow-roast prime ribs and crab cake sandwiches.

You can also try House Reuben, Mandarin Chicken Salad, and Arabian Club for your lunch, which you can enjoy on the porch next to the bubbling stream that flows by.

On your next visit to Cashiers, stop for a yummy meal with excellent portion size at Cornucopia.

Witness Rainbows at Rainbow Falls, Gorges State Park

Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park
Steve Heap / Shutterstock.com

Rainbow Falls is located in the Horsepasture River.

The hiking trail involves a stream that leads to the waterfall.

This makes even the journey to the falls gorgeous.

However, waterproof shoes are recommended here as a precaution.

There are portable toilets which you can find in the parking areas for convenience.

This is a tourist favorite and a must-visit attraction.

Go Fly-Fishing at Brookings Anglers

Brookings Anglers are a fly-fishing oasis and offer cabin rentals.

Fly-Fishing is an enjoyable activity when all you hear is the flapping of birds’ wings and the fresh air sweeping the landscape.

It is one of the best experiences at Cashiers that you can get.

The cabins here ensure that your explorations are peaceful.

The rocking chairs and the front porch make for a perfect holiday.

This outdoor activity is a must-try while you are in the Cashiers.

Take a Picture at the Rhodes Big View Overlook

The Rhodes Big View Overlook offers a breathtaking view of Whiteside Mountain against the beautiful backdrop of the skies.

Rhodes Overlook is famous for its unparalleled view - the Shadow of the Bear is mostly spotted around fall through to early spring.

It is the shadow of the Whiteside Mountain in the evenings, which, when cast onto the valley below, resembles an image of a large bear native to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Be sure to take a camera along; you don’t want to miss this amazing view and capture it forever.

Be Mesmerized by the Majestic Turtleback Falls

Turtleback Falls
Steve Heap / Shutterstock.com

This gorgeous waterfall is also known as the Umbrella Falls.

It is located in Western North Carolina.

The falls are located in the Pisgah National Forest on the Horsepasture River.

A young man slides down the rock in Turtleback Falls
Steve Heap / Shutterstock.com

The Turtleback Forests are just a 10-15 minute steep hike upwards from the Rainbow Falls.

There’s a beautiful canopy of trees on the way waiting to mesmerize you.

It’s a good picnic spot too.

Though the hike is harder, the journey and the destination are beautiful.

Shop-Till-You-Drop at Victoria’s Closet

Victoria’s Closet is a go-to spot for the ladies in the Cashiers.

It is more of a treasure chest for shopaholics.

It gives them everything they’d want, from an apparel shopping store and exclusive designer labels to jewelry.

In fact, what is found here may not be available anywhere else.

The main question is not whether a particular item is available here or not, but whether you could fit everything you buy into your car!

Visit this one-of-a-kind store on your next trip to Cashiers!

Enjoy Live Music at Village Green

In the heart of Cashiers is the Village Green.

This 5.2-hectare park annually hosts thousands of visitors and is the venue for more than 80 events.

It draws in residents and tourists alike and entangles their cheerful spirit in the most spectacular way.

This peaceful park is the perfect spot for the occasional family picnic with lush green grounds, a peaceful atmosphere, and occasional live music events.

Revisit History at Zachary-Tolbert House

Front view of Zachary-Tolbert House
Jill Lang / Shutterstock.com

Can anybody imagine surviving 150 years without electricity, central heating, or running water?

Surely not, but one can surely get to know how people lived before the American Civil War.

The Zachary-Tolbert House was built somewhere between 1850 and 1852, back when life was much simpler.

Zachary-Tolbert House
Warren LeMay from Cincinnati, OH, United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This house is a homage to the people of yesteryears.

The fact that it survived 150 years without much structural damage amazes most people who visit it.

It also houses antiques, such as handcrafted furniture, decorations, and so on.

Have a Feast at Smoke House Barbecue

Nothing screams freedom like an all-American barbecue in a rustic environment.

The Smoke House ensures the pure American barbecue experience, be it indoor or outdoor.

The Smoke House BBQ offers the usual smokehouse regulars like steak, slaw, and pulled pork.

There might be a delay in getting a table as the Smoke House remains mostly full.

The Smoke House is popular among residents and tourists, and the food is amazing according to visitors.

View Wildflowers at Highlands Biological Station

This little botanical park is an ideal place to visit if you have your family and pets with you.

Dogs here are allowed on the leash, and you can enjoy a family picnic here with no entry fee.

There are restroom facilities available across the shore of the lake.

The main sight here is that of lovely wildflowers that bloom in late summer.

Visit in the mornings for a 20-minute walk along the trail and a view of the lake.

Enjoy Water-Sporting at Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville
Jill Lang / Shutterstock.com

Lake Glenville is one of the best spots for water activities in North Carolina.

During summers, a trip to this lake will be relaxing.

It offers sparkling clear water, making it an excellent water sports reservoir.

If you’re with friends or family, taking canoe rides, kayaking, and paddle-boarding are great adventures to indulge in.

Mallard Swimming in Lake Glenville
Claire Driscoll / Shutterstock.com

If you’re feeling too adventurous, hop right into the water for a relaxing swim.

You can also go fishing on the shoreline due to its length.

Lake Glenville in Cashiers is an excellent weekend getaway!

Unwind at the Canyon Spa

The Canyon Spa is the best place in Cashiers where you can kick back and relax with a nice massage.

This spa is nestled in a period-correct Caretaker’s Hut overlooking the 800-acre Lonesome Valley.

The experience is otherworldly and helps you relax and unwind.

You can also buy various types of soaps, lotions, and creams that are 100% handcrafted.

The Canyon Spa is a must-visit for anyone taking a break from busy life.

Shop Souvenirs at A Jones Company

Visiting Cashiers and want to remember the experience?

Walk into A Jones Company and select from a wide range of souvenirs and gift items.

A Jones specializes in one-of-a-kind women’s clothing, boutique jewelry, and home decor products.

They have a wide variety of products, including Juju Jams pajamas, Johnny Was clothing, April Cornell linens, Mariana jewelry, Nest fragrances, and Barefoot dreams.

The Cashiers Candy Store is full of seasonal handcrafted confections, jellybeans, novelty chocolates, and more!

Go Hiking on Whiteside Mountain

Whiteside Mountain during autumn
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Whiteside Mountain is a picturesque mountain on the Cashiers and Georgia border.

It belongs to Jackson County.

Whiteside Mountain range has the highest cliffs of Eastern North America.

Visitors can hike in the short and steep summits of the cliffs and enjoy the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and peregrine falcons.

Whiteside Mountain
Joe Herlong / Shutterstock.com

The 700-foot-high cliff offers the best views in the entire Eastern North America.

There are even some restrooms on the way where you can take a break between the hike.

Go Skiing Sapphire Valley Ski Resort

Nestled between the Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains, the Sapphire Valley Ski Resort is a quiet, four-season resort.

The resort has its own ski slope, the Sapphire Valley Ski Slope, maintained and administered by the Sapphire Valley Master Association.

The Slope features a 1600-foot run, a 200-foot vertical drop, numerous golf games, and close to the Fairfield Lake and Beach access, ensuring fun for the whole family.

First time on a ski slope?

No problem!

The skiing instructors here are more than happy to help with snowboarding and skiing lessons.

Feeling spent out after a long day of playing on the ice?

Relax at the Restaurant while eating great food and enjoying wonderful company!

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