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15 Best Things to Do in North Haven, CT

  • Published 2022/12/06

North Haven is a beautiful town in New Haven County, Connecticut, with a rich history and plenty of activities to keep visitors busy.

North Haven has several parks and recreation areas perfect for spending time outdoors.

The town is also home to several museums, including the North Haven Historical Society.

North Haven offers a variety of independent boutiques and antique stores for those interested in shopping.

Here are the best things to do in North Haven, Connecticut.

Stop by the Serene Wharton Brook State Park

Bench overlooking the pond of Wharton Brook State Park

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Wharton Brook State Park was founded in 1918 and served as a pit stop for travelers.

They could get their car serviced and enjoy a quiet picnic lunch here.

This park was the first of its kind to offer rest areas, an idea that would later be developed by the State Department of Transportation.

Wharton Brook State Park is mainly wooded with sandy raised areas.

The grounds of Wharton Brook State Park

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The main attractions are the 96-acre Allen Brook Pond.

This pond is open for swimming during the hotter months and becomes a skating rink in the winter.

There are picnic tables and grills near the water, accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Take in the scenery of Wharton Brook State Park on your next visit!

Trail at Wharton Brook State Park

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Learn Local History at the North Haven Historical Society

The North Haven Historical Society, based in the North Haven Cultural Center, is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.

This group’s primary goals are to preserve, collect, and share research about North Haven’s history.

The Society has artifacts from thousands of years ago up until the mid-1900s, like furniture, photographs, books, tools, clothing, sketches, and paintings that hold historical significance for North Haven.

There are also cookware and fine china displayed here.

You will be amazed at the size of the collections in this museum.

Likewise, every item can tell many tales about North Haven’s past.

Visiting the North Haven Historical Society will be worth your time!

Take a Picture at the Martha Culver House

It is astonishing how a few houses from centuries ago still stand today.

The Martha Culver House is an example of the care and precision that went into brick home construction back in the day.

It was built in 1858 by Ammi Culver, a wealthy brickyard owner, for his family.

The house is two stories tall and has features of the late Greek Revival architectural style.

The main structure has a full-width wood porch on the front and a one-bay porch and door on the wing, complete with gabled roofing.

The walls are made of local brick and stone, covering an interior wood frame.

Both porches boast ornamental wood trim with concrete slab floors, and the window openings sport brownstone lintels and sills, while the rear and south sides use granite or bluestone.

With a beautiful exterior design, this house on Quinnipiac Avenue in the Montowese section is perfect for anyone who loves taking pictures.

The next time you’re in the area, take advantage of this photo opportunity and snap some shots of the stunning structure!

Taste the Sumptuous Dishes at Bellini’s Italian Cuisine & Pizza

If you are looking for Italian cuisine, this restaurant will give you what you wish for.

The owner of Bellini’s Italian Cuisine & Pizza has worked for the past 24 years to create delicious recipes and menus that have satisfied customers.

To his credit, his love for cooking was rewarded when the Connecticut Magazine voted this restaurant “one of the best Italian cuisine and pizza establishments in the area.”

The chicken parmigiana, veals, and seafood options for lunch are worth trying.

The pasta and pizza menu is also excellent if you want something different.

You’ll find a fully stocked bar at Bellini’s with plenty of beer, wine, and liquor selections.

The dining room is comfortable and elegant, and private space can be reserved for banquets or parties.

What are you waiting for? Drive to Bellini’s Italian Cuisine & Pizza and eat the best Italian dishes.

Hike to the Top of Peter’s Rock Park

Peter’s Rock Park is great if you want to go to a place that will give you majestic and outstanding views.

Locals have called Peter’s Rock many names over the years.

For example, they have called it Great Rock and Rabbit Hill or Rabbit Rock because of the many cottontail rabbits that reside there.

It was first discovered by settlers who described it as a Native American lookout post and named it “Indian Rock.”

Peter’s Rock is the highest North Haven peak at a whopping 373 feet above sea level.

The quarry is one of many disrupted trap rock sites spanning 20 miles and offers climbers and hikers stunning views of Connecticut and Long Island Sound.

Peter’s Rock is not only a recreational hotspot, but it has also served the surrounding area for many years.

See a Movie at Cinemark North Haven and XD

If you’re looking for a great place to see the latest blockbusters, check out Cinemark North Haven and XD.

Located in North Haven, this state-of-the-art theater features all of the latest amenities, including high-definition projection and surround sound.

Plus, with spacious auditoriums and comfortable seating, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy your favorite movie.

The theater also offers a variety of food shops, so you can indulge in your favorite snacks while you catch the latest release.

Cinemark North Haven and XD is the perfect destination whether you’re a movie fan or just looking for a night out with friends and family.

Go Fishing at Chapman-Sinoway Park and Pond

North Haven is an ideal destination for those who love nature.

The Chapman-Sinoway Park and Pond has become a nature trail through the efforts of the North Haven Trail Association.

This park has a one-kilometer trail containing nine acres of woodland with beautiful scenery.

It also has a stream and pond on the property open for fishing anytime, so don’t forget your poles to get the full experience.

Consider camping overnight at the park.

Wander the Quinnipiac River State Park

The waters of Quinnipiac River State Park

Arthur Dutra IV, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Quinnipiac River State Park was first established in the 1930s when the State Highway Commission purchased a parcel of land during the construction of the Wilbur Cross Parkway.

The Quinnipiac River flows 38 miles, starting from Plainville and ending at New Haven.

Quinnipiac River State Park is a 320-acre natural paradise that offers visitors the chance to hike and walk along six miles of winding trails next to the river.

The forested floodplain habitats are home to abundant wildlife, making it a perfect place for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

The clean waters of this river attract animals to build their habitat in the park.

As you wander along the park trails, you might see deer, otters, wild ducks, owls, and many more.

Bring your camera to capture the stunning wildlife and scenery of Quinnipiac River State Park.

Let Your Kids Swim at Walter Gawrych Community Pool

The Walter Gawrych Community Pool on Linsley Street is a fantastic place for cooling off during the summer with the family.

The pool offers a wide range of amenities in North Haven, including a spacious deck, a vast eigh-lane pool, and a kiddie pool.

Their snack bar and picnic area make it the perfect spot for a family outing.

It also serves as a venue for swimming competitions in the area.

The Walter Gawrych Community Pool is the perfect place to take a dip on a hot day or enjoy time with your family.

Drop by and spend some time swimming with the entire family!

Get Active at North Haven CrossFit

If you are looking for the best place to get fit, North Haven CrossFit is the place to go.

North Haven CrossFit is a top-notch, results-based fitness center that occupies 10,000 square feet, providing ample space to grow and have the best workout experience possible.

The staff understands that working out should also be enjoyable.

If you prefer personalized programs, they can accommodate you.

On the other hand, if classes with other people suit you better, you can join those until you reach your fitness goals.

Try exercising at North Haven CrossFit!

Enjoy a Picnic at Montowese Park

Montowese Park is a beautiful green space in North Haven where you can spend time with your family.

The park features picnic tables and a vast grassland where you can place picnic blankets.

You and your family can enjoy the stunning views of trees that complement the lively green bushes of plants.

You can let your kids play in the sand area of this park while you read your favorite book.

Montowese Park should please you with a relaxing place to spend time with your family.

When you visit North Haven, have a fun picnic with the family at Montowese Park!

Find Your Next Favorite Book at North Haven Memorial Library

The North Haven Memorial Library is a lively community hub in North Haven.

Silas L. Bradley from Auburn, New York, left $1,000 for North Haven in 1883 to start a library that is accessible to everyone.

The library offers various services and resources to residents of all ages, including a children’s section with storytime programs and an extensive collection of books.

The library also provides wifi, computers for research, and printing services so you can print your papers.

The librarians and staff are always friendly and willing to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

In addition to being a great place to find materials for school or work, the North Haven Memorial Library also hosts regular events such as book clubs and other programs.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to spend an afternoon or evening or need a quiet place to study or work on a project, the North Haven Memorial Library is the perfect place.

Unwind at Todd’s Pond

The best way to escape the bustling and tiring life in the city is to reconnect with nature.

Todd’s Pond offers fresh air and a peaceful surrounding that will help you relax.

It has stunning views and lush greenies while you stroll in the trails as you spend time alone.

Or you can have your picnic event on the picnic tables available here with your family for some quality time.

You can also enjoy fishing in the pond here.

Todd’s Pond provides breathtaking views, so don’t forget your camera and snap some shots!

Make Your Way along the Beautiful Tidal Marsh Trail

The Tidal Marsh Trail is a 1.8-kilometer out-and-back track near North Haven that offers breathtaking views of the local area.

Though it’s a short, 20-minute trail, many believe the visit is worth it.

Explore the trees and abandoned railway tracks of Cedar Hill Rail Yard.

Likewise, the Tidal Marsh Trail provides picturesque views.

You can explore the route anytime, as it is open all year round.

Other Things to Do Nearby

North Haven isn’t the only town with something to offer.

These other nearby places with recreational activities you can enjoy.

Follow the Trail to the Sleeping Giant State Park

Tower at the Sleeping Giant State Park

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North Haven has a strange, protruding landform on its northern boundary that piques its visitors’ interest, eight minutes away from North Haven.

This popular feature in the south central Connecticut skyline in Hamden, Connecticut, is a mountain resembling a large man lying down.

This shape is where the Sleeping Giant State Park got its name.

Nature trail at the Sleeping Giant State Park

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Designated as a state park in 1924, the one-and-a-half miles of scenic trail and stone observation tower on the peak of Mt. Carmel provides an excellent view of Long Island Sound and the New Haven area.

The state park is perfect for hiking its natural trails and camping to gaze at Connecticut’s night sky.

You can also enjoy doing picnics at the Sleeping Giant State Park.

Sunset at Sleeping Giant State Park

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a lively community to join and explore, North Haven is the perfect place.

From the North Haven Memorial Library to the Sleeping Giant State Park, there’s no shortage of places to explore in this vibrant town.

Try the best things to do in North Haven, Connecticut, on your next vacation!

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