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​​15 Best Things to Do in Enfield, CT

  • Published 2022/12/08

Enfield in Hartford County may be a quaint town, but its diverse attractions can compete with those from the city.

A trip to this town offers a well-rounded mix of leisure, amusement, history, and stunning sights.

Whether you’re interested in local culture, relaxing spots, or exciting activities, Enfield has something for everyone.

If this interests you, read through this list and see some of the best things to do in Enfield, Connecticut!

Wander around Enfield Square

Target at Enfield Square

Mike Kalasnik from Charlotte, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If shopping’s more your thing, then Enfield Square should be next on your list!

At Elm Street, this plaza is the regional destination for specialty stores, restaurants, and family entertainment.

Once the Westfield Shoppingtown, the square was renovated to keep up with trends and modern times.

This mall now boasts a wide selection of places to shop, dine, and have fun from just a single venue.

A building at Enfield Square

JJBers, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s home to fast food chains, an on-site cinema, and various mainstream retail stores.

With its long list of establishments, Enfield Square can be a great place to roam around in.

It’s also embraced in a warm, casual ambiance complemented by their friendly, accommodating staff.

Check out the local shopping mall in town at Enfield Square!

Book a Tee Time at Grassmere Country Club

Grassmere Country Club is the town’s public golf course, offering accessible and affordable ways to play the sport.

At Town Farm Road, the venue thrives with pristine greens, elevated terrains, and natural flowers.

It also features sand traps and grass bunkers to provide a challenging game for its players.

While there may be nine holes available in Grassmere Country Club, the pleasant sights and soft ambiance make up for it.

It’s truly a place where guests can relax and unwind!

No wonder the club is often a venue for special events like wedding photoshoots and team bonding activities.

If you’re a fan of the sport, check out Grassmere Country Club.

Drink a Pint in Powder Hollow Brewery

Powder Hollow Brewery has been a part of the community for at least eight years!

The founder and owner, Michael Mcmanus, pursued his dream of starting a business in 2014.

From there, the brand received great success and was able to branch out to different cities in Connecticut.

It’s a testament to the hard work they put into crafting tasty brews and other kinds of alcoholic drinks.

They take pride in using one-of-a-kind recipes made only from the finest ingredients in town.

Powder Hollow Brewery is known for having uncommon beer flavors, including Jungle Juice and an exclusive local ale.

If you’re searching for a place to drink, Powder Hollow Brewery is one of the best places you can try.

It’s just along Hazard Avenue!

Explore Nature at the Scantic River State Park

At Melrose Road, you’ll be able to find the Scantic River State Park.

This far-reaching recreation area passes through 3 cities in Connecticut, including Enfield.

There, you’ll be met with an incredible paradise that consists of dense forests, beautiful native plants, and a tranquil atmosphere.

There are also online maps to guide you along the scenic trails and help you understand your surroundings.

Other than hiking, you can also try other outdoor activities such as birding, fishing, hunting, and photography.

Plans to establish the state park can be traced back to 1967 when officials aimed to foster an open natural park within the region.

Enfield’s section of the Scantic River State Park is located along Hazardville.

If outdoor adventures are what you’re searching for, head to this state park!

Taste Specialty Milk at Smyth’s Trinity Farm

Smyth’s Trinity Farm has been one of the long-time providers of various milks for the local community.

With a fresh, unique taste, they’ve managed to stay in business for more than ten years!

What separates their dairy products from many others is that they get their milk straight from the cows on their farm.

Since their cows are well taken care of and given a grass-based diet, they can produce a special sort of dairy.

They’re also family-owned, so you’ll be supporting a local business!

Their menu includes the usual flavors of original and chocolate milk, creams, and other dairy products.

Located along Oliver Road, Smyth’s Trinity Farm is an excellent place to stop by.

You can also get a simple tour around the farm and meet some cows since the owners are known to be friendly.

Sip Wines in R Dee Winery

R Dee Winery is a family-owned business that began with Richard Dee, an inspiring man who pursued his dreams.

The establishment may be small but filled with mellow charm and a cozy ambiance.

With wooden walls and simple chandeliers, R Dee Winery offers a comfortable space with hints of romance.

For drinks, their selection includes an array of whites, reds, roses, and homemade sangrias.

You can also try their wine slushies, made only from real fruits and juices!

The winery hosts special community events on specific dates that bring in locals and food trucks for fun.

The winery’s positioned along Hazard Avenue.

Relieve Stress in Odin’s Keep Axe House

Odin’s Keep Axe House is a splendid venue for entertainment, excitement, and stress relief.

This center presents axe throwing as a unique way to relieve your stress and have fun at the same time!

At Enfield Street, Odin’s Keep Axe House is open to individuals, partners, and groups who want to try the activity.

More than throwing the axe, the place also immerses you into the Vikings era with its inspired facility.

The venue also has some snacks and drinks available for purchase if you ever get famished.

No matter your skill level, there will be staff to guide your whole experience!

Other than axe-throwing, they’re also equipped with a lively arcade and a fully equipped pool area.

Those looking for recreation should try their hand at Odin’s’ Keep Axe House!

Spot the Animals in Riverside Reptiles Education Center

Riverside Reptiles Education Center showcases the wonders of reptile animals.

While often not as popular as dogs, reptiles like snakes, frogs, and lizards, have their own charm too!

From chameleons and geckos to alligators, there are loads of different species in Riverside Reptiles Education Center.

The place highlights the scariest animals and presents educational information to raise awareness.

They have about 7,000 square feet worth of places to explore!

Glimpse different colors and variations of the reptile species in this educational center.

They also have an exhibit designed to be a natural habitat for turtles and tortoises of many kinds.

A trip here can be perfect for traveling families!

Check the Artifacts in the Old Town Hall Museum

Exterior of the Old Town Hall Museum

Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Old Town Hall Museum is one of the leading facilities that preserve town history.

Located at Enfield Street, the venue had been the meeting spot for community residents in 1775.

Over the years, it underwent many renovations until the Enfield Historical Society came forward to help with its restoration.

Soon enough, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

It now dedicates three floors for exhibiting artifacts, antiques, and informative posters about the town’s history.

From clothes and furniture to tiny trinkets and old tools, Old Town Hall Museum holds a lot of exciting pieces.

Friendly volunteers in the museum can also help with any questions that you might have along the way.

Drop by this cozy museum to add a learning experience to your trip!

Watch a Musical in The Opera House Players

At High Street, The Opera House Players is a well-known performing arts theater in town.

They’ve been with the local community for over 50 years, showcasing all sorts of acting and musical talents.

From tragedies and comedies to horror and romance, the theater features diverse themes and genres.

Mostly, they focus on musicals, so expect great melodies, meaningful lyrics, and beautiful voices from The Opera House Players.

They only present shows on certain dates each year, so be sure to keep an eye out for their performances!

Their well-prepared performances can be a wonderful way to spend your time.

In case you need some entertainment, this fine theater is one of the best options out there!

Pick Your Own at Easy Pickin’s Orchard

In 1951, the first few seeds of fruits were planted in Easy Pickin’s Orchard.

The farmlands thrived under careful nurturing, and soon after, they planted other agricultural crops.

It wasn’t until 1992 that Easy Pickin’s Orchard opened its most popular activity—picking your own produce.

From fruits like blueberries to vegetables and herbs, the farm separates itself from others with its wide list of options.

Almost all the crops within the farm are available for picking, depending on the season and its ripeness.

The owner’s aim is to preserve the scenic farmlands as a tranquil reprieve from modern urban life.

At Bailey Road, they also supply their products to farmer’s markets around the region!

It’s proof of how far the orchard’s grown from being a small plot of land to a reliable source of agriculture.

Cool Off in Enfield Twin Rinks

Along Prior Road, Enfield Twin Rinks opens its doors to anyone who wants to try their available sports.

The venue is a fully equipped facility for ice skating and hockey!

From skating shoes and helmets to sticks and pucks, you can rent necessary gear from Enfield Twin Rinks.

They also offer skating sessions to those who want to learn under the watchful eye of an experienced skater.

Otherwise, you can enter during open hours and freely skate your way around the rink.

It’s often cleaned and well-maintained to ensure the safety of their customers!

For a fun and casual activity, try visiting Enfield Twin Rinks.

Pay a Visit to Martha A Parsons House

See into the home and lifestyle of a successful businesswoman through the Martha Parsons House Museum.

In the 20th century, Martha Parsons was an esteemed woman who received an award from the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.

The museum is filled with remnants of her life, as well as family heirlooms of the lavish Parsons family.

From old-fashioned wallpapers to black-and-white photographs, the home embodies the lives of people from the decade.

It’s well-preserved with the help of the Enfield Historical Society!

A walk inside the home can offer a glimpse into the past, a new sight from the modern trends of society.

It’s located on Enfield Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try the Rides at Sonny’s Place

Sonny’s Place, just 10 minutes away from Enfield, is an entertainment complex with amusing activities, lively events, and cozy restaurants.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, this place is home to thrilling rides and adventures that can suit your fancy.

This includes go-karts, batting cages, outdoor mini golf, zip rides, and more.

You can also pick tasty snacks, delicious meals, and sweet desserts from restaurants within the premises.

It’s an all-in-one destination that offers tons of fun for the whole day!

It’s located on Main Street in the city of Somers.

Take Pictures of the Sculptures at Dr. Seuss National Memorial Garden

If you were ever a fan of Dr. Seuss, you must see this attraction at least once in your lifetime!

As its name suggests, Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden is a homage to the iconic writer.

His characters have been turned into impressive sculptures and scattered around the premises.

This includes Mr. Knox, Horton, Cat in the Hat, Lorax, and many more of his popular stories.

They’re made from bronze material, ensuring those statues stay strong and sturdy for a long time.

You can also enjoy the ambiance of a picturesque garden, lush with verdant greens and surrounding trees.

Opened in 2002, the place attracts many visitors to Springfield.

It’s also less than 30 minutes away from Enfield!

Final Thoughts

This list proves there’s no shortage of things to do in Enfield.

From historic sites and leisure venues to active recreation, it features a balance that suits various preferences.

There’s truly something for everyone in Enfield, Connecticut.

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